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#982029 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on Today, 02:04 AM

Soo, has there always been this many people online (guests mostly)? I've noticed lately there's been a heavy increase in site traffic. Is it recent? I remember there being a time where it didn't go over 20/30 people, now the average is 190+.

If very recent? Kishi came back and Naruto is about to die...in two to five months. That gonna make some people (re)interest in Naruto again and from what I understand this is one of few Naruto dedicated site/forum that haven't gone to the garbage in quality since the ending.

#982028 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

Posted by Bail o' Lies on Today, 01:56 AM

I just want to point out that while it can be true that companies can have a hive mind culture. Not everyone agree with nH or what they did to Naruto or doing with Boruto, even in the Naruto team. They aren't doing that in Black Clover as far as I know, and they ended Bleach because the team in charge of that were sick of doing endless filler.


The problem with SP is they let some obsessive otakus make a lot of hinata filler during part one, particularly during the giant filler arc at the end, and then when they heard Hinata was popular in the west. They convinced themselves she should be the heroine and tried to force that for the rest of the anime.

#982026 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on Today, 01:45 AM

Because they are just "cartoon" characters. Really its his wife (and likely the rest of his family) being upset that probably affected him more. He was probably more focus on dealing with that. Naruto ending probably makes him feel bitter because he was pressured/gaslighted into doing it. When if he just stuck to the default story he could be like all the other successful shounen jump mangaka with finished manga.


I think he just kind of threw up his hands and stop caring at some point since their wasn't anything he could do. Which is going to be a problem for him now that he back in charge -more accurately the figure head- of this story.

#981949 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 26 November 2020 - 09:41 PM

I decided to look further into the situation over why Kodachi was fired.   It's apparently a myriad of factors.   Aside from the low sales in Japan(Boruto actually has better sales overseas),  Studio Pierrot's director has levied several complaints about him due to the glacial pace of the manga and over the anime(since he was the supervisor for it); so, it seems like SP was having internal disputes with him behind the scenes.  Also, the incident with his co-workers wasn't a one-time affair.  It turns out that he was always verbally abusive and belligerent to his staff, and, if rumor is correct, he got into a flame war with one of his critics online that got out of control.  As for the Japanese Boruto fanbase,  they're worried that Kishimoto's approach will potentially ruin the story (As if the story was anything worth saving to begin with lol) and that his past treatment of female characters will impact Sarada, not because of any fear of mangaka getting replaced.  Another reason they have no confidence in him is because of Samurai 8's cancellation.


So yeah, Kishimoto's involvement does seem like a desperate, last-minute effort to save Boruto.

Well, thank you for doing the work I did not want to do. Though most of this I had already either guess or speculated. 


So, let's go through them.


Low Sales in Japan, though apparently better sales internationally. Well, I wonder how good those sells are but we all know that is the legacy of Naruto not anything of Boruto's doing. Though obviously this wouldn't provide him with much protection for his job. I certainly didn't help Samurai 8.


SP being pissed at his slow pace. Well, again, the anime has gone through 175 episodes by this point. Not even 50 of them are based on manga chapters, and those that are were based off material Kishimoto made before Kodachi took over. I'll be impressed if they have gotten ten episodes out of his material. Then looks at my summaries where one of my constant complaints it that it takes chapters for anything to happen. Information that should take a sentence to explain to the reader instead eat up pages in exposition. Scenes that should be a few pages are the entire chapter. Events that should be resolved in a single chapter take up at least 5. Also, again, they canceled Bleach because they got sick of doing constant filler (I think this director is still the same guy) the only thing that's keeping Boruto going is they have nothing that can replace it.


He was the supervisor for the anime to make sure everything was (really its more can be called) canon, and because kishimoto didn't want to do it. Though that probably means he was making it go slow in that as well or probably giving them really bad ideas. Again by episodes 175 of Naruto they had long gone into the great filler arc; in other words the manga story of Naruto part 1 was done by this point, they still haven't even started into Boruto's actual plot.


Internal disputes. "Hey Ko, the manga needs to be going fast through the story and we can expanded upon stuff in the anime." "But I don't feel like writing that fast just do more filler."


His personality. He was hired to write the manga because he was the light novelist of those working on the Naruto light novels that said, yes. They really didn't check if he was able to do the work for Boruto, or would be great to work along with.


In conflict with one of his critics. This was not me, though I kind want to find out who the critic was and what he said. I kind of wish my jab of the Never-Ending Prologue was more wide spread.


Japanese worries. Well Salad is the most popular character out of the new cast, and one of the few that is actually likable. The thing is this shouldn't be much of an issue. Kodachi barely used Salad and at best she was Sakura 2.0 with all the flaws removed. Kishimoto did fine with her in the both gaiden which is what her current personality is based on and the movie. Though this shows also how far his star has fallen that their reaction is, "oh no he going to ruin the one likable character and likely the entire manga."


