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Funny Workplace Stories

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 10:49 PM

Work. It's something we all love and hate at the same time, but is a necessity for us all to live our lives. While it can be a royal pain in the rear sometimes, it can also lead to some very comical moments.


I work for a landfill owned by an environmental company. After a recent accident I was given a job to drive a dump truck because it was safer, and I had little chance of having acid splashed all over me. At the land fill we have all manner of heavy equipment and larger vehicles that range from semi-trucks to bulldozers, and everything in between. We call the landfill "the cell" which is probably the easiest job there is in the entire company.


Well, I caught one of the guys who was supposed to be operating the bulldozer snoozing in his cab, and got a pretty funny idea. I started dumping my loads in a circle around him, boxing in his dozer with whatever was in the bed of my dump truck. It took me four loads to fully box him in, but I added more just for good measure...and I wanted to be the biggest a** hole possible.


Not long after that we were in the break room playing hearts, and the dozer operator comes barging into the room. His face red as hell, and we could practically see smoke coming from his ears.




Everyone busted out in wild laughter, and slowly pointed at me.




I nod, not even trying to hide my laughter at this point.


"I'll get you back, you sum kitten! Just you wait!"


And now I'm terrified because this guy was in the Army at one point...lord only knows what he'll think up.

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Posted 15 July 2018 - 10:33 PM

At least it was a joke done to him instead of getting fired for sleeping at the job, jejeje

As for a funny story on my job... hmm... well, there is this lady working on my job, probably on her late 50's who get startled easily if caught off-guard. People whom she trusts usually scare her every now and then but I would not do it since I don't know if that could be adverse.

In any case at some point she started playing silly jokes on me (like hiding my pen and things like that). I just laughed at it since I know it was to lighten up the mood on some boring days. However, one day she scared me pretty good. At that point I decided that it was time for me to throw a good prank.

Usually in our department, since the lights in our work stations are on pretty much 24/7, we usually have the change the light bulbs in our lamps when they "burn-out". At one point, however, it dawned on me that maybe I could play a little prank.

With the help of another co-worker, the following happened:

One day she is working at her station when suddenly her light goes out. She knocks the lamp a few times and the light goes on again. After a few seconds it goes off, so she decides to stand up to see if she finds another bulb when the light goes in again.

Lady: What is going on with this thing? *bulb on*, Is this thing broken? *sits down and bulb goes off* WHAT THE? When I stand up... *bulb on* the light goes on, but when I sit down... *bulb off* it goes off? Louis, are you seeing this? Just what is going... AAAAAAAAH?"

At that moment she finally realized that our coworker was hiding in an adjacent work station pulling out and plugging back in the cable of the lamp. This set her off in an hysterical laughter which left her as red as a tomato and trying to breathe because she was laughing so badly.

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