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Reflecting on Naruto... - also happy new year, guys!!

Posted by Iwantbuns, 31 December 2016 · 2,252 views
new year, reflecting
Well here's another blog post.
Happy 2017 you guys!!! For me it'll be like in 6 hours, but still. Wishing the best for the new year to everyone.
So anyways...
It was kind of obvious that I took a little break from Naruto, after the ending and whatnot... But I met up with a few of my cousins, who were going crazy about Naruto and I was...

It's another Halloween

Posted by Iwantbuns, 18 October 2015 · 574 views
fun, parties and 3 more...
My little niece wants to be a vampire for Halloween, and I made her this adorable costume~ She loves it very much. Some of my friends are planning to meet up again, as usual. They're very old friends, but... they stick around. It's cool how that sometimes miraculously happens. When I was younger I had these very close friends... We were friends for a very...

Another entry

Posted by Iwantbuns, 31 October 2014 · 503 views
dont, know
Ever feel like you're trying to reach a goal, but instead it just keeps getting hard to reach? And in turn it gets worser, no matter what you do? Sometimes ignoring the goal, makes the issues go away - but I've tried that. So how much harder do I have to try? I'm giving it 80% of my hard work, but how can I will myself to go to 110%?
I'm just talki...

More on liana's life :p

Posted by Iwantbuns, 29 October 2014 · 412 views
friends, halloween, you know and 1 more...
So... I've been studying nonstop for an hour. I have like six tests this week and next week. These precious eyes will never get sleep :l And my glasses are getting loose. And my iPod is acting funky. My shelf is suffocating of manga and books. My friend won't stop texting me about weird things, that I'd rather not mention here xD
My friends are rea...

I made a blog ._.

Posted by Iwantbuns, 28 October 2014 · 456 views
havent, made, one, of, these, in and 3 more...
So this is Liana's blog.
I'll post whatever goes on in my head, and whatever goes on in my life that seems worth posting...
I was actually reading manga a few seconds ago... But now I'm just studying. My teachers are kind of... insane. What teacher walks in and starts talking about Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video? And he was being serious. He t...

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