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The HMS NaruSaku

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:28 PM

This is a READ-ONLY thread, made so that it is easier for people to simply read. If you wish to leave comments, questions, and/or reviews, click on this link to the Discussions thread.

Disclaimer: This fiction is dedicated to all the wonderful and supportive members of the NaruSaku Fan Club. The names & characters of people belong to those members to whom I have selected to become apart of this story. This story is of my own and to those who have contributed to it. Thank you everyone for the wild ride we are, and continue to, embark on!

The HMS NaruSaku

Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: City Of NarutoForums
Chapter 2: Bakakage, City Of Outcasts
Chapter 3: Conflict Of War, NF vs BK
Chapter 4: Port City Of NarutoTalk (Part 1)
Chapter 5: Port City Of NT (Part 2)
Chapter 6: The Crew, Smiter
Chapter 7: The Crew, SharinganK & Alphabet
Chapter 8: The Crew, Aethos & Arashi
Chapter 9: The Crew, Uzumaki Naruto
Chapter 10: The Crew, HinataFanBoy
Chapter 11: More Members! Familar Faces!
Chapter 12: The Crew, Yoko
Chapter 13: The Flood
Chapter 14: 1st Fall Of NT
Chapter 15: *Missing*
Chapter 16: Ruins Of BK
Chapter 17: Return to NT (Part 3)
Chapter 18: 2nd Fall Of NT
Chapter 19: Heaven & Earth
Chapter 20: H&E Bound, Fears & Weaknesses
Chapter 21: H&E, Home Sweet Home
Chapter 22: En Route to Port NT
Chapter 23: 3rd Fall Of Port NT, The Perfect Storm
Chapter 24: H&E, The Morning After
Chapter 25: The Crew, Soritia
Chapter 26: The Crew, Quilted-Remorse
Chapter 27: H&E, Isle Del Sorna
Chapter 28: The HMS NaruSaku
Chapter 29: Alpha's Tales from the Depths
Chapter 30: The Return Of NF (Part 1)
Chapter 31: City Of NF (Part 2)
Chapter 32: Second Attack!! To the bitter end! Or is it? (Part 1)
Chapter 33: To the bitter end! Or is it? (Part 2)
Chapter 34: Twists, Turns, & Traitors
Chapter 35: Truth be told, Brothers to the End
Chapter 36: Straying from the Light, Shinyu
Chapter 37: Ghost Ship, Attack of the Perfects
Chapter 38: Good Times (Written by Bassclef)
Chapter 39: The Return Of NT (Part 4)
Chapter 40: Tatsu's Tale (Written by Tatsu no Houou)
Chapter 41: (Reserved)
Chapter 42: Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!
Chapter 43: Unseen Eyes
Chapter 44: Trust, Truth, & Terror
Chapter 45: What's Happening!?! (Written by LoveHinaGuy)
Chapter 46: What's in a name? The Daifuku & Moichi Season
Chapter 47: Abduction! (Written by Aethos)
Chapter 48: The Open Review
Chapter 49: The Calm
Chapter 50 (Part 1): Siege
Chapter 50 (Part 2): Freedom
Epilogue: A New Beginning (Credits)

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:32 PM

Chapter 1: City Of NarutoForums


Gather now, my children and hear the tale of my journey. It started back in the season of Spring, and I was just another citizen of this port city of hustle and bustle. I had just moved in and introduced myself at the town square. They made me stand on a box, and announce myself.




Of course I felt very silly since I was new and all. But the people there were very kind and they welcomed me into their community. So after my humble introduction, they booted me off the box and another went on. Business continued and everyone went about their own. As I went around town exploring many various bars and taverns with lots of people, I read signs like ...


"Gaara Fan Club!" - "Sakura Fan Club!" - "Hinata Fan Club!"


I believe that was the first bar/tavern I had joined. They gave me this membership card with their logo on it, along with a very warm welcome. I found myself at the door step of one very exclusive and popular club.


"Tenten Fan Club (subtitle: She's not weak!)"


With over 100+ members, it was the talk of the town, very very popular. So naturally, I joined. I spent most of my time there, just talking with the other members. The owner of the bar, Kinumi, and her associate, ZeroAxIX, were very nice to me. Although they did most of the talking, I simply sat back and enjoyed a good drink or two. They said that the man who ran the bars and tavern section of NF was a man named, Vash7ehStampede. Although fairly young for a mayor in-charge of that section, he was a good guy. He took care of business accordingly and fairly. His rules were simple to follow and if he thought something was fair he would talk it out.


Later on I had another place, almost like a great marketplace! It seemed to me that here people would come to visit each other and not just conduct business but engage in conversations. Some of these conversations were debates, others were flaming wars, but the best were discussion about their favorite things. I found a few shops to my liking.


"Final Fantasy Tactics" (hosted by Immortal) - "Suikoden 1-3" (also hosted by Immortal)


And there I had made my first friend. We would go on and on talking about our topics and have so many fun debates. I would spend most of my days here as well, talking to my good friend Immortal, who also owned the "Shino Fan Club" tavern. There weren't many members of course, but we held our own. I wandered around the tall buildings of NF and found a literary section of town! Here I found myself with many authors, writers, artists, and designers! It was here that I found my place, where I could belong! A kind young writer named Alden greeted me. Alden was very kind to me, and allowed me to join his "Rare-Pairings" Group. It was here that I was introduced into fiction writing. I met many famous authors at the time! Alden, being the first, Kinumi (of course), and more. They welcomed me into their Writers guild and taught me of how to write properly, and where I may share my works.


After a few more weeks of moving in, I had heard rumors of vicious "attacks" going on in this city. Apparently the former governors and mayors had a dispute over power, and thus some had turned renegade. One of which, I heard a great deal was this person, "Angelic". A nazi some say, and she/he laid siege to the city for a good week or so. We were caught off guard and the surprise attack had damaged the most of the buildings. But of course our fearless leaders, Tazmo and Trigunflame fought back! In a good day or two of recovery the city was rebuilt, but the damage was done. I was one of the few who did come back after four or five more attacks. I stood my ground and regrouped some of the lost inhabitants of NF.


A few weeks later after the dust had settled, I decided to open up my own tavern. The first of which was to be made, an "official pairing" tavern. Of course I had to run it by Vash7ehStampede, he approved of it and gave me my manager's license. I named it ...


"Naruto X Sakura Fan Club"


The first of its kind in this city, and the first to be made. Naturally when I first opened, not many people wanted to come into my place. Instead I was looked down upon, and many people disliked my tavern. But over time, some people did come in and liked what they saw. This was only the beginning of a journey I would never have imagined, and little did I know that I would find another temporary home outside of NF. A home to which I would later find out is the very rival of NF. A darker city, known as BK...


To be continued.

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:35 PM

Chapter 2: Bakakage, City Of Outcasts


During the vicious attacks going on at NF port city, many of us took refuge in another nearby, not so nearby village. This was the city of BK. Here I found the theme a little more darker, and more ... what's the word? ... "corrupt" if you will. Being in a very strange a new town, I treaded carefully and kept to myself for a while. I saw theses other people walking around in the shadows with hooded capes over their heads; we called them either "stalkers" or "lurkers". I knew a renowned stalker/lurker, his name was Hadou Kaen, although he was very nice about his business, he even said hello to me. Anyway, I wander around this dark city, and found myself at what looked to be an introduction square. Only ... there was no line, only random people going up saying "hellos" & "goodbyes". I could sense it was a different atmosphere here in BK. The higher ups & well-known were in their own class, as the lower people pretty much kept quiet or were murderously picked on.


I feared that if I introduced myself, as I did in NF ... well then I wouldn't be telling this tale now would I? Anyway, this time I didn't give such a foolish entry, I stood up and spoke clearly and sternly.


"WASSAP BK!!! Just wanted to say hello and WooHoo hentai section!"


Luckily, I was hailed by a few kind faces but still booted off. Any who, I made my way around, and saw that their Bar/Tavern area was way out of control, they had a lot more types of Bars/Taverns, and even Gentlemen Clubs (Strip Clubs).


"HENTAI FAN CLUB!" - "<3 ILK FAN CLUB" - "Tenten Fan Club (She's Not Weak!)"


Now there was a familiar place to my eyes. Low and behold did I find out that this Bar was owned by Kinumi, of course, and ZeroAxIX. I was glad to see them here as well, although when I spoke to them it was like their attitudes had changed. They were more let go and spoke freely. With this in mind I figure, this village must be a more free spirited city than NF. But more and more do I find familiar faces and names I've heard. Hadou Kaen, which I've already mentioned, was exiled from NF for Stalking/Lurking. I never exactly knew about that, then again nor did I ask. And I found out that ILK (ilovekabuto), was also exiled for disagreeing with Trigunflame of NF. Another FK (Flower Kirby) was exiled from NF for disagreeing with Trigunflame. The more I stayed the more I became curious as to why everyone here disliked NF city.


Many inhabitants here were once citizens of NF as they tell me. Most of them booted, exiled, and even left on their own simply because of the Leaders (Tazmo & Trigunflame). Well, actually the way I saw it, many of them mainly disliked that Trigunflame. I never understood why, I never really had any problems nor have I even seen him around.


But anyway, I wandered around more to find their Literary Section of the city! There I met many a famous scholars: TTLOTS, Lackey_H, Kinumi (both artist & writer), Alden (of course), and Blood Shinobi. There my I would gain much knowledge and more about writing skills!


Once again, I freely opened my a tavern here, my "NaruSaku FC". Although here it was fairly harsh. Not many people came in or joined, and I did get quite a criticism, but at least they were nice about it. I felt that here, the Club section wasn't very popular or people were big on it. Most of their attention was mainly spent in the Hentai part of town. Yes, a "hentai" part of town, I believe it was their main attraction. No limits, anyone can access freely. Don't ask if I've been in there, you already know the answer.


Here it felt like "Freedom", it certainly had a different "feel" about it than NF did. People weren't so restricted, you didn't have constant surveillance, or you didn't have to worry about getting kicked or exiled for certain things. In a sense ... we were free ... but something about BK just didn't have the same feeling as NF. I longed to return back, but little did I know of what troubles I would return to.


To be continued.

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:38 PM

Chapter 3: Conflict Of War, NF vs BK


*takes a swig of NyQuil* [inside joke]


Now when I learned that NF was back in the safe zone, naturally you'd want to return home. But this time the damage was done, much was lost, and now feelings towards each other were on the edge of a knife.


From what I remember those months ago, what started as a partnership ended in a desperate power struggle. Apparently our Leaders Tazmo and Trigunflame were having doubts about each other. One was viewed as a kind and open simple leader, while the other was viewed as a harsh and strict law abiding, power hungry, abusive leader. Now as I've said, I bear no feeling towards either one, and I have no opinion on either one as well. But people blatantly didn't like Trigunflame, and sometimes I can't blame them.


On top of this internal affair, BK was also on it's rise of citizens and infamy. Yes "infamy". They attacked with small raids of "Tubgirls" and "Goatse", also one very sick attack of "Maggot Breasts" (very very nasty, if I do say so myself). With each small picking, nerves began to rise, and people's moods were being pushed to the limit.


Thus there was one final attack, but this came from within. From what I remember, or "heard", Trigunflame was going to be impeached, but just before his impeachment ... the city was under attack once again. But this time, the attack came from within. This was the last time I could call this place my home, for the damage was far beyond any recovery. As for the Fall of NF, some say it was Trigunflame's doing (pre-meditated), some say Angelic just came back, but most think TF hired Angelic to do the attack. It was never clear, and thus the City of NF was lost ... for now.


I barely escaped the ruins of NF, finding my refuge in BK once again. I had lost my first Tavern in NF, and I had a steady number of members. Many had scattered and were lost. I know I lost a few good friends in that last attack. As I returned to BK, there was much celebration as their "rival" had been shut down and they had nothing to do with it.


