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#3001 RulesofNature


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Posted 17 March 2019 - 01:46 AM

Look at Mimosa from Black Clover. Many people associated her with Hinata. Yet beside a crush on MC, they literately have nothing in common! Hinata had potential at the start of the series. But she was almost immediately ruined by making her a satellite character.



Or look at Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening. She has a massive crush on Chrom but can not speak to him. As a result, she is not one of Lucina's potential mothers even losing to Olivia (who joins the chapter before the timeskip where Lucina is born) or a random villager. And trust me, when a major part of her supports revolves around her crush on Chrom it's freaking hard for players not to have problems with her. NEVER PAIR HER WITH FREDERICK even if it results in a great Severa. While she's popular, a lot of players prefer it when her supports focus on the other parts of her character (Robin's is pretty much her best IMO) rather than just her crush on Chrom, They don't find it cute at all.


Then there's Sumia, who the game pushes like she is the OTP for Chrom. She's cute and clumsy, with a crush on Chrom as well. They appear together in the OP holding a baby Lucina, and they have a movie called lovebirds where she rescues him. That alone pushes her above Hinata, not to mention that while she might trip in front of Chrom she can actually speak to him. And her idea of a slap involves forgetting it's open-handed. And she loves to read, even acting out the characters she wants to be like from her books (which explains Cynthia's antics... and maybe Owain's depending on how close she was to Lissa's family, Though in her romantic support with Robin, she admits she's just doing so to run away from what she doesn't like about herself), and does flower fortunes (where she says she'll fight for the fortunes she likes and fight to change the ones she doesn't). She's good with animals, though cows annoy her,. And if you don't want her to be Chrom's wife, she doesn't have to be. There's depth to her character, way more than her liking Chrom.


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Posted 17 March 2019 - 06:21 PM

The point is a shy and clumsy type of girl can be a GREAT CHARACTER if done right and you don't just define them if they only have a crush on someone or you don't let their timid and awkward nature solely define them. Hinata was an irrelevant character because she was not even given the time of day to develop as a character and she has no goals or motivations besides "wetting herself thinking of her strong manly Naruto-kun". That never changed and SP's attempts to make her like Sakura personality wise in the "Boruto anime" is both hypocritical, not to mention basically admits Naruto was better off with a tsundere for a wife to begin with, so Hinata was NOT compatible with Naruto then.  

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