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The HMS NaruSaku

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 05:50 PM

Written by Tatsu no Houou.

Chapter 40: Tatsu's tale

You wish to hear a tale? What be it that you wish? You wish to know the many tales of"¦ oh? You wish to know, how this Tatsu came to stay? Ah then take a seat, this trickster has many around. Now sit down and relax as I weave my tale. Would you believe it would being with a sale? Worry not, I promise this is nothing to make your face turn pale. Ah now where did It begin"¦ ah yes. I believe it was in Animia during the month of high wind"¦




"Come one, come all, the people of the world await, close your eyes and open your minds for the challenges you shall hear will hopefully bring up quite a debate." I yelled to the mass of people who had surrounded my stage.


The people looked at me in curiosity; after all I was a man standing on a stage in the middle of the food square in an almost flamboyant buttoned T-shirt, black cape, and black slacks. Not even a solider or a pirate for that matter would dare do something like this, especially in this realm. I being myself didn't really care. They knew me well enough, so they wouldn't care.


Once the crowd sufficiently encircled my little stage, my task begun and I took care of it as I would normally. They wanted a challenge did they? Well"¦


They would not be disappointed.


"This Tatsu welcomes you, one and all. I admire those who have the strength to answer this Tatsu's call. After all, with stories a-many, and fan-fiction so few, what is the saga of which do you choose? It has been seen in the scrolls at the local mart' that they are loosing their flavor to become something less entertaining then a common fart. Now I ask you, on and all. Who will dare brave this Tatsu's call?" I called out to the crowd. They seemed even more enhanced. This was where my job began.


"The brave ninja of Naruto; their tales do you wish? Or would you be interested in some unforeseen Digimon plot twists, little Conan's cases of angst and woe or maybe the stories of how the Ranma child grows. You wish for one? I have many. So tell this Tatsu what you wish to hear!"


All at once shouts from both young and old and of both gender came from all directions at once. Some shouts went towards Digimon, some for Naruto, some going for others I had not named, for instance Trigun, Dragonball Z and Zoids.


I grin to myself at the ploy, as I watch the masses fiddle around with what they wish. The odds were easy that unless one got the entire crowd to shout what they wanted I would give them a challenge I would wish them to have. The odds were no one would realize this. After all I needed my own amusement every now and again. After all, to be a Challenge-giver, you had to have the challenges to give them. 


"Naruto it will be, as this has been chosen by the vast majority. So listen well as I set a task and listen well, the challenge is what I shall tell." I said with a grin and then thought of my latest thoughts.


"For those who like it, here's a real treat, the pairings are revealed all seemingly tidy and neat. However, listen well my friends, this fic could have many different pairings and many different ends. Now we all know Naruto, The boy with the Kyuubi in the gut. Well here's a situation, which"¦really will be a pain in the butt. The challenge begins that Naruto; the boy with the demon has got his desire, he's gotten in bed with Sakura the girl he admires. Problem automatically comes from this reward, neither he nor she ever wished for this to occur. So the challenge must come to those who would like. Who would continue this tale of love and spite."


I could easily see a few masses of people not pleased with my challenge and start to walk away. One group seemed to wear a bandana on their arm with "Sasuke-sama forever!!!!" inscribed with an enhancement from the 'slayer' isles that made the damn lettering shine like a small golden sun. Frankly, if I hadn't already taken a vow against touching what little magic I had, I would have easily just rendered their enchantment void. Such is the price when they know of your trickster ways, and also have grounds to make ultimatums.


Along with them were another group of on lookers who had a black Sasuke-like' shirt with a Cherry blossom and a fan on the central area of the back. Simple sowing as well was the only reason the picture appeared. No enchantments or spells. I almost lost my footing. A quiet group of Sasuke and Sakura fans? Would wonders never cease?


I didn't even need to register the leaving of the Naruto and Hinata fans. They were so easily hidden it was hard to tell if they were a normal ‘passer-by' or a true fan. Only thing they kept was a tattoo on the left arm (easily shown with the girls) with a fox holding a flower more precisely a lilac, in its mouth.


I took a moment to steady myself and looked back to the crowd who had surrounded me once before. To my annoyance none remained"¦ at all. I sat down on the stage, letting my feet go over the edge of the podium. It had been long since my last meal and I was getting really hungry, standing up in the sun hadn't helped manners. 


The Narumari (Naruto/Temari) fans had left in the direction of ‘AIM' chatting with the NaruTen (Naruto/Tenten) and Naruno (Naruto/Ino) fans. It was really too bad none had stayed around to chat. SOC Puppet, one of my favorites of their crowd was always a nice guy to chat with. His tales had inspired so many of my challenges; he was a story-master if I ever met one. 


It was sad, but until I had earned enough money for the day, I had to stay around the podium. Such is the life of a performer. No other talents good enough to make a living. These small little bursts of money were hard to come by and though a trickster I was"¦ I wasn't a thief. I had plenty of knowledge but that knowledge came from my dragon beast-swords ability to talk to nature. Sides, I heard a character named Dominic Deegan was taking those jobs. 



"Your challenge before"¦ I shall take it." Spoke a voice from behind me. I was cut off in the middle of my thoughts and turned around and was startled to see that it was the youngest sage of the isles; Geno Calamari. He had knowledge that many of the elders of the isles hadn't acquired in their first fifty years yet here he was in the flesh. It was said he was of the magician order 5th circle of Merlin and also of the order of the brotherhood of blades. Although fact or fiction. This man was a mystery to the area. I was highly honored at someone like him to take a challenge.


"The challenge is yours Geno Calamari, so do a good job for its category. Also if ever your desire"¦ since your tales are ones I do admire"¦ I shall aid in the tales as best I can. So speaks the rules of my challenge that is in your hands." With that I handed him a scroll of which I had some various dabbles and ideas left within. As always I kept a spare copy for another story-maker if they wished to partake in the challenge.


"No thanks, I shall work on it as best I can, but first I have my other fictions to worry about, expect it sometime within the coming year." That being said Geno walked away after depositing over six times the amount needed for any challenge. I almost went giddy from the money but decided to give back what wasn't mine. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me"¦ he was gone when I looked up.


By now the crowds were gone for the day, retreating into their doors unless they were a fighter, a magician or just plain stupid. Such was the price living in the land where all anime collided the occasional monster from various anime appeared, from the bizarre ‘youma' from Sailor Moon to the more terrifying Duel Monsters. 



Since I had a very minor mage and warrior status it didn't matter if I was outside or not anyways. Did not mean that the paladins of the land attempted to send me into a shelter, however, that's what Tatsu no Yume is for. The blade is pretty long and wide for its thin hilt. It is definitely enough to usually waylay their complaining. 


Besides, I didn't feel like going home just yet. I know it wasn't wise but I decided to go treat myself out. I walked over to the bar just east of the town. 


The walk was nothing really bad, but mostly annoying. I only had to bring out Houou no Chi once, although that was from her being anxious about my good mood. The normally sleeping elemental beast-sword's eye had been glowing on the hilt as she was used to smite enemies. It seemed for once the sword was in a good mood. It was almost a shame to have to re-seal her again until she was useful again. I learned the hard way that she seemed to hate bars"¦ when she set a flame the "Jyusenkyou" from the last town we visited. 


After all of this I arrived at the "A.I.M" it was a nice out of way place. It held no anime sacred, nor did it seem to bash any character or anything to that nature. Here it was allowed to show what every preference you had from Yaoi to Yuri, and even the forbidden types such as Incest, and rape. But those areas were more in the back area. Regardless, this was the type of place where nothing was shared outside the bar. It was a place, one where my ‘job' wouldn't be in danger due to my likings. It was here where I met Flashfyre5, Lord Archive, SOC Puppet, Infinity Blade"¦ just to name a few. To many this bar was nirvana but it wasn't an easy find. Its existence was under lock and key unless the secret keeper revealed where it was. You would easily mistake it for the local sewage dump.


After taking a deep breath I put on my Yin-Yang pendant with the kanji for "heaven" on one part and "earth" on another, then I walked to the area. It was bad for my ‘challenges' if I revealed just whom I favored while out in public. 


That being said, I walked to the 'area' and said the magic words of "Mary-sue and Gary-stu suck ass!" instantly the bar was revealed. I walked in and sat down at the bar. "Jeff" or "freaky-sword-wielding-guy" stood at the bar as he normally would with his twin katana at his sides. His 'group' stood at the bar ready and willing to take care of any trouble makers and obliterate their minds.


"What'll it be Tatsu?" he asked as I took my seat.


"What else shall this one take, but the thing that this Tatsu normally has you make, " I replied with a grin. It felt so good to take off the damn impersonal mask I had to wear outside.


"Suicide non-alcoholic it is. You ever going to try the real man stuff?" He rolled his eyes as normal to my request before taking all 'Soda' in the bar area and mixing them into one glass.


"Hangovers don't pay the bills, Alcohol only causes cheep thrills" I remarked almost chuckling before taking a swig of my brew. It was caffeine like no-one's business but it was good stuff.


"And Smiter said to Cho"¦" I vaguely heard someone start to declare something. Not something that would you would be surprised at after visiting this place for a while.


"That scene with Naruto playing as Sasuke was a completely different scene entirely baka! Naruto belongs with Hinata as Sasuke belongs with Sakura its written in Cannon" I overheard and then groaned. The baka brothers were at it again.


"bullsh**, that scene was Naruto henged as Sasuke to find out just what she thought of him. Damn it man compare the panels!" he shouted.


"f*** Naruto Sakura pairings! Maybe we should show you the error of your ways!" the brutes each unsheathed their respective swords, staves, and knives. 


I turned my head to see a guy dressed in a cloak arguing over pairings with the local mischief-makers of the bar. I quickly concealed my pendent, after all"¦ these bunch were the ones who actually had no penalty of being punished. Sides, they were bad business. I noticed one of Jeff's friend's were about to take care of the mess but I gestured to Charles to leave this to me. 


"What's this I hear, a brave many wanting to fight with one so weary?" I asked as I saw the groups arguing. Normally I wouldn't intervene but something told me this would turn ugly if I didn't. Sides, the idiots left themselves open, I couldn't leave that alone. 


"Shove it Babbler. This jackass insulted our pairing." He neared at me while saying this.


"Those who be bored all through out the day, come here for work and play. Now why fight when drinks can be found. Do you wish to leave this compound?" I asked again. I could tell the underlings of the 'group' seemed to consider this. But the leader ignored it.


"f*** off jack ass, this guy won't get a way with that comment!" He readied his blade so I was forced to unsheathe my own. I kept Houou and Tatsu sheathed.


"Join in for one who this Tatsu doesn't know? Something tells this one that this isn't going to be a normal 'row'!" I mentally swore as I readied my own blade and watched Hoku unsheathe his own his eyes were almost red. He also seemed to be staggering while trying to stand. I almost fell over myself when I realized something"¦ this guy took one of Jeff's specials.




The other two noticed a strange smile appearing on the drunken man's face and ran away quickly. The leader was confused until suddenly the glowing sword the man had unsheathed. While normally a muramasa sword was demonic, this one seemed to be glowing a blood red color.


He ran with nearly god like speed and hit the man's sword. What no one expected with that as soon as blade met blade and explosion occurred and sent the Sasu/Saku fan flying into a wall.


He turned his eyes on me next. I could feel Houou and Tatsu both wanting to come out and fight. Honestly the sensation was just a weird one.


Suddenly Houou no Chi appeared in my hand and its flame had become a Katana blade and blocked an incoming attack from the blade wielder. The explosion sent both myself and the other man back.


I could feel Houou no Chi grow excited. I could feel her 'mate' Tatsu no Yume also became much more 'awake.' This was bad. All reasoning was lost as I succumbed to the feeling of fighting. I felt myself get up and grab the hilt of my sword. But after that I lost all feeling. When our swords clashed next, my consciousness left.


"...I finally got my shirt back when I went to find Hoku-kun and found him unconscious with this guy"¦" echoed a voice in my head. I opened my eyes slightly flinching as the harsh electronic light caught me unexpectedly.






"I swear, Haylee! One of these days-!" the voice continued to speak, I could now tell there was a girl in the room.


I opened my eyes fully and ignored the way my eyes hurt when looking around. To my surprise the area wasn't anything like when I last remembered. I wasn't outside around A.I.M. nor was I at home. I was on a ship! 


"What happened and where am I"


"Sori-chan, he's awake" spoke a voice now somewhat closer to me.




Oh excuse this one; I didn't look at the time. It's time for my story to end and also my rhyme. After all, t'was such a long tale, I real doubt anyone wishes for me to finish. So I leave you now to ponder the rest. Who knows? Maybe it's for the best.


Chapter 40 end.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 06:00 PM

Chapter 41 (reserved)

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 42: Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!
Subtitle: Tan-chan & friends!


~July 23rd, 2005~


Weather today: Extremely Hot

Warnings: Stay Hydrated, and out of prolong sunlight.


A young girl put on her little detective outfit, who looked like a chibi girl Sherlock Holmes, and set off from her room to venture H&E! As she pulled out her little notepad, and put her bubble pipe away into her pocket. She stepped out into the bright and sunny day, stretched out, and raised a fist into the air.


"Today is an important day!" She exclaimed happily. "It's time to solve all these mysteries and question about ... THE CAPTAIN!"




tangerine_fever, H&E P.I.!!!

Episode XX: Unexplained mysteries of the Captain!




And so began the expedition! Tan-chan was one of our younger members, but she was very spirited and we all really liked her for that! Especially when she opened up her very own "Interesting Facts" booth. Ever since then, she had devoted her time to finding out more interesting facts about everyone here on the island, and solving things that couldn't be explained. So now it was time for her top mission, and a most dangerous one yet! Find out the unexplained facts & mysteries about me.


As she made her way around, she saw some people along the way, but they were either busy doing something, or preoccupied. For example, she saw some people get on the boat to head back over to Port NF. Like Nick Soapdish & Rinzen, those two like to go to NF and here every now and then. Another couple she saw arguing playfully as if a couple where Nikko (Yoko's friend), and another one of our new members, Rovert. Both of them arguing over who was the bigger pervert. She would have bothered them, but they seemed too heated in discussion that Tan-chan turned away. Even though today was her day to find out more about me, it seemed like everyone was doing something. More like preparing for something. So she whipped out her notepad and wrote ...


(...suspicious activity going on... ...like preparing for some kind of a party...)


Afterwards she wandered off towards the Literary part of the island. There she found her first interviewee, or more like he stopped her.


"Psst! Psst!" A young man with a long coat whispered over to Tan-chan from the shadows of an alleyway.


It was Faucon, H&E's number 1 insider. He knew everything that happened, and that's going to happen. If there was something happening he was there, and he knew about even before it was even planned. The man KNEW his information, and he could get it easily. I believe even he rivaled that of UN's info gathering. But his specialty was always knowing when a good NaruSaku fic was out, and then he would add it quickly to the archive he created himself for us.


"Psst! Hey! Tan-chan! Wanna read this really good fic?" He spoke in that kind of sneaky voice, hiding from the light.


She walked over and looked at him funny, then pointed at him. "What's wrong with you? Who talks like that?"


Just then Faucon stepped out from the shadows, and into the light speaking in his normal voice. "Heh, iunno. I always wanted to do that. Like that guy from Sesame Street." He imitates the voice. "Psst, hey kid. Wanna buy a letter?"


They both laugh, and Faucon asked what she was up to. So Tan-chan saw this opportunity and explained to him.


"I'm on the hunt for facts!" She said happily and Faucon smiled. "So do you know anything about the captain? And why's everyone running around today?"


Faucon crossed his arms, and began to conjure up what he knew or heard about me. "Well from what I heard, he's a really good guy. Welcomed me warmly into the NaruSaku family, as he does for just about everyone else. Doesn't really talk much about himself though."


He paused for a moment, to think some more, then saw her taking notes on her little notepad. They came to a stop, to sit on a bench under a tree.


"Say Tan-chan, why don't you just go interview him? I'm sure he'd be happy to answer your questions." He told her.


"Because!" She looked up from her notepad and clutched her pen in her fist, then smiled. "It's more fun this way! So is there anything else you may know, or heard of?"


"Well..." Faucon gave a good laugh, but then continued in a darker tone. "I've heard that sometimes, the man can be a demon. And I've also heard something about him being a devil of some sorts! But that's just about all I really know about him so far. I'm sure if you keep asking around, you'll find out more. Well I'm off to go update the C2 Community! Good luck & try not to get into trouble!"


Tan-chan gave an "Ooh" & "Ahh", as she wrote down all this info, and began to analyze. Faucon left her at the bench and she waved him thank you & good-bye. And she wrote in her notepad-


(...possible demon... ...devil made human...)


Just then she remembered that she didn't get an answer for why everyone on H&E was running around frantically. So put her palm to her head and "D'oh!" like Homer Simpson. So she decided to venture on, luckily while she was in the Literary part of town, she came across one of the more complicated members of the island. It was him! The Riddler! The Man of 1000 Rhymes! None other than...


"...Come one! Come all! If you dare to answer, Tatsu's Call!" And there he was our master of the challenge, standing on his podium advertising his challenges to those brave souls. Just then he had noticed poor little Tan-chan trying to escape under him, hoping that she wouldn't be seen. But of course nothing escapes Tatsu's eye! "Ahahaha! Tan-chan! Do you wish to test your wit & skills to one of my challenges!?" 


He spoke with great enthusiasm, and at that Tan-chan gave an "eep...", but then saw this opportunity to instead ... QUESTION the Questionnaire! Her eyes beamed as she came up with that plan and so she turned the tables! "Aha! I have a CHALLENGE for YOU!"


"Oho!" Tatsu was slightly taken in by this turn of events, and thus he was thrilled to see what the young detective would issue him! He stepped down from his podium and they both sat on the stage where he was.


The young girl cleared her throat, and then spoke just like how Tatsu would as he was giving his challenges. Only it wasn't as intricate of a riddle, but she tried her best. "Tell me this Master of Twists, what is that makes the captain exist? Who is he? What is he like? And what do you know about him?"


Tan-chan asked about what Faucon said, and Tatsu put a heavy hand on his chin, thinking about what to say. He remembered the day he had met the captain, gave a best of an answer as he could. "Well, I don't know about demons & devils, but he does fight like one. It was strange though; he fought mainly with only one arm. Not even using his left, it wasn't because he didn't want to use it, more like he COULDN'T use it."


"Mm." The girl wrote and took notes again. "So maybe the captain only has one arm!?"


"No, but something about that arm is fairly unexplained. I did remember striking at it, but he felt no pain." He continued, to tell his fight in such a epic climatic battle between titans. But then he began to laugh it off, and Tan-chan was wondering why. "Well, then again. We were both piss drunk and fighting for no particular reason. Actually I was the one trying to calm him down though. Ahaha!"


Tan-chan put her hand to her head and shook it with disbelief. So she wrote in her notepad-


(...missing arm? Captain is 1-handed? Or maybe fake arm!?...)


After she finished taking notes, she then asked him about what the commotion was about on the island. To this Tatsu returned to his riddles and answered in return with. "Aha! Today is indeed a special day! A day of birth and time to celebrate!" But then some people came passing by, and he went back to his advertising. "Come one! Come all..."


Tan-chan had lost him, and thus it was time to move on. So far some clues to the mystery of the captain, but each one only leads to even more questions. So wandered off into another part of town. Passing by the cafe area, and saw two older people having a nice talk with each other. It was Eagle & Rathgar, the two seemed to be having a good time, just sitting and talking. Tan-chan would have bothered them, but felt it would have been rude of her, so she continued on. Then she remembered who she wanted to interview especially! The newly appointed Guardian Deity of NaruSaku, Mizilla (Mizura)!


Although Mizilla mostly stayed over at NF, she was formally a N***H*** that converted over to us. Thanks very much to great Smiter! She then became a very powerful ally to us, and has ever since helped us in our many debates and discussions in NF. We owe much and have great respect for her, which is why I personally asked if she would like to become our Guardian Deity. But anywho, Tan-chan got a little lost looking for the Mizilla shrine, and was found by one of our more nicer members, Tsunade, sister of another of our members, Jiraiya (very ironic huh?). Tsu-chan found Tan-chan lost, and asked her if she was okay. Tan-chan told her she was looking for the Mizilla temple, and Tsu-chan pointed in the direction happily for her. Tan-chan thanked her with a little bow, and went along. Tsu-chan simply gave a smile and a wave. The Mizilla temple wasn't that big, but it was fairly roomy. As Tan-chan came to the entrance, there was a loud-




And inside you could hear a sort of fight going on. At first, the young detective was a little shaken to go inside as the sounds of scary voices was frightening. But there was one voice she DID recognize.


"Oh come off it Miz! You know I'm right!"


"Get out!!! JUST GET OUT!!!"


And so it was, that Aethos came barging out of the temple, with his arms crossed and his face flustered with that usual anger. Just before he exited the main entrance he turned around and said something he DEFINATELY should not have said.


"Well at least Mel (Occa) is always happy to see me."


Just suddenly there was a great ROAR, and like a giant flamethrower came out from the doorway igniting Aethos. After the fire had settled, Aethos just stood there covered in charcoal with that smug face, and just walked away angrily scoffing. Tan-chan wasn't sure if she wanted to go see Mizura now, especially after such an incident. But whatever it was, she pushed forward! The smell of burnt Aethos was still there, but it disappeared after another moment. Finally she made her way into the temple. And there standing before her Deity statue was none other than Mizura herself. She was fixing her hair as it had gotten messy a little while ago. She was trying to regain her composure and calmed down as she turned around to see poor little Tan-chan unsure of what to do now. But of course, Mizura being the kind person she was gave a big smile, and welcomed Tan-chan. The young detective swallowed hard and wanted to ask what had happened, but the words just couldn't come out. But Mizura knew she was partly curious, so she simply answered with.


"It was nothing, just Aethos being Aethos."


After that Mizura gave a little laugh, and Tan-chan felt a little relieved. And so Tan-chan asked what she could about the captain from Mizura's perspective, and told her about her current findings.


"Well I don't know about demons, devils, or fake body parts. But he's not that type of person, at least not that I've seen. Yeah he doesn't talk as much, but when he does have something to say it usually means something. Oh and he did help me with by contributing to my new club over at NF. That was pretty sweet of him, but aside from that. I don't really know him as well as anyone else."


Tan-chan nodded her head and wrote down some facts. Tan-chan politely bowed, and ran off. Mizura escorted her out, smiled and waved as the young girl went off. Just then Aethos came back to bother her again, and Mizura instantly went from Graceful to her angry stomping monster mode, Mizilla!!!


It was soon becoming fairly late in the afternoon, and Tan-chan still wasn't getting the info she wanted, it was like a wild goose chase (although those are sometimes fun!). And she still didn't know what the big commotion was for tonight. Finally was walking back towards the main area of H&E, and she ran into a very familiar face, Soritia (Sori)! As Tan-chan stopped by to say hi, Sori just saw Tan-chan in her cute little Sherlock Holmes outfit, and immediately glomped her.


"ZOMG!!! Hi Tan-chan!!!" She exclaimed.


"Ahhh! Hi Sori-chan!" She replied, then asked her. "Oh! Hey! I need help!"


"What's up!"


And thus Tan-chan whipped out her little notepad, but before she could ask, Sori once again glomped her again. "Ahhh that's so cute Tan-chan!"


"Sori come on! Stop being crazy like a coconut!"


But at that line Sori huggled Tan-chan, and then did a face rub, as that line was so awesome. "I can't help it you're just too cute right now! You're like a chibi Sherlock Holmes!"


"Aww come on! You never do that for Kuro-chan (kuroichigo)!" Tan-chan tried to squiggle her way out.


"Yeah, but she's different! She's not as crazy as we are, but she's still pretty cool!" Sori then let go as she was trying to compose herself again. "Okay, okay, I'll help now."


"Yay! So..." And thus Tan-chan explained everything so far, and asked Sori what she knew about the captain. To this Sori gave a puzzled look, and began to laugh greatly. "What's so funny!?"


"Well for one thing! He's certainly NOT a demon. And he does have both arms, he just likes wearing that long coat of his all the time. As for being a devil? Well he CAN be malicious at times. hehehe." Sori gave her explanation. "But what you should really be worried about is how he's such an ANIMAL!"


Tan-chan nodded her head, and wrote down (...animal... ...perhaps animalistic personality...). Sori continued.


"Although it is kinda funny how he hardly comes out during the day, or when he does he seems fairly bored, and sleepy all the time. Like he enjoys the night much more. Maybe he's a vampire! hehehee." Sori gave a giggle at the thought.


Tan-chan just looked at her weird at first then, wrote down (...vampire!?...). After that Sori had to leave, because she was actually on her way to go do something. But before she left, Tan-chan asked her about tonight. Before Sori was gone, she shouted back.


"Party! Tonight! Gift!"


So now Tan-chan knew that there was indeed a celebration going on tonight. But gift? She put the thought aside for the moment, and continued on! By now the sun was setting and it becoming evening. Just then she passed a building where it looked like it was shaking. But that was due to the loud music going on from inside. So curious as she was, she decided to investigate it! As she walked in, there was LoveHinaGuy (LHG) & Starlite at the turntables mixing up music. LHG was actually just using the computer next to his sister, while Star herself was actually trying to make music. They both had the headphones on, so they didn't notice Tan-chan until she finally came up to them. They both welcomed her in, and turned down the music for the time being. They all sat around talking, and Tan-chan got to the asking. LHG laughed, and he just went upstairs. Star on the other gave her insight.


"Well, Sori is partly right. He is an animal, one hell of a PARTY animal! Haha!"


Just then Tan-chan crossed out (...animal...) from her notepad.


"Yeah he's an okay person. I helped him find some music that he had been looking for and he was really happy about it. If there's a song I haven't heard of, then I don't have it. Otherwise you name it, and I have it! Haha! So Tan-chan you're coming tonight right?"


"To what?"


"It's his birthday today!"


Tan-chan nearly dropped her notepad, and had this face of shock. "Oh no! I've been to busy trying to figure him out, that I don't even know what to get him!?"


Star laughed, and patted Tan-chan on the head. "It's okay. Go see his brother, Blayze. He's probably the first person you should have gone too!"


After that Tan-chan rushed out and quickly made her way towards the main Tavern of H&E. So one mystery was partly solved, everyone's been preparing for the captain's party tonight. But still, she had a lot of question for such a mysterious captain. So she finally made it to the tavern, as she walked in, Blayze welcomed her.


"Aha! Welcome tan-chan! What'll it be!? Rum!?" He spoke jokingly. Then told her. "The Captain is busy at the moment. He's interviewing a new recruit, some kid engineer, named Nick (animeluvr852)."


Tan-chan made her way over to the main bar and sat promptly on the barstool. She shook her head. "No, milk please! Chocolate milk! And no tricks this time!" 


She gave him an evil eye, but then giggled herself. She then turned to see that man ... the one they call, Geno Calamari. The man seemed very gruff, and had a very gruff expression on his face. Tan-chan was just about to ask him, but before she could say a word, Geno simply gave this low grunt and poor Tan-chan gave an "eep". Thus she decided it was best not to bother him. Just then Blayze came back with her chocolate milk, and stood there as he knew the only reason she comes in to bother him is to ask question.


"So what is it this time eh? Did you get my brother something for his birthday yet?"


"Ah!!!" She had completely forgotten about the present too. But luckily, Blayze smiled at her and handed her a gift to give.


"Here, give this to him when you see him. It'll bring you good tidings with him." Then he began to give a big hearty laugh. "Harr Harr Harr! Everyone's been coming to me for advice since this morning! So what it is it this time?"


Tan-chan thanked Blayze formally and began asking away, telling him of her adventure thus far. Blayze listened carefully, enjoying what he was hearing about what people had to say about his brother the captain. When she had finished up to the point when she came into the bar, Blayze again began laughing greatly.


"Ahahahahahaaha!!! He's not just one of those things!" Blayze exclaimed, then leaned in closer, making Tan-chan lean in as if he had something super secret to say. So Blayze whispered. "He's actually ALL of them! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


Tan-chan then sat back on he stool unsure of how to take this news. Was he kidding? Or was he being serious? Not even she was sure anymore. "But then that would make him..."


"Yes of course! Vampiric-Werewolf-Cyborg-Demon/Devil!" He said in a very jolly mood. "No no, wait! A Drunken-Vampiric-Werewolf-Pirate-Cyborg-Demon!!!"


Tan-chan simply looked at Blayze who was having a very merry time, messing with the poor girl. Even Geno himself was chuckling at the hilarious moment. Tan-chan just finished her chocolate milk, stuffed the gift Blayze gave her, and angrily walked out. That was the final straw, it was indeed just another wild goose chase. She just found the rumors to be overly exaggerated, and completely unbelievable, that she simply threw out the notion. She made her way back home, the sun had gone down, and the moon was shining nicely out. It was a full moon.


"Bah! How can someone be a Drunken-Vampiric-Werewolf-Pirate-Cyborg-Demon! There's no such thing!" She angrily told herself.


"No such thing as what?" A familiar voice came from behind her.


"You! No such thing as you!" She answered back without thinking.


"But if I don't exist, then how could I be standing right behind you?"


"What do you mean behind-" Just then she realized who she was talking to, the hairs on the back of her head jumped up to a spike. She was too afraid to turn around to face the one person she had been trying to figure out. But something inside her made her turn around. She slowly twitched her head to look behind her only to see...


...someone towering over her, leaning over smiling with big pearly white teeth, that had fangs on top & bottom. The moonlight reflecting off of my glasses. I put up two fingers for a victory/peace sign. And in a playful tone of voice, said.


 “Konbawa!” (Good Evening!)


But alas the poor girl was completely petrified, and fell over fainting.  As soon as she blacked out all she could remember was everything that happened today running through her head. The next thing she noticed was that she was sitting in my office, which was much cooler than outside. At first she was unsure of what had happened, and began to shake like a frightened kitten. I wheeled my chair around to face her and she nearly passed out on me again, but she stayed awake out of pure will. She had so many things to say, so many things to ask, so many questions that needed answering, but all she could do was open her mouth. No words came out.


So I spoke first. "You had me worried there for a moment. Running around in this heat wave like that, especially wearing that outfit & cape. You fainted because of heat exhaustion. Don't worry I brought you to my office where it's much cooler. Drink some water you'll feel better."


I spoke with such a calm and soothing voice, it wasn't what she was expecting. So she nodded her head, and drank the glass of water that I had placed on my desk. After she finished it, she exhaled and the color of her flesh came back. I then felt relieved that she would be okay. I gave a sigh of relief and smiled. She still wanted to ask me something, but nothing would come out. So I dismissed her.


"You can go now."


She closed her mouth, got up solemnly, and made her way slowly out of my office. Before she closed the door behind her she felt the gift Blayze told her to give and rushed back in.


"Ano!" She came into my office again a little flustered. He whipped out the small box, and bowed towards me handing it to me with two hands. "Happy Birthday! Sir!"


I chuckled lightly at her antic, and took the gift from her. She stood back up, and waited for me to open it in front of her. So I smiled again, and opened it. The box was a container for sunglasses, and when I had opened the container inside where ... Aviator Sunglasses. The kind that I had wanted. I closed my eyes, as I know who really a got these for me, but it was sweet of Tan-chan to give them to me herself. So I decided to play along.


"It's exactly what I wanted. How did you know?" I spoke softly.


She simply stood up straight and saluted me just like how everyone does, even though they didn't have too. Although it was cute the way she did it. "I am a private investigator sir!"


"And from what I hear, the best on the Island." I complimented her.


She smiled, but kept in formation. "Thank you sir!"


"Ahaha. At ease." I chuckled, and saluted her back. "Dismissed. And thank you for the gift Tan-chan."


She nodded her head, and pranced her way out. She may not have solved the mystery of me, but she came to one conclusion:


"There are no such things as a Drunken-Vampiric-Werewolf-Pirate-Cyborg-Demon.  Only a good Captain that cares about his members, and crew."


To be continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 43: Unseen Eyes
Subtitle: ... we are watching you ...

150 and still growing. We had been recruiting many new people into our ranks in such a short time as of lately. Our recruitment office in Port NF was becoming quite well known. And since our ranks were growing in NF, also on our H&E Island we were getting a lot more visitors as well as residents.


Months had passed since our last major battle, and the fighting was coming down to a minimum. Now most of the battles were fought in the Debate sector of Port NF, where we had many young and upcoming politicians on our side for NaruSaku. But back on the island ... 


"We steal their ships, they copy our island!" The gruff Geno said with an annoyed tone as he slammed his mug of ale onto the table.


"Are you serious!? That can't be true!" Ash answered back with a slamming of her own.


"It's true! They say their layout is something of an original, as well as that WE stole from them." Geno spoke as continued on his rant. "And you know what they do over there?"


"What?" Alpha moved closer in to hear more.


"All they do is b*tch and complain about us, spouting about our nonsense-" Geno said with a sort of sarcasm. "-and start flaming people." He took another big swig from his mug, and then began snickering. "Mostly Aethos."


Just then all three of them merrily laughed, as Aethos was probably the most disliked NaruSaku since he could always back up his words even when they were overly biased. Of course, our Aethos was never one to back down from a good fight, but as of late he had been growing tired of the same argument.


I was sitting over at the bar as I was listening into their conversation, although they were pretty much speaking out to the entire tavern. I found this news quite interesting as it was. It meant only one thing, we were being watched. Not only at our recruitment post at Port NF, but also here on H&E. But that would also mean, that they know our location...


I finished up my drink and headed up towards my office above the tavern. Blayze cleaned up my mess and then looked over in the direction of the threesome who were chatting.


"Now see what you've done. You've done filled the boss' head with such conspiracy!" He dried the inside of my mug with a towel, rubbing it clean. "You know how he can get paranoid at times! It's bad enough feeding him such troublesome news."


"But it's true! I've seen it myself!" Geno said with a stern face. "I have no reason to lie!"


"Bah! Only when you're drinking old man!" Blayze shook his head off laughing and went back to cleaning up the bar.


Geno sat back down and grumbled out loud, but in a . "Bah! This old man can still send you into the next life you whippersnapper!" He slammed his mug down on the table, and thus Ash & Alpha did the same.


"Yeah! To the Old Man!" - "Yeah! To the Adoration Club!" - "Yeah! To Me!"


And the three of them raised their mugs to each other in their drunken glee.




Meanwhile in my office...


It was already nightfall, and the moon was shining brightly in the night sky. I threw my long coat onto the coat rack next to the door, sat back in my chair, one arm on the side, and I put a hand onto my dark face. I took off my glasses and closed my eyes to ponder.


'I know it's only my paranoia getting to me once again. But I can't help it ... what if the old man-'


(Voice from downstairs: "I'M NOT THAT OLD!")


'-is right? He isn't one to lie, or make up such stories. Even if he is a brilliant writer and one of the more intellectual people here on the island. I just ... have to find out.'


I paused for a moment. In that last thought I opened my eyes and took my hand away from my face. I knew what I had to do.


"There is only one way." I said to myself quietly.


I got up from my chair, grabbed my long coat, and exited my office. I went downstairs to see the tavern filled with more people, as it was busier during the nighttime. As I walked out the door, I threw my long coat around me making a swooshing sound. My brother sighed and shook his head; just then he grabbed some keys and threw them at the door. Just before it flew outside, I turned around to grabbed them and make my way out again. Afterwards I made my way towards the docks and boarded my personal boat. On the other side was the Perfect Boat we had captured still under inspection and remodeling. On the other side of the docks was the HMS NaruSaku still undergoing some internal repairs. I cast myself off, and jumped into my small boat. I knew where I had to go, I knew what had to be done.


"To Himitsu Desu."




It wasn't very far off, the main headquarters of the N***H***. Then again, they weren't really trying to hide themselves, nor were they afraid of any attack. But as I came into their pier ... it was all the same. Geno wasn't just telling tall tales, or one of his stories. Everything, from the docks to even the buildings was the same. Only the coloring and minor design was different. I ventured further in, only to see that everything was as if they took off NaruSaku and wrote N***H*** in it's place. I fell to my knees and couldn't believe this sight. Not only have we been cloned, but even down to the design. I don't know what came over me, but I began to feel anger and bloodlust. My blood began to boil and all I knew was that I wanted vengeance. I stood up and immediately placed my right hand onto the hilt of my sword. Just as I was going to go on a murderous killing spree, someone stopped me. A familiar voice...


"Captain no!" A young boy spoke quietly to me.


I looked down to see who it was, and it was none other than HH who stopped me. But this drew even more questions...


"You!? Why!?" I asked in my blinded rage.


HH had to get me out of here, before I did something stupid. "Captain, you need to get out of here now. You are in enemy territory! Think! I don't doubt you, but you cannot take on the entire island here! Quickly, before my cover is blown!"


I quickly came back to my senses and HH escorted me back to my boat. He helped me sail off, and told me before I disappeared.


"When I came back, I'll explain everything! Don't worry boss, you can trust me!" HH our insider called over to me.


As I sailed back to H&E, it all began to sink in. We were being watched, almost ... too closely. Something is going on ... and I intend to find out.


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 44: Trouble's a brewing
Subtitle: Trust, Truth, & Terror

Many thoughts and emotions were going through my mind as I had returned back to H&E. I steered my boat towards the docks of the island, slowly coming into port.


How did they find us so quickly? I thought to myself, but answered aloud. "Well, we would have been found out sooner or later, but this was way faster than I had expected."


Why did everything look almost like a complete duplicate? I asked myself quietly, only to answer aloud again. "Well then again, the contractor Smiter used is fairly common. So just about everyone else does use them, but to claim that they were there first ..."


After I pulled into the docks and tied up the boat, I made my way back to the tavern up into my office. It was already half-past 3 in the morning, but there were still some people left downstairs at the bar. I threw my long coat onto the rack, and sat down into my chair. The lights in the office were dimmed down, as I naturally didn't like bright lights. There was a heavy shadow in the room, all due to my grave feelings at the moment.