Says one: "Merely spectators we are!" - "Truly sad, but let's party!" Said another.


I for one was not entirely happy, but after thought and review. NF was pretty much viewed as a Tyranny. After much partying, life continued and not much happened in those few weeks. I continued to write my smut fics, and learn much more from the Fiction Gurus, and I believe we even had a Hot Tub party hosted by ILoveKabuto (very very wild!).


By the next week (after the Hot Tub Party) we learned that a new Village was revealed. A village created just after the Fall Of NF. A village created by "that man", Trigunflame ... And thus I entered the City of NT ...


To be continued.

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:45 PM

Chapter 4: Port City Of NarutoTalk
Subtitle: Corruption of BK


Now as I've said, NT was created by the same person who was going to be impeached from NF, yes that man, Trigunflame. How coincidental that this new and improved city was almost identical and much better than NF. But it didn't matter, everything FELT right again, or so I thought. But here, my journey would begin again.


This city owned by TF and a new girl, Lit0 was it? But she went by the name of Tammy. A new home, a new start, and a new place to build relationships. Again I opened my place, but this time I was overjoyed to see that there were more people in my support!


"NaruSaku FC"


Yes, yes I made my own membership card, but it was also when I had just started to become an artist/writer. I felt that I needed to take a break from my writing and jump-start my tavern. I made many new friends and had many new ties to good people. I even started some booths in the Marketplace.


"Dragonball/DBZ/DBGT" - "Final Fantasy Tactics" - "Suikoden" - (and more famously) "Initial D" - just to name a few.


Oh yes, in the "Initial D" booth, I met Azuremen, Isogi_Takane, Type R, Xaimara, NaOH, JunHoJai, and much more! I even got to open up another Tavern!


"Initial D FC"


It was good fun, and I was fairly well known around the city. I'd name more people, but then the list would go on too long! Anyway moving onto the main part, it was here in NT that the revolution would begin. It started off as just another Club, another place for believers of NaruSaku to come in and talk and enjoy a good conversation. I remember one of my good members, one I'd even call my brother, although not of blood of course. What was his name ... *ponders for a minute* ... Ah Yes! Paul! I mean Blayze! Good man, good writer, and when he joined I found out later he was a fellow Scholar also! Although his pen name did throw me off. But anyway we would sit in the tavern just drinking and talking all day. And with talking so much, we leaked out to others, and thus more came, and more. It was glorious moment for us as we nearly had 50 members!


Another young chap came in around that time, a very lazy fellow I might add, although his companion wasn't as lazy. What was that couples name?


(*bop on the head*)

(Bass: Oy! We weren't a couple!)

(Mrs.Hyuga: *giggles*)



Ah yes, now I remember their names. Bassclef and Mrs.Hyuga, both well talented scholars, both writers, and I believe Hyuga was an artist as well. I held all of them with high regard, and they were just as happy to see a NaruSaku Tavern. More members came, I do remember another young boy, he goes by the name of LHG (LoveHinaGuy). I remember he would always come around talking to us, and giving much support for us, it's sad that we've lost him ... but anyway. I remember one fellow just as enthusiastic as LHG although he abandoned us for a new cause, his name was Kuja. I do miss him now and then, but his goals are now for the One Piece. I don't blame him, it is a worth cause and I thank him for our new membership card. Moving on, life was good, we were getting a decent flow of traffic in our tavern. As you may imagine we all spent most of our days drinking about and debating each other’s take on NaruSaku. It was fun, bloody fun I might add. Our reputation could only grow!


This of course all happened and could ONLY happen at NT, meanwhile as I traveled back and forth to BK ... this part was only sadness and downfall. Sadly to say, many of the old members did invade and raid NT for a little while. It was a good gag start to attack with the "Maggot kittens", "Tubgirl", and "Goatse" weapons of war, but nonetheless futile. NT was much stronger than that, this time BK would lose the battle over who would rein. Sadly enough, traffic to BK was slowing down, and there were only a few refugees that transferred over to BK. Although I must say, they weren't exactly an improvement either. They were only getting traffic because of their Hentai Section of town; also the flood of lurkers must have tripled. Not enough people joining, and posting like they should. It also seemed that the leaders of BK had gotten tired of "baby-sitting" the kiddies. JoBD, or was it JoDB, was the main governor of BK. Although he was a good man, he grew tired of his own job, and decided to leave. But with his leave, it also meant the shut down of the City. The city was emptied, and soon became nothing but a ghost town. Now it was nothing but Ruins of the once Rival City of NF/NT. Sad to say I lost the people there, but I did love them. They had a certain ... "charm" about them that you could only find there. Alas those were the last few days I would spend at my once called second home of BK. I always believed that one day BK would recover from it's loss, but that day never came and I chose to move on. It had been a good week or two, I stayed till the very end of BK, I saw all of my good friends off, and I was the last to sail off back to NT.


Funny story actually ... well not funny for me of course ... but in our last night of reveling, I think one of them accidentally blew up my ship. Of course I didn't notice it since we were all drunk up to our heads. But of course on the next morning I believe my reaction when I woke up was ...




Of course he was kind enough to "lend" me his ship, well it really wasn't much of a ship, more like a rowboat. But hey, better than nothing at all. Thus I set sail off to return home, back to NT. On my way across the sea I ran into a strange fellow trapped on a deserted island, all he wanted was a lift off and a ride to Tortuga. I was very much obliged to help him, although I never got his name.


"Jack Sparrow. Captain!" He enthusiastically pointed out. "Jack Sparrow." He spoke as he sat down next to me.


"Don't I know you?" Says I.


"No of course not mate, but I'm sure our paths may never cross again. Although you'd best be looking out for me, savvy?" He said while giving me this strange and confusing look. He walked away in a fashion (don't ask), and that was the last I saw of him ...


And now here I am, returning back to NT, only to see in the distance smoke and flame. Something had happened while I was away. An attack possibly, I wasn't surprised. But upon my return, I would be in store for something more than just a surprise ...


To Be Continued.

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:51 PM

Chapter 5: Port City Of NT (part duex)
Subtitle: Brothers Reunited


I stood atop the mast, over looking in the distance what I recall as home. The ocean wind was blowing through my hair and carrying my small boat to dock. Suddenly I looked down to see that ... my boat is leaking. So I grab hold a rope and swing down to bucket out the incoming water. The water level is at the rim of my feet so I'm trying to bucket the water faster. Suddenly something caught my eye; I dropped my bucket and took off my hat. As my boat is slowly drifting towards the port, there where two skeletons hanging and sign hanging next to them.


"NaruSaku'ers Ye Be Warned"


I tipped my hat to them, and took heed of this "warning". Did something happen while I was away? For now, my plan was to lay a low profile and find out what had happened while I was in BK. The water level was rising rapidly, the ship was sinking and I couldn't save it. So I merely climbed back up the mast and rode the current out. As I pasted other people that were on the dock they saw me as I gallantly rode my sinking ship to the nearest docking area. My ship sinking rapidly as I held onto the top of the mast with my chin up, until finally the top of the mast had reached the dock and I stepped down. Just as I was walking out of the port, a man stopped me.


"Well hold up you! It's required that you pay up for docking! And I shall need to know you're name."


I turned around to see that the mast of my small boat was actually STILL above water. Couldn't believe my luck, so I searched around my gear to find some left over hentai stuff from BK.


"What say you to 3 pictures of Hentai, and we forget about the name?"


He looked at me with an questioning eye, but saw the papers I held, and almost immediately brushed me away.


"Welcome to Port NT, Mr. Smith."


I tipped my hat in thanks and made my way from the port to what was left of my Tavern. It looked as if it were abandoned for quite some time. The outside walls had graffiti on it. And the main door seemed like it was boarded up. I took down the boards and tried to enter what was left of my bar. A mess it was, everything was out of order, it looked as if people just came in here and did as they pleased, completely empty and thrashed. Whatever happened here I intended to find out, one way or another.


Just then I had heard a loud commotion just outside of my bar, I quickly rushed out to see what was going on. It was the building next door, there seemed to be some kind of a ruckus going on, all I heard was angry people shouting, and explosions from the inside. Smoke began to pillow out of the main entrance, and I walked off to the side alley just out of sight to watch what was going to happen.


"AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll never take me alive! Eat Yaoi Smoke bombs!"


At first I couldn't see whom it was that ran out of the bar, but his voice was very familiar. And through the dissipating smoke, I saw flaming red hair. It was none other than my own brother, causing trouble so it seemed. He threw more smoke bombs and began to run in my direction. Several angry people from the bar charged out coughing.


"Curse you Blaze! You won't get away with this!"


"That's Bla-Y-ze with a Y, you bloody bastar-*hurk*"


And I pulled him out from the side, and out of sight before the smoke fully cleared. Just as the angry mob passed by, he started to get angry about the person who had just jerked him out of nowhere. At least until I showed my face ...


"OY!? I can take care of myself and you don’t just-" He had a look of bewilderment as he saw who had just helped him escape the mob.


"Hello Paul."


He then had a great grimace upon his face, and was almost overjoyed to see me that he nearly gave away our position. "BROTHER! You live!"


"Quiet! You wanna get us caught!? Come on, tell me everything. Tell me what has happened while I was away."


We quietly walked around the back of the NaruSaku Tavern and entered through the back way. We put up a few stools at the bar so that we could sit down, and I rummaged through the mess to find what spiced rum we had left.


"So tell me, I leave for a few weeks, my club is rundown, and all of our members have left? And now I come back to see you raiding on other people's clubs?"


"Well if ye hadn't left for so long, none of this woulda happened!"


"Oh don't blame me for this! I thought you'd be just fine for a couple weeks. Bah! Just continue!"


"They came so fast and rapidly, that N***H*** faction. I mean they have been around, but ever since they got that new leader, Hyuuga-Hinata. She's been rampid and going on about how we are the wrong ones, and how we are the heretics. It's as if we are branded, and now we are persecuted." He was shaking his head in disappointment and put a hand to his forehead. "They just wouldn't stop bashing us, telling incorrect and partial references."


"I don't understand, why such an aggressive attack towards us? What have we done that makes them mad?" None of this made any sense to me, all I remember was my club being very peaceful and not causing any trouble towards anyone else. My business was fair and clean.


"Well apparently, and I quote, we are TOO popular and moving up TOO fast."


"The hell is that supposed to mean? Too fast and popular, that doesn't make any sense. How can a bar be TOO popular?"


"Well someone had to fight back! I couldn't just sit here and do nothing! I tried to talk to them logically, and reason with them. Then they threw me out on my arse and told me, that I sucked and that I should go back to my own club. Once I thought the literal way was not good enough, it was time to fight fire with fire. When you were gone, we thought you abandoned us all in time of need. Thought you died out at sea or something, searching for whatever it was you were looking for. You left us without any reason, or word of where you had gone. What else was I supposed to do brother?" He then placed is hands over his eyes as he was about to tear. "Did you know Mum had thought you'd died ... but I KNEW you'd come back! I always did."


"Well I'm not dead, and I'm back, and I'm not going anywhere this time." I took hold of his shoulders and shook him out of his misery. He wiped his eyes and we drank the last of the spiced rum in our mugs. We cleaned up what we could and gathered our things. Blayze had regained his composure and found new fire within my return.


Everything lost. Members scattered. Our pride and honor shot down. And my club ... MY CLUB being put down for stupid reasons. This will not go unpunished; this will not go without Vengeance. It's time for a change.


"It's time ... for New Blood."


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 06:05 PM

Chapter 6: The Crew (First Mate)
Subtitle: Jack Of All Trades, Smiter


So Blayze and I got all of our gear and made our way out of the club. But just soon as we stepped outside, I turned to face him and realized something ...


"Why are we going outside?"


Blayze scratched his head in confusion. "I'm not sure, I was following you in the moment."


