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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Discusion

Naruto Boruto anime Next Generation Studio Pierriot

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 02:32 PM

Bottom line is , most people believe what they want to believe , if they don't like it even if it's the truth they refuse to believe it , they rather believe in sweet lies. The pro ending fans lived in a bubble of dream , lies and delusion thinking that everything is fine , NH and SS is the embodiment of what a perfect couple should be : a father that never home , out of control child , and a female reduce to nothing more than damsel in distress , 10 years old fangirl , and a miserable housewife that has no dream or career and drown in debt. And i already said this time and time again , it's back to : "What i want , not what the character want".


Sometimes it amaze me how can people become so blinded when they like something. Off topic little bit , i have this one friend once long ago when i'm still in high school. He has a girlfriend and he always brag and talk about how amazing his girlfriend is to me and all his friends. One day there's a rumor going around that his girlfriend is cheating on him and goes with other man but he refuse to believe it , short story is as time pass a lot of people seeing this girl goes with other man just to drain they money. But this guy still refuse to believe it , in his mind his girlfriend is perfect and those who badmouth her become his enemy even i.


I don't understand why people can be so blinded when they like something they refuse to accept the truth that the things they like is bad and horrible even after being provide by tons of prove / evidence. I'm not saying to STOP LIKING IT , everyone free to like whatever they want but don't glorified it , don't put sugar coat on it , and don't say it's perfect when in fact it's not.

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 06:08 PM

Seems to me that both Naruto and Dragonball are suffering a severe case of "canon idiocy." Although, when it comes Naruto, it is SP and the Boruto writers who can't keep it straight while Dragonball seems to suffer from writer ambiguity, but both have the fandoms cherry picking what they deem is "canon."

I'll shall explain:
In Dragonball Super, many fans love to over exaggerate Goku's and Vegeta's abilities to the point of just outrageous claims. They say "Goku can't lift 100 quintillion tons," but when the Super manga shows Vegeta being unable to lift 1000 tons (and they specifically say it is over 1000 tons) the fanbase loves to say "Well, that is from the manga and is not canon."

In Naruto and Boruto, it is the exact same thing except for anything negative about the pairings. It is specifically shown that SS and NH are seen in a negative light and pointed out their huge faults the fandom claims "canon idiocy" and says that is either not canon, a mistranslation, or misinterpretation. Pick one, you won't be wrong.

For a VERY long time people have always told me that the manga is canon and the anime is only an interpretation with anime non-canon plots. Alright, makes sense, but now all of a sudden, the manga is non-canon and the anime IS canon OR they interchange between the two. The biggest offenders are when the canon movies are being altered in another source later on in the story. In Dragonball Super, it is only minor details that change, but the fandom maks them like they are huge leaps and bound. In the movie, Ressurection of F, Goku gets blasted while in SSJGSSJ form and is motrally wounded. In the anime or manga, he was in his base form. Why the change? Probably to not piss the Goku fanboys off. Now in Naruto/Boruto it even more obvious how they change it every single time they retell the story. Naruto is a bad father, now he is a good father, now he is a bad father again. Hinata changes from shy, to being a tsundere, to back to being shy. Sasuke and Sakura are all over the place and don't even get me started on Salad who can't make up her mind whether her own father is a scumbag or not.

Of course, Naruto/Boruto don't have Kishimoto driving the story anymore so the currect writers are just doing whatever they want and just change when fans have a bad reaction to something. I am actually surprised that Hinata's boobs haven't changed sizes by now to the point of her being a walking set of breasts with hair.

By the way, I always love how the term "supervisor" means "I write everything and I am god so everything you see is canon" even if really all Kishimoto says is "fine, do whatever I don't care anymore." Which is exactly what I think he is doing. For someone who "supervises" the story, they sure make A LOT of mistakes and inconsistencies.

Kishimoto is "supervising" and "editing" the manga. The writer of the Boruto manga is supervising the anime. It is not clear which one is canon from what I know. But going by assume the same unless change; the manga. Which is what everyone else is clearly going by most of the time. But it is very clear that SP wants all the anime episodes to be consider canon, not only every Boruto episode, but even every Naruto episode that they have ever made. As for the inconsistencies there are many reason for those more then I can think off the top of my head.


As for Dragonball super from what I understand it is the anime that was dubbed canon, maybe by toriyama it been too long since I heard about it. Goku fanboy have always overstated his power. Look at death battle, both time they were not wrong in those fights. Superman has no limits and normally is holding back massively so he doesn't kill anyone. Goku has limits that he constantly surpasses by fighting stronger and stronger foes as well as gain new transformations that multiply his power.

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