Now it was for confirmed ... we do have a mole, a leak, a turncoat within our ranks. All I knew was that it had to be someone who had been with us long enough to know the exact directions to H&E. I also knew it couldn't be one of the newer recruits since they've only just arrived. And I realized that I could only think of one person-


As I inhaled to proclaim the name within questioning, the door suddenly opened and a young boy came into my dimly lit office. The same boy that stopped me in my rage over at the N***H*** island.


"Cody (HH/HFB). You care to explain yourself?" I spoke in a dark tone, as I wheeled my chair around to face the window.


The atmosphere in the room was very tense, so tense that just breathing in would set fire to your lungs. Tension where you're muscles all freeze and lock up where no matter how much you wanted to escape, it was like you were already standing up against a brick wall in a corner. Yes, there was anger in the air. Yes, there was bitterness as well, but also uncertainty.


Right now, you're thinking, "Uncertainty? WTF? But weren't you just going to proclaim him as the scapegoat?". The answer is ... no, Cody is not the culprit (at least not in this version  ). Which is why I lowered my focus on him, and began ease off on the tension. The heavy air thus became thinner and much easier to breathe.


"I know, it must have been a very bad coincidence that you and I had to meet there, captain." He began to explain himself, then quickly continued. "But I have good reasoning."


He stepped back slightly instinctively as if I were to lash out at him violently. But instead I didn't turn around to face him just yet, showing him that I was listening to his side of the story. Normally I would just bark at him "report in", but this was a different more serious situation.


"So I know you must have heard about HD (Himitsu Desu), sir. I had just learned of it recently as well. I'm sorry I didn't report it in sooner, but I had to build my cover there as well. Which is also why I haven't been able to report in as of late."


Since he was one of our intelligence officers, I knew that they were always out doing their recon. Which is why they don't report in every other day like most of my other officers, but every other week to even a month. He continued on.


"To much I have learned, after we had already started our own island, and gaining our own settlements. It seemed that we were already on a fast pace gaining much power to ourselves. So in return they too hastily put up their own island along with settlements."


"That much is fairly obvious to me as of my earlier actions." I commented in a low voice.


His body shivered slightly as he heard the tone of my dark voice. But instead beamed up as he had more intriguing intel. "Ah. But does my master know that they have TWO islands?"


Now this caught my attention, and thus I wheeled my chaired around to the realization of this news.


"Two!?" I spoke with utter disbelief.


Satisfied that he had done a well job as our insider. "Yes. HD was only a recent addition, more like a replacement for their old one, Kitsune no Hana (KnH). KnH was their original headquarters, but since it was getting old they decided to upgrade and update. Although that HQ (KnH) is still under N***H*** occupation."


I put a hand to my head and took off my glasses with my other hand. "Two bloody islands, both fully occupied. It's like they're preparing for some damn-"


"War, sir?" HH said with a rhetorical tone, and nodded his head. "It's hard to believe, but they already have several battleships and enough soldiers to occupy a small country. Let alone defend it to the tooth."


"Dear God." I dug my fingers into my hair and scratched my head furiously.


"But there hasn't been any movement, sir. Only gathering. But it's strange, it's like they're waiting for something. Even I don't know what is fully going on, and I'm already within their inner circle. I think there's a deeper conspiracy going on captain. Which brings me to my next concern captain."


"What is it?" I had to ask knowing that it would only be more bad news.


"Sir ..." HH spoke with a very shaky voice, it sounded as if he were truly terrified. "... they have info of the HMS NaruSaku, as well as surveillance of the island, a rough schimatic of our defensive measures, and much more."


Now this was too much, and I looked up at him from my chair with wide-open eyes. "Wh-What?"


"I don't know, captain. But we are being watched, almost TOO closely. Someone is giving information to the enemy without us knowing it."


But by the time he had finished his sentence, I was already out of my seat and with my hand around his throat raising up off of his feet. I held up against the door of my office, which was closed to the outside. "And you? Who's side are you on exactly!?"


Both of his hands on my single arm trying to reason with me. He tried to speak as I was choking the life out of him. "E-Even though - *cough* - I'm an outsider. I LIVE here as well sir! Please you have to believe - *hurk* - me!"


And thus I came to my sense once again. I then put him down immediately and backed away, shaking my head off as if something had hit me. He fell to his knees gasping for air, and stood back up.


"I may feed information to them, captain. But not once have I ever given them such private and endangering intel about us. I may not be a complete NaruSaku, but I would have let you kill me if I wasn't telling you the truth."


He was right, I've never doubted him since the beginning and I shouldn't be right now. I regained my composure and sat back down in my chair breathing slowly. "You're right. I'm sorry for actions."


He stood right back up and nodded his head. "It's okay. You had every right to suspect me first. I can't blame you, sir."


I inhaled, and gave a big sigh. "So what do we do?"


"I don't know yet sir. I need more time to put the puzzle pieces together." He answered. "I can go back and find out more, hopefully I can find out what the big picture is before the storm comes.


I nodded my head in agreement, and dismissed him. "Okay, be careful. And make haste. I feel this may only be the start of something really bad coming. Dismissed."


"Aye, captain." He saluted made his way out. "As soon as I find something, I'll come personally to you ASAP." And he left, most likely back to HD.




A few moments after HH had left from my office, I had a very bad headache come over me. And as of lately, I've been having many strange outbursts much like what I did to HH. I don't normally act like that, but something was happening to me.


"Ugh, must've been that damn new ale Paul ordered in." I went back to my living quarters on the third level of the Tavern above my office. There was some hot herbal tea and medicine on the table already prepared. I gave a small chuckle and smiled. "Heh, Yoko ..."


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Written by LoveHinaGuy.

Chapter 45: What's Happening!?!

It began like any normal morning, normal wake up call from star, same shoe she throws at me to wake me up because I ignore her the first time same breakfast she always make. To me it was just a normal day on H&E, went down with her to the recording studio played on the computer with my headphones so I didn't have to listen to the stuff she was messing with on the turn tables, and I got to play my games. That's about the time Tan-chan showed up, which was quiet funny the way she was dressed to the point that I had to leave the room from laughing too hard. I didn't stick around that long but asked star what it was about later on to find out she was asking about hokuten. Later that night, as I was lying in bed I realized I don't even know that much about our captain, so curiosity and plans began to run through my mind as night slipped into day. That morning I confused star when I woke her up with breakfast in bed. It was actually really funny to see her face as she didn't know either to be happy, surprised, or mad and ready to kill me for coming into her room without knocking "¦ she chose the 3rd option. After she was finished yelling, I started to put my plan into play and began sucking up with helping around the apartment to make her happy, well, she caught on and asked me because she knew I would never clean the toilet without her hitting me. (Knew I shouldn't have done that!) So I told her the plan and as I got to the end, the grin on her face was so big "¦ well "¦ I need glasses for a reason. So she decided to help, which was really all I needed but, the more the merrier right?


So me and her set off to the tavern, I went into the kitchen while she went to bug Blayze, Aethos, and bassclef. Figuring that UN would be in the kitchen I looked around only to find it empty, that was right before the bastard snuck up behind me and scared the living kitten out of me, but it all worked out. I guilt tripped him into joining me, even though I think he would have joined anyway. So now with the band of people we had, I set everyone to their own parts and then took myself, and Yoko. Although I don't know where she came from, I think I just bumped into her and dragged her along to hokuten's room knocking on the door I pushed her ahead to speak first. After finding our captain half asleep, I figured what better way to wake him their then let myself in and start questioning him. He didn't like it very much, got kicked out within minutes of my intrusion, but got him to wake up telling him that good portion of the crew wanted to talk to him about something in the tavern, so he got dressed, freshened up, and came down.


He got into the door with 3 BIG flashes of lights and at least, if I estimated correctly, 1000 firecrackers were set off only to leave hoku speechless as a big sign dropped from the ceiling with big letters "SURPRISE!" and right then I shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN!". At that time, I think I've never seen so many blank stares, my only reply to them was, "It is his birthday right?".


Yep just a normal day, star yelling at me, having breakfast, and giving everyone a laugh, at least it broke the silence for awhile, the air was getting too heavy, rumors of betrayal, even more of N***H*** invasion. I thought we all needed a break, and let me tell you it was one hell of a party.


To be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 46: What's in a name?
Subtitle: The Daifuku & Mochi Season

Months had passed since the revelation of the other N***H*** Islands, and still there was no official activity going on in between both of them. But with the ending of Spring, came Summer, and with summer came the Season of Daifuku & Mochi. It was a festival celebration that we had recently implemented for morale reasons. Many things were happening as Summer began for us here at H&E, and also as well over at NF. We had just gain over 250+ members strong, and still growing in numbers. But as we had hit the 250 mark, our recruitment drive had slowed down, and we had only received perhaps 1-2 new members about every other week.


Surprisingly we had gained many members from all different age groups, young and old, but all with high spirits.


The Idea for a celebration came from Blayze & I, as when we were children our parents used to take us to these kinds of festivals. So we thought, perhaps we should share a part of us with everyone here on the island.


What is a Daifuku, or a Mochi you ask? Both are types of rice desserts, where rice is prepared, then smashed into a big dough. Traditionally you would eat the rice plain, or with some small flavoring, but now a days you can find it with ice cream filled, or with a paste filling (Red Bean, Black Bean, Lotus). Where as Blayze would prefer the Mochi, I would always get the giant Daifuku.


"Giant Daifuku, hoku?" Yoko was asking me as I was facing the window, the sun shining brightly through.


"Yeah, the giant Daifuku with red bean filling." I laughed lightly, wheeled my chair around to face her, and nodded my head. "Make an announcement to everyone. We will have a party tonight!" She began to take note, and I continued. "But not just any party! Let's have something fun, something different from all our normal drunken binge parties."


"Like what?" She paused taking notes to ask.


I stood up from my chair and began to pace around with one arm crossed, and the other with my hand on my chin. "Hmm. Let's go old school! Like one of those Japanese festivals that celebrate summer! Kimonos and all! I want everyone to begin preparations by the end of this week. This party will surely raise spirits even higher and boost morale!"


Yoko gave me this half assed smile, trying not to laugh at my idea, but also excited at the same time. "You got it, captain."


She finished writing down the announcements and began to make her way out. But before she left the room, I called to her. "Yoko wait..."


"Yes boss?" She peeped from the other side of the door she was closing.


"Ah ... there was something I wanted to talk to you about ..." But instead, I waved her off. "Never mind. Another time."


"Sure." She happily smiled and went off to give out instructions to everyone for the festival.


When she was completely gone, I had noticed that my sword leaning against my office table was giving off a slight red glow. I looked at it, and spoke to myself. "Yeah. I know..."




As the rest of the week passes, everyone at the island was helping around decorating, and cleaning up the big mess from all our daily drinking parties. The island was really coming together making the festival happen. The younger ones came up with their own activities, as well as everyone else opened up whatever booth they wanted too. I even heard that most of the members were willing to do a Kabuki show. Although I couldn't image who would be participating in it, but nonetheless everyone was very excited. For the most part, everything was nearly complete, there were many things to do for all ages, and of course, for the adults we had our tavern, since it was pretty much in the center of all the works. Even I helped out cleaning our pigsty of a bar. Funny thing was, we found several articles of clothing everywhere, along with some other ... unmentionable items. 


As the entire island was finally coming all together, a few old and new faces began to appear. Naru/Saku926 (Drew) had come back to celebrate with us from his travels far west. Even tun (from NF), he was Faucon's "associate" in information gathering, as well the skill of "being everywhere". An older man, who had came resident to our island even decided to come out of his lurking around, desaix. We all knew who he was and decided not to bother him as he has his own business to attend to, but now and then he would come out and give us "kids" a scolding or lecture about "the facts of life". And as if the list of celebrities grows, even the graceful author Kenhime had come to our humble home! When she had first came, many were quick to jump at her to welcome her. Young as she was, many of us were indeed fans of her works.


As the 2nd week of preparations had ended, H&E was finally ready for tonight's activities. The atmosphere on the island was thick with excitement and anxiety to see just what everyone had to offer in this joyous festival. When the work was done, everyone had went back to their homes to rest up and change for tonight.


As the sun began to set into the horizon, I called for a island meeting, inviting everyone to meet in the center of our establishment. Nearly the entire island came to the gathering, it gave me great joy to see the old members & new members mingling with one another. To my surprise almost everyone was dressed accordingly to the occasion too! Festival clothes, costumes, cosplaying, and what not, It was a great boost in morale to see people getting into the spirit of our End of Spring Festival.


And in the center of the mess, I stood up on the podium just above everyone's heads so that they could see and hear me. So I began to quiet down the masses, and began to speak.


"Friends! Brothers & Sisters of NaruSaku! Tonight is not just any normal celebration! Tonight, we celebrate the end of another Spring, and the 1st anniversary of when NaruSaku began! I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday, when I first came to NF ..."


As I began to drag on about my humble beginnings, Blayze shouted in response. "We all know the story! Get on with the Festival before you bore us to death!"


The entire island laughed merrily at my brother's antics, and I found myself chuckling too, since that story has been told one to many times, by myself of course. So I got right to the point.


"The orders you have from me ... are to enjoy yourselves. Spend time with each other, have fun, and do try not to make an overly mess!"


"HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!" The entire island roared with excitement.


"Let the festivities begin!" I bellowed out loud, and fireworks shot up into the sky signaling the start of the celebration! As the fireworks hit the sky, the masses began to disperse and move about the island. People cheering and walking about, seeing what others had set up.


The island was set up into 3 parts; a section for those 21 & over, another for 18+, and finally for those 16 & under. But mostly everyone partied responsibly, and there was no need for such a precaution or policing. Many of the younger crowds went towards the game & arcade, trying to win prizes and such. Others made their way towards the center of town where music was playing, hosted by our Mixmaster Star-chan! But most of the older members were at the H&E Kabuki show! Like the others, I too found myself enjoying the makeshift Kabuki show what members volunteered for it. I believe the highlight from that show was when an hour later & 100 drinks in, Geno, himself got up on stage in a drunken fit, agitatedly shouting, and I quote the scene -


He got up from his seat, with bottle of rum in hand. "You call that Kabuki dancing!" Then righteously marched himself up on stage with bottle raised up high above his head. "I'll show you Kabuki dancing!"


"Geno! Geno! Geno!" - "Yeah! Go Geno!" - "Yay! There's nothing he can't do!" The Geno Adoration Club chanted.


He waved his hand out to his Club to signal them to calm down as he marched backstage to prepare. And surely enough, a moments later he came out, with white powered skin, big red lion mane hair, with line designs over his face, dressed in a black kimono, traditional wooden sandals, and spear in hand. The way he came out was so magnificent, that look of strength and pride. His resemblance to Kyoshiro from Samurai Spirits (Samurai Showdown) was almost uncanny. So naturally the entire place when nuts, cheering, chanting, and merrily laughing. As the music began, his dance & song was brilliant, if you hadn't known it was Geno, you'd think he were a professional Kabuki dancer. And as he came to a finish, he jumped up on one-foot, spear on shoulder, and held out his other hand straight at the audience to signal his finish. When he had finished the entire audience was on their feet applauding him. It was utterly mad, but bloody brilliant for him.


Soon afterwards the drunken karaoke began and many were very happy to start singing. Before it began, I left the show to get some fresh air, and out of the heat of the festivities. But before I left the karaoke, I did hear a faint cry of horror as a Japanese Ballad began to play, and I gave a hearty laugh only to know who that someone was. I began to make my way back to the tavern for some peace and quiet. As I was walking through and around town, I was stopped by Tan-chan around the games & arcade booths area. With her was someone whom we all thought had left us a long time ago.


"Captain! Captain! Look who I found!" Tan-chan excitedly jumped up and down. And out stepped Vermillion Wolf (VW) from behind her. "She came back! I knew she'd come back!"


The story was apparently VW left our island a few months ago for some personal reasons, of course everyone was very sad by this. But just a few weeks ago, she had come back to us and naturally we had welcomed her joyously. VW simply bowed politely and smiled, I nodded my head in return to show that it was good to have her back with us again.


I then passed by the docks, to check up on the Bellefonte (NaruSaku MK. III). The ship we "commandeered" from the Perfects a while back. For the last few months we had finally converted it over to our colors and controls. It was a fine ship, and soon we would be test sailing it out soon. I put my hand to the hull of the ship as it was docked in pier. But after touching it, I got a sudden chill down my spine as if something was going to happen to her already, even though it was docked safely. I shook the notion off, and continued to make my way back to the tavern.




I had finally made it back to the Tavern where it was fairly empty, which was good for the most part (noting that at least people were out there instead of in here). Blayze was behind the bar, reorganizing the drinks, and restocking anything we were low on. I had only just walked into the door when he had welcomed men back already.


"Already done partying I see, Lloyd?" He said in a sarcastic tone.


I chuckled and shook my head at him. "Paul ..." I paused to think of a response, but was indeed to tired to come up with one. "Bah, I'll take over here, you go out and have fun."


"Hahaha! Too lazy to even come up with a good come back! Ahahahaha!" He laughed out loud, and then settled down. "It'll be quiet here tonight, so I'll make sure no one will disturb you. Eh, brother?"


"Thanks Paul." I made my way upstairs, and waved my hand off in thank you.


"And besides! Who else would guard our most important treasure here! The Booze! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" He bellowed out loud from downstairs.


I made my way into my office, and put my long coat onto the rack behind the door. From my window there were still some flashes of fireworks going off in the distance, but muffled since it was closed. I placed my sword leaning against my table, and sat down into my chair. What with all the commotion and lights going on, I needed a few minutes to just rest my eyes. So I took off my glasses and placed them on the table, leaned back into my chair, and closed my eyes.


A few moments later there was a soft knock on my door ...


"Come in."


The door creaked open, and in came my Angel Of Death.


"Good Evening Hoku-kun."


I opened my eyes slowly to see Yoko entering my office wearing an Autumn Leaf Kimono (a light brown, with falling leaves design). I simply gave a low grunt to say hello, and closed my eyes again. As she walked inside, her movements were so soft and quiet; it was as if she wasn't there. But I knew she was just being considerate, as she could tell that I was trying to rest. The only noises I heard were of her setting something on the table. And then she spoke softly.


"I brought you the first of the Daifuku & Mochi made today."


"Mm." I grunted again.


"Oh, this is a present from everyone here at H&E to you."


I sat up and saw that she placed two bottles of sake on the table. One of which was already opened, the other still sealed in box. The one labeled "Hananomai Junmai Daiginjo" from the Shizuoka Prefecture; it was their number 1 brand, a true masterpiece from Hananomai ("Dance Of the Flowers"). All over the box were signatures from everyone at H&E, the box acted as both container and card. The opened bottle was already empty, but instead Yoko had already prepared it for me. She placed the warm bottle on the table, and had two cups laid out.


"This one is from me, as a thank you for having me by your side. I've already prepared it for serving."


The bottle was labeled "Nigori Sake", from the Hyogo Prefecture. She poured for one cup, and served it to me.


I bowed my head in thanks and respect, and then took the first sip. It was a well-balanced silky & creamy texture, complemented by a touch of sweetness. Truly it was a well-chosen brand of sake. I smiled greatly, and thanked her.


"Thank you, Yoko."


She stood up happily, bowed gracefully, and excused herself. But instead, I stopped her before she left.


"Yoko wait a moment."


She stopped at the door, and turned around in response. "Yes?"


"Drink with me for a just a moment."


She closed the door behind her and came back to sit down across from me. Although she gave a laugh as she realized that she was still underage. Then she began to laugh at something else, and told me.


"You know, with all the effort I put into seeing you, people will think we were secret lovers, much least Master & Student." She poured me another cup of sake.


I took a sip and grinned at the remark. "Hm! Is that so?"


She poured herself one cup, but did not drink. "Ish (LHG) says that if he hadn't known you since the beginning, he'd be jealous himself. As well as the others."


"Others?" That semi-peaked my interest, but by then I knew she was just messing around.


She gave a small giggle, and waved her hand at me jokingly. "Although you've been so good to me." And she slightly turned red.


"Ahahaha! You're turning red, and you haven't even taken a sip yet!" I poked fun at her for that. She then gave me a funny face in return for making fun of her, and so I stopped laughing. "Okay okay, so in return for your gift, I'll share with you a story instead. Yes?"


She gladly nodded. So I cleared some space on my table, and put the food & drink aside for the moment. Next I took hold of my sword, the Dragon Katana that has been passed down from generation to generation. As I unsheathed my blade, it made a *ping* sound that gave a heavenly ring to it. I placed the sheath back to its leaning position against the table, then held the katana with two hands offering over for Yoko to see.


She hesitated at first, as this was the first time she would ever get to touch my sword, and see the blade firsthand herself. She looked at me with unsure eyes, but I simply told her to go ahead. She took hold of the hilt & handle and lifted it from my hands. To her surprise, it was almost as light as a feather, the expression of surprise was cute in a way.


"Looked heavy at first right? That handle being made of brass and all. But in actuality the only heaviness you're feeling in fact is only the handle itself!"


She looked at it with awe, and shock at how it felt as if there was no blade even there in front of her. She made flicks with her wrists to test the blades speed and swiftness, showing me that I had taught her well. She then handed my katana back to me. I took it with both hands, and gently placed it down onto the table. Next I took a pen and poked out the pins securing the blade to the handle. After removing the blade, I showed to Yoko just what kind it was, and her reaction nothing, but surprise.


"Masamune!" She said in a quiet awe.


I grinned happily as she identified exactly who it was made by. "One of the few remaining in this world. Passed down from generation to generation, cared for and tended to by each of my ancestors. But with such a prestigious blade comes a heavy curse. At least for my family line."


"A curse, Hoku-kun?" She asked curiously.


"Yes. This blade is nameless. Normally swordsmen name their blades, but for our family those whom we name are cursed to die. That is why many of my ancestor's significant others have died before their time."


Yoko found this very depressing and gave a pause of silence, unsure of what to say or how to respond. Instead I gave a wry laugh to break the silence, and tried to give this half smile at her.


"You can't see it, but even my mother's name is written on this blade. To you it looks blank, and clean. But to my eyes, I see the names of the lineage; mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, and grandmothers. So many."


Just then she remembered how Blayze and I are brothers. "And what about you and Blayze-kun?"


"Heh. That is a different story. Paul & I are half brothers. We share the same father, but not the same mother. My mother died when I was very young." I paused for a moment.


"What was her name?" Yoko asked meekly.


I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled opening my eyes. "Shiori. Her name was Shiori."


Yoko smiled as I spoke my past mother's name, and complemented on how it sounded beautiful. I nodded my head, and took another sip of sake. Then she asked me that question.


"What about you Hoku-kun? Have you named it after anyone yet?" She couldn't help herself from asking.


I chuckled and gave a half smile. "Heh, no. Even though it is a great honor to be named after a blade, I would rather keep it nameless, then to condemn those that I care about."


"Oh ..." Her reaction was slightly disappointed, but also understanding at the same time.


I saw her face expression, and decided to play on it. So I responded to her reaction with this playful remark. "Oh? Does my number 1 student wish to be given the honor of being condemned?"


Yoko's reaction was priceless; her face changed from disappointment to a look of shock as well as utter horror. But by then I was already laughing loudly and enjoy myself at her expense. She gave me this angry look, but then couldn't help herself and began to laugh at how I had gotten her good. 


"No, I wouldn't do such a cruel thing to you. Besides, I can't condemn my only successor! Ahahahaha!" I began to laugh merrily again, putting the blade back into the handle, and securing it once again. "You can go now, enjoy the night. You're still young after all!"


She gave a quiet smile and finally took a sip from her cup of sake. She served me the last up of sake, bowed respectfully towards me, and excused herself out. After she had left, I took the last cup and instead of drinking, poured it over my katana. It was the only honor I could give her for buying me such good wine, and I quietly sheathed my sword, and placed it leaning against the table. Afterwards, I ate the Daifuku & Moichi she had brought me and sat back into my chair for the rest of the night.




The next time I woke up, it was already nearing the wee hours of the morning. Although outside I could still here some livelihood of the festival still going on, at least the fireworks had stopped. The dark nights sky had settled in, and the moon was shining brightly, with stars in the background. And surely enough there was another knocking at my office door, only this time it was more louder and a more firm for a knock.


"Come in." I responded.


"Boss ..."


And this came to me as slightly unexpected, but then again I knew this would be coming sooner or later. It was our Chief Engineer, Aethos. Aside from his normal battle face, I could tell there was something on his mind.


"Can I help you?" I asked him first.


He came in, closed the door behind him, and then took the seat directly across from me. We started our normal conversations with duty reports and what not, then moving onto our main debate of NaruSaku VS N***H***. Normally our arguments end with laughs and going down to the tavern for a couple of drinks, but tonight was going to be a different story ...


"Boss, I'm tired of sitting around only preparing! We need to do something! We need to act!" He angrily stood up and slammed his hands down onto my table.


I simply sat there in my chair calmly as usual, trying to reason with him.


"You have countless supporters on your side! What do we have to fear! You know damn well that we'd all die for the greater good! And most of us are tired of just biding our time!" He then crossed his arms and then pointed his hand in a general direction.


"Come on Aethos, you know we can't afford to start such fights, much less even a war. And besides, even though we do grow in numbers, they still out number us 10 to 1. Of all people you should know that." I calmly told him, and tried to calm him down as well.


He then turned his back on me, and stated something out of the ordinary. "Well I'm not going to be sitting around here all the time! I've trained Nick (animeluvr852) as a suitable replacement. Even though he's still green he's just as good as I am in engineering. He knows the HMS, second best to me! Maybe even better than Bass."


"What are you trying to say?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow, trying to read his words.


"All I'm saying is ..." He then began to walk towards the door and was already standing in between the doorway and the hall. "... I'm not always going to be here. I don't know just how much longer I can wait for this war to end, much less even begin."


And that was the last time I saw him that night. There was a dark look on my face, as I knew just exactly what he meant by those words. But whether he was going to go through with it or not, I wasn't sure. If he were to go through with his intentions, then I would not stop him. I simply wheeled my chair around, sighed heavily, and closed my eyes.


"Adieu, Aethos. Until next time ..."


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Written by Aethos.

Chapter 47: Abduction!
Subtitle: Battle on the Bellefonte! Aethos vs Smiter!


The streets of H&E felt dead still in the early hours of the morning. Mostly everyone had gone back to their rooms and those who hadn't were probably unconscious back at the festival grounds. As the full moon continued to shine down on H&E lighting the streets with a pale white glow the only sound that could be heard was the sound of someone running. The running sound coming from one of the main streets of H&E started to get louder as he turned into a nearby alley leaping up a few crates and over a wood fence in the process as he made his way towards his destination. The conversation from earlier still on his mind.




"Boss, I'm tired of sitting around only preparing! We need to do something! We need to act!" Aethos angrily stood up and slammed his hands down onto my table.


Captain Hokuten simply sat there in his chair calmly as usual, trying to reason with him.


"You have countless supporters on your side! What do we have to fear! You know damn well that we'd all die for the greater good! And most of us are tired of just biding our time!" Aethos then crossed his arms and then pointed his hand in a general direction.


"Come on Aethos, you know we can't afford to start such fights, much less even a war. And besides, even though we do grow in numbers, they still out number us 10 to 1. Of all people you should know that." Hokuten calmly told him, and tried to calm him down as well.


Aethos then turned his back on Hokuten, and stated something out of the ordinary. "Well I'm not going to be sitting around here all the time! I've trained Nick (animeluvr852) as a suitable replacement. Even though he's still green he's just as good as I am in engineering. He knows the HMS, second best to me! Maybe even better than Bass."


"What are you trying to say?" Hokuten asked him with a raised eyebrow, trying to read his words.


"All I'm saying is ..." Aethos then began to walk towards the door and was already standing in between the doorway and the hall. "... I'm not always going to be here. I don't know just how much longer I can wait for this war to end, much less even begin."


End Flashback


"Damn..." The figure said as he continued running down the maze like alleyways before turning onto a side street. "Damn... Why can't you understand?"


It didn't take too much longer until the person stopped running as he reached his destination. Looking around cautiously and seeing no one he ventured into the docks moving past the HMS before coming to a stop at a large recently renovated ship.


Not wanting to stand around too long marveling the great design of the newly renovated ship. The man began to climb up to the deck from a rope ladder on the right side of the ship. Knowing that he didn't have much time since the sun was already starting to rise he began to make the preparations to launch the ship. After checking everything he began to walk up towards the steering room so that he could get out of there as quickly as possible.


"Going somewhere...?"


The voice wasn't too loud but it made the hijacker freeze in his tracks before looking behind him. Leaning against the wall not too far away was another man looking over at him calmly his arms crossed over his chest.




The man finished his sentence with a slight grin as Aethos growled slightly.


"What do you want ... Smiter?" He sighed a little.


"Nothing ... Nothing. I was just taking an early walk and I noticed that the Bellefonte's engine was running. Who knew I'd find you here?" Smiter said; a grin still on his face.


"So what?" Aethos muttered a little.


"I couldn't help but notice that you were about to leave with the ship... You do know that's mutiny right?" Smiter said as his face got more serious.


"So what if it is? It's none of your business anyways!" Aethos snapped.


Smiter sighed and placed his arms behind his head "Aethos... You know I don't mind when you go on your little raids of NaruHina and SasuSaku ships but you should know as well as I do that attacking them now would be completely stupid!"


"Heh and how would you know what I'm doing anyways?" mocked Aethos "Did the Cap'n send you to punish me?"


"No... He doesn't even know I'm here right now. Still I am the first mate so it's not like I wouldn't get wind of your conversation with the Captain." Smiter said.


"As I said it's none of your business." Aethos growled.


"I'm MAKING it my business." Smiter replied.


"Are you going to try and stop me?" Aethos grinned.


"Only if you try and resist. If you come quietly to the Captain's office we can forget the whole thing." Smiter retained his serious look as Aethos clenched his fists in anger.


"Just stay out of this!" Aethos yelled as he drew his daggers and lunged at Smiter. Not surprised at all when he saw Smiter's rapier appeared out of no where and blocked both daggers.


"So this is how you want it huh? Can't say I'm surprised." Smiter sighed as Aethos leapt backwards to get some space between them before Smiter continued while pointing his rapier at Aethos "Very well then if you wish I'll stop you by putting you on the brink of death."


"Heh as it should be..." Aethos grinned before he and Smiter sped at each other each being able to deflect the other's attack. After a while the force of their weapons clashing forced both of them to jump back again; both panting for air. Smiter was the first to regain his composure and chuckled a little.


"Heh you're good." Smiter grinned.


"Likewise." Aethos grinned in response.


"Although... don't think I've been fighting you seriously..." Smiter laughed a little.


"What?!" Aethos asked in shock.


"Heh... Aethos did you know that in this world everyone has a latent elemental attribute and by infusing their life force into their weapon they can USE that attribute?" Smiter grinned wider as Aethos looked on wondering what Smiter was trying to say. "I'll tell you this right now Aethos... You can't win not at your level. After all... I'm ONE of those people!" Smiter's body began to glow a green light as the wind began to move faster around him. "You know the wind's an interesting thing isn't it?" Smiter asked.


"The wind...?" Aethos responded.


"Indeed the wind is remarkable isn't it? It can be many things from the breath of life... to the cause of mass destruction... Aethos it's time you learn the true power of the wind! May the fear you experience put you back in your place!" Smiter said as he raised his rapier above his head and brought it down in a horizontal motion. "Kaze sutoraiku" an enormous pillar of wind moved across the deck towards Aethos like a shark's fin through water. Aethos couldn't get over his shock in time as the wind knocked him back against the side of the ship ripping at his skin before the wind passed and he fell to the ground in a heap.


"So how does it feel?" Smiter asked stepping closer.


"Heh... the power of the wind huh? Interesting... However, it won't be enough to stop me." Aethos said as he picked himself up and glared at Smiter.


"Is that so? Heh I figured you would be stubborn... I guess it can't be helped though..." Smiter sighed as he readied his rapier for another attack. "Kaze wangetsu sutoraiku" Smiter yelled as he moved his rapier vertically and diagonally causing crescent shaped gusts of wind to speed directly at Aethos. As the gusts of wind hit the area where Aethos was Smiter smirked thinking that it was over. "What the...? Smiter asked as the smoke and dust finally settled showing where Aethos had once been.


"Surprise!" Aethos yelled as he flew from one of the nearby railings on Smiter's left. Smiter even though he was surprised at the ambush was able to block the attack in time.


"Heh you may have gotten me the first time but that's only because my guard was down..." Aethos grinned. "It won't happen again. I don't fall for the same thing twice."


"Oh really?" Smiter asked still a little surprised that Aethos was able to dodge his attack 


"Yeah... and well I guess I should repeat what you said. I haven't gotten serious yet either... You see Smiter you may have power but there's one thing I have that you don't." Aethos smiled


"Oh really? And what would that be?" Smiter grinned.


"Speed!" Aethos said before vanishing and reappearing in front of Smiter.


"N-No way... He's too fast." Smiter looked in horror as Aethos grinned.


"Subeta Butoukai..."


Before Smiter knew what was happening a barrage of kicks and slashes from Aethos' daggers began to hit him. With an aggravated yell from Aethos the speed of the kicks and slashes increased as Smiter's look of horror remained on his face. Soon Smiter found himself being kicked up into the air and Aethos right above him in an instant.


"Juujika Sutoraiku..."


Aethos brought his daggers across Smiter's chest in an X shaped fashion and gave one last kick before Smiter fell back to earth and landed on his back on the dock. Looking up at the back of the ship. Smiter could see Aethos walking over to the railing with a serious expression on his face.


"How'd you like that?" Aethos asked.


"Damn..." Smiter replied weakly.


"Don't worry... You won't die from wounds like that... Heh that is unless no one finds you." Aethos smiled as he continued to look down at Smiter


"How did you..." Smiter began


"How did I get so fast? It's something I've always had. You've never seen me fight though so it's no surprise you didn't know." Aethos laughed a little


"J-Just what are you planning to do? Where are you going?"


"Where else? That H&E clone they call a home base." Aethos said as he turned his back on Smiter "And with my two dagger's Aequitas and Veritas I will do what our Captain should have done a long time ago and pass judgment on our enemies. The time has come to finish this once and for all." Aethos began to walk away.


"Y-You're insane... You could get yourself killed is it really worth it?" Smiter said before going unconscious.


"To be honest..." Aethos said as he stopped and looked back down at the unconscious form of Smiter "I really don't give a damn anymore." 


Aethos went to the steering room and started up the Bellefonte, and sailed off into the sunrise.


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 48: The Open Review
Subtitle: Who's who again? ... I'm asking!

Three shadowy figures gathered together in a dark alleyway in the Fiction Press sector of H&E. Just then the three of them sat down in facing each other as if to give a status report of some kind. There were two boys and one girl, the eldest being 19, the girl being 14, and the middle being 16.


"Okay, so what does everyone have?" The teenaged boy, being the ring leader, spoke first.


Everyone took out their notebooks, each book labeled differently according to what subject they had. The leader's book was labeled (H&E: Guy members), the girl's being (H&E: Girl members), and the last one being (H&E/NF: AWOL & Misc). As they opened their notebooks to review, each one revealed detailed profiles on the various members here at H&E, as well as NF. Showing pictures, history, and whatever little side notes each of the three of them had placed themselves.


"I guess I'll start since I have the most." The leader spoke with enthusiasm, and then turned to the very first page. The picture on the first page was of a young man, with fiery red hair, and a mischievous smile. "First one is ..."






Bio: Brother of the Captain, the main boss here at H&E. Says that they aren't full blooded, but half. Same father, but different mothers. Although they are very different, from what I've gathered they are very close in bonds and both would risk their lives for the other. Been with the Captain since the very beginning of NaruSaku from the start of NT, and has never left his side.


Skills: Alcohol arts, Explosives, Drinking, and one of the many talented Authors in H&E.


("Yeah, so I'm guessing his loyalty is pretty much unquestioned..." - "But I heard he's pretty crazy himself. That and him and the captain usually have a serious condition with laziness." - "Ehh ... we're all essentially lazy, they're just so into it that its become a syndrome for them." - "Oh and that he rabidly hates the Inuyasha Rosary..." - "Well, I'm not exactly sure how that works to our advantage?"  - "Bah, whatever ..."  The three of them gave input. "Aaaanyway, next up is ...")




Bio: 1st Mate to the Captain, second person they had recruited into the NaruSaku from the days of NT. I hear he's supposed to be a great swordsman, his swordplay carries the same reputation as his works of art. Simply beautiful and divine. But then from what I hear, he and the captain fought once ... and the captain beat him. Must say something about him. Anyway, his relation to the captain is very close, his loyalty and devotion to NaruSaku is without question. Also, I hear he's been romancing with sharingank, so we'd better not mess with him. But then again, he gets a lot of female attention anyway ...


("If you know what I mean" The leader winked for fun.)


... but she deals with it. Recently I heard he fought with Aethos and lost, but it was because he was caught off guard. But then again, Aethos is strong & fast. He has no real weaknesses, and is said to be a true Jack-Of-All-Trades. Anyway, he's one of the main Leaders for H&E.


Skills: Fighting style represents that of the wind. They say his movements are very smooth and graceful, and his attacks flow like leaves on the wind. Along with his swordsmanship training comes diplomacy, very skilled with words, and is one hell of a speaker.


("I hear his words can even convert enemies into allies, if not convert them completely to NaruSaku." - "Oh come on! He's gotta have some sort of weakness!?" - "Well ... there is a rumor that the only thing that can slay this man is ..." The other two leaned in closer to hear, and the leader put a hand to cover one side of his mouth as if hiding the words. "... karaoke." - "Whhaaat!? Are you serious!?" O__o;;; - "It's the truth! It's from a VERY reliable source!" - "A man like him!? Karaoke!?" - "Well, who knows!?" - "Bah! Next!"  )




Bio: Formerly a rogue pirate, another one of the core people who joined the NaruSaku, since the days of NT. His rank was Chief Engineer, but I heard he had committed mutiny and left H&E just after we had the Festival. Said to be one of the more aggressive supporters of NaruSaku, but originally he didn't start out that way. In the beginning, he was actually the comedy relief for all the hard times the NaruSaku had been going through. But then just took up debating, and made a reputation for himself for being a very strong Anti-Hinata supporter. Through rough times and countless battles is what had turned him into the more aggressive and bitter person he is towards N***H***. Due to popular belief he never really was in a real relationship with Mizura, although the way they used to fight you'd think they were an old married couple. About his leaving, all I heard was that he and the captain had a heated argument, one more in-depth that their usual ones. In the end, he left for his own reasons, and stole one of our ships.