I smacked my head in stupidity as we went back into the club. Where would we go? Who would we recruit? The enemy out numbers us 10:1, so we need strength in the individuals rather than numbers. Quality over quantity. So we sat down once again at the bar and began thinking of how to rebuild our once glorious club.


"We need to gather those that are strong, willing to go beyond all limits and into danger, and most importantly educated."


"I've got one! The perfect guy for the job!"


"Oh do you?" I was intrigued to see that he already had a suggestion to be made, but Paul's always been very reliable. "Well? Who is he?"


Blayze got up and signaled me to follow him. "Well come on! We don't want to be late do we? I'll show 'im to you!"


And so we exited out the back door this time and made our way around the alleyways of the Club section of the City. We past the through the Arts & Literary part of town, there seemed to be a large commotion going on. Although we didn't get a chance to stop, I did see a very interesting fellow there organizing the Artists and what not. We made our way to the political square of the city and there were many debates going on. We made our way through the crowds of debaters. We reached one specific area where the sign said "Pairing Debates". Here it seemed to be the most active and it looked as if everyone was at everyone else’s throats. Anyway, Blayze pulled me off to the side and we sat down just outside of the crowd to listen in. We sat there listening to blokes ranting on about S***S*** and N***H*** and it all sounded repetitious. None of these "debaters" were actually using good references and kept denying that any other pairing would be blasphemy. I felt the blood rise in me to jump up and start up an argument, but Blayze stopped me and pointed out another who would do the arguing. The man that we would soon recruit ...


"I object to you're information! You keep using the same reference over and over, Volume 21 - Chapter 181 ..."


This man was slightly a little older than I was, and was of a fair complexion. He spoke with such a passion that it touched our hearts. Even though he was putting down all of the other debaters they gave him well-rounded respect for his opinions and even learned from their mistakes! You could almost say that was a certain "charm" about him.


"... and that is opinion on NaruSaku."


That caught my attention and I turned to Blayze.


"Did he just say-?"


"Yup. His name's Smiter. Brilliant isn't he? He can debate like none other, smoothly talk his way through an angry crowd, and even convert some people over to his argument! Did I also mention that he's a fellow Writer AND Artist? Also one more thing ... he's greatly skilled with a sword. It's amazing how he does this everyday, like a true hero. The way he just talks his way out, grabs his long coat, and walks down the alleyway with his coat swooshing in the air."


Now THAT also grabbed my attention as I looked at my brother saying all of this in such a poetic style. I gave him an awkward eye and asked him. "Oh? And are you attracted to him?"


"What!? No! Of course not!" He quickly spoke and gave me a face of disgust. "I'm merely saying he's a Jack Of All Trades that one is!"


We both had a good laugh about that one. And just as the crowds began to settle down, we saw that Smiter was beginning to leave. So we decided to follow him to a point where we may be able to confront him. Strangely enough it was exactly as Blayze had described. He smoothly talked his way through the roaring crowd that was acknowledging him, took his long coat, and walked down the alleyway with his coat swooshing in the air. As soon as I saw that, I looked at my estranged brother.


He rolled his eyes back, and shook his head in embarrassment. "Okay, well maybe I'm a little attracted. But who wouldn’t be!"


I gave a small chuckle and we continued to scout this Smiter out. He made his way through the city very busily. He stopped by the Arts district and dropped off a few of his works. Next he dropped by the Literary Section and checked through the FanFiction Library for any new NaruSaku stories. It was a good run around for a while, until finally he made one final stop. But it was this final stop that we would confront him.


"NaruSaku Fan Club"


He looked up at the building with disappointment and gave a heavy sigh. I believe that was when I made my entrance. I walked over to him, standing just behind him.


"Truly a tragedy it is."


He hadn't noticed that I was behind him, and almost naturally struck at me with an open blade! Such speed and power, I thought I would never meet another as skilled as I was. Fortunately for me, I'm better. I single handedly blocked his blade with the hilt of my own katana, not drawing forth my blade.


"And what do you know of tragedy?" He asked surprised to see that I blocked his attack.


"Come inside and perhaps I can tell you a tale." I gave him a friendly smile.


He then noticed my sword and his seemed to know who I was, but wasn't entirely sure. So he pushed me back, lowered his blade, but didn't sheathed it. I leap back a few feet. To him it must have looked like I glided back in slow motion with a graceful landing.


"You carry an interesting sword there, mate. I heard that the NaruSaku owner did own a custom made katana, one with the shape of the head of a dragon as his hilt."


"Oh really?" I spoke in a playful tone.


He sensed that I was not a foe, but here to test him in a sense. "I also heard that he was quite the swordsman, one that I hoped to become someday. But I've yet to meet a warrior that can beat me. Perhaps today is a good day!"


He then raised his blade with two hands and got into a battle stance. I gladly smiled, bowed my head and gladly accepted his challenge. I took no stance, but simply stood there with my sheathed sword in one hand. Our eyes had locked and we focused our psyche, trying to read each other's minds, trying to see each other's technique or style. We were in a dead lock for a good five minutes, when we were rudely interrupted by my brother.


"OY! Lloyd are ye gonna stand there or come inside for a drink!?"


I grinned and replied, "Prepare drinks for three, Paul."


And at that Smiter rushed towards me with great speed, trying to catch me off guard when I replied. But I quickly knocked off the first stroke with my hilt like I first did when I was behind him. He moved of to the left of me and tried to hit me from the left, I blocked once more with my sheath and knocked him away. I could sense he was getting a little agitated that I hadn't drawn my blade yet. He knew that I was holding back.


"You're holding back."


But I also knew he was holding back as well. "As are you."


"Then let us settle this, so that our drinks don’t get stale!"


I smiled once more at his response, and that was when I drew forth my blade. As I pulled it from the sheath, it made a ring that sounded almost heavenly. My blade shining with the setting sun's reflection, it looked as if my blade was on fire. I could tell it looked as if he were mesmerized, but then he charged at me this time with even greater speed! He made six strokes at me from all directions!




The sound of our blades clanging and chiming in the air!




We were caught in a deadlock our blades sparking from the friction. He had a great smile upon his face. It was as if he was overjoyed to finally meet me, the person whom he was speaking about.


"So you're hokuten, eh?"


We pushed off each other landing about ten paces from each other. I bowed gracefully as to answer his question and smiled. We sheathed our swords and merrily went into the Bar to discuss our new partnership.


I had told him all about what happened to me and why I had been away, while Blayze filled him in on our situation. We spent a good hours drinking and talking that night.


"So tell me, Smiter. What's a good man like you doing around here with all these people calling us NaruSaku'ers, heretics?"


"Well, I first came here of course to join this club. When I learned that there was such a club, I was overjoyed. But when I first arrived here, I saw that it was abandoned and nearly falling apart. But I held faith that someone might return. But little would I imagine getting a personal invitation from you!"


"Oh come now, I'm just another believer, like yourself. But yes, I was outraged when I learned of what had happened here. And now I need people like you, strong, skilled, and educated. It's time to rebuild our club and fight back. It would honor me if you were to join our faction."


"No no, the honor is mine."


We toasted to that, and Blayze came back in with more drinks. We drank and drank until we couldn't stand up anymore that night! And I asked Smiter if he knew any more people that would join us. And he replied ...


"Well there is this one person I know who'd love to join ..."


Me and Blayze moved in at the same time. "Annnd?"


"But ... well ... you see ..." We couldn't tell if he was blushing or just too damn drunk, but his voice was a little shaky. "It's this girl. She's a raging NaruSaku believer and a damned good Author like ourselves, maybe better. But ... well ..."


"What's this!? The man that can do everything is afraid of one girl!?" Blayze snickered, then began to laugh out loud.


"Oh come now mate! Surely the man who can convert haters into lovers isn't afraid of one little girl!" I grinned, trying not to laugh out loud as well.


"It's not that I'm afraid! And I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING. It's just that ... well ... you know ..." He tried to argue back, but was a little bashful.


We stared at him confused at first. But then Blayze knew why he was being so timid and blurted it out pointing at him. "You LIKE HER! Don't you! Awww Smiter you dog!"


"Oy shaddup you drunkard! And my weakness isn't women! It's - Oh like I'm going to tell you! You blowhard!"


"Oh calm down Mr. Casanova! You have all sorts of women swooning at you're words, yet you have problems with one girl!?"


"Well she isn't like most girls! She's into NaruSaku just as much as we all are, and well she's ... a little more ... aggressive."


"OH REEEALLLLLYYYY? So our Don Juan here likes aggressive women eh!? HAHAHA!!!"


The two of them began to tease each other, and playfully argue amongst themselves. I chuckled at their antics, took another swig from my mug, placed a hand on Smiter's shoulder, and asked him.


"So tell me mate, who is this lucky lady? And does she have a sister?"


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 7: The Crew (Gunner & Recon)
Subtitle: The Kakashi Sisters, SharinganK & Alpha


I didn't remember just how much I drank last night, but I found myself lying on the ground and my head pounding. I believe it was the gentle touch of a girl that woke me. She knelt down by my side and put a hand onto my shoulder.


"Ano ... are you okay?"


I slowly got up trying to push myself off the ground, and she helped me sit up. I placed a hand to my head and tried to focus my eyes.


"Uugghh ... where am I? How did I get here ..."


As my eyes focused, I saw before me a young girl, possibly a few years younger than me. She had a meek and kind face about her as she was checking for any bleeding.


"Don't I know you?"


"N-no. Y-you just happened to have dropped right here in front of my home."


I shook my head and she helped me stand up. I brushed off myself, and looked around to get a feel of where I might have ended up. Although I couldn't really concentrate with this hangover.


"Bah! Damn you Paul and your jagerbombs." I spoke to myself.


The girl seemed a little confused herself as I was talking to myself. I tried to take a step forward and stumbled slightly. She came to my aid, and took me off to the side to sit down on a bench for a bit.


"You're in the Arts Sector of NT. I just moved here as well, I'm sort of an artist myself, although I'm still learning."


Her voice was very soothing and quiet, I felt at peace for those few moments. Then I reached into my pockets to pull out some medicine and I asked her for some water. She got up rather quickly and moved into her home to bring me a glass of water. I thanked her, and took my hangover medicine. I sat there for a good minute to let the medicine work it's magic. The girl looked at me as I just sat there quietly without moving. Just then her tone of voice changed as if she were spooked.


"O-oh no! You have to go! Now!"


She meekly pushed me off and tried to brush me away. I didn't understand what had gotten into her all of a sudden. And naturally I felt concern ...


"Is something wrong? Are you in trouble?"


"No ... but you must leave quickly!"


"I have yet to learn your name, but thank you."


I didn't want to cause any more trouble for her, so I just decided to leave. As I walked away I saw that another woman, possibly her mother had just returned home. From my distance it looked as if the girl was being shouted at and being put down. I wanted to return to help her, but I thought that it would not be my place to interfere. And that was the last I saw of that kind girl, for now.


So as my hangover came down, I started to remember what happened last night. I remembered recruited Smiter, and we celebrated that night ...


"Oh yeah! I supposed to look for this new girl he wanted me to get! What was her name, blast!"


Her name had just slipped my tongue, but I would come back to me later on. All I remembered was that I was supposed to go find her and talk her into joining our cause. I made my way over to the Literary Sector of NT, and sought for the cafe named FanFiction.net. How was I to find someone I had never met before? Just then I remembered Smiter's words ...




"You'll find her at the FF.net Cafe. She'll be sitting on the second floor, near the balcony window drinking tea."


"Yes, yes, but what does she look like!?"


"Oh, words cannot describe such beauty! Her skin fair and light, her long silk hair golden as the sun! And that smile! Whew! That maliciously evil yet provocative smile! You'll know mate, when you see her."


"Good God man! You don't have to into a sonnet! Light skin, blonde hair, and evil smile. I got it ..."


