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In Topic: Confession (Formally Known as My Final Message To Everyone)

31 May 2022 - 12:47 AM

You and I never really interacted much and I don't follow you on Twitter so I can only assess the situation based on this thread. It sounds like you handled this transition very immaturely but it also seems you acknowledge this and genuinely want to do better from here on. I don't have any reason to feel betrayed by you, I'm just an outsider on this. I don't even ship NS anymore or have much feelings about Naruto either. But I do still have a fondness for this place because of friends I met here whom I love dearly outside the bounds of this forum.

It really shouldn't matter what you ship in order to be part of this community or continue to have friendships from here. If those friendships really mean anything they'll survive you changing ships. And heck, if you ship NH one day and go back to NS the next, that's not betraying anything, not yourself and not this community. It's just multi-shipping. Ships don't actually matter beyond the enjoyment they give you.

Again, we don't really know each other well, but I wish you all the best with what you're dealing with IRL. You may have made mistakes here, but it sounds like you want to aim to be better and kinder that's all any of us can really do.