Skills: Dual wielding daggers, trained heavily in close-combat. Very dangerous in close quarters, dark areas, and contained areas. Also trained extensively in mechanics and engineering.


("I can't believe the captain let him go! Even after stealing the Bellefonte!" - "Well, the captain believes that Aethos would have left either way. I suppose it was best that he left on his own accord." - "I suppose..." - "... but wait!? Who's gonna fix all the mechanics now!?" - "Hold on, hold on, I'm getting to that...")


animeluvr852 (Nick)


Bio: There isn't much on Aethos' replacement. All we know is that he came recently, a little after the Perfect Incident. He's supposedly supposed to be trained personally by Aethos and is just as qualified to do repairs as well as maintenance on all mechanics.


Skills: Already trained in engineering & mechanics, but given further HMS experience with Aethos.


("Personally I think he's still too green to be replacing someone like Aethos..." - "Yeah, well Aethos said so himself that he'd be sufficient enough." - "Well the time will prove it soon." - " ... ")




Bio: Former Navy and lawman joined NaruSaku about the same time Aethos had. Also formerly Aethos' rival and best friend, but over time the rivalry had died down, and they became mutual. Rumor had it that Arashi had battled into the eye of "The Perfect Storm", and died within the storm saving the entire NaruSaku crew. Supposedly he was dead for a time, but was saved by a very unlikely ally, the SasuHina. Anyway, he's very straightforward, almost like a boy scout, but as of lately he disappears from time to time. One of the only two people who can sail the HMS, along with Soritia.


Skills: Trained in police self-defense, and Naval Swordsmanship. Pretty much he's ex-military, which should make him fairly dangerous.


("It's kinda sad that out of the entire island we only have two helmsman." - "I suppose that's also why we haven't exactly been going out much lately." - "Eh ... then again, why go out when we're already content with H&E?")




Bio: Formerly "Shinyu Of The Sand", but shortened his name down to Shinyu. At first he used to be an NT Art Collector, searching for NaruSaku art as well as contributing it. Later after they had arrived here at H&E, he had disappeared for a time. They say that he and the captain had gotten into some nasty business over RO, and it had nearly cost Shinyu's life. But the captain had went personally to save him and ever since their bonds had become so strong that Shinyu's loyalty is without question, true Enishi (A Life's Bond). He used to be a higher ranked official here at H&E, but stepped down to a slightly lower position as a deputy and serves under the captain. Actually, as of recently he's changed his position and become a Combat Medic. For what reasons we may not know...


("Well I know!" The girl jumped excitedly in her seat. - "Oh? And just what do YOU know?" - "I know why he became a combat medic!" - The other two boys sat there looking at her waiting for an explanation. "Well?" They both agitatedly said. - "I'll explain when it's my turn!" - The two boys fell flat on their faces, and held a shaking fist at the girl in annoyance. All the girl did was laugh at them.)


Skills: Trained in Musashi Style Swordsmanship (dual sword wielding), although instead of two katana, he carries two gladius, much like those used during Roman times. Only instead of being made of cheap material, they are made with modern materials (carbon steel, etc.). As stated, is currently a Combat Medic, so he knows some basic medical skills.




Bio: Another core member of the NaruSaku since the days of NT. He was there when the captain and Blayze were the only two people, making him the third person of the group. The relationship between him and the captain is fairly mysterious, but something between them shows a bond of friendship. Both fairly quiet, and keep to themselves most of the time. Bassclef is also known as another fellow Author of the many NaruSaku.


("This is just another rumor, but I heard underwent some kind of illegal operation!" - "Illegal? What kind?" - "I don't know, but it has something to do with his arms or something." - "Oh so you mean he's got no arms!?" o__O;;; - "No no silly! More like he replaced it WITH something." - "Oh ..."  - "Argh, never mind, he's too mysterious to find out directly anyway!")


Skills: Another engineer for the HMS NaruSaku, but not extensively trained like Aethos, or specially skilled like animeluvr852. Fighting style is some what unique as the weapons he uses. Weapon of choice are dual steel whips, both razor sharp and deadly in his hands, his fighting style represents that of a Ballard dance, graceful & deadly.


(As a reference note: Bass' Whips, or more accurately if anyone has every watched Underworld, that one guy who fights Lycans with the steel whips. That's the exact weapon Bass uses.)


Uzumaki Naruto


Bio: Once known as the man of A Thousand Faces, formally Donatello, formally solid_snake, now Uzumaki Naruto. Another original member since the NT days, he is known as NaruSaku Chef and Intelligence Officer, although as of lately, he's been very busy for personal reasons. But for now he works for NarutoFan as one of their profilers, and is also another strong debater for NaruSaku. He is currently on temporary leave.


Skills: Highly trained as a Spy and Interrogator, but uses his interrogation skills passively through his cooking. Gaining information through this cover as a chef. Skilled in knife throwing arts and uses an ancient art of Chef fighting style, notably his trump card is his Chinese Butcher's knife. The blade being thing and heavy, but the handle custom made to his grip. In his hands he could kill you 100 times before you even touch the ground, and possibly make you into dinner without anyone noticing.


("Scary ... but I hear he's really a good guy.")




Bio: A 2nd Intelligence Officer of NaruSaku, joined out from NT. Also the creator & caretaker of the NaruSaku Archives (H&E C2 Community). He's highly regarded as an info gatherer, and always has new information whenever it is needed. Before he used to work in the shadows, but now is very open and glad to offer whatever info others need.


Skills: Unknown techniques for info gathering, but always seems to be one step ahead. Although his techniques are unknown, his sources are usually very reliable and trustworthy. Has the ability to disappear from time to time, and reappear with uncanny timing.




Bio: 3rd Intelligence Officer Of NaruSaku. Partner & Associate in crime (more or less), with Faucon. Also regarded as an info gatherer, and always has the information on current events. Where as Faucon can retrieve information any where from a week to a month in advance, tun's ability to retrieve info is more limited any where from the day before, or a week before the event. tun's info is always reliable, and comes direct from whatever sources he uses.


Skills: Roughly the same skills as Faucon, although he tends to visit NF more often.


Tatsu no houou


Bio: Defender of the NaruSaku Archives, also the Man of a Thousand Words, always speaking in riddles. Before he would always speak in riddles, answer questions with questions, as well as issue challenges for those brave enough to answer "Tatsu's Call" [NaruSaku this! NaruSaku that! Time limit this! Time limit that! And each challenge comes with a different twist! Come one! Come all! If you brave Tatsu's Call!]. The story told of how he came here is stated that he and the captain fought, both knocked each other out.


("But then again, I also heard that the captain was piss drunk that night, so eh...")


Skills: Swordsmanship unknown, weapons detail is unknown, but they say he's got some kick to those swords of his to at least knock out the captain. But his real strength is that of his mind and words. His intellect is stronger than his swordsmanship.


Nick Soapdish


Bio: A recent addition to the leadership of H&E. He started out as another member & debater at NF, and moved over to H&E. Currently is employed by Smiter, and runs most of the behind the scenes activities. Where as Shinyu is a deputy under the captain, Nick Soapdish is Smiter's deputy.


Skills: Highly skilled in diplomacy and has some leadership skills. Considered one of the highly reputable debaters of NF.


("I don't even know who this guy is and he's a deputy for Smiter." - "Well maybe he's just really good at what he does?" - "But that's exactly what we don't know! Just WHAT he's good at!" - "Bah ... next ..." The ring leader turns the page. "Aw crap ...")


Geno Calamari


Bio: And yet another mysterious person, although now he's made quite a name for himself here at H&E. He's self-proclaimed in just about anything else, and his egotistical mind is something to be feared off. Although he used to keep to himself and write solely for himself, Geno somewhat decided to bestow his glorious self unto H&E. Although he technically is not NaruSaku, and surprisingly is more of a NaruTen supporter, joins us simply because ... well we're not too sure why he joined us either.


Skills: Foul mouth, foul tempered, cynical, and extremely egotistical. But without a doubt he's one damned good Author. Has power of numbers (well not really), but he does have his Adoration Club.


("Totally heard he's some kind of badass or something. Then again other's say he comes off as a total jerk." - "I'm not too sure either, haven't really hung out with him yet. That aura of his is pretty scary at times, being so gruff.")




Bio: And yet another core member of NaruSaku, since the days of NT. They say he was the 4th member of NaruSaku, when it was only the captain, Blayze, and Bassclef. Back then he was the energetic of the four, always was on top of things, and generally a good person. Through thick and thin of times he stuck by their side and helped through the rougher times. Although now LHG is very passive and is more of a diplomat between the NaruSaku & N***H***. He has current relations with his sister, starlite, who happens to be H&E's resident DJ.


Skills: Minor diplomacy, and works both sides of NaruSaku & N***H***.


("I hear he's going out with that Yoko girl!" - "Who? The captain's personal guard?" - "Yeah, well their relationship is estrange ..." - "Who? LHG & Yoko?" - "No, Yoko & the captain." - " ... " - "Anyway next ...")




Bio: Another supportive person of NaruSaku, comes form the far east side of the world. He's one of the elder groups of NaruSaku, he comes and goes, but is very kind hearted about things.


Skills: Moral Support




Bio: At first glance you'd think he were a girl with his imagery, but indeed he is a guy. Another one of the reputable debaters of NF, where he spends most of his residence. He is currently in service to Mizura as her right hand. Although he mostly stays over at NF, he now and them stops by in H&E.


Skills: Debating skills, does some GFX work every now and then as well.


(As he turned the page, the next person was just recently added. "I can't believe this guy actually made the list!" - "Who?" - "This guy! He was barely even here for a week and the captain recruited him into the ranks almost immediately!" - "Well then he must have some kind of special skill?")




Bio: Joined H&E less than over a month ago, and has already been recruited into the ranks of the H&E Crew. But apparently he was an ex-Fire Watcher. Fire Watchers being highly skilled fire fighters trained in both flame arts as well as how to fight it. The philosophy was that in order to tame that which you fight, you must also learn to become it as well. Well established were the Fire Watchers, not only for their ability to save lives as well as tame wild flames, but also their training in swordsmanship is famed. 


Skills: Basic Fire Watcher Arts [Flame Arts, Fire Taming, & Hashigo Itto-ryu (Ladder & Sword Swordsmanship)], possibly basic Ninjutsu training.


("So he's just a really good firefighter who got laid off form work." - "Don't see how he got in so quickly." - "I think it's because the captain took a liking to him the moment he turned in his resume." - "Bah, whatever!")


The ring leader finished his profile data on most of the active male members of H&E, then placed it in the center of the table. "That's all the info I have since I came here. Who's next?"


"I guess I'll go next ..." Spoke the only girl out of the trio.






Bio: One of the few core female members of H&E, ranked Master Chief. Not only a worthy Author, but also an Artist, a Debater, and loyal supporter of NaruSaku. One of the more aggressive and strong female leaders of H&E. Recently appointed, she and her sister Alpha lay down the law here in H&E. Their former title being the "Kakashi Sisters", but title has pasted it's limitations and they are no longer bound by such extremities. Current romances are that of the 1st Mate and Leader Of H&E, Smiter. They have been somewhat labeled as a cannon couple (dubbed "SmAsh" by Alpha), and have been together since the NaruSaku have moved into H&E, possibly even before that.


Skills: Trained in Gunplay (mostly dual wielding), and master at Ballistics. Noted a hidden ability only shown in extreme cases, Inner Kyuubi. As referenced to Naruto combines both powers of Kyuubi (fox demon) with the Inner Sakura. A terrible and terrifying force to reckon with indeed. Those who have seen it are granted a 50% survival rate, depending on the mercy of Ash herself.


(The girl suddenly shivered, and shook the feeling off. "Whew! I've seen it only once, and I've been having nightmares ever since." - "That scary huh?" - "Hell yeah!")




Bio: Second core female member of NaruSaku, former rank as Scout, now higher ranked as Specialist. Originally started out as Crow's Nest lookout, and scout for the NaruSaku. Infamously known for her tale of "Fat Sasuke", and her MegaTon hammer, also formerly of the "Kakashi Sisters" as well. Former romances include Blayze, the captain's brother. Generally mischievous at first and a pervert second, but indeed she is very mature. Also recently promoted to law keeper of H&E, along with her sister, Ash. Just like her sister, they are both very ruthless when it comes to the keeping the peace and discipline at H&E. Another NaruSaku debater who's reputation is known over at NF.


(The ring leader just suddenly realized something and popped his head. "Whoa, you mean Alphabet's a GIRL!?" - The girl stopped to laugh at him. "Yeah, he's a SHE." - "Damn ... I feel pretty salty ...")


Skills: Highly trained in Hand to Hand combat, and with MegaTon hammer in hand the body count increases by 100 fold. Some diplomacy training, but likes to use "force" than words, especially on those who don't listen.


("Ohoho! Now here is where it gets interesting!" The girl turned the page to reveal the next profile.)




Bio: Another core female member of NaruSaku. Apparently handpicked and personally trained by the captain himself. At first glance you'd think he were playing favorites, but in truth they are indeed Master & Student. She tends to him in the subtlest ways, usually when he is away on business. But always at his side when he is around ...


("From what I gathered ...")


... She started out rough in NT, but after spending some time with the NaruSaku crew, she gained many friends, and built up lots of confidence. Currently going out with LoveHinaGuy, and are happily together. She's an artist, and usually is very shy around others about her work. But indeed her works of art are as great as her swordsmanship. As of lately she has been showing signs of disappearing lately, but showing up right on time ...


(The girl paused momentarily.  - "What is it? Something wrong?" - She picked up her head to look at the two boys who were a little worried with her expression. - "That's just it. She disappears a lot, and whenever I try to tail her ... I keep losing her." - "It's okay, she was trained by the captain. Besides, she's probably sneaking off to go see LHG anyway and doesn't want to be followed." - The girl put a finger to her lip. "I suppose so, but it still seems fishy at times."  )


Skills: As stated, personally trained by the captain himself, ranked in as his personal guard. Carries two different blades, one full-length katana, and a wakazashi. Also uses Musashi Style Swordsmanship, and dubbed by the captain as his "Angel Of Death". Her swordsman ship rivals that of the captain's, but then again the two have never really fought each other.


("I hear she's pretty scary when she goes into killing mode." - "Yeah, you're telling me. Personally trained by the captain? She's gotta be damned good.")




Bio: Friend of Yoko. Apparently Nikko followed Yoko here and has never left since. Self-proclaimed Female Pervert, and enthusiast of H&E. A gifted artist as well, and works as Yoko's "Immoral Support". A while ago, she was seen fratnezing with one of the other male members, Rovert, but their relationship was nothing serious, merely cat & dog games.


Skills: A Doll maker, creates many beautiful works of art, also mass produces supplies for Keira/Yuriko with her "little minions", aka Naruto Plushies.




Bio: Formally OccasionalUtopia of NT, Mel-chan of H&E, and currently Occa of NF. Joined NaruSaku towards the ending of NT, also revealed that she was indeed a Sasuke Fangirl, but none of the members of NaruSaku shunned her. Back in the day, she was mistaken for a clone of Ash because they were such best friends and hunh out nearly everyday. After the fall of NT, Occa came to H&E for the time being, and then with the arrival of NF (again), she moved into NF, and has become an employee of NF. H&E still holds relations with Occa, and she is still a member of NaruSaku.


Skills: Similar training as Ash with Gunplay and ballistics. Although sometimes Occa uses her "Hand Cannon" rather than Ash's "Speed Demon Duo". But when both are combined together, they are indeed nearly unstoppable.


("Ooh! Now this one's an interesting profile! Especially her relation to the captain!")




Bio: The only female on the island to actually sway the captain's heart. The secondary helmsman for the HMS NaruSaku. Sori's meeting with the captain was similar to that of Knight's Tale. The moment he saw her in the H&E Tavern, he homed into her and was completely drawn into her. There isn't much to tell about their relationship.


("It was hard enough to tail Yoko to LHG, I can't even get a general idea to where these two go, or how to even find them.")


She's an artist who joined rough at the end of the NT era, and followed them to H&E when NT went down. After introducing herself there, the entire crew just fell in love with her. High spirited and always optimistic, it was natural that she would fit in.


Skills: Originally she is skilled with the blade; her style wasn't anything big named. But after the incident with the Perfects, seeing how the close the captain got beaten up bad, she decided to step up her abilities. Her new abilities are unknown at the moment ...


("But from what I've heard from others, she's created her own new weapon integrating her fangirlness for Obito." - "Really? So she created her own kind of Sharingan?" - "No nothing like that. In fact, the weapon is actually goggles, made like Obito's. But what they do, I'm not sure. Maybe we'll get to see them in action soon?")




Bio: Joined NaruSaku during NT era, but didn't make a name for herself until later, after she had met Smiter. Currently a student under Smiter, although her relationship to Smiter is similar to that of her fandom for Naruto. Energetic and optimistic, naturally she hangs out with Soritia, so they had self-proclaimed themselves as sister. Keira is also known as an artist back in the day, and is a mild debater at NF now. You have to give credit to her, because she's the only other female who has yet to stand up to Inner Kyuubi.


Skills: Ninjutsu training (that similar to Kankurou), instead of puppet puppets, she uses her Naruto Plushies. Her ultimate technique being that of her Giant Mega Naruto Plushie.




Bio: Former Army Medic, Quilted-Remorse found her way towards H&E through word of mouth, and invitation. When it comes to the medical field, she's brilliant, but at times Haylee can be absent minded. Haylee herself is very kind at heart, and she treats her patients with the utmost care.


(The three of them looked at each other at those words "Brilliant" & "Absent minded". Then realized that she was H&E's only Medical officer. A big sweat drop went down their heads. But then as the girl read the next line, her face lit up with a smile.)


Although there is one patient she is frequently visited by ... Shinyu. Apparently he keeps on getting injured somehow, and has to visit her to treat his wounds. But then again, he only gets these wounds by going out into the field with Haylee as her escort. So in a recent change of positions, Shinyu decided to become a Combat Medic.


("For what reasons? Well, he never really specified, but we all know why." And the girl winked at the two boys.)


Skills: Trained as an Army Surgeon, has unlimited talent for the medical field. In her part time, she is a very skilled Artist and often draws in her sketch book. Although she is utterly brilliant with medicine, at times she might show some absent mindedness and administer the wrong medication. This was partly reason to believe as to why the Army had at least given her an Honorable Discharge (since she had saved many lives before).




Bio: Haylee-chan's partner in crime, Steeled-Ecstasy/Kate joined H&E a month after Haylee had joined. Another former Army Surgeon, she also has a knack for saving lives as well. They had been best friends since birth, and have been together ever since. She is currently H&E's 2nd Medical Officer.


Skills: Same level of experience and skill as Haylee, only one step from being brilliant, but not absent minded.


("There's a rumor that Katie saved Haylee from a near fatal wound to her head." - "Oh really?" - "Yeah, the story goes that: while in the field, Haylee was shot while pulling out three soldiers. The bullet entered her skull, and she would have died if Katie had not been there to perform surgery. The procedure however was very risky; there was no way to save Haylee without getting the bullet out. There was no real imminent damage to her brain, but it'd might explain why Haylee can be absent minded at times. Where her focus draws away for a split second. It's a sad story, but it shows just how much the two really care for each other." - "Wow, that is amazing." The two boys nodded with awe and acknowledged such dedication to save her best friend.)




Bio: Another one of the fine Authors of H&E, she often spends her time all over the place. Even though she is slightly younger than the captain, she is very mature for her age. Her opinions and thoughts are heard and valued by many. Although from time to time, she disappears and reappears. Recently appointed as another official in charge of keeping the Literary Section of H&E in check.


Skills: Skilled Author, and newly hired official.




Bio: Possibly one of the nicest people here at H&E, she is directly related to the member, Jiraiya as his younger sister. Tsu-chan can be seen time-to-time helping around and welcoming new members. She and her brother are also Authors and write many fics together. She is very loved by many on the island.


Skills: Skilled Author & Artist, her kindness is known throughout H&E.


("I totally love Tsu-chan! She's so nice and sweet!")




Bio: star-chan originally came from NT, and she was originally a devout N***H***. But apparently there were some internal affairs and she ended up coming to NaruSaku to join her brother, LHG. After moving into H&E, she soon became the island's resident mixmaster. Her reputation states that if there isn't a song she knows, or has, and then she will have it.


("Funny story! From what I heard, the captain was desperately looking for this one song. So he consulted starlite, and within the next few minutes, she had both the full song and instrumental. Ever since then, the captain's been forever grateful, and welcomed her into H&E with open arms" - "Well that's sweet of her, yeah well ... it's a sad ending, because we know the captain is with Soritia." - "Yeah ...")


Skills: Ability to locate music of any kind anywhere & anytime. Her sense for music is uncanny.




Bio: When H&E first opened, Tan-chan was one of the youngest members to ever join. Even though being the youngest, she had the most spirit out of any of the members back then. Very optimistic, and always creating new ways to have fun around the island. Is well known for her infamous phrase "Crazy like a Coconut." Afterwards, Tan-chan found some incentive to become H&E's Private Investigator. She recently underwent an investigation to find out more facts about the captain ...


("She let me look at the notes she took, but when I looked at her notebook ... it was all a bunch of doodles, scribbles, and non-sequential information. It looked really confusing to me, but she read it clearly as if she were deciphering her words.")


... but ended up throwing out the investigation because there really wasn't anything mysterious about him after all.


("As young as she is, she's really good at ciphering & deciphering codes. It's like she has a hidden talent herself, almost like code reading and code breaking.")


Skills: Skilled in Interrogation (it comes off as cute questions, but indeed her method is very effective), Fact Finding, and possibly a future brilliant Code Reader/Breaker.


The girl finished giving her report, closed her notebook and piled it on top of the leader's notebook on the table.


"That's all I have for active female H&E members. Even though there may seem like there are more male members, the female members are really strong. Each of them can take care of themselves without a doubt." She spoke with pride, being a female herself, and proud of her Intel.


"Well, I guess I'll finish up the profiling with my info." The eldest and last of the group spoke. "Let's see, I don't have much on most of the people on my list, since most of them are either NF or AWOL. But this is the best that I could gather ..."




Hinata--chan & the SasuHina


Bio: Leader of the SasuHina and proud female captain of the Typhoon Class Submarine, Red October. Her group of followers & supports were a definite surprise of allies for the NaruSaku. Although their numbers may not be as large, or as powerful, they are very tough and reliant as a group. The SasuHina faction was founded at NF (3rd arrival), and was immediately recognized as friendlies by the NaruSaku. Later it was found out that Arashi was saved by the SasuHina, after his magnificent battle with the Perfect Storm. Then the SasuHina answered the NaruSaku distress call of being ambushed by S***S***, N***H***, and NaruSasu. Dubbed honorary allies of NaruSaku, and will always have a place to stay here at H&E.


Skills: Leadership skills, and loyal to her supporters.




Bio: An established name in the new NF (3rd arrival). She was originally N***H***, but because of their own member's intolerance, she naturally converted over NaruSaku. But it is also stated that because of Smiter (yet again!), one of his debate speeches was so well written that was a reason to why she join NaruSaku. She joined us because of our intellect as well as our ability to reason peacefully. Mizura is also known as The Miz, Mizilla, and a Guardian Deity Of NaruSaku. He currently runs the faction that supports Sakura, and is leading her members well. Rinzen is often seen by her side as her deputy and right hand man. The rumors about Aethos & Mizura are not true, but in the past they have fought with each other many times with words. In the end, they remained mutual friends. Although she yet to come and join the crew at H&E, she shows her support over at NF.


Skills: Highly skilled in diplomacy, and debating. Has the ability to transform into monster mode: Mizilla. (Similar to that of Godzilla, only when she goes into berserk.)


("Over at NF, they say she's really scary when she's mad. Similar to Inner Kyuubi, but not as terrifying as Ash. She punishes people so that they can learn from their mistakes. Where as Ash is very unforgiving, and instills fear so that they WON'T make mistakes.")




Bio: She's a recent addition to the NaruSaku. And made her impression on the captain when she presented a NaruSaku Art Gallery. The captain was so impressed that he gave a happily open invitation to join H&E anytime she would like too. To which she replied, "Thank you, but I'm very content with NF."


Skills: Highly skilled in Art collecting, and hunting.




Bio: Also another recent addition to the NaruSaku. Pan-chan as well as Mikah-chan made their impression on the captain by their Art Collecting. She has made many Art contributions to the NaruSaku Gallery. Pan-chan is also welcomed to H&E, but makes her stay over at NF.


Skills: Also highly skilled in Art collection and hunting.


("I've never even heard of these two Art Collectors. I've never even seen them here on H&E either, and yet ... the captain has made them apart of their crew!?" - "Grr ... this isn't fair!")




Bio: Notable & Respected Author of NaruSaku. Kenhime-chan, much like Geno, was already well known for their writings. She joined H&E just a few months back, and many people came to welcome her. She has the record of longest introduction for H&E thus far. It started from "Welcome to H&E" to a full-blown discussion over the Naruto Series. She disappears from time to time, but does come back often.


Skills: An opposite to Geno's negativity, she's more light hearted, kind, and thoughtful. Truly another great Author among our ranks.




Bio: At first, he was just another lurking resident of H&E. But soon became a reputable man for H&E. One of the eldest out of the entire island, but also the wisest of us. He normally keeps to himself, but whenever he has something to speak of, many of us listen to his words. He is also a longtime Author, and loves to give us young "whipper-snappers" a good lecture about the "facts of life".


Skills: Wisest as he is the Eldest, also a notable Author.


Byron Konoha Ninja


Bio: Byron had joined us back in NT, but he is more known for his book "Naruto: The Demon Within". A book of his that has survived even the fall of NT, and made its home here in H&E. A good supporter of NaruSaku, and always happy to give his input for other upcoming Authors. He visits H&E frequently whenever he can to update his book.


Skills: Survivalist Author




Bio: Another member who joined just after H&E a few months back. Fairly down to earth kind of guy, likes to get competitive with Nikko and see whom can welcome the new members first.


Status: AWOL




Bio: Elder brother of Tsunade, and another fellow Author with her sister.


Status: AWOL




Bio: Joined H&E back when it was still a small community, another one of the more elder people among the island. Left the island for personal reasons, but has made some appearances.


Status: Returned from AWOL




Bio: Another member who joined us from the late NT days, and joined H&E when it first arrived. For a time he was a steady member, but then began to disappear over time.


Status: AWOL




Bio: An artist back from the mid-NT days. Another member whom we lost during the fall of NT, but he did find his way to H&E. Sadly DeathWorks has once again disappeared.


Status: AWOL




Bio: Was a member at NT, formerly PsychoticInsomiac (PI), and was also a member of the N***H***. He is also Yoko's ex-boyfriend from before; details about their relationship were never really explained. He used to be a very stable member until suddenly he just disappeared.


Status: AWOL


("I heard he had it pretty rough for losing Yoko." - "Maybe that's why he left?" - "Nah must be for some other reason, but who knows. He'll prolly show up later or something.")




Bio: Kuro-chan is one of the few members who actually come from Japan herself. She was the second youngest member next to Tan-chan to join H&E. Again, even though she was young, Kuro-chan was very mature for her age, and many of the members at H&E thought she was much older than she stated. She also used to be an Arts Collector during the NT era. After H&E had established itself, she disappeared and has not been seen since. She will be dearly missed.


Status: AWOL


Naru/Saku926 | Drew


Bio: Another spirited member of NaruSaku. Started out as an Archive manager, before C2 Communities were put into place. Found his way to H&E through word of mouth, and has enjoyed his stay here. Currently disappears from time to time, but reappears every now and then.


Status: AWOL


Vermillion Wolf


Bio: Joined H&E just after establishment. She was very quiet at first and didn't really speak much, but many of us did talk to her. Apparently there was a conflict some time ago that had caused VM to leave H&E for a long time. But after a year or so, she made her return and was welcomed back warmly.


Status: Returned from AWOL




Bio: Originally from NT, and long time supporter of N***H***. Never officially became a NaruSaku, but stayed with the crew because of their open hearts and minds. Ranked as their "Insider" for the N***H*** bases, but many of the member believe him to be a double agent. Where his true intentions lie, no one really knows. When H&E started, he would come frequently, but over time for some reason his attitude became very bitter for unknown reasons.


Skills: Basic Espionage training (infiltration, interrogation). Unclear just which side he really works for.


The eldest boy finished his book of profiles and placed the third notebook on top of the other two. "That's about it for known people around the island, who might show some significance for future references."


"So what have we learned from all these people so far?" Asked the ring leader.


"Well for one thing, they all have some sort of relation to the captain." Spoke the older boy.


"And they have qualities that count for something, no one has been over looked, and they've either had a past relation, or long standing relation with the NaruSaku." The girl gave her input.


The ring leader stood up and folded his arms. "Exactly! We need to find a way to impress the captain so we can get into his good graces! That way we can become apart of the crew!"


"But how do we do that Jack?" The girl asked.


"I'm not sure yet, Juli-chan." Jack the leader spoke.


"How about we do some sort of a deed for the captain that he'll have to let us join!" The older boy enthusiastically offered.


"Nah, then we'd have to do something that out shines almost all of these people, Danny." Jack replied. "What we need to do is-"


"Show the captain just how good you three are at gathering information and profiling people as a team." A fourth voice came from behind the three of them that were sitting in the alleyway.


The trio of them all at once jumped at their feet and were at complete shock to that they were found out and caught red handed in this "secret meeting". They took many precautions to hide their presence until they deemed ready to be shown, only to be found out by the one person they haven't been able to put on profile yet.


"... the captain!" Jack finally broke the awkward pause. "How .. how long have you been standing there ... sir?"


I slowly stepped out of the shadow and into a bit of light shining down into the alley to reveal myself. At first, my face seemed very dark and in a very upset mood, but then I faced into the light and gave a big evil grin. "Since the moment you three stepped into this alleyway."


The three of them fell on their faces with embarrassment, and then at the same time all three of them stood up as one, and then spoke as one. "Our skills as lurkers has failed us!" Then their voices turned into fiery shame and closed fists at their chests. "Zentai kats Urusanai!" ("This is Unforgivable!!!")


I found this scene to be very amusing and gave a big hearty laugh at their antics. After I started to calm down from my laughing, I walked over to the three of them and put a big hand on the shoulders of the two boys who were on both sides of the girl, sandwiching each other. Their faces showed unsureness of just what I would do with the three of them after being found out.


"Ahahahaha! I like you three! You've got some pretty good skills at profiling people, as well as lurking around. But instead of just sitting around in the dark, why don't you join us in the fun? I assure you, it's not so bad out here."


"Really!? You mean it captain.. er-sir?" Jack quickly jumped up.


"Sure! Just make sure to introduce yourselves-"


"I'm Quixotic Novice! I'm pretty crazy when it comes to NaruSaku and I like them a lot, and I've been to all the other islands, S***S***, and N***H***, but I found this place waaaayyy better! You can also call me Jack!" Jack the ring leader jumped at me first.


"I'm pocky_luver! My name's Julie, and just as crazy like Jack-san! And of course I just love pocky as much as I love NaruSaku!" Juli-chan the girl jumped directly after Jack.


"I'm GoNeKr@zY! Totally love NaruSaku and big hate for Sasuke! My name's Daniel, but you can call me Danny, or Krazy, cuz I am just like my name!" Danny the older boy jumped directly after Julie.


By now all three of them were jumping at me like children waiting in line to see Santa Claus, tugging at my coat, pulling me in which way directions. To this I simply couldn't take anymore tugging and yelled. "QUIET!"


All three of them stopped and took one step back. I straightened myself out after the mess, and cleared my throat.


"Welcome to H&E you three, do try not to create too much a mess, or trouble. Go make yourselves known to the others, and enjoy your stay." I spoke with a joyous tone and gave a big welcoming smile.


After I had finished my words the three of them ran past me so quickly I nearly fell over dizzy. After I caught myself and regained my balance, I saw that they had left the their profiling notebooks on the table. I decided that I should keep those in a safe place, if they had gotten into to the wrong hands ... who knows what could have happened. But as I went through each notebook one at a time again, I saw something that made me smile.




Bio: Only known as "The Captain" & Leader of NaruSaku.


Skills: Unknown


Notes: All information and knowledge about the captain is unknown. No Sources were available were found. Also noted is that no member or known relations to the captain would release any information, or knowledge about him.


Side note: Either no one here on the island really knows who he is, or they all trust him so dearly that they would rather die than to give up any information about him. Truly someone worth protecting.


I closed the notebooks and placed them away in my coat for later storage. Then made my way out back to the tavern.


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Posted 15 September 2006 - 09:45 PM

Chapter 49: The Calm
Subtitle: Before the Storm


It had been nearly a month since the festival, and the night that Aethos had left H&E on his own journey. But over time, many of our old members also went on their own life's journeys.


With Aethos gone, Arashi had found out that next day and set off after him. Arashi knew he couldn't quite bring him back to H&E, but someone has to watch his back. Whether they were rivals, or best friends, he would go after him regardless. So with Arashi gone, our only helm was Soritia, but she was just as skilled as Arashi. And since he had left, Sori had already begun studying the HMS NaruSaku's piloting interface, learning as much as she could before our next voyage. Sometimes she would spend hours, even days on the bridge room of the HMS, although personally I think she just figured out how to rig the computers so that she could play WoW (World of Warcraft), while she was flying the ship.


Faucon & tun went off to run our C2 Community on the updated FF.net Island, so the two of them have been out of commission for quite some time. Although every now and then Faucon finds time to stop by to say hello and give some updates. Tsu-chan (Tsunade) & her brother, Jirayia, went on public relations for H&E, spreading the word where ever they went, representing us in their positive attitudes. Drew (Naru/Saku926) stayed for a few days after the H&E festival, but returned to the Western Front, fighting the good fight for NaruSaku. As well as Kuro-chan (Kuroichigo) & VW (Vermillion Wolf) left for the Far East, conducting public relations and representing us in other countries.


More notably, a few of our veterans went off on their own, or went missing after a time. UzuNaru (Uzumaki Naruto, UN) went on his "self-actualization" journey, in search of his true purpose as not an intelligence officer, but as a chef. Even the Geno (Geno Calamari), the old man went back into his hermiting ways, and hasn't been seen since. LHG (LoveHinaGuy) & Cody (HyugaHinata) went deep into enemy territory, behind enemy lines, both went to separate islands keep close watch on the N***H***. But they've been so gone, perhaps they've reverted back to becoming sleeper agents instead of active duty.


But with many of our loved ones going, H&E was still growing and had gained more residents. Godsprotector, Godai52, & even Rovert had all come back from their life's journeys, but quietly settled down into the resident section of H&E, as such a journey does take a lot out of you. Even old man desaix took over Tatsu no houou job as H&E Librarian, since Tatsu no houou had found him a new apprentice, a new young girl named Mira, although she would mostly sit there listening to him rather than actually learn anything. But at the same time Tatsu was eagerly trying to complete his "Memoirs from the Frontier", a compilation of his travels from land to land before coming to H&E, as well as his stay here at H&E. With desaix in charge of the H&E Library, he needed help, thus Byron Konoha Ninja, author of Naruto: The Demon Within, took up an archive security job with desaix. We needed the security, especially since Kenhime, had came to inhabit our humble home. Although I found it funny when she would try and call me some kind of a higher title, and I would counter her by going on my knees to bow down to her like a royal princess and yell ... "HIIIIMMMEEEE-SAAAAMMMAAAA!!!!" to embarrass her. It was amusing especially because she would try and stop me, or counter me, but I ALWAYS WIN! Even more surprise since Hime-sama's (I WIN AGAIN!) arrival, I saw a familiar face to which I never though would have come from the shadows, THE Legendary Lackey_H, author of Betrothal (a Naruto X Temari story). What was even more surprising was the fact that he had inadvertently ended up at H&E by tracking me. Naturally I felt a little astonished, but his true goal was in search of someone who had been plagiarizing his work. He didn't quite find the perpetrator, but instead found himself a 2nd home from the reformed Bakakage. But enough with the Library section, now into our Arts Sector, where several brand new artists had come to join H&E! First, Hinano, her art style, refreshing and very well done! She had fit right into H&E as if she had been here for quite some time. On her arrival, she had already completed several works of art, both general & adult-themed, and contributed much to our Arts Section. Another artist, Juujuu, her style is a little similar to Hinano's, but Juujuu's art is also very creative as it is very well done. Next to Juujuu, is mame, one of our more under-rated artists, she contributes so much like manga art, and NaruSaku shorts, that they are just simply wonderful as they are will written in script. And finally on our list of new artists, is Niky, Niky's art has a more adult feel to it, and they are done so well you just feel enveloped into the art itself. Anyway, since our Arts Sector had been populated with many new works of art, and celebrities, one of our own, DeathWorks took up the role of archive security for the H&E Gallery. He knew better than anyone to protect the art, as he was an artist himself.


Aside from all the new residents of H&E's Library & Gallery, we had gained a new member with a skill dealing with the politics of the legal system! Shriner, H&E's new Legal Advisor, had come to our island a little while ago, and found him that small home he had been looking for to settle into for quite some time.


But not only H&E was expanding, but even our friends at NarutoForums (NF). OccasionalUtopia (Occa/Mel-chan) had gotten herself an officer job at NF, and runs the law over there, so naturally she works for NF most of the time now. But she still drops by the NF NaruSaku Tavern every now and then for a visit. Miz (Mizura) & Rinzen returned to NF, to take care of their own business, since the Miz is in charge of the Sakura Club, and Rinzen was her co-owner. Although Rinzen comes to visit H&E with his spare time. Mikah & +*Pan*+ (Pan-chan) had continued to stay over at NF, but also they were the ones who were in charge of the NF NaruSaku Gallery. As for Hinata--chan & SasuHina (her crew), they had established themselves, just as we had once before, and found themselves an island of their own, Hitomi Wo Koete [Beyond the Eyes] (HwK). We were all proud of the SasuHina coming into their own, and we have a regular transport going to & from our islands for visitors.