"Just one more thing, you'd best beware of her sister. And whatever you do DON'T mention kaka-"


I put a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah yeah! Don't worry, Smiter! I think I'll be okay."




Then again, when you have one too many drinks you think you can over come death. Little did I know what I was in store for when I sought out these two. I found this cafe just near the docks, and made my way inside. I saw many authors and writers all around drinking coffee and tea, discussing their works amongst each other. I made my way upstairs to the second floor and there she was, exactly as he had described her. She was sitting next to the open balcony window in a lean back chair with her legs crossed elegantly. The sun shining down upon her as she took a sip of tea from her cup. It seemed like she loved the window seat, gazing out into the ocean, letting the cool sea breeze brush against her warm skin. I began to talk to myself recalling exactly what he said.


"Light and fair skin, long golden silk hair ..."


Just then she picked up a book that read (Icha Icha Paradise), and gave this almost ...


"... maliciously evil, yet provocative smile."


And this is what I get when I find WRITERS as my crew, exact descriptions and detailed actions. I gave a wry laugh and shook my head in complete and udder realization. Well it was time to make my move, probably the only chance I'll get before she would disappear again. I made my way over to her discreetly and stood next to the balcony window, she stared out into the ocean and gave a longing sigh.


"You need to come to terms with what your heart’s telling you before you can fly."


She turned her head to face the new stranger that had just quoted her from her booked entitled "Fly", a NaruSaku story.


"Hm, Fly. I've longed to set sail into the sea, to find others that may believe in what I believe. To share my passion in NaruSaku, but I find myself trapped her for the moment, and in a time where NaruSaku is unmentionable."


"Perhaps you need not to look far, but look underneath the underneath."


She smiled and sat upright to face me.


"And you are?"


"Merely a sympathizer for the NaruSaku. And would hope to have you join us in our cause."


I spoke in an alluring tone and sat in the seat across from her. She knew I wasn't hitting on her and played along.


"Okay ..." She nodded her head and smiled playfully. "And if I do join, I suppose you have a ship?"


"Of course! Just there down in the docks, it's sitting there waiting for me even as we speak!"


I pointed down and across the street to the docks in the direction of a great ship. It must have been the size of a full-fledged battleship with 30 great sails! She was looking at that one, and seemed very impressed.


"That ship?" She pointed to the battleship docked at the bay.


"No. The one next to it."


And I pointed to my sunken ship that was still there. Only the top of the mast was just above the water, but you could still semi see it. She gave out a good infectious laugh.


"Ohohohoho! I like you. You've got a good sense of humor. My name is Sharingank, but you may call me Ash."


"I know."


"And I already know who you are ... hokuten. I've read you're stories before! In fact, I even have a copy of it right now!" She reached into her long blue overcoat and pulled out a book entitled (Village Of Hentai)."


"Oh really?" I began to understand why Smiter liked her, she was very open and free spirited, not to mention a fellow pervert!


"Now I wonder why it is you are here, hmm?" She glared at me.


"A good friend of mine, perhaps you may know him, would be honored ..." I emphasized on the word. "... if you would join our crew of fellow NaruSaku believers."




And I got to talking about our situation, and filled her in on what we were planning to do. She seemed very taken in by it and was more than over enthusiastic to join. I gladly paid off for the lady's drink, and we began to walk back to the Club Sector. As we were walking past the market area, we were discussing many thoughts about NaruSaku and story ideas we had. There were a lot of people in the market place, so it was fairly crowded. We tried to make our way against the mob, and Ash got knocked over. I leaned down help her back onto her feet and just as we were standing up ...




It felt like I was smashed by something extremely heavy from behind, or above, well some direction. All I knew was that EVERYTHING hurt. As I woke up I saw Ash talking to someone, another girl. She looked just about the same as Ash, only she had dark hair and was maybe a year or two younger. As I shook my head once again from a very painful headache and tried to sit up.


"Alpha you can't just attack everyone you see with me!"


"But Onee (sister), he was the one who knocked you over! I saw it!"


Ash was shaking her head in disappointment, and put her hand onto her younger sister's shoulder.


"He was helping me back up. And where have you been!? I've been waiting for you at that cafe for hours! You told me to wait, and I waited, and waited!"


"I'm sorry sis, but-" Suddenly whips around to pull something from her backpack. "Mite! Mite! (Lookie Lookie!)"


She pulled from what I could make out some kind of a doll or a plushie of some sort. It was at that moment my ears began to screech in pain.




Suddenly the elegant and great Sharingank was squealing like a crazed school girl over what I believe I saw was ... a Kakashi plushie. Just as I got up to my feet, I was going to go ask what happened to me. Then the other girl pulled out more Kakashi fandom gear, and just before I interrupted them.


"Uh, um what happen-"


Before I knew it I was knocked down again by that same heavy object that got me the first time. This time my head wasn't caved in so I semi saw what it was that hit me ... an oversized 1-megaton Hammer. This time I was really knocked out, before I blacked out all I remember was school girl squealing and Ash telling her sister to stop whacking me.


By the end of the night, they were dragging me back to the club. I semi-regained consciousness and Ash introduced me to her partner in crime. I looked to my left to see Ash.


"Oh, he's awake! I'm terribly sorry about my little sister, Hoku." She gave a wry laugh and a embarrassed smile. "She's gets over protective when she sees strange men with me. But it's okay, I told her all about you and the NaruSaku club, and now she's more than happy to join!"


I then look to my right and see Alpha.


"Um ... Yeah sorry about before, name's Alpha! A fellow NaruSaku believer too! Me and my sis have been trying to look for you guys for a while! Oh! And sorry about the smashing you a couple more times ..."


And I thought to myself ... (COUPLE MORE TIMES???)


"... but you'll be okay! We were just so caught up with our new Kaka-"


"No! Don't say it! You know we can help ourselves when we say his name!"


In my dazed state it was I who ended up saying it. "Huh? What? Kakashi?"




And thus was I got the services of the Kakashi Sisters. All I knew was ... this was SMITER'S recommendation ... and now we had two more strong members in our crew.


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 8: The Crew (Engineer/Navigator & Helmsman)
Subtitle: Pirates & Ex-Navy, Aethos & Arashi

Five members, including myself. It was enough to man a small dinghy, but then again, I don't intend on only sail a dinghy (too small of a boat). So far we have our first mate, a gunner, a recon/scout, and an arms specialist. Now it was time to find my Engineer, Navigator, & Helmsman (driver). As for an engineer we only need someone who could do fast maintenance, but also hold the main defense should we be attacked from the inside. And my navigator would, well ... "navigate" the seas for us. But finding a good Helmsman, that was the challenge. Thus enter Aethos & Arashi, a pair of rivals dogging each other since the beginning of time. Yet, one always seems to let the other go, or the other always seems to find an escape route. Truly they were both rivals, nemesis', but also good friends.


I first learned of Aethos as he started out as an Artist and Idealist. He created his own forms of parodies that made people lighten up about their beliefs. Arashi came to me a while back, before I left for BK. He would tell me of how he would be a lone debater in the Political Sector. Both good men, both NaruSaku believers, unfortunately both polar opposites and loose cannons. Aethos soon became interested in the One Piece, and Arashi joined the navy to become an officer. So naturally they were pitted against each other, Aethos turned to piracy and Arashi was his pursuer.


I had to reach the both of them somehow, but how would be an entire challenge in itself! How to bring them both together without having them at each other's throats? So I consulted my good five man crew at the moment.


"So that's the story of Aethos & Arashi."


"We should just send Ash out as bait and let Alpha pound the crap out of them!" Blayze made a joke.


Alpha on the other hand retorted with. "Oh and I suppose I get to *SMASH* you eh?" She was readying her 1-megaton Hammer in hand.


"Alpha calm down, he was just kidding around." Ash tried to stop her sister from causing a ruckus.


Smiter was holding Blayze back, while Ash was holding Alpha back. I looked at what I had to deal with, and thought ... already three days and I'm going to have a mutiny upon me.


"Quiet! Both of you!" I spoke out loud and they all settled down. "Now look, we need Aethos because he's the best engineer I know, also quite possibly he knows the way to the Grand Line for starters! And Arashi is one hell of a pilot, not to mention he's a navy officer it would give us leeway against the law, yes?"


They all agreed quietly.


"So then how to bring these two about? Maybe we'll just have to pull some tricks, or perhaps a more direct approach?"


"What do you have in mind, Hoku?" Smiter asked.


Ash caught onto my plan. "I say we get both of them, tie them up and put them in a room until get nice eh?"


"Ooh! Ooh! Then we can *SMASH* them!?" Alpha giving off a very malicious smile, waving her hammer all around.


We all chuckled.


"Aye, and if they don't agree ... you get to have you're way Alpha! HAHAHAH!!!"


And we all drank to our plan.


The next morning, we set a rumor out that some from the NaruSaku Club actually got the One Piece. So naturally Aethos came back to us to see if this were true or not. While on the other hand we informed Arashi that Aethos would be at our club ready to be taken away or be captured. Thus we waited for them to come to us. Low and behold Aethos came through the back doorway, while Arashi came in through the front door. And on top of that, they came at the same time, which was perfect for us.


"YOU!" Aethos shouted as he saw his rival.


Arashi in the same turn shouted in disbelief. "YOU!"


Both of them now looking and pointing at each other. "What are YOU DOING HERE!?"


And I gave the signal. "NOW!"


We knocked them both out at the same time, and tied them securely to their chairs. We sat them about five paces directly across from each other. Naturally they were both dazed, confused, and a little angry.


"What's the meaning of this trickery?! Why did you bring be here and why is HE here!?" Aethos struggling against his ropes.


"You're one to talk! I'm a naval officer! Release me now!" Arashi too was struggling to break free.


"Shut up! Both of you! Geez, and I thought rabid fangirls had issues." Blayze lazily spoke.


"Both of you are here today, because we need the both of you to settle your differences and rejoin the NaruSaku faction." I spoke calmly to them, but they only continued to argue amongst themselves.


"I refuse to work with him! He bloody wants to hang me!"


"It's not my fault that you're a pirate now! It's the law!"


"Oh and I bet the law says that you're supposed to lock up your best friend and sentence him to death!?"


"Well if you'd only just give up that stupid Grand Line, and the search for that stupid One Piece!"


"It's not stupid! And it's real! I know it, and I've seen it!"


They would not stop bickering and arguing that it made me reach a boiling point.


"SILENCE! BOTH OF YOU! If you DO NOT settle your differences NOW. Then I'll have to subject you BOTH to MY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT." I walked over to the bar and Blayze handed me a drink. "Alpha, do as you will."


"YAY! HEHEHEHEHEEE MUAHAHAHAHAA!!!" And Alpha walked out of the shadow of the corner carrying her HUUUUGE MegaTon Hammer.


See, now THAT caught their attention. They knew well that I didn't like to be angered and that I would let this happen to them. So they naturally they had a quick change of heart.


"Oy! O-Okay okay boss! I'll come back, just keep THAT thing away from me!" Aethos quickly yelped, as he was the first about to be pounded.


Arashi on the other hand still didn't like the idea of giving up his naval position and becoming a pirate. But surely he would side with me for we are good friends. "Aye, hoku. You put up a good argument."


"Ah-argument!? You call THAT an argument!? Well I'd say it's a pretty DAMN good one! Haha! Please-Don't-Hurt-Me!!!"


"Heh, I suppose I can lose the hate, and see the greater cause. But if he so much as even does anything stupid I'm taking him out ... personally!"


So I got from where I was sitting and spoke to them before we untied them. "Aethos, you're the best engineer that NT has to offer and I know you can defend us like no other, not to mention you know the seas better than I do. And Arashi, you're the best helmsman I've seen yet! You could sail us through a hurricane, a typhoon, and even a tsunami, I've heard. I can't do this alone, WHAT SAY YOU!?"


