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starlitestarbrite's Blog > HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Posted 17 December 2015




starlitestarbrite's Blog > the greatest gift of all

Posted 08 December 2015

[summary: gaiden universe-Naruto, and sakura never talk...but, what no one knows/knews is they DO catch up once a year...and it's worth waiting for.also a headcanon idea i had about how naruto got his jacket in part one!]
*hokage office night time Naruto's eating ramen*
naruto: -slurrrp- -logs on the computer looking at fan art- -smiles-
*beep- that was t...

starlitestarbrite's Blog > naruto's nindo in a song!

Posted 04 December 2015

this is SOOO part one naruto LOL


starlitestarbrite's Blog > this song is so sakura! lol

Posted 30 November 2015

the song "i will be there" by Britney spears reminds me of sakura's confession to naruto. someone should totally make an NS AMV using this song. i think it describes her feelings towards naruto perfectly..there are other songs that reminde me of NS. really NS is easy to relate to in all forms' lol i guess cause it's so natural. thanks for reading if you l...

starlitestarbrite's Blog > HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Posted 26 November 2015

happy thanksgiving! i can't find ANY narusaku thanksgiving pictures BUT!, i found another one of team 7 instead. after all i believe:
1-naruto- would be thankful to have his team together again, have his "brother" and best friend back in the village, and that narusaku FINALLY happened!
2-sasuke-would be secretly thankful to have so...