Now enough with the explanations, and overviews, it was time to get down to business...


I just finished planning out the next training exercise for the HMS NaruSaku & her crew. And there were things needed to be done, as well as there was a meeting for all Officers of H&E to gather later in the day. After putting down my plans of action for the next day, I decided to go out and check up on everyone to see how they were doing. I put on my long coat & hat, and headed out the door. As I opened the door, I nearly bumped into Yoko, who jumped in front of me as I opened the door.


"Ahh!" She cried as the folder of papers nearly escaped her arms, but as they flew into the air, she caught most of them. And I had caught the last few ones with my right hand. "Sorry sorry, taichou (boss) ... I mean, Hoku-kun. I didn't mean to run into you like that!" She tried to excuse herself, but I simply chuckled at her antics, and shook my head.


"It's okay." I reassured her, then asked her. "You here to transfer my files over to the HMS?"


"Yes, I just came up to check on you." She smiled with a big grin, then went inside walked toward my desk and began cleaning around.


"Thank you..." I said quietly as I left and closed the door behind me. "...Yoko."


Making my way downstairs into the main Tavern, I saw that Blazye was already busy stocking up on the HMS' booze supply onto a portable cart. As I made my way towards the exit door, there came a whistling sound from behind me. I extended my arm out and caught an ice cold bottle of beer labeled "Onibrew" (Demon Beer). I looked at the label, first giving a flabbergasted look, then turned around to face my brother.


"Onibrew?" I then chuckled at him. "A little riske in the name, especially since it's coming from OUR microbrewery, eh Paul?" (See Chapter 35 for the semi-joke reference)


"Oy come off it, Lloyd! I got nothing better to call it, especially something as tasty as our concoction. What else can we call something that goes down smooth like your sword, but explosive to the taste like my bombs!?"


"Bah! I suppose it's not about the name, but more for the taste." I turned back around, walked out the door laughing, and put the bottle into my coat pocket.


"Oy! You better drink that before it gets warm, Lloyd! Otherwise it'll taste about as lame as a N***H***'s evidence to support themselves." Blayze laughed merrily and continued to stock up on various types of booze for the HMS.


After leaving the Tavern for some time, I made my way towards the H&E Lounge & Cafe section. The Lounge & Cafe were two separate buildings/areas, but connected to each other to form one big leisure area for our residents. Even though UN's (Uzumaki Naruto) Fox & Flower cafe was currently shut down at the time, one of our old members decided to step up in his place, AfterDeath (AD). AfterDeath, had joined us originally during the NarutoTalk (NT) days, but under a different name, "PsychoticInsomniac" (PI). Not many people remember that, but those who do, still call him PI every now and then. After NT had fell, and H&E had just established itself, he found his way to us and has been with H&E for while now, although if I remember correctly he wasn't exactly a NaruSaku person himself, but stayed because of the people. In any case, AfterDeath at first couldn't quite find his place here at H&E, but after he under went his life's journey, he had found his calling to start a Cafe, with a menu completely filled with chicken-themed items. He found that eating beef was making the cow population more and more extinct, so thus he began his chicken campaign, thus adopting a name as ... CHIK-FIL-A, or CFA! Although after that era in his life, he returned back to H&E and simply opened up a simple cafe, as a surrogate cafe since UN (UzuNaru) had left for some time. As popularity grew for the H&E Cafe, AD needed some help, thus he hired one of our residents jaredstar, a nice guy who used to normally hang around the Library section, but moved out into the Leisure area of H&E.


So I as I walked into the Cafe, there were lots of people just hanging around and in line ordering food, while others took their food over into the H&E Lounge. I stepped into line, and waited for my turn. Jaredstar walking around cleaning up tables, while AfterDeath was handling the counter. When it was my turn, I stepped up and gave an enthusiastic welcome.


"CFA!? WAAASSSAAAAAAP!?" I gave a big grin and gave a big harty laugh.


"Haha! What's up, Hoku? What can I get you?" He smiled and laughed with me.


"Nothing, nothing. Just walking around, seeing how everyone is doing." I told him then stepped out of line and began to make my way towards the H&E Lounge across the hall.


Before I left, AD threw me a soda. "Hey boss! Here, your one favorite drink on the house, because you look thirsty already!"


I caught it with my hand again, the same way that Blayze threw me the bottle of beer. I looked at it, and it was a Ginger Ale soda bottle. I chuckled and drank the Ginger Ale first, but still kept the cold beer bottle in my coat pocket. The cold spicy soda tingling my taste buds, hit the spot just right and I felt completely refreshed. As I made my way through the connected hallway to the H&E Lounge, I could hear the music change from a lighter easy theme to a more heavy chilling beat, and I knew it was starlite (star-chan) busting up the turn-tables at the H&E Lounge. Star-chan was H&E's local mixmaster and LHG's sister, driven out by her own N***H*** friends, and found refuge with us NaruSaku. Over time she found her place here, and we all love her. But the main man who ran the H&E Lounge was none other than, Rathgar! Everyone's favorite oyasan (old man)! Rathgar was that old man who kept it real with everyone at H&E, and was always the awesome old man who knew how to keep everything cool. Which was why he created & ran the H&E Lounge for anyone, and everyone to come in and relax, chill, and enjoy themselves. As I walked into the Lounge, I could feel the beats of the bass move my feet, like I wanted to just get up and dance, that was how good Star-chan's music was. I made my way through, and met up with Oyaji-san (Rathgar).


"Hey hey! How you doing Hoku?" He greeted me with open arms and firm handshake.


"I'm doing just fine! I see you're handling things well here, eh Oyaji-san?" I called him that not as to make fun, but as a title of respect for an elder. Although he would could still whip me around in a good race or two if he really wanted too, but he knew I meant respect.


"Aha, we're doing a lot better than I hoped for! Which is making me so happy right now that I'm actually feeling the effects of my age! Hahahahahaah!" He gave a big hearty laugh, and patted me on the back.


I laughed along with him, then decided to give him the beer in my pocket as a "pick-me up". "Oyaji-san, here! There will make your day! My brother, Blayze gave me a bottle earlier today, but it's still a little to early for me to drink just yet. You know, I've got business to attend to and all."


"Oho! So it is the young one who is encouraging the old to drink midday!?" Rathgar poked fun at me, but gladly accepted the beer. "Thanks, Hoku. I really appreciate it. Don't want to keep you here all day long. But do come back later, when you have some free time huh?"


I made my way out of the Lounge, passing Star-chan who jumped off her DJ station, to give me a quick hug, then jumped right back onto her station and waved bye to me. I was a little shaken at first, since she jumped right at me, but glad to see her doing all right, and being happy. After leaving the H&E Lounge, I found my way towards that little back alley where I had met the Trouble-some Trio. There they were, huddled in their "shadowy corner" ... although you could see them in plain sight from the entrance of the alleyway.


"Urusanai! (Unforgivable!)" Quixotic Novice (Jack-kun) spoke with fiery expression, clutching a shaking fist in the air.


"Urusanai! (Unforgivable!) YOSHA! (YEAH!)" GoNeKr@zY (Danny) spoke after Jack with the same expression, his fist also shaking in the air.


"Urusanai! (Unforgivable!) YAAAA-HAAA!" pocky_luver (Juri aka Tasty-chan) spoke after Danny with the same expression, only both her fists were shaking in the air.


"How could this person evade us!? We were so close to figuring it out!" Jack spoke angrily and slammed his fist onto their make-shift table, which was actually just an big empty wooden box.


"I know! I almost had a good picture of the person, but then the craziest thing happened! My camera battery died!" Poor Juri-chan was pouting.


"Bah! I was just about to gain access to their name through the registration point, but then for some reason, I had lost connection almost immediately!" Danny frustratedly started rubbing his hands through his hair.


"Maybe our skills aren't as up to what the Captain expected of us, huh team?" Jack spoke solemnly, and then sat down onto one of their make-shift chairs, which was actually an smaller empty wooden box.


"What are we going to tell the Captain when he comes to check up on our report?!" Danny started to speak worriedly, and sat down heavily onto his make-shift chair. "We've got nothing but dead ends, unreliable information, not to mention that this person keeps on evading us after every trick we've used!?"


"Oh God, Oh God! Devil-sama is going to eat me!!!" Juri-chan then sat down onto her make-shift chair immediately after Danny, putting her hands to her face, and shaking her head in fear. "Why does he have to call me Tasty-chan!? I'm not even that TASTY!!!"


"Oh, but you are Tasty-chan! Only THE tastiest!" I came out from the "shadows", and into their little huddled corner.


"AHHHH! IT'S THE CAPTAIN! BREAK FOR IT TEAM!" Jack yelled in desperation, and doing so, all three of them got up and ran off a the same time. But, instead they had found themselves all running in the air, as I was holding the three of them by the collars. As soon as they realized that there was no escape all three of their heads hung low with embarrassment and utter horror of what would happen next.


I put all three of them down, and could help but give a big hearty laugh, and sat down on one of their make-shift chairs ... boxes ... whatever.


"How do you do that, Devil-sama!?" Tasty-chan exclaimed.


"Do what, Tasty-chan?" I asked her.


"Appear out of no where at almost the right ... err wrong ... um ... whatever times!" She gave me an exasperated look.


"Aha ..." I gave a wry laugh, then glomped the Tasty-chan, suddenly the smell of strawberries became strong, and I began to feel ... hungry. "Mmm ... strawwwbeerrriieeessss..."


"AHH! Help me you guys! Don't just stand there!" Tasty-chan tried to struggle, but couldn't fight back. Instead of helping, the other two began to walk away very slowly. "HEEEEY!"


Jack (Quixotic Novice) & Danny (GoNeKr@zY) were slowly trying to back away into the shadows to escape from me, but just before they reached the edge of the shadows, there was a sudden glint in my glasses that reflected towards them fiercely. In that instant they stopped dead in their tracks as if frozen by some kind of a force of terror. Meanwhile I was continuing to decide whether to eat Tasty-chan or save her for later. So in my decision, I put her down and spared her for today, since I had business to attend to later in the day.


"So give me your reports." I sat back down on the box/chair.


The three of them slowly sat back down on their chairs and gave their reports haphazardly.


"Well, we've taken up the case of The Traitor, but all of our leads keep getting cut off, or we keep getting shut down just as we get close to the truth." Jack started off.


Danny pulled out his files, and gave his explanation. "We've run through all the registration files of H&E, looked up any & all back-history on everyone, either nothing turned up, or we kept getting dead ends. Whoever this person you're looking for is obviously a ghost or something. They sure know how to cover up their tracks almost too well."


"Either when we were close enough to the facts, we got shot down by outside forces, or got lead towards dead ends. This person you're looking for Devil-sama. Is it really one of our own?" Tasty-chan asked.


I put a hand to my chin, and there was a dark shadow upon my face. "Let's just say it's best that we keep these info between us for now. We'll find this person out sooner or later, I just haven't figured out a plan to flush them out just yet."


"Yokai! Taichou! (Yes sir, Boss!)" All three of them stood up and saluted me.


I then stood up from my chair and left the alleyway. As I turned the corner, I found myself at the Doll Shop run by Nikko. Nikko was one of the more notable faces around H&E, as she was deemed one of the more scarier people (although not as scary as the infamous Inner Kyuubi) should you cross her bad side, but when she was nice, she was very nice. Her skills with a thread and needle where unrivaled, but she could also do digital dolls as well. Despite the "calm" & "nice" look from the outside, and front of the store, she had her darker side. In truth, Nikko was indeed our munitions dealer (Weapons Dealer), and was the one who funded all of our ammunition needs, as well as custom weapon smith, as well as weapons maintenance. In the back of her store was her little weapons shop, the front of the store was only just a cover for her real business out back, along with her helper and man, TheBugNinja. He did most of the grunt work & smithing, while she dealt with the paperwork and designing. BugNinja hadn't come to H&E at first, but over time, Nikko made him come to help her. So the two of them run the business like no one owned them, and they run it happily together. I found it funny as when I was passing by, I had saw Yuriko (Keira/K-chan) at the shop getting all of her Naruto Plushies patched up, the amusing part being that K-chan's weapons were the Plushies themselves. So you can see how this shop is pretty perfect for the two of them. Poor K-chan had been fighting a war front over on the RO (Ragnarok Online) Islands (see Chapter 36 for reference to RO), so she hadn't been to H&E as often, but she stops by every now and then.


After passing Nikko's Doll Shop, I found myself walking over towards the H&E Medical Clinic, run by Haylee (Quilted-Remorse) & Katie (Steeled-Ecstasy), our H&E resident medical officers, and best friends to each other. I walked into the clinic and found that Haylee was packing medical supplies for the HMS, while Katie was doing a physical exam for one of our recent members, Jwolf0. He was a retired Air Brigade commander, who still wanted to fight the good fight, thus found his way to H&E, and where he had met an old friend, M1abrams, joined H&E to become apart of H&E's public safety squad. The two of them trained whomever was willing to volunteer as public safety for H&E. As I was passing by, both Jwolf0 & M1abrams stood up and saluted me off as I was passing by, I saluted back, and carried on about my rounds around H&E.


Finally after walking through nearly the entire island, I found myself over at the docks, making my way towards our beloved HMS NaruSaku. The ship had underwent restoration after the last fight for quite some time, and everything has been completed with only now we needed to restock & resupply for our next journey. The fresh breeze of the ocean air blew past my face and I took a deep breath in. Just as I was exhaling, I felt a presence behind me trying to creep up on me. Just then a petite figure tried to jump at me and catch me from behind. But instead, I had caught her into a headlock and countered with ...


"AHA-HA! COCONUT-CHAN! NOOGIE ATTACK!" And I countered Coconut-chan's sneak attack with my own headlock noogie-counter attack.


"Ahhh! You got me!"


It was tangerine fever (tan-chan aka Coconut-chan), H&E's Private Investigator! She wasn't wearing her chibi-Sherlock Holmes outfit, but instead was wearing her casual civilian clothes. I was a little surprised to find her out here at the docks by herself.


"What's up Coconut-chan? Why you out here by yourself?" I asked her as I put her down from the headlock.


"I was actually looking for you, and wanted to give you my update." She got to her feet,rubbed her poor head that was burning, and fixed her ruffled hair. "That, and I was trying to see if I prove the rumor that you can't be snuck up on."


"Sure! Go ahead." I told her, and folded my arms.


"Well come here! It's top secret info you know!" She cupped her hand over her mouth, motioning me to lean in.


So I bent over and listened to what she had to say.


"I don't know what you put those 3 geese up too, but they nearly ruined my investigation." By 3 geese, I assumed she was talking about Jack, Danny, & Tasty-chan. "Anyway, those rumors you sent me on to find out? I'd say it's almost 99% true, BUT I've sent out a message to both LHG & Cody (HH/HFB), for real confirmation. I've narrowed it down to two people, but I can't quite decide on whom it might be. It's either one of the recent members/additions to the crew, or possibly one of the senior members. Either way, they're close, very very close, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Which is why I'm waiting for that confirmation letter."


Tan-chan then leaned away, and folded her arms together. "You have to be careful Hoku. I've also told LHG & Cody to send any info on the subject directly to you in case of emergency or direct threat. So you'll probably be the first to know immediately if I don't contact you again."


I nodded my head, and patted Coconut-chan on the head. "Thanks Coconut-chan. I'll keep on guard until then."


"Yosh! Hiku-girl out!" She did a Super Sentai Pose, threw sparklers in the air, and disappeared. "See ya Hiku-man!"


I did a Super Sentai Pose in response, and saw her off catching one of the sparklers in one hand. Afterwards, I made my way towards the transport boat out to the HMS NaruSaku. The ship itself was too big to be docked at the Island, so we have smaller transport boat carry out people & supplies out to the HMS itself. At the docks, I met up with our replacement Chief Engineer animeluvr852 (nick), whom was checking the extra parts & supplies needed for HMS NaruSaku maintenance. The poor young kid looked nearly worked to death, but indeed he was a well made choice by Aethos. I saw at how he was carefully double checking everything, and making sure that each and every part needed was in top shape. I put a hand to his shoulder and smiled at him. He looked up at me and nodded his head in thanks for the encouragement, then continued with his work. I took a small transport boat over to the HMS NaruSaku, and docked with the majestic ship.


As I entered through the port-side hatch, it felt good to be back on the ship. The feeling of comfort filled my mind and body as I walked through the halls of the HMS; and made my way to the main bridge room, I met up with bassclef. Bassclef was the HMS' secondary Chief Engineer, but he only ran the basics of the HMS, and dealt with more general mechanical repairs, and helped out when Aethos, or animeluvr852, were tied up with another problem. He was fixing some electrical panels in the hallway, when I had passed him, and gave him a pat on the back. He turned to see it was me and stood up to talk.


"Hey Lloyd, how's it going?" He said in his usual half-asleep tone.


"Just making final checks around the Island & Ship." I responded to him. "How's the arm treating you so far, Matt?" (See Chapter 38 for reference)


Bassclef rotated his right arm around to show that he was perfectly fine. "Still doesn't quite feel the same, but I'll live. And you?"


I lifted my left arm out from under my long coat, and moved my fingers making a metallic clicking sound with each finger. "Eh, you know me."


"Heh." Bassclef chuckled slightly, and nodded his head agreeing.


I put my arm back underneath my coat, and gave a smirk. "Well, I've got a meeting to attend to, so I'll catch up with you later, Matt." I began walking towards the elevator lift.


"Yeah, I'll see you around, Lloyd." Bassclef waved me off, and went back to his work.


As the lift made its way up to the main bridge/control room, I got out and saw that Sori, was still there fiddling with all the control panels. She was going through each diagnostic check making sure each navigation setting was a green light, but at the same time, I could see on the panel screen next to her, she was playing her WoW (World of Warcraft). I started to laugh at how she was doing both play & work, and then she growled at me as I was teasing her. But then she smiled and knew that even though she was playing, she could still do her work at the same time. As I passed by her, we gave each other a high five that turned into a holding of hands, and then letting go, since I couldn't stay long. I made my way into the meeting room of the HMS NaruSaku, and inside were all of my officers sitting around the table. Shinyu (Lee) & Eagle8819 (Eggie) where sitting across from each other. Shinyu's head was on the table as he was taking a nap, while Eggie was just sitting there listening to the others. Sharingank (Ash) & Alphabet (Alpha) were sitting next to each other ranting on about how Alpha's vacation time was when she was away for the past couple of months. Meanwhile Nick Soapdish & Smiter discussing various politics and debating on what updates & changes were needed around H&E. But as soon as I stepped into the meeting room, everyone stood up to face me. I waved myself in, and told them to all sit down. They all said their hellos and welcomes, and I made my way over to the head of the table to sit down.


"Well the first order of business today is the new promotion to our ranks." I began the discussion. "All vote for Sakura Blossoms (Sakura-chan) to join our ranks?"


"Yea!" Everyone voted in agreement.


"Okay, Sakura-chan you can come in." I announced her in.


Sakura-chan came in and stood at the foot of the table, we all stood up and faced her.


"Congratulations, Sakura-chan!" - "Welcome to becoming an Officer of the HMS!" - "ZOMFG Shauna we love you!"


"Welcome to the HMS NaruSaku officially, Shauna. With this promotion, we hope that you will uphold the laws & regulations of H&E with honor & respect. Congratulations and welcome aboard." I spoke aloud and gave her a small applause with everyone following me.


She was overcome with such joy to be promoted that she couldn't speak. She was just happy already being here with us, and to be able to get this promotion seemed like a dream come true. But in her right, she fully deserved the promotion in every way, and got it through dedication & respectability. She sat down at the only other open chair on the table, and we continued on with the meeting.


"As you all know, there is a mole within our home. Who it is, I'm still not certain, nor can I confirm any accusations, or possible suspects. I've already sent our best to investigate, and look into the matter, but every chance we've gotten closer it has hit a dead end. We need to tighten our defenses, and continue on with our training exercises vigorously so that we are ready for any attack. Despite having a leak amongst us, then we will show the enemy that even with a spy, we are still strong, and ready to battle. Even after the last battle, against the Perfects (see Chapter 37 for reference) we took a big blow and that cost us a great amount of time to recuperate. But even in our more or less weakened state, we stayed strong, because we stayed together, and together we rose up and got through the hard times."


"Hear Hear!" Everyone cheered & pounded the table in agreement.


"So now, you all know the situation. Please keep this info to yourselves for the time being until I've gotten full confirmation, or any direct leads on whom it might be. Until then, I'd like you all to act normal, and go about business as you normally would, but do try to watch what you say, and what you do."


Everyone looked at each other and nodded their heads in acknowledgement.


"Good. Tomorrow we begin our long training exercise. Eggie, Nick, & Shauna, you three stay on the island and hold down the fort. Shauna I want you to stay and get the feel of the island authority before I have you come out into the field. Until then Nick is in charge of H&E while we are away. Everyone else is coming with me. It's high time we take the HMS our for training run, since she's been in dock for quite some time. Time to take the ol' girl out for spin eh? And grind up all the new Fresh Meat that's been coming to the island!"


"Yarr Harr Harr Harr!!!" Everyone grunted and chuckled in amusement.


"We may be clean on the outside..." I got up from my seat and put my hands on the table. "..BUT WE'RE STILL BAD TO THE CORE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!" I raised my fist in excitement and laughed maniacally.


"HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!" Everyone at the table began to get riled up, and pounded their fists on the table in unison.


After the meeting, I dismissed everyone, and we all went back to shore. Lee & Eggie went back to their own places as they work the night shift and needed their rest. Alpha, Ash, & Sakura-chan, went back to the Tavern to celebrate Sakura-chan's new promotion. Nick & Smiter went back to their office to discuss matters of importance. I made my way back to my office above the Tavern. As I came inside, I had already saw that Alpha, Ash, & Sakura-chan were partying it up and already causing a ruckus, dancing & singing all drunk. I passed by them and they tried to get me to join them, but I called in for another time, and they all gave me this look of 'you're always busy, stop being busy and celebrate!'. I shook my head at them, and smiled my way out of it. Just before I went upstairs, Blayze handed me my night cap and told me that Yoko was looking for me.


"Oy, Lloyd!" Blayze stopped me briefly.


"What's up, Paul?" I asked.


He leaned over to me and told me. "Melly-chan's got some new guy she wants you to meet. She was here earlier with him, but you were away, so I think she's still upstairs in your office with him waiting for you."


I looked at him and he was giving me this weird look, as if something shifty was going on. At first, I wasn't sure what he meant, but then I realized that he meant, that the person might be someone important. "Oh! Okay, I get it. Yeah I'll try to be nice."


Blayze gave a chuckle, and continued serving up drinks for the on-going party. As I made my way upstairs, I saw that my office door was slightly open, and I could see two figures inside. As I opened my door, there Yoko was along side her was another boy, roughly about her age, maybe a few years older. He had a strange dark shadow about him, but then stepped into the light and smiled.


"Ah! Taichou!" She called me by that title since she was in front of company. "This is my brother, the nicer one, DarkItachiSharingan (DIS)."


He walked over to me and held out a hand to shake mine.


"It's nice to finally meet you, I've heard so much about you and H&E from Yoko. I hope I can stay here for a while, since I'm able to come and visit my little sister."


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Disclaimer & Author's Note: This is the Final Official chapter in the HMS NaruSaku. I haven't decided on any continuations, or any type of "Gaidens", since H&E has & hopefully always will continue to go on. This story has been one magnificent ride from beginning to end, I suppose it lost touch with actual facts somewhere after chapter 39 or so, but it didn't matter anymore since it all deals with H&E mostly and not NarutoForums. But in any case, I personally am ending it as we don't really have an enemy anymore, and the times are changing. This is one of the longest fics I have written so far in my career as an author, and I think leaving at 50 chapters is a good feel for me. I apologize for those of you who wished the journey would go on, and if I could write more, but I'm just getting too tired. Thanks goes out to everyone who has come to read this, if you were entertained then my mission is completed. If you were moved by it, and found yourself joining H&E to experience the people like in the story, then welcome to the H&E community and hope you found yourself a good home here with us. Thank you to everyone who has been with me, and the NaruSaku club from the very beginning. Without you, this could not have been possible and this story & fic would not exist. If I could go back in time to live it all again, I wouldn't change a thing. To those who have been "inducted" in a sense, congratulations for making it this far, and for making an impact enough that you were welcomed into the story. For those who wanted to be in it, but couldn't quite make the cut, I want you to know that despite not seeing your name in there, for every reference made to "crew", "fan club", or any "narusaku people" (i.e. fresh meat), you are included simply for being apart of us. I won't do individual thank you(s), because that would take too long, but you know who you are, and you know what & why I thank you for (as I'm sure I've said the same thing in the same speech nearly 100 times). Thank you again, and enjoy the 2 Part Finale Episode of the HMS NaruSaku.

Chapter 50: All Falls Down
Subtitle: Finale




It's been almost three years since that day ...


... three long years, since the day I lost her ...


... since the day everything finally ended, and we had gained complete freedom ...


... I only wish ...


... she could have been here to see it.


I was on my boat, sailing out in the middle of no where, with Sori downstairs, and I was standing on deck at the steering wheel, feeling the cool ocean breeze upon my war-hardened face. I hadn't worn that long coat or hat since those three years, nor have picked up my sword again since then. Peace time, it was the peace time agreement that kept everyone at bay. And here I was, still out here at sea, hoping, thinking, believing that she was still down there. Nothing but water as far as the eye could see, nothing out here but ocean and sky. I stopped the boat at the exact spot where we had lost her, and where we had said our goodbyes. I stood over to the edge of the boat, and leaned over to look.




Nothing, but deep blue.


I lost focus and all I could see was my own reflection on the surface of the water. Just then, Sori came up from the lower cabin, and stood over next to me, holding onto my arm. The warmth of her body next to mine brought me back to reality. All I could do was close my eyes, put my hand onto hers, and give a heavy sigh.


"I know, dear." She spoke to me in her soft voice. "I know."


I opened my eyes, turned around, and sat down onto the side of the boat where there was seating. Sori sat next to me and stroked my arm in comfort.


"I can still hear it, and see it as clearly as you do. I was there too remember?" She spoke again in a more sad and reminiscent tone.

Part 1: Siege
Three Years Ago ...


HMS NaruSaku - At Sea




'There was a major storm last night, nearly rocked the boat sideways. But luckily we were ready for it, and everyone was at their posts. Six days out to sea, and all the Fresh Meat we brought with us on this training exercise have been grounded into their positions. I can proudly say that they are learning fast, and are almost ready to become full members of the HMS NaruSaku & her crew.'


I was sitting in my captain's room, writing in my Captain's Log.


'Six days ... it's already been six days since left H&E, and I still haven't received any information from either LHG, or Cody (HH). It feels like there's something wrong, something is eating away at me, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps I'm still suffering from those images the Perfects put into my head. Ever since then I've had nightmares, terrible terrible nightmares. Always the same image of the Burning Ship, a City in Ruin, people running, screaming, and dying, and that feeling ... that feeling that I'm going to lose someone. Every night, I wake up in cold sweat and I find that I am unable to breathe at times. For the first time in years ... I'm almost afraid. And even if I know that this was what the Perfects' final words would do to me, I mustn't give in to it. Everything will be fine, I've got the finest crew members, and people with me. I could never doubt anyone.'


I paused for a moment.


'Not a single person ...'


Just as I was finishing my Captain's Log, there was a knock at my door.


"Come in."


The door opened and it was Yoko.


"Here are the reports from H&E home-base, Taichou." She handed me the paper files, and walked out. As she closed the door behind her, I saw that her brother as standing outside waiting for her.


"Him." I spoke quietly to myself.


'Something about him rubs me wrong.' I began to think to myself, and review over the report from the Island.


H&E Island Report

(For Captain's Eyes Only)


Things are going where here at H&E so far, we've received many new members and applicants for Fresh Meat in the past few days as well. There have been no complaints, or any outside problems either. Only the occasional Library or Gallery problem, but nothing we couldn't fix ourselves. Also no news from our end about confirmation. Tan-chan & the Trouble Trio (Jack, Danny, & Juri) have decided to join forces for the time being and share info with each other, trying to see if they can gain any new information or better leads. Training for the new members has already begun, and we've already begun boot camp for those who wished to enter as soon as possible. No new politics going on from either H&E or NF.


Shauna-chan sends her best regards, even though she wished she could have joined you guys out there at sea. Nick & Eggie are doing fine as well, Nick & I have been working rigorously together in enforcing new rules & regulations. We've also upgraded much of the Island with more space and design. M1abrams & Jwolf0 have been taking in many new volunteers who wished to join the H&E Public Safety Squad (PSS), and security has been updated as well.


Nothing new on my end, but I have been keeping a keen eye open on anything suspicious. I wonder if you are getting that strange feeling that something feels wrong. Anyway, send me a report back as well. Good Luck on your end, and keep your guard up.





"So that's how it is." I hummed to myself. "So you're getting that weird feeling in your gut too, huh Smiter."


I filed his report and decided to go inspect the ship all around once more. I looked outside the window and saw nothing, but pure thick fog.


"God, I have a bad feeling about this ..."



H&E Island - Back Home




Back at home, the storm also hit the island and there was a thick fog covering all over the island. It was so thick that it seemed like a big white sheet had blanketed over H&E. But despite the fog, H&E and its residents continued on with their daily schedules. The H&E Cafe still ran it's business, Jaredstar was there running the business as AfterDeath was on the HMS serving as the ship's cook since UN (Uzumaki Naruto) was away. The H&E Lounge was still bumping with heavy beats, as Star-chan (starlite) kept playing her music, while Oyaji-san (rathgar) kept it cool for all the members who chilled there. In the Library Sector, it was a little hard to read since the fog blocked out much of the sky, but even so, many of the H&E residents continued to go and enjoy reading many of the archives. Desaix still gained a big crowd at his story discussions all the time. Meanwhile over at the H&E Gallery, most of our artists were still continuing their work, and residents still kept going to view the artists & their works. Also at the H&E Tavern, since Blayze was on the HMS, TheBugNinja volunteered from his weapon smithing to run the Bar & Tavern while Blayze was gone. Nikko didn't mind since BugNin, could still come visit her at the end of the day. Nikko ran her Shoppe with no problems by herself. Katie (Steeled-Ecstacy) had received a regular number of patients at her clinic while Haylee (Quitled-Remorse) was on the HMS, nothing too serious, just the practical accidents & injuries.


Despite the heavy fog, M1abrams & Jwolf0 continued on with their patrolling and training of the new volunteers, they jogged through the fog around the island in unison. Tan-chan & the Trouble Trio were sitting in their back alleyway discussing facts & other types of information amongst each other, trying to figure out who the Mole of H&E was. As well as Tan-chan discussing her fun fact adventure about how she tried to discover the “Secrets of the Captain.


Eggie-chan was at her place, unable to sleep because of the eerie fog. To her it felt like an unnatural darkness of night, so she couldn't quite rest until her Officer shift. Sakura-chan (Sakura Blossoms) went around H&E on her first duty as an Officer of H&E, going around meeting up with people, and enforcing the rules her own way. While, Nick & Smiter sat in their office discussing politics, new rules, and updates about H&E.


Even some people from NF had decided to come and visit H&E for a time, but were unable to return back to NF due to the heavy fog. But that was okay, since they were more than happy to stay a little long here at H&E. Mizura seemed very displeased since she had to deal with a lot of our new members who seemed very immature and noobish. Rinzen along with her, meeting up with old friends, and what not. Even Occa (OccasionalUtopica/Mel) came by to the island to see how things were going on our end, since she couldn't come visit us with her job over at NF. She stopped by Nikko's shoppe and even got her precious "Hand-Cannon" upgraded a bit. Mikah & Pan-chan (+*PAn*+) came over to check out the H&E Gallery to see how well it was compared to the NF NaruSaku Gallery.


Everything was going absolutely fine, life was going on, and there wasn't a worry in sight ...



Ocean - Just off shore of H&E




... the shoreline was just in sight of them. The thick fog giving them complete cover, undetected by the Island goes & its inhabitants. Soon there will be fire. Soon there will be destruction. Soon it will all come to an end.


Through the thick fog, surrounding the entire Island, several hundred boats began to come close to shore, and a hundred battle ships were circling into formation.


The shadow of the shoreline was almost close enough to dock, and still there was no one in sight.


No one to take notice ...



HMS NaruSaku - At Sea




I had just finished my inspection of the entire ship from top to bottom, everything looked to be in order, everyone was where they were supposed to be, and the ship was sailing smoothly. Blayze was in the Ship's Galley, along with AfterDeath preparing for dinner and after set drinks. Lee (shinyu) & Haylee (QR) were in the Ship's Infirmary, helping some of the Fresh Meat who seemed to come down with severe sea-sickness, nothing overly dramatic. Ash (sharingank) & Alpha (alphabet) were on the main deck, manning their posts, making sure security checks were all in order. Sori was piloting the ship, but also at the same time playing her WoW (World of Warcraft), which was really funny, because when I was going up to check on her, all she kept saying was "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." like a zombie. But that was okay, because I knew she was at least still doing her job. Even Geno (Geno Calamari) came back for a brief moment to join us on this voyage, although he spent most of his time alone at the Ship's Bar. I met Bassclef somewhere in the middle of the ship, he was doing is round of inspections as well, and we simply nodded as we passed each other.


Also somewhere along the way, I ran into a more or less "stowaway" on our ship, even though she was more than welcome to come join us. K-chan (Yuriko/Keira) ran into me all of a sudden, and gave me this mischievous smile. At first I shook my head at her as in "Oh no, now what have you done?", but instead chuckled to myself and let her go off. Throughout my entire inspection it was funny because from time to time, I saw that Yoko was still giving DarkItachi a tour of the ship form that time she came to my office. Funny because indeed it was a pretty big ship, even I haven't fully uncovered all it's secrets. Finally I made my way out onto the outside deck of the HMS NaruSaku, the thick fog still shrouding the entire ship. Not matter what direction, or how fast we were going, it was like there was no escape. Nothing in any direction, just a wall of opaque white everywhere. I stood over the edge, leaning onto the railing, just taking in the fresh ocean air. It felt cold out today, the wind was blowing lightly, something you couldn't really sail in, but then again we didn't use sails. There was a strange sound in the wind, something almost ... unnatural. Just then the air began to thicken, and become almost unbreathable, I had such a hard time breathing that I immediately went back inside gasping for air.


"What the hell is going on? That smell ..." I was regaining my composure, and then put my hand over my mouth. "... it was almost like ... blood."


Just before I was going to go back out to confirm whether my instincts were right, there was a sudden overhead page.


"Captain. You are required in your office immediately. It's an URGENT MESSAGE."


I put the thought aside for now, and made my way back to my office on the main deck. As I was making my way back to my office, it began to rain again, the sound of the hard rain echoing through the halls of the ship. Something began to stir within me, that feeling of something terribly wrong was beginning to get a whole lot worse. But also, something told me that this urgent message would only bring bad news. I exited the elevator lift and went straight into my office without looking at anyone, and sat down at my desk to look at the screen panel before me. I touched the screen to secure my office, and make sure it was private, and accessed the message ...


It was from Cody (HH).


Dear Captain,


If you are reading this message it means, I've been found out and don't have much time left. They've already cut off any means of escape for me and I've no choice but to give myself up soon. I've found more info about the mole, and it seems the entire time we've been played from day 1. They used one of our own from the very beginning and manipulated that person with them even knowing it. When I had learned of such a despicable operation and way to use such a person, it nearly made me sick to the core. And of all people, they had to use her. But that's not the worse part of it, to be partnered up with such a sick maniacal bastard; I don't know how she could withstand such a person. I couldn't quite get a name, but what I do know is that they have a strange relationship to one another. That's as close as I could get to that plan.


But now things have turned to another situation. Captain, we are all in grave danger. I hope this message reaches you before it's to late.



As I read the next sentence, then looked at the date of the message, suddenly my eyes opened up with utter horror as I nearly jumped out of my chair, and rushed over to hit the RED alert button. But indeed ... it was too late.





The last bit of information had said ...


Both enemy (N***H***) islands have completely mobilized and are heading for HMS & H&E.



... and the message was sent nearly six days ago, from the moment we had left H&E.



H&E Island - Residential Sector




The residents of H&E were just going about their day, living life, enjoying their activities. Somewhere in that "Shadowy Corner", the Trouble Trio were sitting around their make-shift table discussing ...


"Hey hey Juri-chan! So do you think that Tan-chan's stories about the Captain are true?" Jack (Quixotic Novice) spoke playfully sitting down on his makeshift chair.


Juri-chan (pocky_luver) crossed her arms and gave this look as if she were pondering. But then gave this grin and said. "I don't know about being 8 different demons, but he is still Devil-sama!"


All three of them began to laugh, and were having a merry time, when suddenly ...


"Hey do you guys hear something?" Danny (GoneKrazy) said turning his head towards the sky as if looking for something.


"Hear what, Dan-Dan?" Juri asked him.


Danny stood up for a bit, and cupped his hand around his hear to listen more carefully. "Almost like a muffled pop, then a whistling sound of something fallin-"





There was a great explosion to one of the buildings that created their Shadowy Corner! Jack & Juri where thrown back against the wall due to the explosion, But Danny was no where to be found.


Meanwhile from the Arts Sector, DeathWorks was doing his daily patrol as Gallery Security, when suddenly ...





There came more great explosions, all simultaneously from every direction. All over the island everything and everywhere was being bombarded with cannon fire.





There went half of the Gallery Sector.





There went half of the Library Sector.





Nearly the entire Resident Sector had been demolished and blown to bits.


H&E was under attack, just then the island's air raid siren went off signaling full-scale attack. People of H&E were getting out of their homes, and trying to evacuate, or gather arms to fight back! From the first explosion, Smiter & Nick immediately went to the emergency broadcast room, and tried to alert everyone, but the explosions had hit the power generator and it was already too late. As they could see from their office, the docks were already beginning to become overrun with the enemy. As if out from the thick fog like ghosts, they laid siege to H&E. The only thing they could do was sound the alert, hope that everyone was at least quick to their sense, and stand up and fight. Smiter took up his sword once again after many months, and Nick knew exactly what he had to do. The two of them exited their office, and walked out seeing hundreds of enemies rampage through our home.