Both of them proudly shouted together. "AYE!"


We untied both of them and they shook on an agreement for the greater good, our NaruSaku cause. But as for poor Alpha, she really wanted to whacked them up a little. Now we are at seven full crew members. The time is almost near, and we will soon set sail on the NaruSaku Mk.I. And maybe perhaps we can make a small stop by the Grand Line, for old times sake...


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 9: The Crew (Ship's Chef/Intelligence Officer)
Subtitle: Man Of A Thousand Names, UN/Donatello/solid_snake


Seven members, all experienced and well trained in their own ways. But even with such authors, artists, and debaters, what I really needed ... was an informant. Someone that can do intelligence recon and gathering, someone who can gain information at any costs ... even if it meant risking ones life. Those requirements ... and I needed a cook. There was a rumor of a man who was well capable of BOTH, but finding him was the tricky part. Or at least I would have though so, until today ...


I was walking down the street going over to the Food Market of NT, when I ran into a young man walking rather quickly in the opposite direction. He stopped me for a moment and asked me-


"Excuse me good sir! Might if you point me in the direction of the ..." He paused for a moment, looked all around him as if he was being watched, then leaned in to whisper. "... NaruSaku Club?"


I gladly pointed in the direction in which I came from, since I had just left my club. And he continued on his way moving at the same quick pace. He seemed like a good lad, although something was very shady about him. It didn't matter at the moment; right now I was looking for another member I might be able to recruit into our crew. I made my way to the Food Square and it seemed like was a great crowd in front of one cafe. It must have just opened about a day or two ago and I assumed it must have some kind of attraction. So I walked over and waited in line. Just then I looked up to see the name of the place I was about to eat at and gave a wry laugh of disbelief.


"The Fox & Flower Cafe"


I said to myself and saw that the coloring was orange and pink. It was a very clever disguise that it was. I knew that since NaruSaku was taboo at the moment and that anything written with NaruSaku would be under close watch, whoever owned this cafe was very careful about their advertisement. Only another way to say "NaruSaku Cafe", now I was intrigued to meet the owner of this place. It must have had 50 or more people waiting in line for food. If people aren't coming here for the name, then the food must be exceptionally good! Of course I was always hungry and willing to try new things. Finally it was my turn to order food! As I was inside they had many various things to order:


1. Ramen Special: Miso, Soy Sauce, Salt & Pepper, Beef, Pork, or Chicken

2. Over Rice dishes: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Tofu

3. Buns Galore: Ramen Bun, BBQ Bun, Croquette Bun, etc.

4. Western Taste: Hamburger Any way you want! (cheese, bacon, teriyaki, etc)

5. Chef's Special: Super Spaghetti! (Voted #1 in town!)

6. Sweet Tooth: Coconut custard Bun, Fried Sesame ball w/ Red Bean, chocolate cake, fruit parfait (w/ season), ice cream (w/ season)


There were so many choices I didn't know where to begin, so I just ordered the Chef's Special, "Super Spaghetti". It said #1 in town, so I assumed they meant best here in NT, but I would find out anyway. But here was the weird part, they started to ask me question like-


"Okay sir, please answer the following question as best as you can, but please try not to think too hard. Question one: If you had a choice between NaruSaku, N***H***, and S***S*** which would you have?"


Of course I answered with NaruSaku, but that was when the entire cafe went silent and everyone was looking at me. It was as if everyone was looking at me like some kind of a diseased or crazy person. I looked all around me, people giving me awkward looks, and some even looks of disgust. The waitress looked at me for a moment, but then tried to get everyone back to normal, but no one was listening. Suddenly a man came out of the kitchen, possibly the head chef and owner, wiping his hands on his apron, wondering why the shop had just gotten silent. The waitress walked over to the chef, and quickly told what happened.


"Okay people; just go on about your business! It's just an answer, he didn't really mean it! It's just an option of flavoring, sheesh!"


And then as if nothing had happened, everyone went back to normal, eating and going about their business. The chef went back into the kitchen to cook and the waitress leaned in to me and whispered to me.


"Sorry about that, but please stop by after closing, the head chef and owner would like meet you."


I nodded my head, and business when back to normal. After a few hours of heavy traffic, business began to slow down and the mass of people slowly slimmed down to a few. I guess it was almost closing time as the last few people left the cafe, and the waitress closed the door. I stayed there sitting in my seat, eating a couple of coconut custard buns. She closed up shop, locked the front door, cleaned the tables (except the one I was sitting at), and pulled down the window shades. Soon after a moment or two, that same head chef came out of the kitchen taking off his apron and hanging it up on the all. He was a fairly young man and had a very bright face about him. He sat down across from me, and signaled to the waitress (who I assumed was his wife) to bring out some tea. Thus we began to talk ...


"You know, you're one of the first people to answer NaruSaku. Most times they say Naru- and the entire place is watching them, and they end up saying N***H***, just so they don't cause trouble. But you ... you said it out without any fear or care for consequence. In this city you either have a death wish, or you're new to this town."


I grinned at those words, and replied with, "And you, bold enough to name your cafe Fox & Flower? It's what first attracted me to this place, second was the food."


"Oh really?" He gave a smirk as he knew I knew this was a cafe that indirectly supports NaruSaku, if not openly.


"You know who I am?"


"Aye, that I do. You're Hokuten from the NaruSaku Club. I've heard something happened while you were away. But it was never clear. I'm very honored to have you here, but why is it that you've come now?"


"I've once heard of a man and his wife, that travel from one city to another searching for a place that support NaruSaku openly. I've also heard that this man was a deep cover Intelligence Officer and uses his cover as a chef to gain information from others. But finding him was always a tricky part, always moving, changing names. Of course, I've yet to meet him."


"Oh and I've heard much about you! From what I've just learned, you're starting a new crew and you're gonna be waging war upon the N***H***'s?" The chef gave a hearty laugh, and his wife brought out tea for us. He knew he was caught, but was in the presence of someone on his side for once. He also knew where I was going with this, so he decided to play along. "So now that I'm exposed, I suppose I'll have to kill you now?"


"I won't stop you, deep cover agent rule number 1 is never get caught. But then you won't be able to take up on a chance to become active again! I know you've been wanting to get into action for quite some time. Only gathering information, and fighting on the sidelines."


He scoffed at me once, but also had a very big grin upon his face. "Hmph! Don't bother going on! You had me when you first ordered NaruSaku!"


We stood up and shook hands. Now I have my Intelligence Officer, and as an additional bonus, one hell of an awesome chef!


As we discussed our next meeting, he would stay put until I would call for him. Keep running the cafe for more information gathering, until it was time for us to leave. I said my good nights for that day and returned back to the club. But what news awaited me as I returned I could not have expected ...


To Be continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 10: The Crew (The Insider)
Subtitle: Unexpected Volunteer, HH/HFB


As I returned from Fox & Flower Cafe, I saw that there was a commotion going on inside the club. Suddenly a bottle came FLYING out the door way as I opened it, and caught the bottle midair just before it hit me in the face. I stood there at the entrance and was welcomed by some sort of argument. All I saw were angry people arguing amongst themselves, again, and another guest tied up in the corner and gagged. To my surprise it was that same boy that I ran into asking for directions to my club.


Alpha seemed fairly angry. "I don't believe him! He's just trying to get in so he can rat us out!"


"But he did come with information to help us..." Arashi spoke calmly.


"Well I don't like it! Not one bit! I mean who comes in here from the enemy and openly tells us such news like this!? He speaks bloody traitor to me!" Aethos spat.


"Regardless of him being a defect, or an insider, we wait for hoku's return." Smiter spoke.


And that was when Blayze noticed me at the door.


"Ahh Lloyd! You've returned!" He gladly announced and saw that I had a bottle of vodka in hand. "Is that a new bottle brother!? When did you get it!?"


I looked around, as everyone seemed to calm down from whatever it was that was happening. I was a little confused and was tired of always coming home to conflict. So I handed Blayze the bottle and replied.


"I just got it, as it was about to HIT ME when I opened the door. Paul, what's going on here?"


"Um ... yeah that's my fault." Admitted Aethos, but at least he was admitting it.


A little annoyed, but as long as it wasn't the rum I was okay. "It's okay, but do try not to waste our booze. Tisn't cheap you know! Now what's going on and why is that boy tied up?"


"He's a spy, or so most of us think. He says he's from N***H*** and brings you some interesting news." Smiter explained to me. "He had just arrived earlier today, strangely enough right after you left. We were unsure of his intentions, and we gave him a chance to explain himself. But Aethos recognized he was a part of the N***H***, so we tied him up until your return."


So, that's why he was acting shady when we first ran into each other. Although at a time like this, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to send a spy to us. So I walked over to the poor boy that was gagged and recognized me as the same man who gave him directions. He wasn't struggling, but simply sat there quietly looking at me like a cooperative prisoner. So I removed the gag, and began to question his motives.


"So tell me why you are here, and what is this news you bring for us?"


Almost immediately he answered-


"I'm not telling you anything! I only need to speak with Hokuten!"


Everyone in the bar began to laugh at the poor boy, only because he didn't realize exactly WHO he was talking to. As I tried to stop laughing, I told him-


"I don't think you're in the position to be making any demands, dear boy! Now why don't you tell us why you're here? And why you need only speak to Hokuten." I began to try and interrogate him.


"..." He spoke nothing then and kept his mouth shut.


I nodded my head. "Okay. You're very determined to speak to him only. It must be something important or you wouldn't be here. Or perhaps my crew is right? You're only a spy trying to infiltrate us and then backstab us at the most opportune time, aye?"


"..." Still not another word. I had to admit he was strong willed, but sadly he was apart of the Enemy.


"Oy! Come on Lloyd! Let's 'ave a bit o' fun with him eh?" Blayze playing spoke.


I held my hand to Blayze as to hold on for one more moment. I guess it must be serious as he has been very calm and held in reserve to meet me. So I decided to just see what would happen.


"Come now, boy. Just a minute ago my crew was about to submit you to such horrors you can only imagine! If I hadn't stopped them, who knows where you might have ended up? Possibly naked on your bare arse on the street out in Yaoi town?"


"!!!" That got his attention, and finally he realized who I was.


And I saw the look in his eyes. "Aye lad, you're seeking Hokuten? Well you are in the presence of him." And I gladly bowed my head to him with a smirk upon my face.


"h-hokuten..." It as a bit of disbelief since he didn't know who I was when we first bumped into each other, but also relief that he had finally found me in person. "OH GOD! That's right! I have important news for you!"


He was about to speak and unfold his tale he stopped in mid-breath, as he looked around and saw that we were not alone. "What? Go on? Don't delay with the urgency!"


"I need to speak with you in private."


"No lad, what you say to me is also for my crew's ears. Either you tell us all, or we send you to Yaoi town anyway!"


I pretty much gave him an ultimatum, the offer of just to speak or be sent to Yaoi town Yakuza style. Thus he began to speak ...


"The N***H*** are plotting against you-"


Everyone in the room laughed and scoffed at the already known news.


"So what? We already know that, it's not like they keep it a secret!" Blayze said.


"Yes, but this time it's different. They plan to finish you off for good. Starting with the assassination of the leader, Hokuten. They know you've been regrouping members and gaining new strong ones. It was only after you've recruited Sharingank that they began to worry."


"HAH! Told you my sister is famous! Now fork over my money!" Alpha punched Arashi, who grumpily forked over 10 pieces of gold. While Ash had a big smile upon her face as she found it amusing.


"Even after they struck at you while you were gone, you grow stronger in spirit, morale, and reputation. It's come to a point that they have an almost HATE to call you prejudice or heretics. As I have been a long time member of them, I've never seen them so obsessed to overtake you. They also plan to attack soon, very very soon. But the time has not been specified."


