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Character Designs From My Book: Zero (A 3 1/2 Year Project)

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Posted 09 May 2018 - 10:29 PM

As many of you know, I've been writing my book Zero practically  exactly a month after the series had came to a "complete" end almost a 3 and half year project for me, and after spending so much time my book is finally in it's final phase of writing like no joke I'm about 93% complete at this point with the current chapter I'm writing, and all I would is about a couple of weeks to complete the writing.  Then eventually move into self-editing for the summer, but since I'm almost finished I might as well share a piece with you guys on the characters themselves. I've talked about their descriptions here and there in the past, but never anything on their design.  Well over the past couple of days I came across this little Character designer game, and messed around with it to a point where I got the looks of the 3 main characters (POVS) of the story. 



So here they are come to life in design: 











Description: a 15 year old boy who finds himself in an abandoned apartment complex in California Year 2079, with no recollection memories of his past except for his name from  the dogtag hanging around his neck. 


in terms of personality he's not necessarily an idiot like Naruto, but he definitely has his kind hearted spirit. I'd even say that even with amnesia Light can be smart and somewhat tactical with situations. Another thing to add is that it's more or less Light gaining an understanding of his surroundings, the people he comes across and how things will be if/when his memories ever resurface.  




Crysta Jane 





Description: A 14 1/2 year old girl who is surviving in Allen Texas with her older brother Derek Jane, and has been on the search for her missing boyfriend Aaron Bryler who was taken away by The Seekers from over 2 Years Ago. 


Personality: She's not a tsundere let me make that clear, but she's no moe either make no mistake about that. The best way to describe Crysta is quite easy think of Rukia when it comes to life or death situations plus intense training, but at the same like Sakura with  compassionate friendly approach. The one thing I'll mention when it comes to what Crysta and Sakura have in common is that they are both striving toward a guy. Now hold your horses for just a second, the scenario for both these characters are different.  For Sakura unfortunately that was the overall purpose of her character, but for Crysta it's a starting point for her character and overtime she's going to develop into someone great. 






Sky Malhotra 




A 13 year old girl who is being held prisoner on Alcatraz Island by FBI Agent Agil Truesdale for having some connection to the virus that left the humanity of Earth in it's surviving state after it had first broken out 4 years ago in 2075. Sky had been accompanied by her older brother Rohan Malhotra who she had been separated from 3 weeks ago due to getting caught by the FBI agent. 


Personality:  Sky is someone I'd equate to as like a mix between Yuzu Kurosaki from Bleach, and Ellie from The Last of Us. Yuzu in terms of being the supportive little sister to her big brother,  but with Ellie in terms of dire hard hitting situations. I think trust is the best way to describe her when it comes to comparing Sky to Ellie. 


Those are the 3 main characters from my book in terms of appearances, brief description in terms of their role, and their personality.  I also did these designs for fun, but let's call it a care-free environment.  
















But that's about it from my end of things everyone. 

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