"Gather all the women, children, injured, any survivors, and evacuate." Smiter said in a very dark tone. "Get out and try to make for the Isle Del Sorna (See Chapter 27 for reference), and tell the others the same."


"I understand." Nick acknowledged his orders, and nodded his head. "I'll send for help from the safe station we set up over there. And see if we can reach the HMS & Hoku."


"Something tells me he's dealing with the same problem right about now." Smiter spoke as he drew forth his blade. "But do it anyway. Get out. Save as many as you can. And good luck."


They nodded to each other and parted ways. Nick rushing in the opposite direction looking for the other Officers, to gather them and give orders. While Smiter, walked directly into the direction of the enemy siege, the wind beginning to blow with him (See Chapter 47 for reference about Smiter/Wind).



HMS NaruSaku - At Sea







The entire ship shook from the multiple explosions. Just before I had hit the RED alert button, I was knocked away and back into my desk. The force of the impact of my back to the desk nearly broke my back, but luckily my desk wasn't completely solid, and it was flat. After the first round of explosions, I then had realized that ... it wasn't from the outside, but explosions from the inside! My head was still fuzzy from the impact, but I could hear that the RED alert alarm was going off, the red lights flashing. The next thing I knew, Ash & Alpha came rushing into my office to check on me.


"Taichou! Taichou! Are you alright?" Alpha pulled me to my feet. While Ash was clearing out my room making sure there was nothing suspicious going on around here.


"Clear!" Ash holstered her guns, and came over to help Alpha carry me out of my office.


"Report." I said in a weak voice as I still had the wind knocked out of me.


"We've lost all main power, most of our life support, and long distance communications. Auxiliary power is on, but it's not enough to power the entire ship, at least not with all the people we have on board." Sori was going through the list of problems. "We're pretty much dead in the water, with no engine, no power, and we can't make calls for help, at least not from H&E."


"Call for help, anyone." I told her.


"I'll get too it." She nodded her head, and began working on the control panel underneath her console. "It's not much, but I can tap into the auxiliary power to boost our GPS signal, so at least we'll be on the map like a small island or something. Someone's bound to at least see it and come check it out."


It wasn't the best choice, cutting off any available power especially since we need it for life support, but we were in the middle of no where and we needed help. Everyone looked at me and knew the situation and what had to be done.


"Do it." I told her in a dark tone.


"Okay." Sori nodded her head again, and got to work.


Alpha & Ash helped me over to the Captain's chair, and sat me up awaiting orders. I was still trying to shake off the fuzziness, and regain my composure, but that impact was really hard. Finally I regained some of my senses, and everything wasn't shaking anymore. I put my hand to my head, and began to process my thoughts.


"Prepare the lifeboats, and get as many people you can off. Find & help the injured, secure off any fires, and get everyone to safety first. The last thing we need is panic-" But of course, I spoke too soon.





Suddenly there were explosions from the outside. The ship now rocking from side to side, as if we were being pounded from opposite directions.


I braced myself in my chair from the last explosion. "Now what?"


And before we could see it, through the rain & fog where the N***H*** ships, completely surrounding us. There were nearly five or ten ships that had us surrounded, and kept firing at us. Just then the three girls looked at me in utter shock and didn't know what to say. All I could do was hit the overhead com, and say ...


"All hands, prepare for battle ..."



H&E Island - Under Siege




Meanwhile on the Island, Nick had successfully Eggie & Sakura-chan, whom got their orders and went off to gather survivors and the injured.


On the Library Front, they were being over run by hundreds of enemy forces. Tatsu & Mira fought off the enemy from the rear trying to clear an escape route, escorting Lackey_H & Hime-sama (kenhime) out of the battle. Even Lackey put in a good fight as well, he summoned up his ultimate technique!


"ZOMBIE-HINATA GO!" Lackey exclaimed in an evil way, and laughed on as his avatar beat up those enemies that were indeed Hinatards that supported N***H***.


While Hime-sama, helped secure what precious archives we had, and tried to salvage whatever works of literacy she could, but there was just too many. But on the front end of the fight, Faucon, tun, Byron Konoha Ninja, desaix, held off the enemy line for a good while. Faucon was trying to stop the fires going on in the main archives, and tun took a hit for Faucon while his back was turned. As well as Bryon took a blow for desaix just as the enemy began to charge into the archives; he sealed off the entrance, pushing desaix out. Only Faucon & desaix walked out of that firestorm, and could only imagine that the others got out before the entire archive collapsed into itself. Tatsu & the others also made out the back way, and sealed the back way closed. It was a painful thing to do, but it the only way to take out the invading force that came to the Library Sector.


It was different story over in the Gallary Sector. Mikah & Pan-chan (+*PAn*+) where caught in the first explosion, but it was Pan-chan that took most of the blast. Niky, Juujuu, & mame tried to salvage what they could, but were caught in an enemy crossfire. Hinano fought as fiercely as she could conjure up whatever soldier she could draw. She brought her works of art to life (much similar to that of Sai from Naruto), and could only save Niky from that horrible crossfire.


But where the fight really was, was on the front line!


Smiter, M1abrams, Jwolf0, Occa, Nikko & BugNin, even Miz & Rinzen, were all there fighting off the enemy hordes! It was like pure chaos, explosions coming from everywhere, even into their own lines, but they just kept coming and coming. Smiter was slicing down anywhere from a fifty to a hundred bodies, left and right, while trying to dodge enemy fire. Occa dealt with anti-air, trying to take out enemy fire from the distance, as well as trying to set off the sea-mines that we had in place for such an attack (water to land). Nikko & BugNin where with Occa, fighting off the enemy trying to buy Occa time. Miz & Rinzen went into monster mode, and took out as many enemy transport boats as they could, but even the enemy were prepared for that, and attempted to take down Mizura. But in his act of loyalty, Rinzen took the blow for Miz, and went down. That only enraged Miz more, and she went into full berserker mode. M1abrams & Jwolf0 attacked together, trying hold the line with Smiter, but also trying to help evacuate civilians from the battle at the same time. M1, used his Fire Watcher Arts to put out as many fires as he could, and keep the island from completely burning down. Jwolf0 on the other hand decided to take the fight to the ships, by taking his H&E Air Brigade into the fight. They launched out from the Island, into the air, and landed onto multiple enemy ships at sea, trying to make quick raids from ship to shop to stop the constant bombardment.



HMS NaruSaku - Bridge Room




It was already a losing fight. The HMS was being completely over run with enemy forces, and we didn't have enough manpower to fight them back this time. Blayze & Bassclef were fighting side by side somewhere mid-ship, trying to hold the line from there. Ash & Alpha were on another end, fighting their way through the enemy trying to get to the escape pods, and leading crew members out. Lee (shinyu) & Haylee (QR) were also fighting their way through, defending the infirmary, along with the injured, and trying to hold out until Ash & Alpha came to get them out. Among the injured was Geno, himself, but of course, he took down a good number of N***H*** before they could take the old lion with him. Meanwhile, K-chan & nick (animeluvr) where defending the engine room, trying to keep the N***H*** at bay, while nick was trying to pump water out of the engine room and keep it from exploding. And of course, Sori & I were holding off the main bridge room, so that they wouldn't gain control of the ship. We had barricaded the door, and stood fast, holding it together as best as we could.


That was the problem, we were all separated, and caught with our guard down in a weakened state. The ship damaged from the inside, now damaged from the outside, and now being over run with enemy forces ...


It was all becoming true. Everything the Perfects had implanted into my head, it was becoming true.


The ship was burning down, we were trying to evacuate, and soon the third image was coming back to me.


I was going to lose someone close & dear to me. The only other person with me was Sori ...


The sudden ill thought of that I would lose her came over me, and I nearly froze in mid-battle as the door was being rammed from the other side. I looked over to her and couldn't help but have that look of concern and worry. She looked back at me and could almost sense that something at that very moment had entered into my mind. Just then she reached over to grab my hand and held on tight to reassure me, and shook her head.



HMS NaruSaku - Ship's Galley




In the ship's Galley, AfterDeath was nearly blown away from one of the internal explosions. When he came too, he immediately got up and searched the area around for any survivors. He found some injured crew members lying around, and dragged them over to a safe undamaged area of the Galley. Just then he went into the kitchen that was nearly blown apart, and looked for the First Aid Kit. Just then he heard someone stabbing the few survivors that he had just rescued, and came rushing back into the Galley to see what happened.


"What the hell?" AfterDeath saw that someone had just came in and cut them down like cattle. And as he stood up, he turned around to face that perpetrator, but couldn't believe his eyes. "You bastard! ONLY YOU COULD DO THIS!"


And in his rage, AfterDeath took out his butcher's knife and was about to stab the perpetrator, when suddenly HE was stabbed in the back.


"AGGH!" AfterDeath shouted in pain, and just as he was dying, he turned around to face his killer. His eyes lit up with shock, confusion, and sorrow. In his final breath his voice spoke in a tone of sorrow, and compassion. "Y-you? Wh .. w-why?"


And finally AfterDeath's body collapsed to the ground, lifeless. His body lying in his own pool of blood, his eyes wide open, and they were tearing, reflecting the image of his killer.


"Come." Said the dark and malicious tone. "We have more work for you to do."



HMS NaruSaku - Bridge Room







The door felt as if it were going to collapse in on Sori & I who were on the other side.





The pounding of the battering ram the N***H*** used felt heavy against the solid barricade, but we both held fast.





The door began to creak open, and we could hear from the other side the enemy, crying "FORWARD! WE'RE ALMOST THROUGH! RAAAAGGGHH!!!". But just as they were going for their fourth and final blow to the door, their cries of charging, suddenly changed to a cry of blood & death. It sounded like they were being cut down from the other side. The last thing I could hear from them before it went silent was one of the N***H*** commanders shout "It's HER! The Angel Of Death! Kill her! COME ON! IT'S ONLY ONE GIRL!?". And that was the last thing said from the other side of the barricaded door, after that it was only the sound of people getting slaughtered and cut down like cattle. Soon it feel silent again, and there was a pounding at the door like a signal that it was all clear. Sori & I took down the barricade, and unlocked the door. As the door slide open apart, there stood a single blood covered girl, with katana in one hand, and wakazashi in the other. She looked up at me and smiled at us, and I was relieved to see her okay. She must have gotten separated from her brother in the initial attack.


"Yoko." I sighed in relief.


She sheathed her weapons, and walked over to us, nearly exhausted from cutting her way through countless enemies. "Sorry I'm late." And she nearly collapsed into my arms.


"Is she okay?" Sori came over to me and checked Yoko for any injuries.


"She'll be okay." I told Sori. "She's a lot tougher than you'd think. After all, she does take after me."


Sori shook her head again in disbelief, and began to chuckle at the both of us. Just then we set the bridge room to lockdown, and sink the ship down. I knew that it was better to sink the HMS NaruSaku, that to let her into the hands of the N***H***. We entered in the command codes to sink the ship down to the bottom of the sea, and locked the door behind us. I slung Yoko over my back & carried her since she went unconscious, and the two of us began to make our way to the escape route.


"Come on! We got to get out of here."



Isle Del Sorna - Evacuation Site




Nick had managed to save a good number of citizens, as well as round up the survivors from the Library & Gallery Sector. Unfortunately Eggie was injured in the initial bombardment, but luckily Katie (steeled-ecstacy) was there to treat her, along with the many other injured. Luckily Tsu-chan & Jiraiya, star-chan (starlite), Oyaji-san (rathgar), Tan-chan, Jack (QN), Juri (pocky), and even Rovert made it to the evacuation site. Everyone mostly regrouped on Isle Del Sorna ...


"We're lucky this island isn't charted on the maps, and the N***H*** only see this island as a death trap." Nick was explaining to the survivors. "After we had acquired the HMS from here, we had luckily built a safety zone, and the volcano had went dead. Smiter & Hoku knew that this would someday happen, and were prepared."


He paused for a moment, shook his head in grief, as he looked on at the siege that was still continuing at H&E across the sea line. He wanted so bad to go back and fight, but he knew that should Smiter fall, he was the next one in line. And there was no telling what had happened to the HMS, or Hoku. All he could do was set up the emergency communications, and lay low until a signal was received.


"Damn it all. How could we not have seen this coming ..." He cursed at himself, and continued to get the communications working.


Just then Shriner had arrived with another boat load of survivors and injured, and more importantly, he had Sakura-chan (Sakura Blossoms) over his shoulder. Nick came rushing over to him.


"What happened?" He asked Shriner.


Shriner put Sakura-chan down and Katie came rushing over to treat Sakura. "She took a mean blast from one of the cannons. Although I don't understand why she did it."


"Did what?" Nick asked.


"She ran into one of the buildings trying to get something. I thought she was completely off her mind and didn't come out for a good while. But after a few minutes she was coming right out with something in hand when the blast hit her nearly directly." Shriner explained cleaning his wounds. "Luckily it only blew her out into the air and not apart. I caught her before she hit the ground, and carried her all the way here."


Nick nodded his head and put a hand on Shriner's back proudly. "Good man."


"Yeah, thanks. Here." Shriner handed Nick something. "Don't know if this is of any importance, but it's what Sakura-chan went after."


Shriner handed Nick a paper a bunch of numbers and codes on it. Just then Nick's eyes opened, and he realized just what these codes where.


"Haha! Shauna, you've just gotten us our reinforcements!" Nick shouted into the open, and ran back over to the communications console to begin entering the codes. "Hang on H&E, help is on the way!"


"So what is it exactly?" Shriner asked curiously as he was the one who help brought them.


"Frequency numbers." Nick told him. "An emergency frequency that we have with our allies."


"Allies?" Shriner asked. "Who the hell are we calling?"


"Hitomi Wo Koete" Was all that Nick could say, as he needed to enter in the code properly and send an SOS message as quickly as possible. "I just hope they're still around, that's all."


"I got to get back there. They need more support and help getting people out of here." Shriner got right back up and headed off to the boats going back. Several other members able to fight also got up and headed back with Shriner in following; Tatsu, Mira, Lackey_H, and Hinano.


It was then that Nick saw something in Shriner that was pretty leadership worthy, and told him before left. "Hey! When this is over, come see me for a promotion."


"Heh." Shriner put a fist up, and turned it into a thumbs-up as he walked away.



H&E Island - Front Line




The fight was being drawn out far too long, and there was no real way to win this battle. Smiter was actually injured for the first time, but it was because of a minor blast from one of the ships. Occa, came to his side, and helped him away from the fight, and into some cover. They were losing the Front Line, and didn't know how much longer they could last. Jwolf0 & his H&E Brigade took out most of the ships surrounding the island, but there were just too many. Occa managed to get most of the mines to self-destruct manually taking out a few more ship, but there were still too many. Even Mizura in full berserker mode did her share of damage, but since the fight was being dragged out for too long, she reverted back into her normal form and needed a resting period.


But they held fast, as long as they could, until the volunteers who came back from Isle Del Sorna arrived and help reinforce the Front Line once again. They had all managed to divert all enemy attack through the docks, M1abrams sealed off most of the island, as well as put out most of the fires going on around, with his H&E Black Watch group (as in smoke watchers).


"I don't know how much longer we can keep going on like this." Jwolf0 told Smiter. "We've taken out most of all the cannons on the ships, but we couldn't sink the ships themselves. So at least we won't have to worry about bombardments anymore."


"I've managed to seal off most of H&E, along with most of the sectors so that the only way the can get into the city & Island itself is through the docks." M1abrams explained his report. "And of course there's only one way in or out of the docks."


"We've got the weapons supplies, and rations to fight it out." Nikko also added in.


But BugNin showed a grim face. "But we just don't have the man power to keep going on. Sooner or later, they are going to over run us."


There was a sudden silence amongst everyone, as what BugNin says is very true. Just then everyone looked to Smiter for orders, or advice. Anything at all to help lighten the mood, any chance of survival.


"Then we fight." Smiter said in a weak tone trying to regain his composure. He had just taken a force explosion almost at point blank, but with Smiter's speed, he got behind a busted wall in time for cover. "We fight until we can't fight anymore, we keep going until every last breath is gone from our bodies. We give them such a fight that we will be remembered. We give them such a fight that it will hurt even their spirits forever. We give them hell, before we give them H&E."


And with those words along, there was spark of encouragement that everyone needed. Those words alone were all they needed to hear from him. But before Smiter was about to stand up and do a charge of bravado, but that was when Shriner and reinforcements had come.


"Smiter! I bring news from Nick." Shriner came before Smiter. "There is hope. Even if it's a slim chance, there is still hope for help. Nick's called in for Hitomi Wo Koete. He says they've received our distress call, but it's going to take a while, even at their top speed. They said if we can hold out, then it's a promise of a lifetime that they will come. Just who, or what is Hitomi Wo Koete anyway?"


"Friends. Old Friends." Just then Smiter's eyes lit up with determination, and began to re-evaluate his bravado. "Then we'll hold out until they come. Here we will hold the line. Here we will show them that we won't give up our home. HERE! WE WILL SHOW THAT THE NARUSAKU SPIRIT WILL NEVER DIE!"



HMS NaruSaku - Infirmary




Ash & Alpha had finally reached the Infirmary and regrouped with Lee & Haylee. But the only way to the escape pod area was through the infirmary, which the enemy had barricaded them in with. They were trapped. Trapped from both ends, and no where to get out from. Just then there came an explosion from above the Infirmary, and down came a rope to climb. Instantly Ash drew her guns and fired before questioning.





"Hey hey! It's us Ash, it's us!" A familiar voice came from above.


Ash slightly lowered her aim, but cocked her guns ready to fire. "Paulie is that you?"


"OY! Who else is it going to be!?" And out popped that fiery red hair and attitude that only one person had, Blayze! "Matt's here with me, we heard you guys got cornered, so we went above and see if we couldn't get you out of that hell hole."


"Matty you up there too?" Ash yelled up.


"Yeah, hey Ash." Out popped Bassclef's head, despite all the excitement and fighting, he still had that lazy and tired look upon him.


And so they began to get people to climb up and into the upper decks and make their way to the escape route. Alpha was the first to climb up and help secure a route. As soon as she got up there, she ran over to Blayze and gave him a big hug.


"God you don't know how glad I am to see you okay!" She told him as she glomped him.


Blayze was glomped and he was laughing merrily to be glomped. "Haha! Alpha-chan it's great to see you okay too!"


After the moment, they got down to business and started helping people up and out of the Infirmary. The door was being rammed from both sides, and now it was only a matter of time before it would break down.


HMS NaruSaku - Ship's Galley




Sori & I had just made our way into the Galley area, and found it completely empty. Only dead bodies where here, but to our shock it was AfterDeath's body that really grabbed our attention. We both made our way over to him, and inspected his lifeless body.


"AD! AD!" Sori cradled and cried over his body, as he was like a little brother to her. "Those DAMN N***H***! Blowing up kids!"


"No." I told her, then looked at his body. "He was stabbed."


Sori then looked at me with a soft rage boiling inside of her. "W-what?"


"There, in the back. He was stabbed in the back by someone." I pointed his wound out for Sori to look. "And what's worse, is that I think someone got close to him to do that."


Just then Sori's sadness turned to rage. "Who could, or even would do such a thing? He was such a good kid."


"I know, Sori. I know." I paused for a moment, and closed my eyes in silence for AfterDeath. Then I took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. Someone he knew had to have gotten close to him, close enough that it shocked him, then they could have stabbed him. And I only knew one person close enough to him that could have such an effect. Just then I felt Yoko shiver & shake slightly, and looked to her on my back. She was still unconscious, but for some reason she was shivering uncontrollably. We had to get out of here.


"Come on, Sori. We got to keep moving and catch up with everyone else." I told Sori, but she didn't want to let go of AD's body. "You have to let him go."


"I-I can't." She began crying again.


"I know. I don't want to leave him too, but we can't stay either." I gritted & grinded my teeth, then found that I was clenching my fist so tightly with rage at this my hand started to shake uncontrollably. Just then I calmed my nerves, and put a warm firm hand onto her shoulder.


She put her hand onto my hand, and slowly let go of AD's body. Before we left, she put her hand over his eyes and closed them for him. She wiped her tears away, and got up to follow me. Just then she grabbed my hand and squeezed tightly as we made our way through the wreckage. Yoko was still shivering slightly, and I spoke to her quietly.


"Hang on. Just hang on."


HMS NaruSaku - Main Deck (topside)




Ash & Alpha had led everyone to the escape route, but when they reached the door to the escape pods, the door was completely jammed shut.


"kitten. The power must have been cut off when the N***H*** begun their attack." Ash swore at the door and arbitrarily shot it with her gun.


Alpha tried busting the door open with her MegaTon hammer, but the door was specifically sealed tightly for such attacks, and only opened on emergency. "Well that's bullsh*t! It is a kittening emergency damnit, so open already!"


After a few more angry swings, the door wouldn't bulge, not even crack. Now it was time for a new plan, they needed to get out of the ship before it sank, and the only way out would have to be through the topside.


"We've got no choice everyone. We have to fight our way to topside, and probably try and over take one of the enemy ships." Ash took charge. "Listen up, I won't lie to you. Our chances of survival are pretty grim right now. But I will tell you one thing, if you don't give up on me, I won't give up on you. And you all know that the Inner Kyuubi doesn't give up without a damn FIGHT!"


Despite fearing the wrath of Inner Kyuubi, the Fresh Meat knew well that she was on their side, and that the rage was now on their side. So this gave a great boost in morale and camaraderie, and what better than a strong, fearless, beautiful leader to lead them to the surface. Through victory or death, they would follow her no matter what now.



Isle Del Sorna - Evacuation Site




Nick had been relaying the distress signal for nearly ten to fifteen minutes, waiting, hoping, praying that Hitomi Wo Koete had gotten the call, but there had been no response. A sudden feeling of heaviness fell into Nick's stomach, what if Hitomi Wo Koete wasn't there anymore. It had been nearly a year, year & a half since they first came into their own. And in actuality we hadn't really been able to go over and give our support since we were also just starting out as well. Or perhaps we haven't been keeping in touch with each other for so long that they might have forgotten all about us, and even how to get to us. So many downfall thoughts entered into his mind, but it was that little light of hope that, maybe, just maybe, everything he had just said to himself was completely opposite.


He prayed and held hope that Hitomi Wo Koete did get the message, and even Hinata--chan herself will come to our aid.


"Please work. Please work." He kept praying and praying to the NaruSaku Ancients, and not a minute late, his prayers were answered.


There came a sudden mass explosion, not from the island, but from the sea! They could hear high-pitched propellers screaming through the water, and see them hit enemy ships!


"They got it! They got our message!" Nick nearly jumped out and ran into the water for joy. "HAHA! THEY STILL LIVE!"



H&E Island - The Last Charge




It was grave indeed, munitions were finally starting to run out, and the final defenders of H&E were nearing that death point of being completely surrounded. It was as BugNin had said, completely out-numbered, out-gunned, and out of recourses. Everyone had grouped all together at the Front Line of whatever barricade they had set up. Now was their last chance for a last bravado, now was their chance to go out in a blaze of glory.


Smiter stood before all of them, one arm clutched at his other, sword in hand. He looked from side to side, it was almost an exact replay of the time he & the others were ambushed by the S***S*** (see Chapters 32 & 33 for reference). He now understood that feeling that filled the captain. It was either run away with our head behind our tails, or stand and fight.


Smiter raised his sword into the air, and gave that same last battle cry that the captain had made at that time. "TO THE BITTER END! FOR THE HMS NARUSAKU! FOR HEAVEN & EARTH! FOR NARUSAKU! FOOOOWWAAARRRRD! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!"


And with great courage, he charged into enemy lines straight into the still on-coming hordes of N***H***, everyone screaming and crying out for blood behind him! All of them, the last line of defense, nothing left behind, nothing to worry about, kill or be killed, nothing left to fight for, except JUST CAUSE.




Everyone screamed together in unison, charging straight into enemy fire! To them, everything simply went silent. No explosions, no enemy battle cries, no orders of retreat, just blind bloodlust to kill as many as they could, and take as many as they could with them to hell. Deep into enemy lines, back to one another, blood everywhere, whether it was friends or foes, it didn't matter. Just keep fighting, keep fighting until you can't fight anymore ...





... and that's when the sound came back. The high-pitched scream of torpedoes cutting through the water, and exploding on enemy ships! Reinforcements had come! Smiter looked to the sea and saw something & someone whom he hadn't seen in such a long time! It was the Red October (the SasuHina) typhoon class submarine! Along with other smaller U-Boats (small submarines)! All decorated in their different shades of Blue on Blue, representing SasuHina! Out from the water just like sea people the SasuHina forces came to land to help us in the fight, all of them lead by none other than, Hinata--chan herself! Just then Shriner realized something.


"Hitomi Wo Koete ..." Shriner began to understand and figured out the translation. "... Beyond the Eyes"


Just then Smiter came over to Shriner and put a strong hand onto his back. "Yes, the SasuHina. Our long time forgotten allies & friends! HAHA! I knew they'd come!"


It was at that moment, the fog was beginning to clear, and sun shined through the mess of it all. N***H*** ships were either being blown out of the sea, or making their retreat. The SasuHina left no survivors as the N***H*** never left any survivors on H&E. Eye for an eye, kill for kill, blood for blood, no mercy was going to be shown this time.


(continued in 2nd post below)

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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(continued from 1st post above)



HMS NaruSaku - Main Deck (topside)




Ash was leading everyone to topside of the ship. They fought through nearly a hindered or more so enemy forces in tight spaces, and some in damaged areas of the ship. Ash & Alpha stood at the front line, while Blayze & Bass guarded the rear, no matter where they went they kept getting attacked from all directions. It was like a bad video game where enemies would just spawn from anywhere, and come out of places that you didn't even knew was possible. They just kept going and fighting off whoever came from anywhere. They were nearing topside, and could still hear cannon fire going off, yet it was strange because none of the said cannon fire was hitting the ship, but it was still making explosions.


"Come on people, we're almost there! I can see the doorway to the main deck!" Ash yelled back to encourage what was left of the HMS crew.


Finally they had broken free and out of the damaged ship, it's damaged hallways, death traps, and finally reached surfaces, more or less. And to their surprise, several of the N***H*** ships were smoking and shot down as well. Instead there was a very familiar ship that cleared through the heavy fog, only one ship that could clear through the fog, through it, and even ABOVE it. And then there was the battle cry that came from the sky.




There was only one other person who used that battle cry, only one, and it was the only person who would come to our aid in such dire need!


"The Belafonte!? Tony is that you!?" Ash yelled out amidst all the chaos (that chaos being our rescuer).


"The one and only babe! I saw the signal, recognized it, saw the attack, and I come a running & fightin'! And I didn't come alone either!" Aethos shouted from above.


"Yo!" Arashi peered over the side to show his face and wave a hand.


"AHAHAHAHAH! He caught up with me and nearly begged to come with me!" Aethos bellowed out carelessly.


"That's not how I remember it!" Arashi interrupted Aethos.


"Yeah Yeah, anywho, enough with the happy reunion. We took out most of the enemy ships, some got away, and there are still people on board." Aethos gave a big-thumbs up. "But in any case, ya'll need a ride?"


And the Belafonte hovered her way down into the water, as it docked next to the half sunken HMS NaruSaku, they began to load up survivors and injured into the Belafonte.


HMS NaruSaku - Some where mid-ship




Sori & I were still somewhere mid-ship, every turn we made only took us to a dead end, or a death trap by water. The stairwells were starting to fill with water slowly, and nearly half the ship was already sunken. We decided to stop and rest for a few moments since we were lost, and tried to figure out a plan of escape.


"We have to keep moving." I urged Sori to get up.


She sat down on the wet floor, back leaning against the wall. The water rippling back and forth, mixed with blood. "Do you think everyone else got out safely?"


"I know it. I have a good feeling everyone is okay right now." I reassured Sori, then thought of another related issue. "I just hope H&E is okay. They're probably fighting off the N***H*** at the home front as we speak."


"Yeah. I hope everyone at home is okay too." Sori put her hands on her knees and rubbed them. "I just want to go home."


"I know." I came to her side and put my hand onto her shoulder again. "I know."


Suddenly something had caught my eye almost immediately. We were in one of the vital areas of the HMS NaruSaku, it was near one of the many control panels and power sources of the ship. I saw that someone had tampered with the control panel, and it looked as if someone had set up an explosive to blow the mid-ship generator. The explosion pattern made it clear that this was no accident, and someone indeed had set this all up. It all led back to the Mole, the traitor. This only proved more evidence that one of our own actually set this up and set up the HMS to explode all over the ship from the inside. It was all apart of their plan. Get an insider, close enough to get into the ship, then set charges at various points, disable the ship from the inside, then we would be defenseless from any attack.


"Damn it all." I swore beneath my breath, and began to grind my teeth in anger.


"Forget it, Hoku. First things first, let's get out of here. Then we'll deal with the bastard that set us up." Sori got up from her spot and came over to me, as she saw the rage going through my body.


Yoko was still knocked out cold; it was just then that I had realized that my long coat was leaving that trail of blood in the water. I looked at myself, and check if I was injured. But to my horror, it wasn't me that was injured, but the person I was carrying all this time on my back ... Yoko.


I immediately put her down, and checked her for injuries. She had a deep wound on her side.


"Oh my God. Hold on! We'll patch you up okay?" I began to search for any kind of bandages, or something to wrap her wound up so it wasn't open. "My God, all this time, and she didn't say anything. Stupid girl! Why didn't you say anything!"


My rage began to peak up again, but instead it wasn't really rage, instead concern and anxiety.


"Sori! I need something to tie up her wound until we can get to Haylee! QUICK!"


Sori quickly rummaged through the damaged rooms of the ship, trying to find anything, pillow cases, shirts, towels, anything cloth so we could slow Yoko's bleeding down. It was then that for the first time in years, I actually started to panic. And then it hit me again, that same thought from the very beginning, the images of what the Perfects implanted in my head. Maybe it wasn't Sori I was going to lose, but instead Yoko. Either way, it would scar me heavily to lose either one of them. Just as the fear & anxiety nearly swallowed me whole, Sori came back with a clean dry bed sheet. We tore it and wrapped Yoko's wound up, so the bleeding would slow down while we moved. Just then I nearly fell to my feet, but before my knees gave away, it was Sori who caught me.


"Hey! Don't give up on me just yet." She embraced me and supported me up. "She'll be okay. We just need to keep moving and get to Haylee so she can patch Yoko up." She then placed me on my two feet, looked directly at me into my eyes and nodded her head. "We've already lost a few people, and I'm NOT losing you. Okay?"


I tried to smile, nodded with her, regained my composure, and slung Yoko onto my back once again. This time, Sori took me by my hand and led the way.



HMS NaruSaku - Main Deck (topside)




Aethos & Arashi docked onto the HMS, or at least what was left of the HMS that was above the waterline. All the survivors & injured loaded onto the former Belafonte, including Geno, Bass, Lee, & Haylee. The others were still on the main deck of the HMS, deciding on their next plan of action.


"The captain is still down there with Sori. I don't know where Yoko, or Keira is." Ash thought of the first couple of people that were missing.


Just then Alpha remembered something. "I think Keira is still in the engine room with nick (animeluvr). Last thing I remember was that they were still holding off some N***H*** making sure they didn't get to the main generator of the ship-"


And just before she could finish her sentence, Aethos ran off down into the HMS.


"TONY WAIT!" Ash yelled after him, but it was too late.


"Don't try to stop him, Ash." Arashi told her as he was helping injured onto the Belafonte. "That kid is almost like a son to him. Raised him up and trained him to be his successor."


"But it's suicide to even go down that far into the HMS..." Ash replied.


"But you know how stubborn he is." Alpha said. "He'd soon as dive into the water and keep swimming to save someone of that importance, and drown trying."


"Him, he'll be fine. It's the others that I'm worried about now." Arashi moved back onto the main matter. "We at least have a chance to save Hoku & Sori, since they might be half way from where ever you guys started."


"Okay." Ash nodded her head, and began to focus. "Arashi, you stay with the injured on the escape ship. You see any trouble get out of here, and head straight for H&E. Don't argue with me, or I'll shoot you myself."


Arashi gave a grim smile, but knew it was only as the last resort to run.


"Soner (alpha), Paulie (blayze), and Matty (bassclef), you three come with me to go to the captain. Paul, I'll probably need you to blow out some doors. Matt, with our luck, you'll probably be able to unlock some of the working doors, and see if you can override that escape pod & route, if we end up going into the deep blue. Soner, just cover our six; there are still some enemies down there that don't realize that their buddies are either dead, or running. And for all we know, this could also have been a suicide run for them as well. So everyone be on guard."


The four of them all nodded to one another, and got their game faces on.


"The ship is sinking slowly & rapidly rate at the same time, anything could happen. If you don't want to come, I'll understand now-" Ash spoke grimly


"He'd come after any one of us. To hell ..." Blayze spoke with great pride. "... and back. I'm not leaving my brother down there."


"And I'm not letting you go alone, sis." Alpha looked to Ash.


"And ya'll need me to open up those doors, since I'm the only real technician here!" Bassclef spoke haphazardly, but he had a grin on his face, trying to make a joke to lighten the mood.


"Hah. Thanks you guys." Ash closed her eyes, nodded her head, and gave that famous smile that stole Smiter's heart. "As Hoku once said, 'To the bitter end!' AHAHAHAHAHAA!!!"


Ash said those infamous words, and rushed back into the sinking HMS once again, with the other three following her in her mad dash. All of them making a mad yell running back into the darkness.





HMS NaruSaku - Infirmary (Sori's POV)




Hoku & I had finally made it to the Infirmary, but it seemed like a war-zone must have happened here. Every door way was barricaded in, and even the ceiling above was blown away. There was no way for us to climb up through the ceiling as that would have been a faster way to make it to topside, so we decided to stop for a quick rest, and see if we could find anything left that would be able to help Yoko. We found some surgical glue that would be able to seal up the wound, but not completely fix it, so that way Yoko wouldn't completely bleed to death. We applied the glue, and Yoko gave a slight whimper as it did sting pretty harshly, but she remained pretty out of it. I was so surprised that she hadn't gone into shock yet, but that only showed that she was staying alive by pure will power. After we patched Yoko up a bit, we both washed our hands of the blood, and I went to clean off the excess blood from Yoko, and clean off the wound so it wouldn't get infected with gangrene. While I went over to one of the barricades and tried to make a clear path for us to get through.


"Hang in there, Yoko. We'll get out of here soon enough." Sori brushed her hand through Yoko's hair and tried talking to her. "See? Look at our fearless captain in action. This is like the first time I've seen him in real survival action. Mostly he's just chopping enemies down left and right, but of course he looks so careless when he does that. But now, he's so focused and active."


I looked on at Hoku, as he was moving all about clearing the barricade, taking it apart piece by piece with such force & will.


"Heh." I started to chuckle. "You know something. Even though we aren't together officially, I still feel jealous that he favors you over me at times. The way you take care of him, and how he takes care of you. The way you two know certain things just by looking at each other, or by saying a single word. How you can always stand by his side, and he knows you'll always be there ... to rely on. I ... I-I know he loves you in a different way, but still, I think I finally understand how Ish (LHG) feels now, and he learned to except the bond you two have." Just then my face began to look a bit regretful. "I just ... I just wish, I could fill in that role someday."


Just then I began to tear slightly, my tears falling onto Yoko's face, and sliding down her cheek as well, making it look like they were both crying. But I quickly wiped my face, slowly wiped Yoko's, and shook my face trying to regain my composure. I sniffed once, and took a quick breath.


"So you see, you can't die either, I just don't know how it will affect him in the long run. And I don't know how I'll be able to deal with him. So don't die, and I promise I won't be jealous of you anymore, and I'll promise that I'll take care of him when you take over for him someday. Because I know he'll want you to live out his legacy someday too! And someday, I'll finally be able to take over your spot."


Just then there was a loud bang, and Hoku finally got the table blocking the door off, and made a clear path.


"Sori! Come on, we can make it to the escape route this way! I think the escape pod room is this way, and hopefully the power isn't completely down over there, and I can try my access override code." Hoku excitedly spoke, then came over and put Yoko onto his back again.


I paused for a moment, and saw how he was carrying her so carefully, like a father to a daughter. "And someday ... to always be by his side." I spoke silently to me & Yoko, then went quickly over to him and we continued on through the wreckage.



HMS NaruSaku - Engine Room (down below)




There was only one door in and out of the main engine room, and it was already locked shut from the inside. K-chan (Yuriko/Keira) & nick (animeluvr) had locked themselves inside, trying to hold out until someone would come and help them. Despite K-chan's optimism, she knew that they were at the bottom of the ship, and the ship was too heavily damaged for anyone to come save them. Initially they were already in a death trap, either die blowing the engine room before the enemy got in, or die at the bottom of the sea.


"I'm so sorry, Yuriko-chan. I never should have dragged you down here in the first place." nick (animeluvr) tried to apologize to her.


"Hey, I came down here of my own free will. I just wanted to help, so don't apologize for anything!" She gleefully spoke to him, trying to bring up his spirits.


Poor nick (animeluvr), it was only his third time on the HMS NaruSaku, and this time flying solo, no Aethos hanging over him barking orders and lectures. But in a strange way, he had missed his old sensei, and those moments they would spend in the engine room. He grew up here, was raised to become a grease monkey, but not just any grease monkey, one for the HMS NaruSaku. Someone that Aethos could entrust his work with. But despite all of that, nick (animeluvr) still felt like he had let down everyone and the ship. How could he have let saboteurs get onto the ship, let alone actually lay bombs within her. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had let the entire world down.





The metal door had been slammed for the tenth time, making the entire engine room echo.





K-chan & nick simply stood waiting for them to break through eventually, thus enemy hordes would just rush in.





One more strike, and soon the lock on the door would be broken open. But the last strike didn't come, there was a sudden quiet moment, and an inaudible voice coming from the other side. A voice, a very familiar voice that only nick knew that it could be.