"I did find that funny how we don't even have 100 members yet, and we're still popular? You hear that Paul? We're the underdogs here!" I cheerfully spoke.


"Hear-Hear!" He gladly agreed and toasted with a mug full of spiced rum to drink!


The boy was confused and tried to speak seriously. "How can you all be so high spirited at a time like this!? I come baring grave news with possibly the end of your faction, yet you still celebrate and drink!?"


"Oh? And why are you here young master ... ?" I asked him.


"My name is HyugaHinata, or HinatasFanBoy. You may call me HH." And he looked down.


"Well, Master HH. They either overestimate us, or think we must be some kind of superpower! But we are neither! We are simply defending what we believe in, even if it means being looked down upon. They can brand us as rogues, outcasts, diseased, heretics, haters, or even Pirates! Ooh! I like the sound of that, Pirates! But we are who we are, and we believe in what we believe."


The boy, HH, must have seen some kind of aspiration in my speech, for he had that look of admiration of what we do. I gladly untied him, and asked him ...


"So tell me young master, why are you here? And why do you so willingly seek to help us? You know when they find out, you will be called a traitor and not welcomed upon their ranks anymore?"


"Aye, that I knew before I came here. But there are so many people here that I like, and they are very kind to me. They don't hate me for my beliefs and they respect me." He smiled gladly, then he straight at me. "Good Sir! I wish to volunteer my services for your cause!"


He stood up and saluted me as if I were some Admiral ... Ooh! I like the sound of that too! "Admiral Hokuten..." I spoke to myself, and then shook off the moment to look at the poor lad. I smiled gladly, and put a strong arm onto his shoulder. "Aye, you're a good strong willed and young man! Welcome to the NaruSaku! WHAT SAY YOU!?"


And everyone in the bar, including our new recruit bellowed merrily.




And thus we celebrated our newest recruit, HH, and everyone began to warmly welcome him. I took my mug of rum, and sat in the dark corner of the bar looking on my merry crew. And thoughts began to run through my mind. The time was almost upon us; they mean to strike soon. And this talk of an assassin ... Tch, I should feel so honored that they would be kind enough to buy me some company. It should be interesting to meet this ... "assassin".


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 11: More Members! Familiar Faces!
Subtitle: The NaruSaku Mk.II


Of course I've only been naming my main crew members thus far, but there were more people with us that supported us in our cause! Each of them had their own tale, and their reasons for joining. All of them good men and women, and all of them well known in their own ways. Like this one lad!


DeathWorks: He was a fine artist and had a very strong love for threesomes, particularly NaruSakuHina!


Of course we've also had more Authors join in our cause, many good writers that came regularly to the bar! There was ...


MsgBoardHobo, who wrote that semi-crossover book, "Rurouni Naruto". He would come in now and then. Bryon_Konoha_Ninja would also drop by and tell us of his book, "Naruto: The Demon Within". Oh! And Kaori&Kairi, they did come in for a brief moment, but sadly disappeared after a while. They were a very spirited couple, although I wasn't sure if they were actually one person or two.


And Of course, another promising young man came to our bar. I remember his entrance was just as dynamic as it was lengthy! What was that lad's name ... ah yes! Forgotten Past! I remember when he would always come in here and would argue with my brother about who was the greater Ero-Senin ... or was that Bryon? Anyway, all of them were fairly good regulars that would always stop by and show their support for us.


There was one more boy who came to us late in the game. But he was well apart of our faction. I believe his original name was "Shinyu Of the Sand", but we came to know him as Shinyu. A very enthusiastic character, he would always hang around the Arts Sector of NT. He seemed to be a very organized and well-trained individual. But something about him just didn't speak of high moral, like he had some kind of a secret to hide. But nonetheless, he was a good member of our crew.


The time had come that we should find ourselves a stable ship to set sail on. But where would we find a good enough ship to house not only what small time recruits we have, but also my main crew which was already rowdy enough. So that day I decided to take a "friendly" stroll down at the dock, and find some "inspiration" for a new ship.


It was fairly strange today, oddly enough there were many ships docked in the pier particularly on this day. Anyway I did spot a VERRRYY nice looking ship while I was there! It was about Mid-Sized, not quite a full-fledged ship with 30 sails, but not too small like a dinghy! It was a good-sized battleship with a strong looking body, with at least 20 guns on both sides. Not to mention a front-side cannon! I took one look at it and I knew I was in love! And the sails, they looked so beautiful as it was gently waving ...


But that's when I saw it, the Ship's Sails. It was the N***H***'s flag ship. How did they come into such possession of such a fine ship!? I felt such a rage that they had such a fine class ship, and here mine was still sunken at the docks. I had to do something ... perhaps me and some of the crew may be able to sink it at night? Or perhaps we could vandalize it badly? Or ... Or-


"NO WAIT!" The perfect idea came to my mind! Almost too perfect that it made me nearly squeal like a little schoolgirl! I put a hand to my mouth and rubbed my chin ever so cleverly. And with this idea still fresh in my head, I walked ... oh hell! I practically pranced my way back to the club, talking to myself once again!


"Oh yes! One of the greatest plans, it should have hit me right away! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!"


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 12: The Crew (Captian's Personal Guard)
Subtitle: Unexpected Apprentice, Yoko


So yesterday I came back to my club rather eccentric about that ship I saw at the docks! I enthusiastically told my crew of what we were planning to do and everyone seemed just delightful about it! Well except for poor HH, since it was the N***H*** flagship. But he knew that it was a good ship and we needed one for the upcoming battles. We held a great celebration that evening!


On the next morning, we would go through our plans once again and pick the right time to go execute it. Of course I was the first to wake up, but this time I didn't get completely wasted like last time. Luckily I didn't leave the club THIS time, although it seemed everyone had passed out all over the place. Smiter and Ash were sitting in the corner playing some drinking game, but I believe Ash drank him under the table this time around. Arashi, Aethos, Blayze, and more were all huddled around the center table, I think they were dancing and singing "A Pirate's Life for me" merrily. I believe Alpha went upstairs early because she was tired from all the hunting for Kakashi -


*muffled SQUEALS from a passed out Ash, and Alpha from upstairs*


"What in the!? I didn't even SAY it out loud!?"


- fan gear. It was a good time last night. I believe the only other person that was awake this early was UN. He was at the bar, cleaning up what mess we had, and fixing up some breakfast for everyone. I came over to him and motioned that I was going out for a walk. He quietly nodded, and continued about his business. As I opened the front door the morning light shined down upon my face giving off a warm touch. I took in a breath of fresh air, and felt refreshed again.


So I decided to take one more stroll past the pier just to "check" on that beautiful ship once more. Just as I took off my glasses to clean then for a bit, I was rudely bumped into by someone.




They must have been walking at a fast pace because I ended up on my arse, but nothing was broken. I didn't see who it was that bumped into me, because my glasses also got knocked away. So I was blindly searching for them on the ground when suddenly a familiar touch came to my aid. The hand helped me back onto my feet and put my glasses back on for me. Low and behold before my eyes ... it was that same girl from the Arts Sector. She appeared to be in a fluster this time and had been wandering around all morning. I wanted to say thank you once again, but the look upon her face told me another story.


"Are you hurt?" I asked her.


"O-oh! I'm okay. I'm sorry, I wasn't looking-"


Then she saw who she had bumped into yet again. Her face slightly turned red, and found herself a little embarrassed that this time, it was me helping her stand up.


"I didn't get a chance to thank you last time for helping me to my feet." I helped her stand back up, and made sure she wasn't hurt. "Thank you."


"It-it was nothing. I like helping people. Thank you kind sir, but I'd be best on my way."


Just before she began to walk away, I stopped her.


"Are you alright? I thought you're home was in the opposite direction? Where are you going?"


I had caught her red handed and thank god that she didn't just run away immediately. She stood there for a moment and I awaited her response.


"No where. I have no where to go, and no one to see. I'm alone now."


I found this quite serious and confusing. Just a few days ago, she was living in that home near the Arts Sector, now she was running away? I don't know what had gotten into me; perhaps it was fate that we were to meet again. And so I asked her.


"Then if you have no place or direction, perhaps you could accompany me on a walk around the pier?"


I extended my hand out to her. She wiped her face with her arm sleeve, and turned around with a simple smile.




She took my hand and I gave a smile. Warm, yet worn from all the work she must have been doing at home. To me she seemed constricted, but had so much potential to work with. So as we walked around the pier and the morning mist was still in the air, I tried to talk with her.


"So tell me? What is such a good person like yourself running away from?"


At first she paused for a moment, and sighed heavily.


"Well ..."


And she poured her heart out, talking about how she was the only one doing all of the work around the house, and taking care of everyone else. How everyone would put her down whenever she tried her best. And now apparently she was kicked out of her own home. I couldn't believe that parent would actually throw their own children out on the streets like that, especially this girl. So I took it upon my liberty to take her in under my wing.


"Tell me something, if I offered you a place to stay with good people ... well good isn't the correct word, neither is sane ... bah but that isn't the point! How would you like to become my apprentice?"


She became was surprised at my sudden proposition. Here I was a complete drunken stranger from a few days ago now offering her a home and to come under my wing. "M-me!? How can you be so generous when we've only just met?"


"Why? Because I like you lass, and I see something that most other's don't have. A truly good heart, true potential to become great, and somehow deep inside I can almost feel a spirit that screams for adventure!"




"I am offering you a chance of a lifetime! Join me and I can teach you to become a great swordsman and show you a world outside of this dull city! All you have to is take my hand!" And in my riled up state, I stood up and held out my hand to her once more.


She was quite flustered up from such a "dynamic" offer from me. She sat there for a moment, and thought to herself. Then looked up at me, smiled, and gladly took my hand! Little did I know what adventures we would set sail on, or where our friendship would take us, but I knew that she would make one hell of a warrior and a whole person when I was done with her! Just as she took my hand and we made our way back to the club ...


"Um ... just WHO are you anyway?"


And as she asked that question I must have tripped over myself and fell face first into the ground. I completely forgot to introduce myself, much less even get her name! And so I told her who I was and what she had gotten herself into. Thankfully she found my tale amusing and was herself a VERY enthusiastic supporter of NaruSaku, that was an added bonus for me. Whether she was NaruSaku or not, I still would have taken her in. And as we finally reached the club, it appeared everyone was awake since it started to sound rowdy, I asked for her name.


"And what is the name of my new found apprentice, the kind girl who helped me a while ago?"


"Me? My mom named me Michiyo." She gave an angry glare. But then smiled happily next. "But my name is Yoko."


"My mother named me Kenta, but I chose Hokuten." I chuckled lightly. "Well Yoko! Welcome! To the NaruSaku!"


And as we walked in everyone was cheerful and it was like almost perfect timing, they all cheered ...




To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 13: The Flood
Subtitle: Day Of Reckoning


So for the next few weeks we would all become well acquainted with one another, getting to know each other and such. We lived everyday as if it were our last, and of course dealing with the occasional verbal attacks that the N***H***s made upon us. Although we fought back fiercely, and all of their attempts to put us down only made us stronger.


Smiter, Aethos, Arashi, and Forgotten Past would spend most of their days in the Political Sector of NT. While Ash would drop by the FF.net Cafe to update her books. DeathWorks campaigned on about his "threesomes" that he dearly loved. And UN continued to work at the Fox & Flower Cafe, simply gathering information from his hungry customers. HH managed to cover up his leaking info to us with the help of LHG, and continued to feed us insider info. Meanwhile Blayze ran the club while I was gone, and he got a steady of new comers to join us.


As more me, I began to teach Yoko combat training and all my years of nautical experience. I also taught her much about my travels around the world and all the people I've met. It gave her more motivation to train harder, which was what I wanted, and she became more motivated to become her own individual. And I even started to become sort of an artist myself, made a few of my own signatures.


Life went on and things began to slow down, until one fateful evening...