Seems like it. 


On bolded: I can see why. I just signed up for Hulu for a Black Friday deal for 12 months and lo and behold, when I selected the Anime category, they were trying to recommend me that trash (NOT happening, I bypass that and selected My Hero Academia). 


Yeah, the whole situation is basically a desperation.  I thought the Japanese doesn't care for the spin-off. Let it go into the trash as it should been.

It still has some sales. It basically average manga sales over there. What were the top recommends and what were their views?

#981937 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 25 November 2020 - 09:51 PM

Overall, it's sad that the actual author was taken over just like that. I pray that this never happens with any manga again. Though it was the perfect recipe for disaster. SP was also definitely involved, look at how they finally got to make their Hinata-centric movie right after they got what they wanted. They went ballistic with it. They changed everything about Hinata to have her be more appealing to the audience, continued to trash Sakura and even changed the animation style to their liking. The only positive thing out of all of this was the backlash from the home fanbase. I remember all of the interviews and how they were so defensive on Kishimoto's end. Was nice to see that things weren't too well received over there.

Ultimately, without SP and the new editors nH would have never happened. They were the ones truly pushing for it, and they were the ones convincing the exec how profitable it would be; and it sequel will be too.

#981935 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 25 November 2020 - 09:43 PM

Oh yeah, I remember at some point as well that there was this discussion manga vs anime what's canon and what's not. So then there was an interview with Ikemoto and someone at SP, if I remember correctly, about how they are connected to one another.


I remember this came after a backlash concerning the fact that anime Naruto wasn't canon because they changed so much the main story of Naruto so who's to say that Boruto won't be the same?


So then representatives of both parties were brought together to confirm that anime and manga are related.


I think it was a strategy move though, so that what happened to Naruto won't happen here as well.


A way to keep both afloat and make sure they're relevant. 

SP wants to be canon. They don't like the fact that their glorious hinata scenes in Naruto are considered non-canon and they especially don't like the fact that people consider their Boruto work non-canon.


The interview was after the first arc where the anime gave Boruto a new eye power. If you look at the first scene in the manga (the flash forward) Bolt's right eye has a kakashi-like scar and a byakugan. Now you can guess what this means, but the anime decided to give him a new eye power for the first arc of the anime. That went against what the manga was vaguely planning. SP had a fit. And there you go.


The anime is ultimately just doing filler (that they're considered canon; though the audience doesn't) while they wait for the manga to finally wrap up their damn arc. 

#981923 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 25 November 2020 - 12:49 AM

Yep, definitely out of the loop with Boruto. I just cannot with this series, let alone it's next generation. I was here when the ending happened and when the immediate stuff after happened (TL), but as far as Boruto goes I said hell no. Thank goodness because it looks like a hot mess. It definitely is boring and has no inkling of the charm/emotion that the original series had.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch that he will die. If he does somehow survives, he'll probably be crippled. I really can't see him recovering from this, but I suppose we shall see.

175 episodes yet they haven't made much progress with the actual material? Yikes. At least SP can do what it does best, shi**y filler.

They did Kishimoto's Salad gaiden around 20, the Boruto movie around 50, and stalled since then. Oh they did the richie rich arc at some point. I think they had a opening with Nail in it and a few of the fillers recently used Kara.


He likely to and I expect him to, but you never know with bad writing.

#981917 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 24 November 2020 - 07:53 PM

I'd say don't hold your horses guys.


I don't think he ever wants to get his hands dirty with pairing drama so I think he'll avoid it at all costs.


At most, what he'll do he'll target SasuNaru fanbase, like he did with the Boruto movie.


But NaruSaku? I don't think he'll ever return to make it happen...


Especially since the old fanbase has moved on to better things.

BoltXSalad (which to them is NS 2.0, doesn't matter what we think to them so don't have a conniption over it) is the only pairing that's going to happen in this manga. Remember Samurai 8 where he spent 10 chapters going "I'm not switching love interest again." That's not, "I shall restore Sakura as the love interest when I get the chance." That's, "I don't want to deal with pairing conflicts or editors forcing me to change the story/pairing to please one group, again."


Sakura existed to please his wife after a certain point. They had move past the feud the ending caused already. Bringing up NS again would just lead to old wound being reopened.


NS would only happen as a last desperate ploy especially since he's now required to write the sequel.


Oh, when Naruto dies he going to have final words for Bolt (father-son) Nail (role model) and Sasuke (not gay brotherly moments of not gay). At worse even if he is spiteful he might have Naruto say he always wanted to kiss her cute forehead. They will likely all assume he means his wife while Sasuke wonders if he was talking about his wife. That's it.