And from the other side of the door, the only voices heard were that of men being cut down, and slaughtered like sheep. Horrified cries of death and blood, screams of pain and hurt. And through it all, a single man laughing maniacally as he cut down these foes, just trying to save his former crew mates.


When there were no more voices to be heard, there was only a regular banging at the door, followed by a single voice.


"OY! Boy if you don't open this door I'm going to bust it open and gut you myself!" Aethos shouted.


nick quickly unlatched the door, and there he was, Aethos covered in blood, both his daggers in hand, fifty or so bodies lying all around him. It the spitting image of what nick knew would come to save him. K-chan also came running out and gave Aethos a big hug for saving them from that death trap.


"Hey hey! K-chan, I haven't seen you in a while too!" He was happy to see K-chan alive and well, and patted her on the head.


"I knew you'd come, Chief. I just ..." nick slightly choked up a bit. "... knew you'd come back!"


"Heh." Aethos pushed him aside with both hands on his shoulders. He wanted to sniffle up, but at the same time couldn't give up his macho moment. "Can't leave you for a while, without something going wrong. You've been slacking again, haven't you? REPORT!"


"No sir!" nick responded back into his usual grove with Aethos standing before him. "Some planted explosives at vital points of the ship's interiors!"


"How can anyone smuggle such crap onto this ship! You were supposed to do a sweep check, MAGGOT!" Aethos spoke in his Drill Sergeant tone.


"SIR YES SIR!" nick responded back again. "I did do a sweep check sir, twice, thoroughly! But whom ever planted those explosives must have hid them so well that even I could not spot them or detect them sir!"


"Hmm ..." Aethos began to pace back and forth, thinking, trying to analyze the situation. "And why haven't they stuck here yet? I would think this would be the first place to blow up first. Unless-"


Suddenly a dark & malicious tone came from behind them before escaping into the darkness. "-the signal for the remote switch was blocked."


All Aethos could say was. "Oh kitten."


The shadowy figure pressed a button in his hand and disappeared. There was a great explosion that came from behind Aethos, nick, & K-chan. It nearly knocked the three of them out, but soon the water that was rapidly beginning to fill the room caught their attention.


The first one to get up was Aethos, and he saw that K-chan was knocked out cold completely. So he immediately carried our out of the engine room first. But before he could go back and get nick, the door behind him shut and locked itself. Just then Aethos realized what had happened.


"No ... NO!" Aethos angrily pounded at the door, and saw through the window that nick had locked the latch on the door so that the water wouldn't completely flood the ship, thus making it sink down even faster. All Aethos could do was yell angrily and pound at the door, trying to open it from the other side, but it was useless. "Open this door right now! Kid if you don't open this door right now-"


"I'm sorry Chief." nick stopped him in his arguing. "But someone has to stay here and seal off the valves and make sure you get off safely. Otherwise we'd all drown before we could even make it to the surface. You and I both know that."


"No, NO! We can all make it! Damnit, I can rig the door to close from this side!" Aethos shouted.


But nick shook his head. "That's a lie, you know we can only lock the door from inside. It's made this way because of such attacks like before."


The water behind him was rushing in quickly and rapidly; the room would be completely filled within seconds.


"Don't-Don't do this! We can find a way!" Aethos now tried to reason with him. "WE CAN FIND A WAY! You can't-you can't just give up on me like this! It's not what I taught you!"


"Yeah. But you also taught me one other thing." nick paused for a moment, the water level now up to his waistline. "You never give up, but you never sacrifice others for yourself. Please don't hate us (the crew & H&E) for the rest of your life. I always hoped one day you'd find your way back to us, and come back. But despite your predictions of an attack coming soon, don't blame them for their ignorance; we were just out played, that's all. Remember-" Just then nick's head bobbed underwater.


Just then Aethos began to feel his eyes sting with tears as he was about to lose the only other person that mattered to him and looked up to him as a not only a mentor, but as a fatherly figure. The water now up to nick's neck level, the window on the door was nearly filled up. Soon the entire engine room was flooded, and nick was still there trying to hold on.


"Kid? Kid!" Aethos pounded desperately on the door, but all he could see was nick saying his words.


'Always protect your nakama.' nick mouthed off underwater, and said his final goodbye. 'Thank you for everything ... otou-san (father).'


"I never did hate them, not once." Aethos quietly spoke in his grief. "Goodbye, son."


And after that, nick went completely still, his body floating away into the darkness. Aethos fell to his knees, gritted his teeth, and yelled sadly into the empty corridor, still pounding his fists & head on the sealed hatch.





HMS NaruSaku/Belafonte - Main Deck (topside)




There was a sudden explosion that came from underwater, and it shook the ship as well as the Belafonte. Just then Arashi had noticed that something was wrong, and then he noticed it. The HMS itself was starting to sink rapidly.


"Holy kitten ..." Arashi first spoke candidly in shock, then realized something even worse. "... HOLY kitten!"


Ash, Alpha, Blayze, Bassclef, Aethos, & the Captain were still down there! He couldn't just go down there himself, someone needed to pilot the Belafonte, and get everyone to safety. It was a dilemma that needed to be dealt with immediately, but either choice was not possible, nor in the best interest of either side. He couldn't leave the ship since it would leave the injured survivors helpless and unable to escape. But then again, he couldn't just leave the others down there and abandon them, despite Ash's orders to get out regardless of the sinking ship or not.


"Quicksand." Arashi spoke to himself. "It's like quicksand all over again. Either option I try to help, I'll only get pulled down, unless I act now!"


Just then he thought of something to at least give them a slight chance, if not slow down the drowning effect. Arashi jumped onto the sinking HMS deck, and quickly rigged all the doors closed, so that the water wouldn't flood the topside. Thus giving them at least a longer time to get to the escape pod and rescue anyone else. It wasn't a big percentage change for the others inside, but it was the best he could do without getting sucked down into the problem. Afterwards he quickly got back onto the Belafonte, and started up the airship mode.


"Good luck you guys, and hang in there. I'll stay here as long as I can, until I have to start flying back to land. That's a promise." Arashi spoke to himself, and began hover-flight preparations.


(continued in 3rd post below)

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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(continued from 2nd post above)



HMS NaruSaku - Escape Route (HMS completely submerged)




Sori & I had finally made it to the escape pod room of the ship. We could already tell that the HMS was going down, and there was no stopping it. As we made it to the sealed off doorway, I put Yoko down against the wall, and opened up the control panel. Then I tried rearranging the configuration to override the locks, and gain access to the escape pod. But there was no luck, there was power, but I was completely shut out. It was like someone had rigged the system so that even I couldn't override the locks. Truly yet again, the Traitor strikes. Then I had realized the cruel irony in this set-up.


"Heh, so the Captain goes down with his ship." I spoke to myself with a tone that seemed sarcastic, yet ironic at the same time. Then I scoffed at myself, and hit my head onto the door. "And to think, that I couldn't even save two people."


"At least you won't be going alone!" A familiar voice came from the opposite end of the escape route corridor.


And out from the darkness came lights, four people. Four people that I had ordered off the ship since the very beginning, but none the less four people, I was more than glad to see alive and well (at the moment).


"Paul! Ash! Alpha! Matt!" Blayze come over to me and gave me a manly hug, Matt just nodded at me and went over to try and override the control panel. Ash & Alpha came over to give me a double hug to see that I was okay, then went over to Sori and checked on Yoko.


"I thought I ordered you all off my boat." I mock-angrily said to them, while crossing my arms.


"First of all! It ain't YOUR boat!" Blayze said in his cocky tone trying to counter back. "And secondly, it belongs to all of us."


I knew he was going to say that, and indeed it was true. The HMS NaruSaku wasn't just for one person, but meant for everyone to share as a sign of unity of many, and not unity under one. Even though we were probably already completely submerged underwater, with no chance of escape, and hope of getting out ... I still felt relieved that I could at least be with loved ones to the very end.



HMS NaruSaku - Escape Pod room (HMS ten fathoms below)




Seconds passed into minutes, and we were still trapped in the Escape Pod room, bassclef working vigorously at the control panel, trying to reroute any leftover power to try and overload the electronic lock, then resetting everything. We could still feel the ship sinking, and at a more slower rate now, but we must have been at least fifty to sixty feet below surface level. Just then there came footsteps from the corridor again. Ash already had her guns pointed dead on, Blayze had a short fuse ready to be lit on one of his explosives, Alpha had her MegaTon ready at hand, and I stood ready, hand on the hilt of my sword. But out of the shadows, came a familiar face carrying two people on his back.


"Whoa whoa whoa! Don't shoot don't shoot! And don't bomb me, and don't whack me!" Aethos came out of the dark hallway and into the light.


Everyone else was happy to see Aethos still alive, and that he had saved two people. K-chan was happy to see her sister, Sori still alive and well, as well as everyone else. But then there was tension in the air, a reunion of two people who shared different opinions on plans of action. Aethos & I stood toe-to-toe, face-to-face before each other. It had been a long time since he left H&E, and we hadn't exactly left on good terms (more or less). The last thing I remembered was him stealing the Belafonte, which WAS indeed my ship. We stood there looking directly into each other's eyes, staring directly at each other, neither one of us making a movement. The tension was so tight that it could almost cut you in half, and only the weak would suffocate under it. The girls were worried that we would start a fight and tried to coax us both into calming down. Blayze just tried to hold me back, saying to let bygones be bygones. And finally, we spoke and everyone went completely silent unsure what would happen next.


"Lloyd." Aethos said grimly.


"Tony." I replied in the same.


But in that instant, both of our faces changed at the same time to that of relief and joy, then we embraced each other as only men would, and gave each other a good pat on the back.


"Damn it's good to see you!" I told him happily and gave a big hearty laugh. "So it was you taking out those enemy ships? I saw that from the bridge room while we were holding them back."


"Haha! Yeah, you know me! I always like to make an entrance!" He replied back with a big grin on his face, then laughing happily along with me.


"Bah! BOYS!" Ash & Alpha scoffed at the both of us for causing such a ruse, then shook their heads and joined in laughing merrily with us. Just then Alpha asked what had happened on Aethos' side of the rescue. Just then Aethos' expression went back to that of disarray, and he explained how he had lost nick (animeluvr), and how he had sacrificed his life to save him * K-chan, as well as slow down the flooding.


"I couldn't save him. All my power, all my strength, and will, all for nothing." Aethos held his head low.


But then Ash put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, and tried to comfort him. "Hey, you taught him and trained him well enough to give his life to save others. That enough is already heroic, as well as bravery. He died saving those that he loved, and more importantly, protecting the person that he found most important to him."


That helped put Aethos' mind at ease, but the pain of the now was still there, which was understandable. But he quickly got back to his feet.


"Anyway, K-chan & I were making our way here, when we found this guy unconscious somewhere on the mid-ship." Aethos pointed to the guy he was carrying all this time. "My guess is that he probably got caught in one of the outside explosions and it knocked him around. I don't recognize this guy, and took him with me because he looked suspicious."


We all went over to the "suspicious" person, and instantly recognized who he was.


It was Yoko's brother, DarkItachiSharingan (DIS). It did look like he was caught a blast and was knocked out, but for some strange reason, he had no wounds on him. Not a bruise or a scratch, or anything, just dirty and looked like somebody ruffed him up a bit. He was still pretty knocked out so we put him next to Yoko, at least brother & sister can be together. After that we all began to work together and sort things out.


HMS NaruSaku - Escape Pod/Room (HMS twenty fathoms below)




An hour had already passed since Aethos arrived to regroup with everyone. We were probably nearly a hundred or more feet below surface level. Bassclef still working on the electrical panel, and rearranging the security chips by hand. Whoever had done this was literally a professional, or studied the system extensively enough to actually cause such a problem. In any case, bass didn't give up, and we didn't give up on him either. In the meantime, we all sat down around each other, just talking trying not to focus on the death at hand. But the funny thing was, all we could think of was death at hand. Aethos, Blayze, & I were sitting around each other just talking, while the girls were talking to themselves and watching over the injured brother & sister.


"So explain to me just how exactly we are still alive, and not suffocating to death right now?" Aethos asked while scratching his head.


"I think the ship's auto-hibernation program went into play once we had gone completely underwater, and since no one is at the control console in the bridge room, it went into idle. That and I believe that the ship also thinks that we must have had to abandon it, and believes that it will be recovered once it hits rock bottom." I began to explain what I knew from reading the HMS NaruSaku archives left by the Ancients who built it.


"So it's like a ... smart-ship? Or something like that?" Aethos cocked his head to the side as this information seemed relatively new to him. This was because he dealt with the more mechanical side of the HMS, where as Bassclef & I knew more of the electronics and software details.


"Yeah, essentially if the ship ever went down, at least over shallow water, it would go into hibernation lockdown, until we could either salvage it from the bottom, or leave it in hiding and do repairs underwater." I nodded my head and explained more. "Then there's the extended hibernation mode, where if the ship reaches a certain depth, it goes completely into full lockdown & some kind of a weird stasis mode."


"Stasis mode?" Blayze said with a curious tone.


"Yeah. It's like if it were ever sunk to the bottom of an abyss, or generally anywhere that was nearly unreachable, the entire ship completely shuts down. Much like how we first found the ship under Isle Del Sorna." I paused for a moment, and then continued. "And the only way to reactivate the ship again, is to salvage it out, if possible, and fix whatever the hell went wrong with it in the first place. That being either extensive damage, or we have to break in and fix whatever programming that went haywire."


"Heh, I don't think I'd ever want to be trapped in this ship alone, much less trapped at the bottom of the sea. Too much isolation, or loneliness for anyone to handle." Aethos tried to crack a rhetorical joke, as pertaining to the current situation. "But that still doesn't really answer my question. How are we still breathing?"


I began to laugh, as I had just noticed that I ranted on, but didn't answer his original question either. "Well, we are running on whatever life support is left in the auxiliary generator. And since we're still sinking, we have two things running against us."


Aethos & Blayze looked at me with disbelief, since it was bad enough to have one thing, but two.


"One, either life support gives out, and we die the slow agonizing death of suffocation." I held up one finger, and then put up a second. "We hit that rock bottom and the ship goes into full-hibernation mode, which then we're screwed, since that will cut out the power we need."


"Great. Either die now, or die later! I think I like our options!" Blayze cracked a joke, and began to chuckle at his grim joke.


"Heh, don't worry. If anyone is going to get that door open, Paul, it's Matt." I put a hand onto both Aethos & Blayze's shoulders.


Just as Bassclef heard his name, he instinctively grunted and waved a hand behind him. "Yeah, yeah, I'm on it."


Suddenly there was a loud solid thud that sounded like something hit the side of the ship directly.


"What was that!?" K-chan exclaimed.


"Probably debris from the N***H*** ships sinking along with us." I told her.


After a few more minutes had passed, the girls were all sitting side by side together, taking a quick rest, while the others, including myself, were pacing about. Just then, DarkItachi woke up.


"Huh? Wha? What's going on?" He said groggy, put a hand to his head, and tried to get up slowly. But then suddenly something dropped out from his pockets ... a remote detonator switch.


At that instant Aethos rushed over to him and pinned him up against the wall with a knife at his throat.


"IT YOU WAS YOU IN THE HALLWAY WASN'T IT!? YOU KILLED HIM! YOU!" Aethos yelled enraged as if he had found the murderer that had caused the last explosion in the engine room. Aethos' dagger, pinned tightly against DarkItachi's throat, slightly making him bleed.


"Wait wait! I don't know what he's talking about!" DarkItachi tried to defend himself, but was being completely overpowered by Aethos' strong grip. "I-I know it looks bad, but listen-*HURK*"


Aethos took away his dagger, and began to strangle him with murderous rage.


"Tony stop! Give him a chance to explain himself! He might have some information that may be useful to us!" I tried to pull him away, but he wouldn't stop. It took the combined strength of Blayze, Ash, Alpha, and myself to pull Aethos away from nearly choking the life out of DarkItachi. He finally let go, and walked several feet away from him and us, pacing around like a wild animal ready to kill again. And I pushed DarkItachi to the side to interrogate him.


"Explain yourself now, and why we should execute you here and now. You know this looks bad in every way, and you had better have a good reason for it." I calmly spoke to him in a very quiet, yet enraged tone.


His face was completely white like a ghost, and he was still coughing trying to gasp for air. Finally he answered. "Look! I don't know who or what the hell that man-beast is talking about." He was implying about Aethos, who then nearly jumped at him again, but Ash caught him this time. "Yoko had finished giving me the tour of the ship, and let me go around the ship on my own. Then I saw someone whom I thought was very suspicious, when he shouldn't have been. You might know him as Cody (HinataFanBoy)."


At that name, there were quite a few gasps, but at the same time nodding of acknowledgement that it was to be expected. DarkItachi continued.


"I was wondering why he was sneaking around, especially since he knew all of you guys so well. I thought maybe he just wanted to surprise everyone and throw a party for someone. So I followed him around trying to figure out what he was doing. All I saw that carrying around a big duffle bag, and patching spots on the ship like it was clay, or putty. Then placed these glowing pens into the wall as well."


The words clay & putty sounded very suspicious, then Blayze realized what it was since he was our explosives expert.


"Plastic explosives! He placed C4 & plastic explosives all over the ship. Which was why we didn't notice it, or detect it. And the pens must have been the detonators caps!" Blayze punched his fist into his hand.


"I finally confronted him about what the hell he was doing, then he knocked me out! I swear that's all I remember! I would never do such a thing, especially knowing that my own sister would be in trouble." DarkItach put his hands together as if trying to beg not to kill him.


Everyone bought his explanation, everyone ... except for me. The moment he said Cody's name, I knew it wasn't true, but I stayed quiet to see if I could catch him on a slip, or something. Just then it all started to make sense. But the more I began to confirm the thoughts in my head, the more something even more horrid began to run through my mind. Something that made my heart nearly drop at that moment. But suddenly, Bassclef got the power running for the Escape Pod door!


"Hah! Got you!" Bassclef gave a self-victory pump, and stood up to face everyone. "Ladies and gentlemen, I just got our ticket out of here!"


Everyone started to get up, and lose focus on DarkItachi. They were all too excited to finally be able to escape a watery grave, and started to walk towards the escape pod door. It was in that moment where everyone was walking towards the door, I saw it. Saw his face; saw the face of someone who was pure evil.


DarkItachi's face went from the scared to death (with everyone facing him), instantly to an shadow covered evil grin of satisfaction (with their backs turned).


I saw it, no one else did. It was in that moment that I drew my sword from its sheath and pinned him to the wall, the tip of my blade pointed directly at his throat. It was in that moment everyone stopped to see that I had actually drawn my blade forth and my face filled with murderous intent. They were all slightly confused because just a second ago that believe his alibi, and what better news was that they were going to get out of here. But before anyone could respond to my actions, I spoke a single word, and everyone held back their tongues.


"Liar." I spoke a very dark & quiet tone of anger.


Just in that instant again when everyone had turned around, his face expression changed to scared white, with his hands up trying to play as defenseless. "Liar? I'm not lying! Why would I do this to everyone! And what kind of a brother would I be to put my own sister's life at risk!? It wasn't me! It was CODY (HH/HFB)! He wanted to you all to think that he was working for you, but in reality he was just relaying information back to the N***H***! I swear it on my life!"


"Come on, Hoku, if he's lying then let's just leave him here to die that slow death when the ship hits rock bottom." Blayze spoke in a sinister, yet lazy tone. "He's not worth your sword, nor spilling any blood on this ship."


DarkItachi looked horrified at Blayze's alternative death sentence, and then looked back at me to see that my expression hadn't changed, nor had I taken my eyes off of him, nor had my blade moved from his throat.


"Besides, what will Yoko think? You killing off her brother like this? And accusing him of being some sort of traitor, or mole? Ash had also tried to reason with me, but as soon as she said 'traitor/mole', it clicked through everyone's minds. But at the same time, it seemed nearly impossible, or not entirely make any sense.


"I wanted to kill the bastard too. But this isn't right; Cody had to be the one who did it all. It makes perfect sense, and you know that he wasn't really a NaruSaku either!" Aethos began to argue as well. "Deep down, you know that kid was a N***H***, and no matter how loyal he said he was, he will ALWAYS be a N***H***!"


"But there's something you don't know." I spoke calmly and coolly. "This one here is a N***H*** too."


And at those words, my blade made a quick slice at the NaruSaku patch DarkItachi was wearing, to reveal a N***H*** insignia underneath it. It was at then that everyone gasped again in surprise, but then still tried to stop me. Just then DarkItachi tried to inch away, but I stopped him.


"So what? You of all people know times have been changing, and we accept people who like other pairings." Alpha spoke her piece.


Then Sori tried to coax me into stopping, and put a hand onto my shoulder trying to make me lower my blade. "Of all people, you're forgetting that you once liked N***H*** before starting this conflict. Come on, Hoku. Please stop. Enough blood has been split."


I refused to lower my blade as the one thing in my mind that I knew he was guilty. DarkItachi keep trying to inch away, but each time, I stopped him dead in his tracks.


"Please. No more. We've lost so many already." Sori tried to stop me again.


"No." I simply said in a firm voice. "You don't understand." I paused to for a moment, then explained my reasoning. "Cody's already dead. He was the one who sent that urgent message and tried to warn us about the attack."


"What?" Everyone began to change their expressions, and found this new evidence stunning.


I think looked at DarkItachi whose face had changed, as he knew he was about to be caught. I then looked dead on at him. "I've always known you've been here at H&E as a lurker, spending time with Yoko. But in truth all this time you've just been watching, spying, getting information casually. And what better way to get information, than from the Captain's personal bodyguard. The only person who knows detailed plans, course of action, and future events."


"But you're her brother!? How could you do such a thing? That's sick!" Ash spoke disgustedly.


But I answered that question. "That's the trick. He's NOT her brother. At least not her real one."


Again, more and more revelations were coming out into the open, exposing DarkItachi for the kind of person he was.


"He's just Yoko's adopted brother. He only played nice to her, just so he could get to us through her." I began to explain. "He's the one who set up the attacks, he's the one who set up the explosives, he's the one who's leaked out information back & forth to the enemy, and caused all of our pain!"


At that moment, everyone felt the same feelings that had been going through my mind the very moment I held DarkItachi up with my sword. Ash drew her guns and pointed them both at his head, Alpha began to grip her MegaTon hammer very tightly, Blayze began to pull out a small personal grenade, but it was Aethos who stopped us all.


"Yeah, come on, we don't have time for this already!" Aethos began to get agitated. "Remember? Impending doom? Full-hibernation-whatever thingy? Aw hell, if the kids guilty, or lying, let's just drag him with us and deal with him when we get the hell out of here!"


Just then DarkItachi began to laugh, but laugh almost as if he knew something we didn't. His true colors finally showed.


"You all think that I'm the one who caused you all the problems. Well whop-dee-doo! Only thing is, it wasn't me!" He bickered at us, as if trying to mock us. "You shouldn't be blaming me for all you're problems, I didn't work alone!"


"Shut up!" I told him angrily, as I knew what he was trying to imply.


"I wasn't the one who placed the explosives all over the ship! I wasn't the one who pulled the trigger! At least not the main one, although I did enjoy blowing up that kid of yours Aethos!" DarkItachi threw more insults out.


Just then Aethos went from letting the kid go, and went right back to wanting to kill him. "Oh the hell with it! Kill him already Hoku! Run your freaking blade through his pretty neck!"


"Shut up! Shut up!" I refused to believe the next thing DarkItachi tried to get his way out of being killed.


"I hate to break it to you, but this is the first time I've been to H&E, as well as being on this so called majestic ship of yours." He spoke in a dodgy tone. "The real traitor is-"


"NO!" I refused to let him say the answer, and tried to run my blade through him, but before I could, something even more unbelievable happened.


"Please don't ... taichou." Yoko weakly stood up and got in front of her adopted brother.


I hadn't noticed it, but those little movements that DarkItachi had made, circled around us and he made his way next to Yoko. Almost like he had intentionally did so.


"Yoko, move." I held my blade at her for the first time. But she wouldn't move out of the way. "YOKO MOVE NOW!"


"I can't let you do that. I can't let you kill him." She spoke softly and was holding her side wound, just barely standing. "He's all I have left for my family, and I can't let you do it."


"Yoko, why?" This action of her defending him, only made her stance look worse and worse, almost as if it was confirming exactly what DarkItachi instigated on Yoko.


"I-I'm sorry, Hoku-kun. I never thought that what I was doing would end up like this. I .. I-" She began to try and speak, but it was in that moment that DarkItachi then took Yoko hostage.


A small gun slid out of DarkItachi's sleeve, and he held his own sister by the back, pointing the gun at us, then at her head. In that instant, everyone drew out their weapons ready to strike at any chance they could get. Especially Ash, she had her laser sights dead on DarkItachi's head, but it was a bad shot, and she couldn't risk hitting Yoko. I put my sword back into it's sheath, and scoffed at the poor bastard.


"What the hell are you going to do now? The only exit is through us." I mocked him as we were all standing in front of the escape pod doorway. "We'll kill you before you get through us."


"Oh yeah? And you, risking taking out you're precious little girl? I know deep down that even YOU won't kill her, even when she's just committed an act of treason!" DarkItachi began to mock us back, still holding his gun firmly against Yoko's head.


Yoko was at a loss of words, to see that her own brother has turned on her, despite everything they had been through as kids, and how he had taken care of her so many times. She was speechless through this entire time, and lucky for him that she was defenseless, as well as heavily injured.


"So then tell me, just how are you planning on getting out of here huh?" Aethos asked the question.


At that moment, DarkItachi began to laugh sinisterly, and answered with a simple reply. "Like this."


As soon as he had finished his response, it was almost like a door opened up behind him. One of the hatches leading outside opened up, but no water came rushing in. Instead it was empty, like a doorway, and then I had realized it. The loud thud from a while ago, it wasn't debris from the fight. It was a N***H*** mini-submarine that latched onto us, and waited for his signal. We were played for fools yet again by this bastard. Here he was, all this time, he had a window to get out, but couldn't clear it until now, and he knew well that no one had the guts to kill Yoko to get to him. It was in this moment he found his perfect opportunity, and perhaps complete the ultimate mission. Assassination of the NaruSaku Leader.


Just then he took the gun away from Yoko's head, pointed it right at me, and cocked the hammer, ready to pull the trigger. "Heh. I never in a million years would believe that I would get the exclusive chance to kill the NaruSaku Leader. And to think, all I had to do was be nice to a girl who started out as a lowly peasant."


No one could do anything, it made us all feel so angry & helpless, all I could do was stand there and grit my teeth. But then something else unexpected happened! Just as DarkItachi was about to pull the trigger, Yoko in her a rush of anger after hearing what her own brother (well now DIS-owned brother) had just spoken, she pushed away with all her might and got free. In the very moment she got free, DarkItachi still pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger, and I closed my eyes awaiting the hot searing bullet wound ...


It all happened so fast. Nothing had happened in that fated second, I felt no pain, no searing burning sensation, and no stinging nerves. And before we knew it, DarkItachi had disappeared into the mini-sub firing off cover fire behind him. The last few words we heard from him were of him cursing away. No searing bullet wound, no burning sensation, no blood rushing down my body. But it was another feeling, something slightly warm, someone holding onto me with arms. Just then I looked to see exactly what had happened in the whole instant.


It was Sori. She had he arms around me tightly at first, but then I could feel that her grip was starting to loosen. There were a few wounds on her back where she had gotten shot. My mind went completely blank, I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I couldn't feel or hear. Nothing, except for her. She didn't have any expression of pain, or hurt, or suffering, instead she was smiling, so warmly smiling, and before she collapsed before me she whispered to me.


"I-I .. got .. you."


I immediately caught her before she fell down, and held her tightly to me. I heart sank, and felt like it was going to break into a thousand pieces. All I could do was yell. "No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO! Why!? You big stupid dummy! You should have let me taken it!"


Everyone gathered around me, still shocked at how Sori jumped in front of me so immediately, before Blayze could, even before Yoko could in her weakened state.


"Why!?" I began to tear up, my voice cracking slightly in sadness.


"I-I don't know ...*cough cough*" She spoke weakly and already started to cough up blood. "... my body moved on it's on. *cough cough*"


"Oh God, no. Shhh. Save your breath, we'll get you out here, okay?" I started to reason with her, and tried to keep her with me. "You're going to be okay, got it? I'm going to save you, I promise!"


In the midst of all the chaos, Bassclef began to check on the escape pod, and try to get it ready to eject as soon as possible. But what we didn't realize was that in the gunfire, that DarkItachi had hit the control panel inside of the escape pod. It was an impossible thing to happen, but it just seemed like our luck had finally run out this time. And it only led to one conclusion, Bassclef hesitant to talk because of the current situation between the Captain & Sori, as well as everyone crowded around them.


"*cough cough* ... I-I need to tell you." Blood kept coming out from her mouth, but she tried to force her words out. She then "You need to know that, I- *cough cough* -that I-"


I wiped the blood away from her, put my caressing hand to her face as she tried to speak the words, simply looked at her with a warm smile, and told her the words she longed to hear in that expression she longed to feel. Then held her hand tightly. "I know."


She smiled through the pain, her eyes started to slowly fade away from me, and she passed out. Everyone moved in closer and went into shock thinking that Sori had died. But I picked her up to carry her in my arms, still holding onto her hand to which she was still squeezing my hand.


I finally told everyone. "She's just passed out, but she's hanging on. Come on, let's get the hell out of here."


Everyone nodded their heads, and started to pile into the escape pod. But through the entire scene, Yoko stood there watching the entire moment as if it were only her watching Sori & I. It was then that something had hit her, and something inside of her, new that she needed to move on. Yoko knew despite the Captain's favoritism, he would only love her like a daughter. Even though Yoko was with Ish (LHG), she couldn't help but find that she loved being the captain's favorite. But now it was different, it was in the moment Sori jumped in front of him first, that she saw that she just wasn't in his spotlight anymore. It was both saddening, but also joyful, that at least now the Captain had someone he could rely on, and someone that wasn't like a daughter to him. Someone he could finally share his life with, and someone worthy of taking care of him in his times of need. Funny as it was, for all the times the father worried for the daughter, the daughter always worried for the father. It was the way it should have been, and it will always be.


As everyone was about to enter into the pod, that was when Bassclef had to give the bad news, no matter how bad it was, it had to be said.


"I've got some bad news. The controls from the inside are broken, it was a wild shot, but even when he's not here, his treachery still lingers. DarkItachi's volley hit the controls, and we can't access anything from the inside." He explained, and now moved onto the more pressing matters. "Which brings me to our dilemma."


Everyone rolled their eyes at the predicament, and just couldn't believe how bad the day was already going, but this was just over the top. All we could say in response in unison was, "So now what?"


Bassclef sighed heavily as it was no easy matter to come out with, so he just said it. "Someone has to stay behind and use the controls from this side."


Bass paused for a moment, to let the situation sink in. In that instant, everyone knew exactly what he meant, and looked to one another with sad faces. The very thought that someone is going to HAVE to stay behind. The action would be noble and honorary, but as Aethos stated earlier.


"..to be trapped at the bottom of the sea. The isolation, and loneliness would be too much to bare for anyone."


There was a good moment of empty silence in the room. Just then, I knew what I had to do.


"Everyone inside." I ordered everyone inside. Just as they were all about to argue with me, I drew forth by sword once again, and for the first time since the beginning, I pointed it all my own crew. "Now."


They knew I wouldn't repeat myself again, and that my reputation as a quiet anger was very scary. They all slowly piled in, and just as Aethos was about to turn around and try to jump me, I already had my sword pointed at him before he could even get his daggers.


"No this time Tony." I told him in a very serious tone. "And you won't win. Just take Sori from me."


I handed Sori over to Aethos, and he took her compliantly, but then asked me that fated question. "And what do I tell her? That her saving you was in vain? She took a bullet for you damnit!"


I looked down, sighed heavily, and told him. "Tell her. That I'll always be with her, and that I'm sorry. And that perhaps in the next life, I'll be more of a man to tell her how I feel openly-"


But before I could finish my sentence, I was shoved right into the escape pod and door behind me immediately shut closed, the electronic lock sealing up, and pressurizing. I quickly turned around and saw exactly who had pushed me.


It was Yoko.


"Yoko?" I said with a bit of shock, and then realized just exactly what she had done. I didn't get mad at first, and pushed on the intercom button. "Yoko, open this door right now."


"No taichou." She simply responded back through the intercom.


"Yoko, if you don't open this door right now, I will force it open." I tried to make an threat.


But she simply smiled back as she knew it was an empty threat. "I'm sorry taichou, no, Hoku-kun. And I'm sorry everyone."


"Yoko, don't do this. It is my given right to go down with the ship! It's a tradition, albeit a stupid one, but none the less a God given tradition!" I tried to argue with her, now pounding my fist onto the door.


Aethos was speechless, as all he could see was a replay of exactly what had happened between him & nick (animeluvr). Ash & Alpha, and the others all came over to see what was happening. Bassclef trying mess with the controls seeing if he could fix them before Yoko pushed the eject button from her side.


"Melly-chan don't be stupid! I don't want to lose Lloyd, but he was ready to make this sacrifice since the day he got on a boat!" Blayze tried argue with her as well.


"Yeah, you don't need to prove anything to us! You don't need cover up for your brother's lies!" Ash also tried to coax Yoko into stopping.


But all she could do was stand there with her sad smile, knowing the truth. "They're not lies. I understand now that I was being manipulated from the moment he became my brother, but to know that I was unintentionally going to do all of this to you, was never my idea. I tricked into thinking that I was helping everyone, but instead I've found out that I'm the real reason we're in this situation, the real reason we've been under such attacks by the N***H***." She began to cry, then wiped the tears away from her face. "So you see? That alone DOES make me the Traitor, & the mole. Even if it was unintentionally, I've still committed treason against you all."


"Come on, Yoko. You just said it yourself; they USED you! We know you're better than that! Don't do this just to clear yourself, we could never live with you going out like this!" Blayze tried to coax her again.


"I'm sorry, Blayze-kun. But I from the moment I pushed Hoku-kun into the ship, I had made up my mind." She simply replied. "I love you all, and tell Ish that I'm sorry that I won't be able to be with him anymore. Tell everyone at H&E ..."


She went on about her goodbyes, but all I could do was stand there, yet again, now I was to lose someone precious and close to me. Just then it had entered my mind, the images of what the Perfects had implanted into me. It wasn't Sori that I was going to lose, but instead Yoko. It was indeed fate that led me down this path yet again. I knew that once she had made up her mind, she wouldn't change it, and follow it to the end. After all, she took after her teacher, and more or less, "adopted" father; she was just as stubborn as he was in his decisions.


"Hoku-kun." She spoke directly to me, and the others cleared a small path between us, only a door standing before us, separating us apart. I raised my head to look directly at her, eye to eye through the glass window. "Thank you. Thank you for everything. For taking me away from that horribly home, for letting me be with you all the time, for helping me see the world & experience it, and for always taking care of me. But now I'm making this decision of my own free will, and as an adult. Please don't hate me for doing this. I know a parent should never outlive their children, but you have too many people that depend on you. An ideal of freedom for everyone, NaruSaku and all. They need you more than they need me."


"But I need you." I said as only a father would.


Yoko smiled at that comment. "Not anymore. Sori's with you now. Take care of her. She loves you just as much as I do, only in a different way you know! Hehe." She made a girly giggle for the first time in a long time.


I closed my eyes, and bit my lip. Then I knew exactly what I had to do. I drew forth my sword once more, this time holding it before my face, the blade acting like a horizon between my eyes and hers. I cut my finger, and began to write her name onto the blade itself. Yoko gave a wry laugh, and remembered what I had told her about my sword's curse (see chapter 46 for reference), but at this moment, it was pretty redundant, and instead was a great honor for her. Yoko smiled happily and bowed her head.


The blood of her name disappeared into the sword as if it was absorbed, and only to her eyes and mine, she could see her name now among the many. And next to her name was indeed that of my mother's. It was the last final gift I could give to my surrogate daughter, and she began to tear up. I put my sword away, and then put my hand onto the window. She did the same on her side, so it looked like we were connected, separated only by a sheet of glass. And she pressed the eject button.


The escape pod blasted away, shooting off then began floating up towards the surface. They would be safe now; Arashi would probably pick them up. Her hand was still on the window, her head hung down as she fell to her knees, and let everything sink in. But before she collapsed down, she heard my soft voice in her head.


"Goodbye ... Michiyo."


And she faded into the abyss.



HMS NaruSaku - Escape Pod (topside)




The escape pod rising to the surface rapidly, everyone had their arms around me. My head hung down, with my hand still on the window, my eyes were closed, and I tried not to burst into tears, instead I heard her voice in my head.


"Goodbye ... Kenta."


I tried to pull myself together, but I was still pretty messy. So I went over and sat down next to Sori, her head on my lap, and I held onto her, the rest of the way up. Even though she was unconscious, I saw that she was tearing. She felt the sadness through me, and knew that something inside of me died.


It was at that moment, I wiped my tears away, and soon my face expression changed. Thoughts ran through my mind, a new plan, a new focus, a time for change. The spark was lit, the plan of action was already being completely thought out. Once we were topside. Once we return back to H&E. Once we gather everyone, and get ready. The others gathered before me, all of them saw that I had an intense look upon my face. They all knew the same feeling that was running through ever inch of my body. Finally, someone asked the question.


"Brother? What now?" Blayze broke the silence and asked me.


I looked straight at him moving my head stiffly and cocked it to the side like as if I were some kind of a mad man. And replied with.


"Vengeance. Soon ... we will have our vengeance."


To be concluded in Part 2.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 50: All Falls Down
Subtitle: Finale

Part 2: Freedom
Three Months since the attack ...



Himitsu Desu - Main (N***H***) Island




On the island known as Himitsu Desu, it had been quiet and peaceful since they had mobilized an attack towards H&E; as well as their sister island, Kitsune no Hana, had mobilized to take out the HMS NaruSaku. Both islands had suffered major losses from making such an attack, and despite their losses, they had indeed completed their objective of stopping the NaruSaku front before it could grow more rapidly. On the Himitsu Desu, it was a fairly big island, spread out with many residents, and the layout was pretty much an exact replica of H&E, only fit with N***H*** all over instead of NaruSaku.