"T'was another good debate eh fellas!?" A grinning Smiter came walking in.


Aethos gave a hearty laugh. "Hah! Did you see them kitten in their pants when all of their sources were shot down?! AHAHAHAAA!"


Arashi and FP was just happy for the moment that they finally came home and simply agreed silently with his comrades. Soon after Ash and Alpha came back carrying loads and loads of shopping bags filled with ka - well, you know what's in the bags. Blayze welcomed everyone back home with drinks ready to be served, while UN came home bringing food from the cafe.


"OY! Mail call!"


Blayze called out, and handed everyone their piles of mail. Ash had gotten her normal fan mail & reviews, while Blayze received his fic updates, and Smiter got a ton of new reviews for that series he has going. What was it? Oh yes! "Spirit Of Fire", a very well written and fantastic fic it is! I also had gotten my small share of reviews for the new NaruSaku fic I had written, Ends Of the Earth. Although I haven't had much time to continue it, and I feel guilty. After the mail call, Yoko and I had returned home from her extensive training. She was a little worn out, but progressing. Me on the other hand was DREADFULLY thirsty and hungry! So we all cleaned up what mess there was for dinner.


As we all set up our places around the table for dinner, I had realized that HH hadn't returned yet, but of course he must've been eating with his club members so that there wouldn't be any suspicion of him. After dinner, it would be a fairly quiet evening and everyone decided to just chat amongst each other. I went upstairs to rest for a bit. I was on the balcony of my club, over looking the sea and looking to the sky. The stars were bright out tonight and the moonlight was glowing down upon the peaceful city of NT. A short while after Yoko came up to check on me.


"Dai-sho deska, Sensei?" [Are you okay?]


"Mm. I'm okay. I've just been thinking."


"About what?" She asked and moved towards me.


"The hate here is almost too troublesome. Everyday the persecution becomes harsher and harsher."


She gave a small giggle, and replied. "Yet Smiter, Aethos, Arashi, and FP retain our honor and our reputation skyrockets. Is that not enough, sensei?"


Still gazing out into the moon lit sea. "You don't have to call me sensei when others aren't around."


"O-oops. Sorry sensei - I mean Hoku-kun."


"Heh, it's okay. It's not that I don't doubt their skills, but perhaps we need a place of our own. A place where we aren't persecuted and we can be free. You know that which I speak of."


"Mm. Heaven & Earth? But I thought it was merely an expression?"


"Yes and No. We use the expression as our motto, but there is a place that does exist. I haven't told anyone yet, but a while back when I was away ..."


She began to listen intently when suddenly there was a sound of a siren! It was the full-scale city alert siren, the kind that sound we use for Air Raids! The city had begun to wake up from the alarm! Just then I saw people running out of their homes dressed and armed for battle. I rushed over to the balcony edge and tried to ask what was going on.


"Hey hey! What's going on!?"


When suddenly a horse rider came dashing down screaming -




My God ... The Flood is attacking NT. I had heard tales of them, but never actually encountered them before. I quickly shut the balcony doors and sealed them as best as I could. Next I took Yoko by the hand and rushed downstairs. I was relieved to see everyone sober, but they were all still confused about what was going on. And they all looked at me, who was already in battle gear.


"Lloyd what's going on?" Blayze asked quickly.


"Paul. It's The Flood, we have to move quickly!"


He immediately understood what I said and moved into the back area. Meanwhile everyone was still in a state of confusion, which was good, so I started to explain to them.


"Hoku what's with that Air Raid Siren? Are we being invaded?" Smiter was the first to ask.


I motioned for everyone gathered around me and explained what was going on.


"Listen carefully everyone; this is a VERY Serious matter. We are under siege even as we speak."


Alpha then asked quickly. "Under siege!? By what? Another city?"


"No." I continued. "Something far worse than that. I thought it was only a myth, but now I fear we may not live to tell about it. You all know that which I speak of, the horror that sweeps villages, towns, and cities like it was nothing. The Flood have arrived."


"Flood? What is it?" Ash asked curiously.


"Have you ever played Halo before? If you haven't then you'll be in store for something that not even Hell would want in its depths! They are like a plague that moves fast and quick, killing and infecting those that it touches. They move fast like water and feed on anything it touches. Tis a gruesome death, and even worse when you become ONE of them."


Everyone sensed the fear and terror in my voice. It was the first time I showed real fear in front of them. It wasn't good for morale, seeing your leader actually terrified of something that doesn't even seam real, but I had to show them strength.


"Come on everyone! Gather you're weapons and prepare for battle! We'll fight to the last man, this city may be divided into groups, but united as one we are stronger than anything! Help board up what we can and seal ourselves in as best as we can. They say that if they can't find food, then they move on with the next morning. Come on!"


And everyone got their game faces on! This would be our first survival fight all together. We boarded up the front and rear entrances; also sealed up what upstairs openings we had, although the flood mainly stays close to the ground. We all moved the tables and chairs off so we had room to fight if need be, and believe me we would need the room to fight. Now all we had to do was wait for them to come and get us.


For a good five or ten minutes it was silent outside, only the sound of the siren was still going on, and some footsteps could be heard running for shelter. It was that long wait for the eye of the storm, only this eye would be 10x worse than any known storm. Everyone had their weapons ready and drawn forth. Smiter and Arashi had their blades ready. Blayze had his explosives ready for support fire, and Aethos had his dual daggers ready. Ash had dual pistols in had, both 9mm caliber with 15 rounds each. Of course she was our Gunner/Guns expert, sometimes she was even nicked named Lady Luck. Alpha didn't use her hammer, but instead I learned that she was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. UN had a belt of stilettos (thin throwing daggers), but mainly used his butcher's knife as a weapon also. Meanwhile Yoko stood next to me with her own katana I gotten her, she also had a Wakazashi on side just in case. I had taught her one handed combat as well as dual wielding combat. I stood there in front of everyone with my hand on the hilt of my Dragon Katana.


Suddenly the city siren had gone dead and it fell deathly silent. Then there was a cold chill in the air, as if death itself filled the room. And a sound was in the air, like a vacuum, or the sound of a zombie breathing in just as it's about to attack. I looked at my fellow members, nodded to them as to get ready, and looked back at the front door waiting for The Flood to come.


"Yoko, whatever happens ... stay close to me at all times." I quietly said and nodded at her reassuringly.


She knew I wasn't playing around this time and understood my order. "Hai, Sensei!"


The vacuum noise then began to become a quiet roar, and it became louder and louder ...




Suddenly the barricaded door banged, as if something monstrous was trying to get in!




Another bang against the door came, and our tensions were rising. We didn't know what to anticipate, for we knew not what our foe even looked like.




Just then it seemed like there was a kind of slime or ooze seeping from the bottom of the door. I made one more shout to my crew before the door would give way.


"BACKS TO ONE ANOTHER! STAY NEAR EACH OTHER! Whatever comes through that door ... STAY - TOGETHER! And we will live through the night!"




The table we used to barricade the front entrance had been pushed off and fell down. Now it was only the front door keeping us from THEM. And just as we awaited for that final blow against the door, it fell silent once again ...






To Be continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Chapter 14: The First Fall Of NT
Subtitle: Rank Promotions




And the siege of The Flood had begun! It was exactly as I had described, well not really, but The Flood were exactly like the creatures in Halo. Small and fast round balls of death. Infecting whatever they touch and turning them into monsters, mindless creatures that only kill! They came in from every direction possible, trying to overwhelm us, but we were well prepared!


All of the people with close combat weapons and experience took up the front line (Smiter, Aethos, Arashi, Alpha, Yoko, and myself), while ranged attackers (Ash, Blayze, and UN) gave support from behind and watched so that they didn't get us behind our backs. It was like fighting a physical cloud of evil, striking at anything that moved! Just as some of the small Floodlings thinned down, that was when the Infected came. Random people, and some we knew had gotten infected and were already under the Flood's control. They just kept on coming; it was like there was no end to them at all! It was then that we saw other people trying to escape from their clubs and homes. So I tried to give the order to retreat...


"We gotta get out of here! Get to the docks and try to escape this chaos!"


And just as I was about to turn around to repeat my words, an Infected nearly struck me down from behind, but then Ash quickly shot it down in the head. I nodded to her quickly in thanks, and she tipped her gun at me.


"Come on! Follow me! Stick together!"


And I made my valiant charge out of my once glorious club. That was the second time my club was viciously attacked, and I had to run away from it. We all traveled as a pack cutting and shooting down the Flood and Infected that were in the way. Sadly it was a massacre out there, many people getting infected quickly and going down left and right. It was a horrifying sight seeing all of these people, our friends and close ones being swallowed up by this PLAGUE.


We made our way over to the docks, and ran into HH who was trying to fend off an Infected by himself. He was about to be smashed to hell, but we came just in time. I had cut the damn thing's head off ... but IT STILL CAME AT ME?! Then the headless monster began to charge at me!? It was as if my body wouldn't move. My mind was frozen seeing this terrifying sight. Just then Smiter, Arashi, and Aethos made a three point strike, coming from all sides just in time! This time it went down permanently. I was fairly shooken up, but Yoko came to my side and got me back to normal.




I shook it off and was back to normal. I thanked her quickly and got back on my feet.


"Come on! We need to get out of here!"


I quickly ran aboard the first ship I saw and everyone simply followed me aboard. It was as if we already knew this ship and we all got to our positions and manned our stations. I grabbed what was the intercom system and began to give orders.


"Aethos fire up that engine! We need power!"


I looked out the main bridge window and saw that Ash and Blayze were fending off as many Flood as they could have, but we would soon be over taken and it would be too late.


"Hoku, I need 1 more minute and then we'll be out of here!" Aethos responded.


"1 more minute and we'll all be DEAD mate!"


Suddenly everything turned on and we had full power, and I heard of the intercom Aethos cheering madly. "I-I did it! I got it started! GO! GO! GO!"


"Arashi full speed ahead! Get us the HELL OUT OF HERE!!!"


"Aye aye sir!" He set the coordinates to get us out of the docks and out to sea.


And we slowly began to move out of the docks and out of the chaos! Leaving behind our home, some for the first time, for me it was all the same. We got out of the port and out into the sea, away from NT and The Flood. Just as we were out of harms way, I sat down in a chair and felt relief. It was one kittened up night and it could have gotten worse, but we were safely away from danger. I told Arashi to set course for the Ruins Of BK. We could take shelter there for now, until it was safe to go back.


I'm sure our Leaders Of NT were prepared for that attack and already have a counter attack ready. It was only a matter of time before we could go back home. But still they came so rapidly and unannounced, it was as if someone had set them loose upon us on purpose ... but I didn't care anymore. All I knew was that everyone was okay and ... wait a minute ... I had just realized.


"We're on a freaking ship!?" I got up from my seat and excitedly spoke out. "We have a ship! HAHAAA!"


I ran out onto the main deck and started to hug the ship. Then everyone came above deck to celebrate our awesome victory! But just as we looked up to see the sails ... we realized just WHICH ship we had stolen.


"Well I'll be damned ..." Blayze spoke with disbelief.


It was the N***H*** ship we were originally going to steal in the first place. I began to laugh out loud myself!


"Hah! We stole the right ship by accident! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!"


I began to laugh at our double victory! We had escaped the massacre and gotten the ship that we wanted. I looked all around at my crew who were covered in a gooey mess from that Flood battle and came to one conclusion.


"The ship is ours, we have the sea to explore, and an unstoppable crew survived a horror that not even the Gods can handle!"


They all raised their fists and cheered loudly! "HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!"


"Lloyd, now that we're officially a Crew with a ship ... don't you suppose we need a captain?" Blayze poked at me.


I knew where he was getting at and tried to decline this position, but before I knew it, my entire crew charged at me and lifted me onto my back?!


"Oy!!! What is this a mutiny!?" I was unsure of what they were going to do to me. Then I saw them take me off to the side of the ship. "No!!! You wouldn't!"


