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Stranger with Fiction...

Posted by Metalhead87, 21 January 2015 · 2,166 views

Howdy, people who may have stumbled upon this blog. How are you doing today? Feeling good? Then good! Feeling bad? I'm sorry to hear that, and I hope it gets better (it will!).
Okay then. The most important part of a blog that dictates whether it will succeed or die. Entry number two. I guess I should start this thing off with a near death experience.
Did that hook you?
It wasn't really a near death experience, exactly, but it certainly spooked me. I was at work and things were pretty slow. It's coming to something of a down period in the warehouse now, and the season will be coming to an end soon. As such, another worker and myself were standing around and taking it easy. I don't know if anyone else has worked in a warehouse, and this is also my first, but the place in question can get very hot on the Mezz floors. Littered around the place are large industrial fans, some standing on the floor and others hanging from the ceiling.
On the belt that I was working on, we were both positioned under a fan that wasn't working. I looked up and made a comment about it. Nothing interesting; just boring idle chit-chat questioning why it wasn't working. The guy I was with decided to take a more proactive approach. I should probably mention at this point that part of our gig involved opening numerous cardboard boxes, so naturally we have knives to do this. I also want to make it clear that the guy I was with wasn't trying to hurt me. At least, I hope not lol
Anyway, noticing that the fan in question wasn't operating, he decided to investigate that...by throwing his knife up into the air at it. I could only watch as the knife connected with the fan grille, and then plummeted back down towards me, banging against a box that my hand was next to (thankfully, handle first), and then clattering to the floor.
I didn't know what to say. I just looked down at the knife, looked up at the fan, looked at the guy, and then looked at the knife again. Then I moved away from him slightly. Hey, you can never be too careful. A knife had just been flung more or less at me, you know. Needless to say, I wouldn't be asking him to investigate any malfunctioning appliances that I own any time soon. Not just for my sake, but for the sake of my cutlery.
Wow. I really went off topic.
Anyways, the real purpose behind this entry was because I had a little sample of something that I wanted to upload. One night after coming home from work, dead tired, I opened OpenOffice for no apparent reason and just started typing. I ended up making about three pages of some random Naruto and Sakura stuff. I've been thinking about said file recently, and I'm thinking about finishing it off, editing it something fierce, and then entering it into the contest here on this very site. I mean, why not, right? I haven't entered a contest of this sort before, and this is my first real attempt at writing anything Naruto related (not including plotting out scenarios and whatnot for some fanfics that I'm working on. This blog is already pretty damned long, so I'll talk more about those another time), so this seems like a good opportunity to do so.
Bare in mind that this is completely unedited from the file that I made. I don't even really recall now what it was that I wrote at the time! But, anyway, I hope y'all get some enjoyment out of it if you read it, and I hope to have a more finished version ready to enter soon.
Thank you again for checking out my blog. Hopefully see you next time!

I'm just going to start writing, and see what comes out. Expect NARUSAKU!!!