Around the center of the island was the main headquarters of the N***H*** leader, Uzumaki-Hinata (UzuHina), as well as other head officers of N***H***. The main headquarters was like a great mansion surrounded by a fifteen-foot wall/barricade protecting the grounds. Followed by several watch tower posts at each corner of the wall, and a main gate which was made of solid steel. It was an impregnable fortress, virtually impossible to lay siege to, and seemed like it there was more security to it than any prison, or castle.


Inside the N***H*** Mansion, it was like a Presidential Home, with nearly hundreds of rooms, a winding stairwell, and illustrious decor. But the main meeting room was not somewhere hidden away, or lost within a maze of the house, or even in a subterranean secret lair. It was the center room on the second floor, just following the front foyer's staircase, and slightly down the hall (much like something you'd see out of the movie, Scarface, with Tony Montana's villa in the end). 


Inside the room there was a long table with seven council members sitting all along it. Three on each side facing each other, and one sitting at the head of the table facing the doorway. There a review meeting would take place yet again to verify the end of the NaruSaku.


"Already three months since the attack and still no retaliation." The first council member spoke in a worried, yet proud voice.


"Everything had went according to plan, and we executed each and every event to the perfect timing." The second council member nodded their head in acknowledgement.


The third spoke with a satisfied grin on their face. "I loved the fact that we had them all set up for this downfall since they first stole our ship, and then when we got our insider it was all over for them."


"We knew that if we had taken out their major leaders, they would all fall apart very easily. And of course, those noobish supporting officers were just there because of control reasons. I found it funny how as they were getting new people, they still pretty short staffed." The fourth council member made the insulting comment.


"But of course, taking out their ship was the biggest part, and striking directly at the heart of that stupid wretched captain, and his-" The fifth council member spoke in a mocking tone of voice, and did air quotes with his hands. "-oh so smart debating crew! The man himself didn't even do the debating; he let the others do all the work for him! What a lazy leader!"


"Heh, although you do have to give him credit for sticking to the cause, and being the original creator, as well as starter of the entire movement. I suppose that counts for something." Someone said, and the six council members nodded in agreement. "But of course, staying until the end to watch us beat him mercilessly!"


After they were agreeing with each other, then they all burst into laughter. The only person who wasn't laughing was their leader UzuHina, who was sitting at the head of the table, her chair turned around, so that the back of it was facing the others. She sat there quietly the entire time, just listening to her minions bicker about. There were two guards standing silently next to her, both were female, as UzuHina's only trusted bodyguards were female. They were both standing on either side, with their arms crossed, and cloaks over their heads, so their faces were hidden.


"Ah yes, and of course, we have all this possible for our masterful manipulator, DarkItachiSharingan (DIS)!"


And just as his name was announced, DarkItachi came in through the double doors and stood before the council & UzuHina at the foot of the table. He bowed before his superiors, and sat at his place at the opposite end of the table across from UzuHina, herself. UzuHina, her back still facing everyone, just waved a hand to signal that she acknowledged DarkItachi's presence, and DarkItachi himself seemed very pleased.


"So tell us again, just how you left them sinking at the bottom of the ocean! Tell us all the wonderful details of your demise!" The council members all jeered, and were all in a merry mood.


"Aha! Of course, of course! I'll gladly tell you everything!" DarkItachi spoke proudly, and full of himself.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Front Gate)




There were only three or four guards at the front gate, as it were so heavily protected; they didn't need more than that many guards. Two were on either side of the gate in control booths, while the other two were on opposite sides of the gate, patrolling back and forth. Suddenly a shadowy figure came out of nowhere and began to walk towards the gate, at that moment the guards immediately put the searchlight on the suspicious person to reveal who it was. All four guards were armed and ready to fire, but as soon as the light shown who it was, they lowered their weapons and instead ... opened the gate freely.


It was LoveHinaGuy (LHG/Ish). Despite LHG's strong ties to the NaruSaku, he was a very respected person among the N***H***, and had free access to both islands as he felt, as well as he was a close friend to UzuHina herself. His face wasn't that of his usual carefree, and happy attitude, instead he was the complete opposite, sad and depressed. He had been like this since three months ago, when he found out that Yoko was gone along with all his friends at H&E. Despite being a liaison from both ends, he still held very close ties to both sides, but some questioned his loyalty because he might have favored the NaruSaku because of Yoko. The guards opened they gates wide open, and escorted LHG into the Mansion grounds, they were all pretty familiar with him, and were even friends of him. As they were escorting him through the gate, somewhere in the middle, LHG spoke to them.


"I'm sorry guys." He said in a sad & dark tone.


"Sorry for what?" One of guys asked, just as someone came up from behind all of them.


The guards inside the booths were both swiftly taken out, the one on the right got lashed viciously through the glass by razor steel whips, while the other got stabbed through the glass by two gladius blades. The two guards that were escorting LHG through the gate, soon felt a wind pass through them, and just as they turned around to look behind them, they looked forward again and saw a man whom they had thought was dead, or had disappeared. Before they could grab their weapons, or even put up a fight, the both instantly dropped dead to the ground.


The three men that followed after LHG, then began to make their way into the Mansion, but they weren't going in alone. Just after they had taken out the front guards, soon many others followed in after the three. LHG just stood there, his head hung low, the others passing by him, almost through him like a ghost. All LHG knew was, there was hell to pay, and soon it was going to be unleashed.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Communications Room)




Meanwhile, inside the Mansion ...


The communications room as located around the back of the kitchen area, radio communicators and systems were all packed into this one small room where only a few men were sitting monitoring the wave channels. Two of them were sitting at a table drinking coffee talking to each other casually, while the third one was sitting at the radio with his headphones on listening to the radio waves for any information. Just then the chef hired this week opened the door to the communications room, and entered in from the kitchen with some food for the guards inside. The smell of his food quickly caught the attention of the two guards drinking coffee & talking casually, but it was the third one who was on the radio that was about to eat, that heard the call.


*BBBZZZZZT* ... MAYDAY MAYDAY! This is Kitsune no Hana contacting Himitsu Desu! OVER!*BBBZZZZZT* ...


Just before the third guard was about to eat his dinner brought over by the chef, he put his food down, and quickly went back over to the radio com. He placed the sound proof headphones to listen in more carefully to the message, and tried to respond back.


"*BBBZZZZZT* ... This is Himitsu Desu HQ. Contact, what's going on over there? There's some really bad interference going on. Over! *BBBZZZZZT*"




"*BBBZZZZZT* Say again! Over! Who are you under attack by? Say again! Over!*BBBZZZZZT*"




Just then the guard took off the headphones, and began to think of how to handle this situation, it could be a hoax, or someone just trying to play a prank. But then again, the voicing was real, and confirmation codes were from the sister island, Kitsune no Hana. He got up and turned around to ask his fellow colleagues what they thought, but instead found them dead with single stiletto knives in the back of their necks & heads. It was a moment of surprise and utter horror that the guard couldn't scream, and looked to the only person in the room that wasn't dead .. the Chef.


It was like he wasn't the same person when he had just entered into the room, completely different, and with a veil of stiletto knives all across his chest, and in his right hand, he held his butcher's cleaver, an insignia engraved on both sides. One of a fox, and one of a flower. Just then the guard had realized that he was in trouble and tried to make a run past the Chef to sound the alarm, but the butcher's cleaver flew right past him and cut the alarm button in half rendering it useless. And just as the guard tried to run out the door, but it was locked. Then tried to pull the butcher's cleaver from the wall but didn't have the strength to do so even with both hands. The Chef caught him and slammed him back onto the table, shutting the door behind him. The Chef then turned around and waved a finger at him signaling 'No, no, no. I don't think so.'.


"W-w-w-who are you!? What are you!?" The guard stammered, as he was scared out of his mind, and knew that he was going to die.


The Chef single handedly pulled his blade right out of the wall with great ease, and wiped it clean. Walked slowly towards the guard, and gave an evil grin at him.


"Looks like we'll be serving up 'Spicy Meat buns' tonight!"



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Back Gate)




In the rear entrance to the Mansion, it wasn't quite as heavily guarded, but there was only one person with one key that could let people in. A single guard just sitting around at his station, just reading & watching his smut. Just then there came a whisper from outside.


"PSSST! Hey hey! I got some premium grade N***H*** smut right here, if you'd like some." The shadowy man tried to call the guard out.


The thought of premium grade N***H*** smut was an offer not to pass up, and the guard came rushing out of his post like a little boy, but by the time he got outside, he knew it was a trap. But it was too late, and the last thing he saw coming was a MegaTon hammer crashing down onto him.


Faucon came out of the shadows in his usual trench coat style way, and simply opened the rear gate with the push of a button. Soon after followed in more troops.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Meeting Room)




"-and that's how I left those bastards at the bottom of the sea!" DarkItachi had just finished his recollection of how he bested the NaruSaku Captain, along with his high ranked officials.


The council members all laughed merrily, and did mock replays of DarkItachi's story, one member would play as one of the NaruSaku & act out their role in a mocking fashion.


"So tell us what did you think, or how you feel about it, UzuHina?" One of the council members asked her, but there was no response, only a wave of the hand signaling average.


"Aw come on Lisa! What's going on?" DarkItachi asked her directly as he finally began to get the feeling that something wasn't right. "Why are you being so quiet tonight? You sick or something?"


DarkItachi was just about to get up and go check on her, when suddenly there was a great explosion that shook the room, and suddenly one of the guards came rushing in through the double doors.


"UzuHina! We're under attack! It's them! It's them!" The guard began to scream frantically. "They're back, and they've got us completely surrounded, as well as half the island is already under their control!"


"Who!? Who's attacking us!? Who could it possibly be?" DarkItachi asked in a frenzy.


"It's the NaruSaku." The guard replied with a dreadful tone. "It seems, we didn't defeat them after all, and they've come back for revenge!"


At that moment, everyone in the room began to panic, all the council members began to panic amongst each other, babbling to one another about what to do, how to escape, and how this could be the end. They all knew that with that attack made on the HMS NaruSaku & H&E Island, it took out many of their own to deal that much damage. Thus is why they were short on manpower, as well as troops to rebuild and restock. Which is why now all the council members were panicking frantically, looking to one another for a solution, or an escape ploy. But none could think of such a plan. Just then they all turned to UzuHina, who was still sitting there quietly, and calmly through the chaos. She snapped her fingers, and DarkItachi nodded his head in acknowledgement of his orders. Just then DarkItachi went over to the double doors to a hidden control panel, entered in his security codes, and the room went into full lockdown mode, as well as setting off the alarm.


"Hah! Let's see them get through this now! We may not have many forces here, but in the Mansion we have only our elite guards to protect us! And this room is the only safe room for such an attack!" DarkItachi turned around and spoke confidently to reassure the council members who were know trying to calm down.


"Here we are safe ..."



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Front Gate/Outside)




NaruSaku forces were already inside and wrecking havoc, taking down anyone and everyone they saw within sight! One girl used her paintings that came to life and took out the watch towers within the surrounding area, creating volleys of arrows flying through the air and shooting down the towers. Another girl stood in the middle of the battlefield, when she put on her a very distinct looking pair of goggles, like that of Obito, she suddenly began to glow orange. Just then an apparition began to form around her, and she became an avatar, shooting beams & laser strikes at enemies, as well as taking out the guards on the roof & balconies. Another girl was strangely dancing all about, yelling "GO MY PRECIOUSES GO!", and as she threw her arms open into the air, hundreds of killer Naruto Plushies came to life, and began to march off overrunning enemies that were trying to escape. And just as one of the larger muscle bound guards couldn't be taken down, the girl then made some hand symbols, and summoned a Giant Naruto Plushie to do her bidding, and beat down the muscle head guard.


The three NaruSaku females all stayed outside, since they had a better standing against mass troops and holding back multiple enemies at a time, while the other four NaruSaku males rushed inside.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (1st floor/Inside)




Meanwhile, on the inside, four other NaruSaku members rushed in to start the fight on the inside. They all split up into their own sections of the mansion causing as much ruckus and taking out as many guards as they ran into. The one who went into the eastern wing of the mansion used fire as his technique, both controlling it freely and creating it at the snap of his fingers. He snapped his fingers igniting the flint at his gloves, and from the palm of his hand came out a liquid that created an intense flame. But what was interesting was that he fought with both sword & ladder in hand, it was like he was some kind of a fire demon, or someone that knew how to control fire with great skill! Two others decided to go together as they went into the western wing of the mansion. The both of them using dual weapons in each hand, one using dual steel razor whips, while the other used dual gladius blades cutting down enemies left and right like a hot knife through butter. A series of blood stained covered rooms was all that was left behind them.


And finally the leader who was the first one in, simply walked down the center foyer of the mansion, heading straight towards the back, where the kitchen was also located. N***H*** guards would jump out from left and right, but just as they came into the hallway, they were instantly cut down by a breeze that seemed like a wind tunnel. The man walked on with a quiet proud dignity about him, but at the same time, his blade was completely soaked with blood.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Back Gate/Outside)




Simultaneously with the frontal assault, in the back there were wild explosions going off, like a minefield exploding in a chain reaction. A single person with flaming red hair, and a fiery attitude kept throwing off bombs left and right in every which direction shouting witty comments & insults with each explosion making them inaudible. Behind him another girl just stood there, suddenly putting her hands to her head and shaking violently. Just then she transformed into Monster mode, and began rampaging through whatever enemy forces that came to the Mansion's rear defense. As the explosions provided cover & confusion, a team of NaruSaku also made their way into the back entrance, and found that the door was locked at first. The squad leader simply stood at the door waiting, while the others were fighting off N***H*** defending their squad leader. 


Next to him was his personal guard, she noticeably held a large MegaTon hammer in hand and smashed away anyone who came within range of her and the commander.


Just then after a few minutes, the door unlocked and on the other side was the Chef opening the door for his teammates. He stood there in his blood soaked apron, and grinned giving an enthusiastic thumbs up, and welcomed them in.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Chateau N***H***! Poisoned food on the right, delicious imported food on the left, and a ton of treasures to loot right down that hall!"



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (Meeting Room)




From inside the meeting room, the council members could hear the muffled chaos and dying of many of their own behind the sealed doors. The mood was becoming very shaky, and soon the "comfort" of being inside this safe room was starting to disappear rapidly. The screams were starting to die down, but at the same time coming closer and closer to the sealed double doors, signaling that whoever was laying siege to the Mansion was getting closer to them. Soon enough, panic would fill the air.


"OH GOD! UZUHINA-TAICHOU! SAVE US ALL!" The council members all began to panic wildly. "There must be a way out of here, a back door to safety! Please save us all! We don't want to die like dogs!"


Just then DarkItachi began to smack all of the council members who began to run for the doors. "You cowards! We are N***H***! We don't run away, at the first sign of trouble! We are the ones who took down the NaruSaku, the ones who were so high and mighty! I don't know who the hell these invaders are, but we have the finest guards in here as well as elite soldiers protecting us in this room!"


DarkItachi looked to the support pillars inside the room, as they all opened up, all the guards inside each pillar fell over dead in place. This only made things worse, as it only stuck even more panic within.


"Okay, maybe they got to them before we could find out. But none the less, we have UzuHina with us! She's the strongest of us all, and she's ten times stronger than the NaruSaku Captain ever was!" DarkItachi then went over to UzuHina's side, but just as he was about to step over to her, something came flying over the head of the chair, and onto the table. Something round, about the size of a head of cabbage ... only it wasn't quite a head of cabbage.


"Wha-what the hell!?" DarkItachi nearly jumped back several feet at the pure shock of what he saw.


It was UzuHina's head, cleanly severed from the neck; her last face expression was that of utter horror and pain. The blood from her head began to pool onto the table where it had landed.


All the council members then backed away into a corner in utter shock & horror that their leader, whom they thought was alive and well sitting with them tall this time, was actually dead. But then who was it that as sitting in the chair, who was it that was acting in her place. And just as they were about to say the rhetorical question, the chair wheeled around to reveal who had been sitting there the entire time.


"Y-you!? But you're supposed to be dead at the bottom of the sea with your wretched ship!" DarkItachi exclaimed in shock & surprise, pointing his finger wildly.


It was me. The Captain of the NaruSaku, the leader of them all, alive and well, in full regalia. I wheeled the chair around, and sat back looking at the cowardly council members. In that moment, DarkItachi yelled to the two girls that were supposed to be UzuHina's elite personal guards.


"Get him! He killed our leader!" But just as DarkItachi was also going to grab his gun, the two bodyguards threw off their cloaks to reveal who they were, and had their guns pointed at him before he could get his out. Just then DarkItachi exclaimed in surprise yet again. "You two!?"


"It's-" Ash spoke with her dual guns out.


And Occa finished with her single hand canon pointed directly at DarkItachi's head. "-Showtime!"


And just as the thought of trying to out gun these two ladies entered his mind, the guard who had came in to warn them in the first place, had DarkItachi by the throat with his daggers.


"I've got you now boy, now drop the piece or I'll cut you a new breathing hole!" It was Aethos in disguise from the very beginning; he made DarkItachi drop his gun to the ground, and made him get into the corner with the cowardly council members.


After the room was secured, I took out my sword still in sheath, and placed it onto the table like a civilized person, signaling that I wanted to talk. Then I leaned forward, putting my elbows onto the table, and my hands folded together supporting my head. I sat there for a good moment, simply waiting, but apparently the N***H*** members were scared sh*tless that they just stood there like frightened chickens as if to be slaughtered. So then I stood up and waved a hand kindly to them.


"Now that I have your complete and utter attention. Please. Sit in your seats. We have much to talk about." I told them in my calm and cool voice. "I only wish to talk, and I promise no one will be harmed. Not by me, or anyone in this room for that matter."


I gave a smile that showed no harm, and the council members all looked to each other with hesitation. But finally, they all decided why not, if he had wanted them dead, they would have been dead the moment they walked into the meeting room. Soon they all sat down accordingly, but they were still shaking from fear of not knowing what to expect next, that and being held at gun point.


So I took a deep breath, and sat properly to talk. "You know why we are here. You know what you have done, and you know exactly how we should repay you for such an act."


I paused for moment, to let them understand my words.


"But instead, we are here to prove a point. I'm not here to eliminate you all, or have your society run into the ground and into mass fear. No." I shook my head at my own words. "Instead. I want peace time. I want total and free liberation to ideals, and a free world."


I paused again and gauged on their reactions. It was a bit mixed with confusion, and shock, as these were the words coming from a man who just survived near-death, and complete destruction of his people & home.


"You see, I'm getting too old, and tired for this stupid fight some of you might know of. We've been fighting for so long that our young don't even know why we fight for in the first place." I spoke with earnest feeling and honesty. "Too many have died, too many have love ones have been lost."


"Oh and this coming from the man who just killed OUR leader! *HURK*" DarkItachi barked out, but Aethos silenced him by hitting him in the gut with the butt of his dagger.


"Shut up maggot! You don't deserve to speak for what you've done!" Aethos barked right back at him after knocking the wind out of him.


I continued after DarkItachi's interrupted me. "What I say, I mean in full sincerity. I want the fighting to end. I want the discrimination, the prejudice, the hate, everything, to just stop."


The council members all still showed faces of uncertainty, and confusion in my words. But surely they were beginning to understand what I was trying to get at.


"I realize that I am making demands and requests at gun point. But in my own respect, I have placed my sword down onto the table, and if you have noticed, I have tied it off with my own hair symbolizing that I have personally sealed my own will to fight, and wish only peace."


Just then all of the council members had noticed my action, and one by one began to nod to one another in acknowledgement of my actions.


"I am giving up my position, and retiring from all of this. This life, this long arduous life, and I've grown tired of it all." I was now speaking in a voice that sounded weary and exhausted. I sat back in the chair, and put my hands on the sides, sitting up right, and now getting to the point. "I have a treaty prepared and ready to be signed. It declares that there will be a cease-fire, the wars will be over, and a new era of peace time will begin. A time in where our children, and our children's children can all live in peace together. A time in which discrimination, prejudice, and hate will cease to exist, and we can all live happily together regardless of different ideals, or different opinions. Where even if you have a different perspective, others will accept it and respect your decisions without any conflict."


Soon my speech began to affect the N***H** council, and they all soon started to take my words into consideration, as well as nodding in acknowledgement that I wasn't a stupid person, or some kind of a wild pirate. Instead they saw an educated, calm, reserve, intelligent, and civilized leader who simply wanted an end to the blood.


"And how will we deal with those who happen to break this treaty?" Finally someone asked the question.


I nodded my head as I heard this and expected them to ask it. "Yes, there will be those who still act in the old ways, and might not want to change. But we WILL deal with them accordingly, NaruSaku, N***H***, or S***S*** alike. They will be persecuted equally, and given equal punishment regardless of whom they represent."


Again, the words all sounded very well spoken, and they all seemed to agree.


"I know it all sounds almost impossible to just start right away, and it will take a lot of work. But if we work together, I mean together, and try to live in harmony." I spoke very warmly, and put my hands together. "In time, we will learn to live with each other, and become better people all together. I'm not asking for a perfect world, I'm not asking for everyone to jump into it immediately. All I'm asking is that we try to become better people. Better not as separated, but better as a whole."


By now, the all of the council members weren't scared, nor were they in fear of anything. Instead they were all now sitting properly listening intently, and taking in my words with earnest thought. They all looked to one another, and chatted amongst each other, nodding to each other, and making decisions.


"If you are with me, then please sign this Peace Treaty." I pulled out a piece of parchment from out of my coat and laid it out on the table for all of them to read and review over. They passed it to each other, and read it throughly, examining each point, and saw that everything I had just stated was very true. "Please, let us stop the bloodshed, before there is no more blood to carry on for us."


There was another moment of silence, as they all began to think over the offer, and truly consider everything I had just spoken of. Just then the first council member signed it, then the second, then the third. They all began to pass it around one after the other. But in the back corner, DarkItachi couldn't believe this, and started to speak in a very loud & angry tone.


"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!? HE was the one who started all of this! HE was the one who caused the most trouble for both sides! HE was the one who killed the most of our own to begin with! Why should you trust this same man who just a moment ago laid siege to our home, probably killed many of our own just now, and slain our own Leader!?" DarkItachi had proven a point, and the council members paused for a moment.


It was then that I reminded him of just exactly WHAT DarkItachi has been doing. "This coming from a man who betrayed his own sister, put her in danger, and set her up to die like dog." Those words alone struck the council members at heart, and it seemed like they had no idea of his demise, so I continued and explained. "Oh yes, this man along with your 'Leader' sunk as low as to manipulate a girl, one of my own, into doing their biddings, and not only did 'HE'-" I then pointed directly at DarkItachi, who then knew that he was busted. "-betray his own sister to die on her own, he ran away like a lowly coward." I left it at there, and the council members were already sick with disgust at DarkItachi's actions. " Even I was once a N***H***, and I haven't betrayed anyone, nor have I had any hate towards either side. So who would you rather have your lives in the hands of. A man who would betray his own kin? Or me?"


The answer was obvious and finally all of the council members signed the Peace Treaty. Finally it was passed back to me, and I signed it, making it official, and sealing the deal. I rolled up the agreement, and tucked it away into the inside pocket of my long coat. I stood up and the entire N***H*** council stood up with me in respect. I held out my hand to the 1st council member, and he looked at me, but without a doubt, he shook my hand proudly.


"Thank you. All of you, you have my eternal thanks, and my respect for making the right choice. I think that, no, I KNOW that this was the right decision, and hopefully in three years time. We all finally be at peace with one another, and all be truly free." I spoke with great pride, and gave a quiet smile.


Just then Aethos opened up the doors, and shut down the lockdown system. Ash & Occa put their guns away, and clapped in response. All of the doors and windows reopened, and the alarm was shut down. The sun finally shined through the windows and the siege of Himitsu Desu was over. The doors opened, and the council members were free to leave, unharmed and safe to go about. All that was left, was Ash, Occa, Aethos, myself, and DarkItachi. DarkItachi knew it was all over for him, he was expecting for his execution to take place. But instead, we left him alone, and walked out the door ourselves. Just then he began to feel overwhelmed with genuine fear of uncertainty. But then realized that he was a marked man, marked by both sides, NaruSaku, and his own (N***H***). To know that they left him alive would mean that he would forever be on the run from either side, no one could trust him, no one would befriend him of fear of being betrayed themselves. It would be a long and hard life ... alone.


"Wait! Aren't you going to kill me? I caused all of pain for you! You can't leave me alive!" He started to beg for death from us. "Come on! I killed that son of yours Aethos! I killed him and enjoyed watching you cry!" But Aethos simply kept walking away. "And you killed the only person that ever mattered to you!" He then directed his bickering at me. "I took her in and trained her in how to manipulate you! She never loved you in the first place, it was all just a set up from the beginning! And in the end she died because of you! Like a stuck up little bi-"


But before he could finish his sentence, he was struck in the back by something hard.


I didn't see who it was that struck him, and that as the last time I ever saw or heard of DarkItachi ever again. We all kept walking; walking away from the terrible losses, walking away from all the pain and suffering we had dealt with. But most of all, we were walking ... into a new era.



Himitsu Desu - Mansion (basement)




DarkItachi was bleeding from the head and hit a bump that woke him up from being knocked out. He couldn't quite move his body yet as it was fairly sore, but could feel that he was being dragged away. He couldn't quite make out the face of whom was dragging him away, but at the rate he was being dragged at, the person was on a mission. Just a light hit the face of DarkItachi's captor, and for a moment he felt relieved.


"Ish! It's you! You came to save me! I knew you would come to my rescue. That Aethos probably knocked me out and such. But why are you dragging me?" He asked groggily.


"..." There was no answer from LoveHinaGuy (LHG/Ish), he just kept walking on, dragging DarkItachi along with him. Something in his other hand.


"Hey come on man, help me up! What are you doing? We got to get out of here, and try and rebuild! Did you hear about it? That stupid ass treaty they set up!? It's all probably just a trap, some kind of a conspiracy!" DarkItachi kept talking, but now at a more scared rate, as he was still unsure what, or why LHG was dragging him away.


"..." Still no response.


"Hey come on damnit say something! We're buddies aren't we!? And why the hell are you dragging me around!?" DarkItachi finally asked angrily, still unable to move. But then he realized that he couldn't move for a reason, and tried to struggle but it was useless. He literally felt numb, and couldn't feel anything.


Just then, LHG spoke. "I've injected you with a drug that keeps you paralyze for a while. You can't move, but you can still feel, and see and speak. It just shuts down your motor functions."


"What the hell? Why would you do that for!?" DarkItachi screamed.


"Because." LHG now spoke in a very dark tone. "I KNOW what you've done. I know everything, and exactly what you did to her."


Just then DarkItachi couldn't speak anything, and just remembered that his sister & LHG were in a very serious relationship, one where it rivaled that of the NaruSaku captain & herself. Then he tried to speak and reason, but didn't realize what he was about to say only made matters worse.. "Aw come on man! She was one of them! What matter does it make, since you were one of us!"


"But that's the thing. Yes, I've always been a N***H*** ..." LHG stopped, then turned around to look at DarkItachi with eyes full of hate, anger, and murderous intent. "But I was one of THEM FIRST!"


Just then DarkItachi's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as he could only imagine the horror, pain, and suffering that would come from LHG's wrath. LHG turned back around, and continued on with his intent.


"Oh don't worry. Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you." LHG spoke with a very evil and malicious tone. "Oh no. You are going to live for a long time, and I'm going make sure you live through all of my wonderful ... 'games'. And not just body, but I'm going to destroy your mind as well. I'm going to make you live in such a life of utter fear and terror, you'll never be the same again." LHG then began to speak with a giddy tone. "Oh yes, oh yes. It's going to be a merry merry time for us. And we're going to have lots of fun, the both of us. Lots and lots and lots of fun! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


LHG's crackle echoed through the dark hallways, and just then he stepped onto one of his 'tools' along the way. LHG then bent down and picked it up, grinning evily.


"Ah I've been looking all over for you!" LHG picked up his favorite object, and showed it to DarkItachi, who was slightly coming around again.


All DarkItachi would see was some sort of a metal object with three prongs, it was rusted, and pointy. Just then he realized what it was, and it could only be one of LHG's most infamous tools of fun.


It was his pitchfork. His legendary pitchfork that has seen countless victims, and has created countless bodies writhe in absolute pain. The last thing DarkItachi saw before he passed out again was the reflection of LHG's glasses as it gave off an evil kind of reflection, and he continued to laugh like a mad man who has completely snapped.





Himitsu Desu - Mansion (outside)




It was finally over; a new dawn was upon us this night. A red sun, a blood sun rose up from the horizon, as ill omen as the blood sun seemed, it didn't matter. Everything was settled, and there in the front yard stood what was left of the HMS and H&E's strong. So few able to fight, so many injured back home, and hundreds dead. Funny, all it took was the death of many loved ones, just so we could reach the end. A means to an end, that's all it was, just another means to an end.


I walked out the front door, Ash, Occa, & Aethos following my by my side. As I began to walk out, all of my crew members stood before me awaiting my words. I took out the Peace Agreement from my coat, raised it high above my head, and simply said.


"It is done."


And with those three words alone, there was a great roar of victory, and joy. Some call it our victory, some call it a stalemate, some say it was only just a postponement until another conflict rose up. But as long as those who lived through the terrible times pass on the change to others, the Peace Time agreement will live.


I made my way through my battle-hardened troops, they all gathered around me to cheer and put their hands to me. I simply just walked through them all, and they followed.


"So what now, Lloyd?" Blayze asked me as he came to my side.


"Home." I spoke to him in a sad tone. "We have friends & family to bury."


He nodded quietly with me, and all NaruSaku forces pulled out of Himitsu Desu. Never to return ... at least ... not as enemies anymore.

Present Day ...


"Has it really already been three years since that day?" I spoke to Sori as the cool ocean air began to blow.


She closed her eyes, sighed, and nodded her head slowly. "Yes dear. Three years of peace, and quiet, and not a single conflict since then. All thanks to your determination and will to carry on."


Those words, 'will to carry on', I sightly felt a little remorse as I remembered everything that we had lost, everyone we had lost, to gain this freedom.


"I suppose it is time that move on as well." I then stood up from where I was sitting, and moved back over to the steering wheel, and hit the lever that cranked the anchor up. Then turned around to face her, only now my face was not so depressed, and the feeling of sadness was replaced with restitution. I knew that no matter what I did, or how many times I came out here hoping, Yoko would never come back, and that was what always made me hit my lowest point. But instead, it would remind me, that she gave me a chance to be with someone else that I care about. Someone who also loved me back, and someone I was willing to spend the rest of my life with, in this life, and into the next. I smiled, smiled that ever-warming smile as I looked to Sori, who seemed to be looking out into the sea as well. The way the wind blew her hair, and how she ran her hand through it as well. And how she held a hand to her womb, rubbing it gently, singing to the little one who was within. 


"Let's go home."


I turned the boat around, and began making back for home, wherever the wind would take us. Sori went back downstairs for a moment, and went looking for something. She went through drawer, after drawer, and then went to the closet. She had found her old Obito Goggles, which she hadn't used since the siege, and hung them back in the closet. Just then something fell out of the closet and hit the floor. It surprised her so suddenly, and she picked it up to put it away, she realized what it was.


My sword.


The custom made hilt shaped into a dragon's head was a dead give away. As she held it in her hands, it was the first time she ever saw it up close and in person, and to even hold in her hands was something no one had ever done. At least no one else that she knew of that held it as she did. It was still light as ever, even though it always looked dreadfully heavy. 


The design was just something only a true artisan could create. She knew that even the sword looked clean, it was heavy with blood, heavy with many bodies slain by it, but most of all; it was heavy with the souls of loved ones as well. Just then her curiosity nearly got the best of her, and she tried to pull the blade out, but couldn't. And just as she began to check why she couldn't unsheathe the sword, her agitation soon changed to a pleasant surprise. The sword was still bound by my hair, tied off since then, symbolizing that I had kept my oath all this time. She ended up closing her eyes, softly chuckling, and nodded her head smiling, then putting the sword back away into the closet carefully. Just then she had found exactly what she was looking for, and came back upstairs to stand at my side. Just then she sat down next to me as I was at the steering wheel, and she wrapped a large scarf around the both of us, and put her arms around me. I put one hand onto her womb, and she asked me.


"We still have to name our little one." She laid her head onto my shoulder as we sailed off into the horizon.


I kissed her head, and knew exactly what I wanted to name them. "If it's a boy, Kenta."


"And if it's a girl?" She asked.


"If it's a girl." I paused, and smiled quietly.




The End.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Posted 07 October 2006 - 02:18 AM

Epilogue: Credits
Subtitle: A New Beginning

H&E 10 Years Later ...

A transport boat had just arrived to H&E with another load of visitors and new members, as well as returning members too. But more notably a young girl stepped off the boat and onto the docks of H&E. The expression on her face was bright enough to light up the entire island, and the excitement inside of her was nearly going to explode. She was wearing an old brown long coat that looked like something out of a bad pirate movie, along with her boots, and raggedy hat. But her image wasn't what mattered much to her, it was that she had finally found her way to H&E. This place that was so widely talked about, that held such a historical past, and all the stories that had traveled through the vast ocean. She made her way slowly from the docks towards main land and could almost feel a very strong vibe coursing through her body. The image of the island was exactly as she had imagined it, and to actually be walking towards it, in it, through it, it was like a dream come true.


"Wow! It's like everything I always dreamed it would be!" She exclaimed in happiness.


Just then as she found the main area to which new comers would go announce themselves, and make their introductions. On a platform was another girl a little younger than her, but she wore a uniform that symbolized that she was an Officer of the Island. The girl made an announcement to the new comers, and her overall attitude was very positive as well as warm welcoming.


"Hello everyone, and welcome to Heaven & Earth! My name is AnimeGirl500, but you can call me Ani-chan! I'm one of the few people in-charge here at H&E, and if you have any problems please feel free to come see me, or contact me! Or you can go see, Nick Soapdish, Sakura Blossoms, or even Shriner! We're all Officers & personnel that are in-charge of the island and are always willing to help you! So don't be afraid!" She happily smiled, and continued to give her welcome speech. "Please feel free to go around, look around, go and see everything. We are always welcoming new people, and are always happy to get to know you! Don't be shy! Here at H&E, just like the rest of the world, we are always open to ideals, opinions, and people alike! Thank you for coming here, and we hope you enjoy your stay! And possibly you'll be staying with us, if you choose! And if you choose to stay with us, then WELCOME FRESH MEAT!"


Ani-chan spoke the last words in good enthusiasm, then got down and opened the podium to the public for introductions. The girl in the pirate get-up felt so eager after the speech that she was the first to jump up and announce herself.







Soon after the war was over, he returned back to his hunt for his many doppelgängers. Taking down those who plagiarized his name, and took his work as their own. Ever walking the hunter's road, with his Zombie Hinata by his side. Currently is also rewriting his already famous story, Betrothal. Now known as "Betrothal R", where it is being showcased at FF.net.


godsprotector (MIA)

Although he came back from his life's journey, he went missing in action during the 2nd wave of attack during the Siege of H&E. He was never found, but assumed that he was caught in the bombardment of the Residential Area.


Godai52 (MIA)

Also recently came back from life's journey before the Siege of H&E, but went missing in action during the Initial attack.


tangerine fever

After the Siege of H&E, and with the peace time in effect, she stayed at H&E as a Private Investigator. Later on she tried publishing a book, which was widely known because it revealed conspiracy theories behind many of H&E's members. But later on, she decided to just move on, and turned to a new hobby. Joining the mysterious Super Sentai Squad, as codename: Hiku-girl, with her special ability, THE SPARKLER.


Juujuu (KIA)

Was killed in action while trying to defend the H&E Gallery during the Siege of H&E. She was caught in a crossfire fight between both enemy and friendly forces.


mame (KIA)

Was also killed in action while trying to defend the H&E Gallery during the Siege of H&E, and caught during the crossfire fight.


Niky (wounded)

She was wounded in combat while defending the Gallery during the Siege of H&E. During the firefight, she was wounded, but Hinano had just barely saved her.



Fought both fights for the Siege of H&E, and the Siege of Himitsu Desu. She defended the Gallery Archive during the Seige of H&E, and risked life to save what she could, along with barely saving Niky, even though she was wounded. H&E owes her a great debt, but she is happy with just defending a home that already respects her. Now Hinano freelances around, spreading as much NaruSaku as she can through her art. Also commemorating those that died in the good fight.


+*Pan*+ (pan-chan) (KIA)

Pan-chan was also killed in action during the Siege of H&E in the Gallery Sector. Despite her not originally being from H&E, and coming from NF, she stood the good fight, and held out as long as she could.


Mikah (wounded)

Mikah was wounded in the Siege of H&E, during the H&E Gallery firefight, she barely made it out, but sadly could not save Pan-chan, with all her might. But had now dedicated her life to spreading the NaruSaku Gallery at NF.


Vermillion Wolf (VW) (MIA)

VM is another one of the many who went missing in the Initial attack during the Siege of H&E. She & Kuroichigo were in the Residential Area when the bombardment had begun.


Kuroichigo (Kuro-chan) (MIA)

Kuro-chan, along with VW, was caught in the Initial bombardment during the Siege of H&E. Neither of their bodies were found, but in memory of them, H&E has planted an orchard of trees in memory of the youngest ones to die in H&E.


Naru/Saku926 (drew)

Drew-kun just barely survived the Siege of H&E, he was one of the many injured among the Residential Area. Nick Soapdish had found him and saved him. Because of the sudden attack that nearly took his life, he now spends time at peace rallies instead of fighting on the Western Front.


Tsunade (Tsu-chan)

Tsu-chan along with her brother, Jiraiya, also just barely made it out of the Siege of H&E. They had lost their little home, but rebuilt it, and continue to live. Tsu-chan is still seen always welcoming new people. But most of the time she spends it on GaiaOnline.



