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Reflecting on Naruto... - also happy new year, guys!!

Posted by Iwantbuns, 31 December 2016 · 2,252 views

new year reflecting
Well here's another blog post.
Happy 2017 you guys!!! For me it'll be like in 6 hours, but still. Wishing the best for the new year to everyone.
So anyways...
It was kind of obvious that I took a little break from Naruto, after the ending and whatnot... But I met up with a few of my cousins, who were going crazy about Naruto and I was just like yeah I love that show -- and they were like REALLY?? And yes. I also love that feeling of meeting people who are into the same stuff as you.
And I was watching the battle between Naruto and Sasuke again, and I was like freaking out because it was just so tragic and good, and Sasuke's reactions were perfection  :wow: Watching it again, was like awesomeness all over again when I first read it in the manga...
And then I also watched Sasuke vs Itachi on YouTube, and I did not know that tears could flush out of me that quickly... That poke was like  :arg: And it's been such a while since I've watched these things and it just almost made me want to rewatch the whole series again... But lol I have like no time for that.
And so yeah. I guess I'm just really missing Naruto again... All great things must always come to an end, but y'know. I'll still miss it.
And of course getting into Naruto again, made me feel pained that Sasuke and Sakura got together... That's literally the only thing I genuinely did not like. Like when you like two characters so much, and you just KNOW that they were not supposed to be together. I can't get my head around it whatsoever... And it frightens me even more because there are SOO many people that like it. Whether it's here (in America), or there (in Japan). 
Like yeah Sasuke cares about Sakura, but clearly not romantically.. *mega-cringe*
And of course plot bunnies have been dearly haunting me because of this. I'm like really tempted to write a fanfiction or whatever, that's just between Sasuke and Sakura. In which they actually have proper closure, that makes sense. 
It would definitely involve Sakura punching Sasuke square in the face. And Sasuke feeling relieved that Sakura doesn't love him anymore -- because HELLO! Sasuke does care about Sakura, and her love for him totally kills her. How can I guy like a girl whose love for him is affecting the girl in such terrible ways?
Sakura loving Sasuke positively in happiness (Part 1, and the very end of Shippuden):
- Distracts her from being a powerful ninja
Sakura loving Sasuke negatively in sadness (Part 2, and the very end of Part 1):
- Distracts her once again, because she's just so sad
I wouldn't have to explain it here, you guys of all people would know/understand  :blush:
Anyways when I do write this, I'll definitely make sure to share it with you guys. It'll definitely take a while because a) I'm not the best writer and b) It needs to be perfect..!!!  :P
Also I think I really like this site... It's so relieving to not be near people who like SasuSaku. Like it's fine if they like it, but man I just don't like that pairing (obviously).
Anyways that is all.
~ Liana

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