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Naruto Uzumaki: A Reboot


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Posted 07 October 2018 - 10:54 AM



I know I've been talking about rebooting this series way, WAAAYYYY too much, and I've already posted this story on the NaruSaku Fic List. However, I'm really trying hard to give this fic some sort of recognition, not only among the NaruSaku fans, but among Naruto fans of all kinds as a whole (the fact that I haven't included pairings in the description is probably driving people away rather than towards it).


I think most fans have been talking about rebooting the series starting from a specific point in time, but I've decided to start from the ground up. I've realized that while the series was at the time enjoyable for what it was, there were still a lot of themes and plotlines that were not well-thought out since the beginning. 


Naruto Uzumaki


The story is starting out somewhat similar to the original, with some things changed around a bit, but overtime the arcs will be more original.


Anyway, the goals for this reboot:


1) Make the Team 7 relationships center (and more believable)

One big thing in the original is that Team 7 was only really a team for maybe one and a half arcs...and they pretty much go their separate ways. Their relationships were not built up much as believable. Maybe to some extent in Part 2 when you don't include Sasuke, but I'm trying to make the whole team the focal point and justify it.


2) More actual martial arts

I understand the series was fantasy and the goal wasn't to incorporate actual martial arts, but I think doing so here would help differentiate this story a lot. Obviously, it will be mostly based on the Japanese martial arts, but I'm also planning on incorporating other styles, in particular Chinese martial arts for Team Gai. Team 7's taijutsu will mostly be mixed and not based around specific styles, but hopefully if you read the descriptions very carefully you will notice specific techniques for each of them. Each member will also get signature weapons as well. 


3) Broad focus on the world of Naruto as a whole instead of just Konohagakure

Another thing that bugged me in the original was how Kishimoto went about to build this world, but never giving us a chance to really experience it outside of the Leaf Village (with the exception of Suna). For me this one is the most exciting; I'm planning on showing the main continent as geographically, historically and culturally diverse. I'm also going to explore the world outside the ninja system, particularly in regards to the samurai class and how they're coping with ninja.


4) Include elements from the non-canon movies

Most of the Naruto movies are non-canon, and this was a common practice among anime at the time. Coordination to make a movie at a specific point in time of the original canon was probably considered too difficult, so the companies just went ahead and did their own thing. The results were often mixed, but I felt they all had some interesting ideas worth exploring again.


5) More detail on the jinchuriki

Again, out of the nine jinchuriki, we've only gotten to know three. I want to put my own twist on each one here


6) More effective/developed villains

I think we've talked about this to death, so all I can say is yeah, I'll do my best to make the villains better. Can't say exactly what form that will take...but the things I know as of now is that the Seven Mist Swordsmen will be important (more than just glorified cameos during the war arc). Orochimaru will be absolutely terrifying (think of the scariest things about snakes, and include the ones you don't know much about), and I even have plans to bring Kaguya in and actually give her a personality (I'm thinking of making her like Ultron from the MCU)


7) Naruto will EARN his rewards

As I'm writing this, someone posted a video on how Naruto was never about hard-work, but about being privileged. For the record, yes, Naruto will still have the Kyuubi, and yes, his lineage IS important. However, I plan to show these would ultimately mean nothing if he doesn't work to master not only his abilities but himself. He also won't be aware of these advantages until later in the story, and by then it should be irrelevant by the time he reaches his goal. I'm also trying to put a more realistic spin on his stupidity: basically he will still be the shonen protagonist who might do/say some extremely dumb things, but this Naruto is capable of learning. The main thing holding him back is his anxiety when being tested. While he won't be exceptionally book-smart by the time he becomes Hokage, he will have a good understanding of his world and a skilled diplomat.


In addition, Hisaberpie has been nice enough to draw excellent illustrations for my fic, and I'll be adding them to the artist square as well soon.


I guess you guys can use this topic to feel free to comment, critique, give suggestions or even ask questions (which I'll have to do without spoilers). Again, thanks for checking this out!

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Posted 08 October 2018 - 10:58 PM

Its very interesting to read and so far I'm enjoying it.




What's Happening with the Naruto series as of now!

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Posted 09 October 2018 - 04:25 AM

I goofed. :sweat:  I forgot Iruka even had a surname, and for the longest time I just thought he didn't have one like the three Sanin (though I guess Tsunade is Tsunade Senju).

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