#981906 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 November 2020 - 11:16 PM

The demographic viewership is babies-preteens, they're not going to remember anything, unless they're hardcore fans. I hardly doubt cancellation would cause panic because they are a business. SP didn't give an f--- when they cancelled shows like Bleach. Just because this franchise is currently #1 for profits in their company but people are watching other shows and franchises yet they picked in the worse slot: Sundays, in order to get "ratings". And if the manga goes sideways (doubt it but it may happened) the anime will follow suit.

I'm not saying the fans will care. I'm saying the executives worry about that. They always worry about profitability and image. This looks bad for PR/this looks good for PR. This will make us money/this will cost us money.


Taking a show off the air before it done looks bad. Removing the writer looks bad unless they put someone they think will be well received. They may have been looking for an excuse to get kishimoto back in that kodachi just gave them, in hope of raising sales. But it could also be it just happened.


Bleach, SP were annoyed at constantly having to do filler and their filler was losing them viewers. At the time they had Naruto to keep them afloat, and a Naruto spin off to replace it; Rock Lee SD. Now they don't have Naruto. They tried to make Black Clover their new Naruto, that didn't work out. So, they are stuck with Boruto.


The anime is what holding up Boruto not the manga.

#981901 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 November 2020 - 08:59 PM

LMAO. Oh my goodness. How rude do you have to be go be booted like that? Gosh! Anyways, they could have hired another writer besides Kishimoto to replace him. It is convenient like you said, but I don't think it completely invalidates what everyone has already said. Guess it's more of a side bonus in addition to filling the vacant position.

No clue. Kishimoto was available since he not working on any other manga, and replacing a writer in the middle of an arc right at a climax is a drastic measure. Thinking it was something more then that is logical.


Kishimoto, if he was told to get on it, got on it. Its not like he could say no, he lost a lot of clout because of Samurai 8. And Kodaichi didn't have much clout because his story was a flop that was only held up by the fact that it had an anime adaptation.


Well that explains this forneverworld video to me https://youtu.be/HQq_11HSAdE

Can you summaries what he says I don't like watching him.


Look at the comments apparently this incident was all over twitter and it was kodaichi exploding in frustration over his terrible work situation. Cussing was involved. Oh apparently his manga didn't have editors for some time and had dead lines that were too strict.....The lack of an editor would explain a lot. Jokingly: Pete's Sake they could have ask me. I would have done it for half the price as long as Hinata and the daughter remain barely in the manga.


Apparently, the Japanese actually don't like Kishimoto replacing Kodaichi; likely something about it being his manga, Kishimoto's was Naruto, and if writer are replaceable in Boruto then that could slowly spread to other manga. Remember, they like the idea that a manga is the mangaka own story sure it can have a lot of corporate overlords trying to influence it but ultimately the mangaka has final say. Now imagine if a mangaka gets too uppity?


The official story is that he was only contracted for the first 13 volume...Christ on a stick did they already reach that number. And they didn't renew it.

#981883 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 November 2020 - 01:32 AM

Oh by the way found out why Kishimoto was put back on Boruto. Kodaichi the previous writer was rude to his co-workers so they fired him. Don't know the details beyond that.

#981882 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 November 2020 - 01:30 AM

I found out why kishimoto was put back on the manga. The previous writer Kodaichi was rude to his coworker and they fired him. Don't know exact details.

#981803 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 20 November 2020 - 07:07 PM

I thought Kishimoto wasnt going to start writing until the 53rd chapter...

The article said 52, this month's chapter, and the previous writer is no longer in the credits.

#981798 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 51

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 20 November 2020 - 05:46 PM

new chapter came out that kishi wrote: it looks like we are sticking with the plan of having naruto sacrifice himself but take isshiki with him but it looks like kawaki was teleported to him so he will transfer himself before being killed

I'll do the summary in a minute....just let me find that cha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

#981779 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 19 November 2020 - 08:46 PM

I am not going to raise up my hopes up on this. Let us see how this plays. Is he drawing and writing again? If he is, he's in a better position now because he can have some downtime as Boruto is a monthly manga.  


But I'm not going to bring my hopes up, even if he pulls up bringing back Naruto's character from the grave and provide some NaruSaku hints in a full platter. Nope. If I see reboot, I may take a look. 

He is writing and doing the rough draft of the art that ikemoto would then touch up and finish.
Naruto is about to die in the few chapter at the moment. He is heading to that grave this week. How many time do I have to re-mention that?


He's taking the same approach like he did with Samurai 8 where he's just writing the story while someone else is doing the art. Which could work to his benefit! 

That was a story he set out on his own. Boruto's story was made by someone else and is already set with only so much he can add.