Sakura Haruno sighed softly, her body sagging with relief, as she finally took a break from her work. Today had been a busy day thus far, and the afternoon looked to continue the trend. Already, both her staff and she had been inundated with numerous genin sporting some type of training related injury, an old man who had missed a step and tumbled down the rest, breaking a hip in the process, and many other patients reporting the same stomach bug that had been afflicting the people that came in the day prior.
It certainly was not easy being the youngest Chief Medical Offer in the Konohagakure Hospital some days, but the 19 year old rosette-haired kunoichi hadn't expected it to be. After being trained by Tsunade of the Sannin, most things that she had found difficult before becoming her student could no longer hold a candle to what she experienced during her training regimen. The Leaf's Fifth Hokage had a habit of challenging her students' perceptions like that, as her first apprentice, Shizune, could attest to.
Stretching her arms up into the air until she felt the satisfying 'click' of her spine, Sakura released another breath and decided to take a walk around the village that she called home. It was weird to think that a few short years ago, nearly the entirety of Konoha had been obliterated by a single attack wielded by a man known as Pein. The people of the village had pulled together once the threat had been dealt with, and worked together in record time to rebuild housing and businesses. If not for the slight contrasting differences in architecture between the new buildings and old ones that had remained standing, Sakura would have sworn that the village had remained the same as it always was.
Thinking of Pein, as always, provided a gateway to thinking of someone else that had played a significant role in protecting the village and defeating the aforementioned Akatsuki member. The rosette beauty smiled the same smile that she always did as the said person's visage became visible in her mind – the one smile that she reserved only for them and no one else. Her team mate, her friend, her confidant, and the person that she held in high regard more than any other. Naruto Uzumaki.
“Hey, you brats! Get your asses back here so I can give them the kicking of a lifetime, dattebayo!”
Sakura's smile quickly dropped and for the third time within just as many minutes, released a sigh. Speak of the devil. Turning to face in the direction that her squad member's unique voice emanated from, she had to suppress giggles as she saw the man in question chasing after three young genin, all of them laughing their hearts out as they scampered away from the pursuing ninja. For good reason, it appeared, as said Shinobi's head appeared to be covered in some type of thick, paint like substance that caused all of his hair to become matted and stuck to the sides of his face, droplets of it slithering down to drip against the flak jacket worn upon his person.
One of the three, a boy with black spiked hair, turned to give their pursuer a big raspberry. “You'll never catch us alive, sensei!” he guffawed.
Naruto's eyes widened before narrowing into a (comical, in Sakura's eyes) snarl. “Why, you little...!”
Sakura decided to make her presence known to the blonde before things got even more out of hand than they appeared to be. “Well, now. That's a new look for you, isn't it, Naruto?”
On cue, much as she had expected, Naruto stopped on a dime and turned to face her, his eyes widening. “S-Sakura-chan?”
Sakura nodded and stepped closer, taking in his appearance properly. Whatever had happened to him, it sure made a mess. “So, what happened? Did a prank go wrong or something? You know you really shouldn't be doing those now that you're a jonin sensei.”
“It wasn't me!” the blonde spluttered, waving his hands back and forth with a large nervous grin on his face. He then turned in the direction of the now escaped junior ninja. “It was those little punks! I turned my back on 'em for a second to get my teaching face on, and the three got me with a bucket filled with this crap. I don't even know what the Hell this stuff is, but it's sticky and it stinks!”
“Doesn't it,” Sakura agreed, holding her nose as a whiff of the substance caught her nostrils. “I thought you said 'I can handle three snot-nosed brats' when you were given this assignment.”
“They aren't regular kids,” Naruto pouted. He crossed his arms and glared at a building several feet away, where one of the three genin poked their head around the corner to see if he was still chasing them before ducking back around when he made eye contact with their irate sensei. “They're evil. Seriously, Madara Uchiha's got nothing on them.”
“Oh, come on,” Sakura snorted. “Don't be so dramatic. Maybe they heard that you used to do this type of stuff when you were younger, and they're just trying to show their respect for you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know.”
“Well, they have a funny way of showing it,” he grumbled.
“If I remember correctly,” a new voice spoke up from behind the two of them, “the first time that I met you when you both were my students, Naruto, you rigged a board eraser to drop on top of my head.”
Naruto and Sakura turned to see their sensei, the erstwhile copy-ninja and now Seventh Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, standing against a telephone pole with his usual choice of reading material in hand. “If anyone has a right to complain about a lack of respect from their students, it would be me.”
“Oh, hey Kakashi-sensei,” Naruto said with a wave. “I can see your point, but there's a difference between that and this.”
“Oh?” the perennially masked ninja inquired with a tilt of his head. “Which would be?”
“You deserved it for being late. I'm an innocent party in all of this.”
Sakura shook her head. If she even tried to figure out the logic behind Naruto's argument, she feared that she would return to work with an even bigger headache than she had left with. Naruto, apparently having had enough of that conversation, turned to her with a big smile. “Hey, Sakura-chan. You're on break now, right? Wanna get some ramen?”
“You always ask me that same question,” she replied, hands on her hips and shooting him a raised brow.
“That's because I always know I'll get the same answer,” he countered with a big grin. “You always fold your arms, close your eyes, and say 'fine'.” His words were, of course, punctuated with his own visual representation of what he described.
“Is that so?” she queried. “Well, what if today I refuse?”
“You won't,” the blonde immediately said without any doubt.
“And why is that?”
Naruto leaned in close to her and gave the young woman one of his patented blindingly bright grins. “Because you love me. And you know that I'll keep on bugging you about it until you agree.”
Sakura shook her head with a fond smile. “Well, there is that, I suppose.” She started to walk past Naruto, and took his hand into her own. “Both points. I guess I'll take my lunch at Ichiraku's, then...again.”
“It's okay, Sakura-chan. I'll pay.”
“I know. You always do, after all.”
The two young ninja walked off together, hand in hand, leaving their sensei behind to muse over whether or not the duo were aware that he had even still been present past their initial exchange.

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