Along with his sister, the two of them continue to live life. Although he sometimes goes off on his own adventures.


deathworks (KIA)

DeathWorks was killed instantly in the Initial bombardment during the Siege of H&E. But despite his swift death, those he entrusted the Gallery security to held out as long as they could, fighting the good fight in his stead.


Rovert (MIA)

Another among the man who went missing during the bombardment of the Residential area. He was never found either.


Geno Calamari (Geno) (wounded)

Geno, like a true warrior, fought the good fight aboard the HMS NaruSaku. Even though he was wounded, he kept fighting until his body gave out. But like an old lion, he's hard to kill. He couldn't join the fight in the Siege of Himitsu Desu due to his wound aboard the HMS NaruSaku. After the war was finished, he went back into his hermit ways again, and disappeared on his own, never to be seen again.



She had already made her way around a good portion of the island, meeting and greeting fellow new comers, as well as making lots of new friends. Along the way picked up two people who already joined her group! One boy who was about her age, maybe a little older, and they hit it off at a great start, although the girl found out that he was pretty perverted later on. And another younger girl, who was pretty shy at first, but once she got something to fizzy to drink, she went completely into crazy mode. The boy's name was Random Nobody, but he went by the name of RamenMan, and the girl's name was exactly as her attitude, TennisWeird. The three of them went on about the island, visiting the rebuilt Library Sector, as well as the new Gallery Archives.


Along the way, they ran into more new comers as well as fellow members who had just arrived here at H&E. There was StarlightAngel (Angel) the ever traveling professional Go player, & his best buddy, SirDragon13 (Manny), whom the pirate girl took a great liking too. She especially liked Manny because they would swap pictures between themselves, as well as take pictures of each other. Their hobbies were just clicking right away. And just as they were all going around the island about, they had lost Angel as he was standing just staring at an old Wanted poster of sharingank (Ash). It was in that moment they had lost Angel, so Manny stayed behind to try and drag him away.


"Let's meet up later, okay?" Manny spoke over to the pirate girl.


The pirate girl waved back happily. "At the end of the day by the docks!"


And they parted ways, now it was just her, Tennis-chan, and Ramen-kun again.




Yuriko (Keira/K-chan)

She was aboard the fight on the HMS NaruSaku. She fought along side nick (animeluver), and stayed with him until death. She was also there during the Siege of Himitsu Desu. After the war was long over, she returned back to RO Island, and went back into her old lifestyle. A showcase of her Giant Naruto Plushie is still held over at Nikko's Doll Shoppe.



Nikko fought the good fight during the Siege of H&E. She did not attend the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but did supply enough munitions to take out both Himitsu Desu & Kitsune no Hana. After the war, she still runs her "Doll Shoppe" as a Black Market for weapons, along with BugNin by her side.


TheBugNinja (BugNin)

BugNin fought along side Nikko, as any true partner would, during the Siege of H&E. He did not join in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but did help Nikko in her gun running, and supply of munitions to both ends of the fight. After the war, he was hired by Blayze to work as the new Tavern caretaker. So now BugNin runs the H&E Tavern.


GoNeKr@zY (Danny) (MIA)

Poor Krazy-kun was caught in the Initial blast of the Siege of H&E. His body was never found, but Juri & Jack still work in his honor and name.


pocky_luver (Juri/Tasty-chan)

Juri-chan took a nasty hit from the Initial blast of the Siege of H&E. Fortunately Jack recovered first, and helped her escape to the safe zone, Isle Del Sorna. She along with Jack neither took place in the Siege of H&E, or the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but instead ran the information lines, and communications jam to stop N***H*** signals. After the war, Juri-chan is still seen around H&E, only now known as Pocky-chan.


Quixotic Novice (Jack)

Jack also took a nasty blow from the Initial blast during the Siege of H&E. He was the first to recover back to his feet and carried Juri-chan out as best as he could. He along with Juri-chan didn't fight directly in either Sieges, but worked hard to break the information lines of the N***H***. After the war, Jack needed to reflect his time away, and mourn for his fallen comrades. He is still seen sometimes around H&E, but mostly on short visits.


starlite (star-chan)

star-chan was caught in some of the blasts during the Siege of H&E, but luckily she was in a safe area, and blasts were just outside of her building. She mistook the first blast as one of her beats, but then the successions of the blasts were wrong. She helped evacuate as many people as she could, but didn't fight in either Sieges. After the war, she used her music to promote peace and unity between both sides. She now travels around promoting her music, but she can still be seen at the H&E Lounge most times.


jaredstar (Jstar) (MIA)

Jstar was running the H&E Cafe as AfterDeath was on board the HMS NaruSaku. During the Siege of H&E, the 2nd wave of bombardment had hit the H&E Cafe directly, thus taking out Jstar long with it.


tun (KIA)

tun died taking a blow for Faucon, defending the Library Archives of H&E.



Faucon managed to save many archives, and had luckily had back-up reserves hidden away. He fought the good fight in both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. After the war, he went back to rebuld the H&E Library as well as dedicate the C2 Community in tun's memory.


Bryon_Konoha_Ninja (KIA)

Bryon also died taking a blow for desaix, defending the Library Archives of H&E.



Fought the good fight defending the Library Archives during the Siege of H&E. He did not fight in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but stayed behind to help recover what he could, as well as salvage any material he could. After the war, he continues to write on, but also continued Bryon's story, Naruto: The Demon Within, in honor of his memory.


Rathgar (Oyaji-san)

Was also in the H&E Lounge when the Initial bombardment happened. He, along with star-chan, together rescued and evacuated as many people as they could. He didn't fight in either Siege, but stayed behind to help treat the wounded on H&E. After the war, he helped rebuild most of H&E, and continues to run the H&E Lounge, and still keeps it real with all the youngsters.



Fought & Served in both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. Although he wasn't there at Himitsu Desu, he did show is support in staying behind to defend home, while the others were away. After the war, he also stayed at H&E to help rebuild, and retrain new comers into Fresh Meat. He along with M1abrams are still on the island training newbies vigorously.



Fought & Served in both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. He was apart of the team that infiltrated Himitsu Desu, and saved most of H&E during the attack. After the war, along with Jwolf0, they stayed to help rebuild, and retrain new comers. He still carries his sword & ladder.



Hime-sama also fought the good fight during the Siege of H&E. She saved many archives from the Library attack, and barely made an escape thanks to Tatsu & Mira. Along with Lackey_H's Zombie Hinata. Hime-sama didn't fight in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, and after the war she went back on her own to write and explore the world.



Tatsu fought both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. He fought vigorously defending the Library Archives, and both Hime-sama & Lackey_H. After the war, he & Mira parted ways as he had finally taught her everything he could. Tatsu had also completed his Memoirs, and left them behind for his next student to follow, Reo.



Mira fought along side her sensei, Tatsu, in both Sieges. After the war, she parted ways with him, and went off on her own, going out to experience the world just as her sensei did.


Eagle8819 (eggie) (retired)

Eggie-chan survived through the Siege of H&E, as well as saved and evacuated as many as she could. She didn't fight in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but stayed behind to help regulate orders & directions. After the war, she felt tired of it all, and decided to retire from her position as an officer. She can still be seen around H&E as a night owl.


animeluvr852 (nick) (KIA)

nick was killed in action during the attack on the HMS NaruSaku. He was caught in an explosion that was triggered off by DarkItachi. But despite it all, he fought the good fight until death, just as his teacher, and surrogate father would have him do.



After walking around and exploring the obvious choices of H&E, they finally made their way to the H&E Tavern. The three of them walked into the old Tavern that had been renovated, but still had that bit of nostalgia feel coming from it. The three of them sat down at the bar, and basked in its historical presence. Over in the corner they saw three other new comers, but they were of an older crowd, two men & a woman.


The current bartender & caretaker then leaned over and yelled over at them. "Hey you three are going to pick up this tab or what? And you Ashley, just because you're Nikko's older sister doesn't mean you get drinks for free. At least not this time!"


ashleyriot sat back in the middle of the two other guys laughing merrily at BugNin's words. "So boys, you're not going to let Mistress Ashley pay, are you? Hmm? Smallville?"


"Oh yeah, pick on the poor farm boy huh?" algernon81 (smallville) gave a smirk at his own joke and tried to pass the tab on. "Whirly I think it's your turn!"


Sir Whirly leaned forward with a fist on the table, but had a nodding smile. "Hell I don't even drink, much less drink as much as you two did! But what the hell!"


Whirly paid tonight's tab, and the three of them left the Tavern merrily singing in their intoxicated state. Just as they had left, Tennis-chan tried to swipe some alcohol & smokes from the bar, but a swift heavy hand caught her.


"No." BugNin simply laid down the law, and shook a disciplinary finger at her.


Tennis-chan held her head down since she had gotten caught red handed and pretty quickly, but instead BugNin gave her a soda, and that seemed to please her instead. After that little bit, the three of them decided to step outside and continue exploring the island. Just as they were exiting, they heard some marching coming by, like a troop of military forces doing their routine jog.


And soon enough, there they were, the two men in-charge of Public Safety for H&E, M1abrams & Jwolf0. They were taking the new recruits that had just arrived for a training exercise to see if they were ready to become one of the many to serve & protect. Only one out of the many really stood out, as he was being praised for his determination.


"You son, NAME & RANK!" Jwolf0 ordered at the boy who stood before him.


"Pite SIR! Rank, Former Militia from the Eastern Front! Came to H&E looking for a home & purpose to fight!" Pite replied back like a true soldier.


"Is that right? WELL IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM! HERE YOU START AS A MAGGOT, MAGGOT!" M1abrams drilled into Pite, but he simply stood there taking in the verbal abuse as they were supposed to. "Now DROP & GIVE ME 20!"


"SIR YES SIR!" Pite did as he was ordered and began doing push-ups.


The pirate girl and her group found it amusing, but also scary at the same time at how harsh training must be. They then decided to move on towards the residential area.





Mizura fought in both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. After the war, she dedicated most of her life to writing a manifesto for NaruSaku. A number of copies of the book can be viewed at the H&E Library Archive. Although now she spends most of her time at NF, simply living on, running her Sakura Club.


Rinzen (wounded)

Rinzen was wounded taking a blow for Mizura during the Siege of H&E. But despite his wounds, he kept fighting, and still lives on to this day. He wasn't at the Siege of Himitsu Desu, and after the war, he returned to Mizura's side as her 2nd in command at NF. He still visits H&E every now and then.


Steeled-Ecstacy (Katie)

Katie was there during the Siege of H&E and treated many injured during the attack. Even without Haylee she managed to save many lives, and patch many people up as best as she could. To her record, no one had died under her care. She along with Haylee didn't fight in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but were back still treating the wounded. After the war, Katie decided to stay and run the clinic, while Haylee went off on her own medical journey.


AfterDeath (KIA)

AD was killed in action during the attack on the HMS NaruSaku. He was stabbed in the back by Yoko, but she was under the manipulation of DarkItachi. His memory will be forever dedicated in the new H&E Cafe.


hinata--chan & the SasuHina

Hinata--chan & her SasuHina returned to Hitomi Wo Koete after the war was over. Without the SasuHina, H&E and NaruSaku would have fallen completely. H&E will always forever be in their debt, which is why they have our full and complete support, even to this day.


occasionalutopia (Occa/Mel-chan)

Occa fought in both Sieges of H&E and Himitsu Desu. She was one of the witnesses who took part in the signing of the Peace Time agreement. After the war, she returned to her job at NF, and works happily there, bringing in the law in her own way.


Uzumaki Naruto (UzuNaru)

UzuNaru despite missing out on the Siege of H&E, as soon as he heard of the news, he came back as soon as he could after his Life's Journey. He did attain the skills and enlightenment that he was seeking, and thus created a new cuisine lifestyle. He helped infiltrate Himitsu Desu and disguised himself as their "Guest Chef" from across seas. After the war, he went back to his H&E Cafe, rebuilt it, and cooks in honor of AD's death.


Sakura Blossoms (Sakura-chan) (wounded) (Promoted)

Sakura-chan was wounded in the Siege of H&E, but her attempt was not in vain. She did recover the emergency frequencies needed to contact Hitomi Wo Koete, and played a vital part in saving H&E. She, along with the many others, rescued & help evacuate many people. Her dedication and love for H&E had surpassed a lot of expectations, thus upon the retirement of the old, she was promoted in their stead. She is now currently one of the two new head chiefs of H&E.


bassclef (Matt)

Bassclef was on board the HMS NaruSaku during the attack. He along with Blayze defended a good portion of the ship as well as help rescue & evacuate any survivors from the internal explosions. Without Bass' technological know how, the captain along with other crew members would have been dead at the bottom of the sea. Bass was also apart of the Siege of Himitsu Desu in the frontal assault team. After the war, he decided that he finally needed that time alone, and went off on his own Life's Journey.


Shriner (Promoted)

During the Siege of H&E, Shriner showed to Nick his true colors as a natural leader and caretaker of many members who were wounded, and even saved Sakura-chan herself from the nasty blast she took head on. He was not apart of the Siege of Hitmitsu Desu, but choose to stay behind and help those on H&E. After the war was over, Nick Soapdish, along with other joint Chiefs of staff, promoted him to Officer status. Today, he now walks H&E as an officer of H&E, upholding the law, as well as serving & protecting it's residents.


quilted-remorse (Haylee)

Haylee was on board the HMS NaruSaku during its attack. She along with Lee (shinyu) fought fiercely to protect the injured within the ship's infirmary. She saved as many wounded as she could, and brought them to safety with the help of Shinyu, Ash, Alpha, Blayze, & Bass. During the Siege of Himitsu Desu, she stayed behind along with Katie to treat the hundreds of wounded and injured. After the war, she decided it was time to travel the world and find new med clinical techniques as well as help those who were in need. Shinyu went along with her, as her personal combat medic.


Shinyu (Lee) (retired)

Lee was also on board during the attack of on HMS NaruSaku. He & Haylee defended the ship's Infirmary with great strength. Lee was apart of the Siege of Himitsu Desu, and was also apart of the Frontal Assault team. After the war, he retired from his position as an Officer, as he just couldn't find the time to really do his job, and act as Haylee's Combat Medic. So he choose his own path, and traveled along side with Haylee, to help and aid those in need of medical attention.



In the residential area they found made their way towards the H&E Cafe and the H&E Lounge. The music ever bumping with heavy beats, and chill melody, as well as the food from cafe was just appetizing to the smell. The first decided to go into the Lounge and chill out for a bit, but they had run into yet another new comer. One who seemed to be like kind of a Casanova wanna-be. He almost immediately approached the pirate girl, and make his moves. Trying to dance his way over to her, and grooving about singing Ricky Martin songs.


Talk to me

Tell me your name

You blow me off like it's all the same

You lit a fuse and now I'm ticking away

Like a bomb

Yeah, Baby


The boy moved in such a suave yet, rhythmic motion, it was almost hypnotizing, but none the less, the pirate girl didn't fall for his antics, but she did get a good amusement out of it and was a good sport to him. Even though he was shot down, he was still glad to see that she didn't just completely shun him away. Instead welcomed her to their table, and introduced himself.


"Hello! My name is MBKon, but you may call me Marcus." Marcus spoke in a very smooth Latin accent.


They exchanged stories about their travels and how they came to H&E, until finally they decided to part, but meet up again later on.

Continued into 2nd post below.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Continued from 1st post above.





HinataFanBoy (HH/Cody) (KIA)

Cody was captured & executed by the N***H*** when he was caught and tried for treason one week before the Siege of H&E. Despite him being a full N***H*** himself, they executed him as a spy regardless. Despite Cody's issues, he was still a good friend, and it was a sad moment, when we had lost him. But thanks to him, we would never have been able to escape from NT from the very beginning. His death showed that it didn't matter what you were supporting, but rather, who you were supporting. Friends over Ideals.


LoveHinaGuy (LHG/Ish)

LHG was not at the Siege of H&E, nor was he on board the fall of the HMS NaruSaku. But as soon as he was notified of Yoko's death. He immediate wanted to know what had happened as well as who had set her up. After he had learned the truth behind everything, he knew that revenge was all he would want. And so he played a vital part in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, using all his connections to get UzuNaru inside as the Chef, setting up jamming frequencies on all N***H*** radios, as well as getting the front assault team right through the front gate. In the end, LHG did get his hands on DarkItachi, and he spent a good amount of taking his time how to deal with him properly. By the time LHG was finished with DarkItachi, he had published a Black Market book entitled "Book Of Death". Depicting various machines, techniques, and methods of how to kill, torture, and operate on a single person. The book was considered to be a surgeon's dream, since it held a lot of data on the anatomy of a human, as well as the psychological aspects of the brain. LHG, never completely recovered from losing Yoko, but through time ... he chose to except that she was gone and left it at that.


Nick Soapdish (Nick) (Promoted)

Nick was apart of both Sieges of H&E and Himtisu Desu. He saved and evacuated a good portion of survivors during the Siege of H&E, as well as used his skills in communications to send for reinforcements, with the help of Sakura-chan. During the Siege of Himitsu Desu, he led the Rear Assault team, and help loot as much treasure as he could from the N***H*** Mansion Headquarters. Of course, he denies all allegations to him actually committing the act, but we all know the truth. After the war, his actions and dedication to H&E earned him a rightful promotion to Chief of Staff, along with Sakura-chan. Smiter & I promoted him with great pride.



After Aethos had left H&E initially, he had traveled the seas and world on his own adventure. But during the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, he was the only one within range to see the distress signal. The moment he had saw the signal, without a blink of the eye, he came straight to our aid. If he had not arrived to our aid, many crew members aboard the HMS NaruSaku would have sunk to the bottom of the sea. But because of his help, many were saved, along with the key crew members from below. Although with the loss of nick in the engine room, he still felt remorse over not being able to save him, but in time he grew to accept that it was exactly what he would have done if he were in his place. After narrowly escaping the HMS NaruSaku, he rejoined with H&E for the Siege of Himitsu Desu, and also infiltrated directly into the Mansion, along with Ash, Occa, and myself. After the war, Aethos returned the Belafonte, as he had found himself a new ship, and went back on his own, endlessly sailing around the world, with his rival & best friend, Arashi by his side.



Arashi left H&E after Aethos had left. He only went in pursuit, but in the end joined forces, and they sailed around the world having adventures together. It was he and Aethos who had received the HMS distress call, and immediately came to our aid. Arashi helped evacuate many survivors, and injured. He did not take part in the Siege of Himitsu Desu, but he did run the supply line back and forth for H&E. After the war, he and Aethos returned to their carefree lifestyle, one adventure at a time.


alphabet (Alpha) (retired)

Alpha-chan was on board the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, and defended her with all her might. She along side her older sister, Ash, help save & evacuate many members. She was also apart of the Rear Assault team during the Siege of Himitsu Desu. The widely believed rumor of how Nick Soapdish looted the N***H*** treasure is also combined with the fact that it was Alpha to pushed him to do it as well. After the war, Alpha also retired from her position as an Officer of H&E, and decided it was time to move on and go out into the world. And never gave up on her hunt for ... Fat Sasuke. Blayze accompanied her on her journeys.


Blayze (Paul)

Blayze was on board the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, and defended the greatest treasure on board, the booze. He and Bass fought many enemies, as well as may have caused some unnecessary collateral damage (i.e. blowing up more holes in the ship). But along with him, Ash, Alpha, & Bass, they managed to save & rescue many survivors. He was also part of the Siege of Himitsu Desu, and was apart of the Rear Assault team on the N***H*** Mansion. After the war, he along with his brother, the Captain, struck big with their new microbrewery, and sold their franchise for millions. Now Onibrew can be found all over the world, in every bar, tavern, and liquor dealer. After striking rich, he went off with Alpha-chan on her journeys, and accompanied her on her never ending hunt for ... Fat Sasuke. Later became, an real uncle after his brother & Sori had their first child.



After chilling around in the Lounge they moved over into the Cafe and met up with more and more new people, just rapidly getting along with each other. It was like they all fit right into the place, and seemed like they lived here since the beginning. And when they had met a new person it felt like they had already knew them for their entire life, so many things in common as well as high spirits and great sense of humor.


Just then they had met a sensible looking boy, who seemed pretty level headed and intelligent at first ...


"Hey, name's Reo 15x, but you can just call me Reo." He introduced himself. "I searching for my teacher, Tatsu, who helped me out a lot with some of my ideas & writings. Although most of the time he did kind of bore me with his lectures and such. Any case, I've just been following his memoirs, and ended up here."


That was his story and he stuck to it, but in truth, Reo seemed like he was hiding something. What it was, they may never know, but he seemed to certainly fit right in. The four of them all talked for a good while, when suddenly Reo's head dropped and it looked as if he fell asleep instantly. But just as pirate girl was about to go check up on him, Reo instantly woke right back up and had this look of malicious intent on his face. In that moment of surprise, he grabbed the pirate girl's hat and ran out the door.


"ME HAT!" Was all she could cry, and the trio got up and chased after him. "What's gotten into him!? It's like he went from a nice guy to this bad prankster!"


Time flew by as they were vigorously chasing after Reo who seemed like he escaped from them after every twist & turn. He was almost as clever and mischievous like a fox, and, as well as he almost moved like one so rapidly. He took them through the Library & Gallery Sectors again, and then they even passed by through an Alley way that seemed pretty "shadowy", as well as passed through the residential areas, and even passed by a shop that looked like a Doll Shoppe.


The time flew by faster and faster as they continued in pursuit after Reo, still wondering why he would do such a thing to the poor girl, and causing such mayhem for a first day. Until finally a passerby saw this opportunity for him to shine, and make something of himself! Just as he saw Reo coming towards him, he got into position and began to daydream of him stopping the culprit and becoming a hero.


'Ahhh! Yay WonTon! You're the man! Ahh! My hero! You've helped us stop him!'


As WonTon got into position, ready to take down Reo, suddenly at the last second he tripped over his own foot, and fell flat onto his face. But in turn, because of the spontaneous action of falling in front of Reo, WonTon's body tripped Reo into the ground thus he lost grip of the pirate girl's prized hat! The pirate girl was just about to grab the hat right out of the air when suddenly a strong wind began to blow and carried the hat away.


"AHHH! ME HAT!!! NOES!!!" The poor girl began to sob.


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen!" Poor WonTon seemed to make this his fault, and tried beg for forgiveness.


But instead as the angry girl walked towards WonTon, she passed him up and instead picked up Reo and shook him violently.


"Y-Y-YOU BIG DUMMY! YOU LOST ME HAT!!! THAT HAT MEANT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD TO ME! WHY DID YOU STEAL IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!?" She shook him so violently that Reo began to lose consciousness again.


But just as he woke up, it was completely different. "Huh? What happened? Oh God what have I done!? I'm so sorry! It's my other half!"


He began to explain his condition and problem to her.


"You see, I have a split personality, where I just randomly switch into a Fox mode, and just start causing lots of trouble. Not only that, I can't control my actions, and I can't control whom I affect. It's like wild fire, and I know he gets out of control a lot!" Reo bowed down and tried to apologize. "Please, I'm so sorry! I'll help you find your hat no matter what! It's a promise of a life time!"


After Reo explained his situation, the girl seemed pretty forgiving as she couldn't stay mad for too long in any case, and forgave Reo since his condition was uncontrollable. Just then the girl noticed poor WonTon still bowing down rapidly apologizing as if it were his fault. The girl then moved over towards him, knelt down, and poked him in the forehead.


"Hey hey. Stop apologizing, it wasn't your fault." She told him with a smiling face up close.


In that instant, WonTon's face turned to surprise, and he nearly jumped right up a wall with utter fear on his face. It was the first time a girl ever came up that close to him, and actually talked back to him in a non-emotional mood, and instead told him that it wasn't his fault for once.


"I wanted to thank you for helping us stop him, back there." She looked at him all funny, but then smiled happily as this new guy seemed like a really good person. "What's your name?"


"Name's Winston, but you can call me WonTon." He introduced himself, as he climbed down from the wall, wiping his tears of fear away.


"Hey come on! Let's all go and look for me hat!" The girl then charged forward, with all the others behind her.




Smiter (retired)

Smiter was there through the entire Siege of H&E, from beginning to end. He rose up in this dire time, and led his people to fight. Through all the destruction of the island did make him depressed, he found focus in revenge, and also joined in the Siege of Himitsu Desu. He led the frontal assault team, and took out many enemy forces. After the war, he along with the Captain, finally decided it was time to move on, and retired from their positions as Chiefs of Staff. But before doing so, they had promoted two highly qualified replacements, Nick Soapdish & Sakura Blossoms. As well as promoting two new officers, Shriner & AnimeGirl500 (Ani-chan). After his retirement, he went back to his simply life, along with Ash by his side. The two have yet to officially tie the knot, but they already live like an old married couple, very happy.


sharingank (Ash) (retired)

Ash was on board the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, along side her younger sister, Alpha, they defended the ship to the very end. After the loss of the ship & Yoko, she nearly lost her will to fight, and for a period of five seconds, Inner Kyuubi was actually broken. But once the Captain spoke of Vengeance, the fire was lit right back up, and now she would join in the Siege of Himitsu Desu. She along with Occa, and the Captain, infiltrated the N***H*** Mansion. Ash was also another witness to the signing of the Peace Time agreement. After the war, Ash decided it was also time for her to retire from being an Officer of H&E. She didn't quite want to live the quiet life like her Smity, but instead lived her life normally as she would, just with Smiter by her side. Even though she doesn't want to settle down just quite yet, she still waits for Smiter to pop that question on one knee.



The girl, Tennis-chan, Ramen-kun, Reo-kun, and WonTon all ended up searching for the poor girl's hat for hours. Soon it would be getting dark soon, and the sun was slowly setting away. Just then they all ended up meeting up with everyone else from earlier; Manny, Angel, Marcus, and even Pite was passing by after his first day of training to help out. They all helped out looking for the poor girl's hat, but it was no where to be found. All of them finally ended up making their way towards the docks, where this whole journey began, and all split up searching for it.


Just then the pirate girl thought she had saw her hat on top of a memorial statue, but to her luck it was actually the statue itself that had a similar hat in design. She looked at the label, and saw that it represented the core members who first started & came to H&E. From the left side going in ward, there was alphabet with her MegaTon Hammer held in hand, next to her was sharingank with her infamous Inner Kyuubi look, Aethos the rogue NaruSaku with his dual daggers in hand, and next to her was the Legendary Smiter. To her Smiter seemed like a dignified person, very clean cut, straight edged looking, and handsome, very handsome. She had heard so many stories about him and how his way with words could convert even the core of N***H*** back during the war. She gazed at him in awe for a good second, and then looked from the right side. From the right side going in, there was Bassclef who had his arms crossed as well as his steel whips wrapped around them, next to him was Blayze brother to the Captain, he had a crazed smile on his face. Next to him was Soritia, who looked like she was cosplaying after her favorite Naruto Character, Obito, noticeably she was wearing the goggles. And finally in the center directly next to Smiter was the Captain himself. The 1st NaruSaku Leader, the creator of the movement, the one who stood up against the N***H***, led the NaruSaku into countless battles, and brought this time of peace. The statue was almost an exact replica as the rest of them were. He stood tall and proud, but in his face you could almost see a hint of sadness behind his eyes. The original long coat he was wearing was almost exactly as the girl was wearing, even the hat itself was the same design, her clothes probably modeled after his old ones. She had heard so many stories, tales, rumors, and exciting adventures the Captain had gone through in his lifetime. To her, he was her idol, the exact person she wanted to become, a strong, smart, intelligent, charismatic, and respectable person. Someone who could lead many through even the direst situations, and when the chips are down, someone who could bring them through the hard times.




The pirate girl sighed heavily, as she looked at admiring her idol's statue. Just then she remembered that she needed to find her hat before sundown. So she quickly went back to searching all over the docks for her hat, but sadly couldn't find it. She found herself back at the memorial statue, and sat down back leaning against it. She put her legs up and hung her head onto her knees, almost as if she were curling up. She felt so depressed that would never find her hat that she began to cry. Just then, a tall shadow stood over her and spoke to her in a calm reserved voice.


"Oy. Are you okay there?" Said the tall man.


Just then the girl picked her head up and tried to wipe her tears away quickly. She didn't want anyone to see her in this sad corner crying away. She looked up and couldn't quite make out the man's face, since he was standing directly into the path of the sunset.


"I-I'm okay. I'm just lost, I guess." She began to tell her story from the very beginning about how she started out her day coming to H&E. Then about how she met so many wonderful & nice people, and how she made so many friends quickly. She didn't know why she told the man her problem, but for some reason she could really sense something good about him; almost like a warm aura that just envelops you. He just stood there quietly listening to her pour her heart out, and nodding his head understandingly. Then she finally caught up with her issue. "... and that's how I lost my hat. Now I'll never find it at this rate, and it's going to be dark soon!"


She then quickly put her head back between her knees and sniffled. She didn't see what the man did, but suddenly something was placed promptly onto her head. She felt as the man put something onto her, and through it, it also felt as if the man was putting his hand onto her head as to try and comfort her as well. She raised her head from her knees and felt with her hands what exactly was placed onto her head. It was her hat ... no, it wasn't quite hers, but it looked almost exactly like hers.


"What? Why? I can't accept this-" She tried to give it back. Despite his good will gesture, she didn't feel right that some stranger was just giving her his hat, because it wasn't the same.


But just then the man interrupted her, and placed a firm warm hand onto her shoulder. "Don't worry about it. I think you'll need it more than I will."


The girl gave a short look of uncertainty, but then knew that no matter what she did, the man wouldn't let her give it back. At that moment, she still couldn't see his face clearly because of the glare reflecting in his glasses, but he could see him give a heart warming smile, and said two words in a voice that just seemed so down home, that she nearly melted.


"Trust me."


And with those two words alone, she accepted the hat as a gift and without a fight. It was so strange this man, it felt as if she knew him, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She felt as if she had recognized him from somewhere, or something, this presence, this stature, this feeling of completely melting. Just then the man let go of her, and the moment was over. He then made his way over to a store and out came a little girl, as the man picked up the little girl and they walked hand in hand. The little girl looked so cute and she was just like a chibi version of him, probably his daughter. Just then a woman called for the man and daughter from the docks.


"Oy! Hoku! Michiyo! Let's get going already!" The woman also looked very familiar, she was most likely the wife & mother, but the pirate girl still couldn't quite put her finger on it. The girl saw that there as indeed large party going on over at the docks, many people were gathered there. And again, all of them seemed so familiar, that she could almost recognize them all, and the feeling was on the tip of her tongue, but all she brought up was a blank.


"Hai! Hai! (Yeah! Yeah!)" Spoke both father & daughter in the same exact nonchalant tone. Just then the man turned around an asked one last question before he was out of the reach of voice. "Hey! What's your name?"


As the man asked the question, the girl stood up promptly and announced herself. "My names krisk!"


"A good name! I'll remember you!" The man shouted back, and he made his way towards the docks to meet up with his party.


Just then everyone from krisk's party finally regrouped, and were all standing behind her. She hadn't noticed yet, but then Ramen-kun put her hand onto her shoulder to show her that everyone was here with her. Just then she looked at the hat, and then saw the name imprinted on the inside. Her eyes went wide open with utter disbelief as to whom it was that just gave her his hat, his CAPTAIN'S hat. In that instant, she turned around immediately to look directly at the memorial statue behind everyone and looked at the image that was, Hokuten. Then turned around again to look on over at the docks to see if it really was him, but it was getting late, and he was surrounded by his own party, the original NaruSaku core. Even though it was only just a moment ago, she tried with all her might to remember his face, his features, his voice, his glasses, and most importantly his touch. It really was him, and then she felt a rush of embarrassment as he had just met her in her sad little moment. But then she cheered up as she realized that even in her lowest moment, he was kind, caring, and very empathic. Truly this was a once in a lifetime meeting, and she would remember it for the rest of her life.


"krisk-chan you okay?" Manny asked her.


She nodded her head, now wiping tears of joy from her face. "Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be just fine. This is just only the beginning!"


She stood there holding new hat tightly onto her chest where her heart was. It was hers, her new prized possession, her new hat, her Captain Hoku hat ...




She was on board the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, and fought directly along side the Captain. She bared first witness to his acts of survival, and real self under pressure. In the final blow from DarkItachi, she threw her body in front of the Captain, and didn't quite get the confession that she wanted, but his actions alone and the emotion that had linked them together completed them. Because of her wounds, she could never take up the sword again, but instead it had unlocked a power within her, because of her intense Obito fandom, she manifested a type of energy around her. Thus she could shape it into an exo-skeleton energy armor, as well as shoot energy beams. After she had recovered from her injuries, she crafted a focus item in the shape of Obito's Goggles, and thus joined in the Siege of Himitsu Desu on the frontal assault team. After the war, she and the captain sailed away together, just sailed away. They now have a child, a little girl named Michiyo, and the three of them live happily together.


hokuten (retired)

During the Fall of the HMS NaruSaku, he had encountered many obstacles both physical & mental. With so much going on, he nearly lost his will to go on, but if not for the support of Sori, he wouldn't still be standing, living. After finally confronting the traitor affair, he was never quite the same, especially after knowing that his own surrogate daughter was manipulated all this time to be a mole. But in Yoko's final act of redemption, she saved him for the greater good, even though he was ready to die. In the end, the Captain did write his own student's name onto his cursed sword as an act of honor and remembrance. Her name is still there among the many that were given this honorary rite. Following Yoko's death, all that ran through his mind was revenge. Vengeance for everything the N***H*** had destroyed and ever taken away. But instead, he decided to take the higher route, and thus the Siege of Himitsu Desu was the site of where the Peace Time agreement had become a reality. After the war was finished, he felt his duty was complete and decided, along with Smiter, that it was time to move on. So he retired as Captain of the NaruSaku, and Leader to many. Following his retirement, he sailed away with Sori by his side. She would always remain by his side until the end of their days. From the moment he knew that they would have a child together, he already had names picked out. Luckily it was a girl, and they named her Michiyo, in honor of Yoko. The death of Yoko had stayed with him for three years after the war was over, but in the end, he chose to let go, and live life, as his surrogate daughter would have wanted. Only now, he can life live with a real daughter of his own.



After getting the new girl's name, I made my way over to the docks to meet up with everyone. We all stood there, all of us, the core members. Everyone was there; Smiter, Ash, Alpha, Blayze, Aethos, Arashi, Occa, and even some of the newly promoted members.


"So how are you liking your promotions? Eh, Nick? Shauna-chan?" Smiter spoke to them both.


Nick simply shrugged and grunted, as it was no big difference to him. "Eh."


"It's fine." Sakura-chan said with a happy smile. "But I'm still sad over that you guys retired. I still hope one day you'll all come back."


"Hah, not for a while. I think we all still need our time away." Ash smiled softly as she was arm in arm with Smiter.


"Congrats to you two, Shriner & Ani-chan!" Sakura-chan then turned to congratulate them both.


They all shook hands with everyone and shared in the laughs. We all talked around each other for a good time, exchanging stories amongst each other, and talking about how we've dealt with our own adventures. Just then, little Michiyo peeped out from behind me, trying to hide behind my long coat. It was then that Ash & Alpha saw her, and went into 'Auntie' mode.


"Aww! Is that her?" Ash spoke in a cutesy voice. "Hi~ I'm Auntie Ash!"


Alpha then tried to coo her. "She's so cute! Hi honey, and I'm Auntie Alpha!"


Poor little Michiyo was a little shy at first, but then she stepped out with the assistance of Sori.


"It's okay, Chiyo-chan. You know all of them, they're your family too." Sori took her by the hand gently, and led her out for everyone to see.


"My my! She's getting bigger!" Arashi said.


"She's so cute, I still can't tell who she looks more like. The father or mother!" Aethos cracked a joke in good spirits. "Ne, Chibi-Chiyo! Don't remember you're SUPER GREAT AWESOME Uncle Aethos!?"


The only person Michiyo really recognized was Blayze, and she ran over to him for a big hug. "Ah-un!"


"Ahahahaha! Of course, she remembers Uncle Blayze! Isn't that right Chiyo-chan!" Blayze picked her up and carried her with one arm. She nodded happily with her Uncle, and cheered along with him. "YOSH!"


Blayze then passed her over to Smiter who simply held her like a bomb, unsure what to do. Just then Ash slapped her hand to her forehead, started to shake her head in embarassment, and then started to poke at Smiter as he didn't quite know what to do. Ash showed him how to carry her properly. Everyone laughed merrily, and continued on talking amongst each other. Until finally it was time to get going, we all boarded onto the Belafonte, which Aethos actually returned back to H&E. But it served more as a leisure/recreational ship for reunions and old times such as this. As we all got onto the ship, we looked on at the kids at the docks, who in turn were looking on at us. We all gazed on at them, and in return they gazed at us. Sori came over to me and put her arms around mine, little Michiyo came over and took my other hand. Everyone gathered next to one another, an exact spitting image of the memorial statue back on the island.


"To the next Generation." Smiter looked at me and nodded.


I smiled, and nodded back at him. "To the next Generation."


Yoko (KIA)

Yoko despite being the mole, sacrificed her life to save the one person she cared most the most about. Even though DarkItachi manipulated her from the beginning, she stayed true to herself, and to the cause. Her death will always be remembered among the few that truly knew her, and will always be remembered as the sacrifice for the greater good. She sank to the bottom of the sea, along with the HMS NaruSaku. A fitting grave for one girl who meant the entire world to so many.



Back on land, just as the boat at the docks was sailing off with the old members, krisk & crew finally decided to head on back to the tavern. But just before she left the docks, she caught a glimpse of something, or rather ... someone standing behind the Captain at the memorial statue. A young girl with a quiet smile, standing in his shadow (so to speak), labeled underneath her was the name of another legendary person. The young girl stood in a similar outfit as the captain, only instead she stood back to back with the captain, it wasn't noticeable at first, but in detail they were holding hands. She was the girl who saved the crew from the sinking of the HMS NaruSaku ... the one who was known as the Captain's Angel Of Death ... the one who stood by his side, and forever will be known as the hero who risked her life to save him ...


The Inscription read below ...


"To Yoko, the true believer in all of us, and the one who united everyone under one nation."



Dedicated to H&E, all of its wonderful members (old & new), and to the next Generation! Thank you for reading the HMS NaruSaku!

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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