"No dear brother! Tis a hazing for our gladly appointed captain! That and you're the most ooze covered out of us all!" He maliciously spoke.


And as they threw me off the side of the boat I could hear their laughter before I hit the cold ocean water.


"Man overboard!" Aethos jokingly announced. "Oy! Isn't there supposed to be a first mate?"


"Aye! That there is supposed to be one! And we ALL know who it should be!" Blayze gleefully spoke again. He looked over to Ash who was standing next to Smiter, who just happened to be standing closest to the edge of the ship.


Almost immediately Smiter knew what was about to happen.


"Oy wait a minute! You're his brother why don't you take the promotion!?" He tried to argue and secured himself to the railing.


"I'm sorry mate. I'm merely just an artillery/explosives expert, I can't swim." Blayze teased Smiter.


"Well bloody hell doesn't mean you have to throw me overboard!" He still tightly held onto the railing.


Just then Ash came over to his side and tried to coax him from worrying. "Oy come on love! No ones going to throw you overboard."


Smiter felt relieved as Ash picked him up and held him closely.


"But then again, I didn't say push!"




And Ash pushed poor Smiter over the side of the boat, and he splashed down into the cold ocean water! Everyone merrily laughing at me and Smiter's promotions.


"Oh wait, I CAN swim!" Blayze gave a hearty laugh. "Twasn't very lady-like of you eh, Ash?"


Ash gave an infectious laugh and replied with. "Just because they call me Lady Luck, dun mean I'm very lady-like!"


"That's my sister for ya!" Alpha began cheerfully dancing around her older sister.


I finally swam up to Smiter's position in the water and pulled him up from the water.


"Ash?" I asked knowing the answer.


He shook his head in embarrassment. "Ash."


"Well at least I'm honored to have you as my First Mate."


They had a line waiting for us in the water and we both swam back to the N***H*** ... no The NaruSaku Mk.II!


To Be Continued.

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*Chapter 15 Missing*

(See Author's Notes in the Discussion Thread)

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Chapter 16: Ruins Of BK
Subtitle: Heaven & Earth Revealed


We sailed for about three days time, until we reached the Ruins Of BK. The port was still intact so we were able to dock the ship and finally rest. With my official crew and ship we wandered around the ruins and I gave them a grand tour. I explained it's history and where each important monument was supposed to stand. Finally we reached my old NaruSaku Club, to my surprise, was still standing full bodied and unharmed. There was still graffiti on the walls and a broken window, but it was still fairly in good condition. I opened up the doors and we all gathered in the dust filled club.


"So this is where you used to find haven from all the madness?" Smiter asked.


"Aye, I did. But then again there were only two safe places that you could stay during such chaos."


HH seemed confused, since I had never spoke of another. "Two?"


Blayze, UN, and Aethos were already making themselves at home, and everyone else helped clean up what we could. I continued to tell my tale.


"Well, one of course was here in BK, and the other was ... Tortuga. So you could imagine on which level of choice I really had."


"The lesser of the two evils?" Blayze answered.


"Yes. It was either a corrupt version of the original city of NF, or the Pirate town of Tortuga. Now don't get me wrong, Tortuga is a fine place to be. But in a village full of traitors, scalawags, and blowhards, it would only have been an amount of time before someone backstabs you as well. It's more of a gathering point if you will, a place to rest and gather yourself back to reality. For sailing out too long, you're mind goes mad after a while. Luckily, I have all of you here with me."


Blayze laughed and bellowed out. "Yeah! To drive us all mad as well! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!"


We all laughed and enjoyed a good drink from my emergency storage I left behind. I pointed UN in the direction of the food storage if anything wasn't rotten. Lucky for us, I had kept non-perishable foods in case of such an emergency like this. We would rest here for another good days and tried to salvage what we could from the surrounding area. I was still surprised to see some of the buildings still standing and what not. Old memories of the good times I spent here, and all of my old friends ... gone.


We kept the radio channel open to listen for any news of NT. Nothing new, the city was deemed quarantined until further notice. Apparently TF had been trying to fix the problem, but it a just a little too much for him. So his second in command, Tammy (aka Lit0) stepped in and they planned for a complete city swap. Yes you heard me right, a "complete city swap".


"Is that even possible!?" Alpha asked.


"They must have some kind of trick up their sleeve. We'll just have to wait and find out. Until then everyone rest up, and prepare for the journey back. I'm sure they'll have some kind of new location for us to go to."


For about a week or two, we stayed in BK and nothing more. Morale seemed to be down since we had to abandon our home in NT, but our hopes were still high. I walked around the old ruins and found myself back at the docks watching as Smiter, Aethos, Ash, and Alpha were redecorating OUR ship. They seemed fairly happy to take down the entire N***H*** decor and gladly put up our new NaruSaku sails and an icon of Inner Sakura on the bow. I found one particular moment fairly funny as Ash and Alpha started to hoist up the new sail, which ended up to be of their favorite person. When Smiter and Aethos saw it, they began to argue and of course there was the small comedic conflict. But in the end they changed the sails to the right ones. I saw Arashi studying the ship's manual, apparently it had more controls then we had expected, but I had full faith in him.


I was glad that my crew was getting along nicely, but I thought to myself perhaps it was time to reveal-


“Taichou?” [Captain, or higher rank officer]


I was interrupted in my thoughts by my pupil. So I turned around and faced her as she was wondering why I looked so concerned and serious. I lightened up a bit and looked at her.




"I'm sorry if I'm bothering you ... but you looked very troubled with something."


"It's nothing ..." I paused for a moment. "Yoko, do you remember what I was talking about before The Flood?"


"Yes, about Heaven & Earth sir."


"What did I tell you about formality?" I snapped at her but playfully.


She jumped up, and quickly responded. "Mm! Yes Taichou - I mean Hoku-kun."


"Hah, you don't need to salute me either."


I smiled trying not to tease her too much. She put her hands down and sighed in relief.


"But yes, do you believe there is such a place for us of the NaruSaku? A place where we can exist without persecution, a place of our own?"


"I'm sure there are many places that support us. But most of them are foreign to us."


"Aye, that they are." I nodded my head, as I was glad she was informed about it. "That's why we are going to Heaven & Earth."


"Going, Hoku-kun?"


"Yes. It exists-"


"It does!?" She excitedly spoke out.


I chuckled lightly as I found her face expression funny and cute. "Yes, it does. Because I've created it for us a long time ago. It's a small town right now, but once we move in I'm sure we'll have some traffic. But of course I couldn't have done it without help from Smiter. You see, I met Smiter a while back and I told him of my plans for a new home. Naturally he was much obliged to help, he even help set up most of the architecture. And from there we've been building it secretly. Until the right time."


"When are we going?" She excitedly asked.


"Not yet. NT is still our main home until then."


She frowned, but I quickly gave reason as to why we still hold onto NT.


"Come now Yoko. You wouldn't like to be traveling back and forth now would you? Tis why we must keep it as our second home until the first is either permanently gone, or we are forced to move. So chin up until then."


She understood my words and accepted that reason. Just then Alpha noticed we were passing by and shouted from above.


"OOOYYYY Captain!!! How does the our new ship look eh!?" She shouted.


I smiled and gave an emphatic thumbs up. She cheered out loud, and I decided to go back to the club, Yoko followed me afterward. Alpha got down from her crow's nest on top of the mast, and began talking with her fellow crew mates.


"You think he's playing favorites or something?" She asked.


Ash looked at her sister and laughed. "My no! He's just looking out for her, she is his apprentice, and you know how rough Yoko-chan's had it since."


"I guess, but it's like he always keeps her around ..."


"It's just so she gets first hand experience and learns from him directly. Why? Do I detect a bit of jealousy?" Aethos teased Alpha.


"Whhaaaaattt!? Me!? Jealous of her!? Hah!" She merrily retorted Aethos' comment. "Captain's cute, but not THAT cute."


"Oho! So you DO find him cute!" Aethos continued to poke at her, while Ash also joined in teasing.


"And besides, we all know Blayze has a crush on Yoko." Smiter said while he was securing the main sails.


Aethos and Ash looked at Smiter, while poor Alpha was just recovering from her small bashing.


"And how do you know about that?" Aethos and Ash questioned Smiter.


"Tis why I am first mate and you all aren't! I am the well-informed one! HAHAHA!" He gave a good hearty laugh.


"First mate eh?" Aethos looked at Ash and whispered.


Ash looked at Aethos and whispered back. "Perhaps we should give him another hazing?"


They both nodded their heads and began to creep up on the unsuspecting Smiter who as still securing the main sail. Just as Smiter finished tying up the line, it was too late to evade the attack! Both Aethos and Ash shoved Smiter overboard again! But this time there was no splash! Smiter had secured a safety line to himself this time around!


"HAH! Another reason why I'M First mate! I knew you two were gonna do that!" He teased them at their foiled plan. So he tried to untie himself of the line, but to his luck he had secured himself too tightly. Of course the two of them above him saw this, and had an evil smile upon their faces.


"Oy First Mate! Perhaps we may be of assistance!" Aethos bellowed out, and GLADLY cut the rope for him.




Suddenly there was a sound of a bell ringing in the air. Everyone reported back to the club where we had news of NT.


*static* "Citizens Of NT ..." *static* "... The Flood has been beaten! ..." *static*


"Hear hear!" We all cheered out loud and celebrated.


"... new location at these coordinates ..." *static*


I signaled to someone to get paper and a pen. We waited for the new coordinates and they gave them too us. It was pretty much the same direction of the old NT, but perhaps under a new domain. The message continued.


*static* "... Leader TF is now fatally ill, under circumstances Tammy will now be in charge along with other minor officials ..." *static* End Transmission.


Home. We would finally return home to NT! We all quickly packed what gear we had and prepared for the return trip. This was over joyous news! The Flood were beaten, and the city would be reopened! But TF had fallen ill? I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad one. Who was I to complain? But something still didn't feel right ... anyway. We stayed for one more day in BK to rest up for the journey on the next. All of our gear packed, and everyone well accustomed to our new ship, the NaruSaku Mk.II!


I sat in my captain's chair and gave out the order.


"Arashi, take us home."


"If you would do the honors, sir." He left the wheel open and bowed to me.


I gladly took the wheel and opened up a channel to the entire crew on the intercom.


"Friends! Let's go home."


Everyone had cheered out loud from their stations. I took us out of the docks and out into the main bay. I felt so much pride back in me and spoke quietly to myself as I took us out to sea.


"Home, where the heart aches ..."


To Be Continued.

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Chapter 17: Return to NT
Subtitle: Home, yet not Home ...


Four or five days out to sea we had traveled. Soon we would return to our great home of NT, or so we thought.


"LAND HO!!!" Shouted an excited Alpha from the crow's nest.


I got up from my chair and looked out the window. Yes it was the same open bay we once called home, and the docks appeared to be the same. Everything looked as if we had never left, and The Flood had never came!? It was a confusing site to see at first, but we couldn't care less!


We were home again!


We found an open spot in the pier and docked our ship. As we all gathered to get off the boat and onto the docks, I gave one more speech.


"Don't be fooled by anything yet. We can't be sure if this is a trick or the real deal. Try to stay together, and meet up later at the club ... if it's still there."


They all nodded their heads understanding my orders and we got down from our battleship. The same dock keeper came to me, and asked the usual questions. I was glad to see him still alive, although he looked like hell.


"Ahh! Mr. Smith! Welcome back to Port NT!"


"Ah-um. It's Hokuten, and register this ship as The NaruSaku Mk.II." I filled out our info, and paid him a good twenty silver pieces.


He seemed rather happy that I gave him a generous amount, and let us move on about our business. After that everyone practically split. The Debaters went to their political square, Ash and Alpha went to the marketplace, and UN went to check on his Cafe. Blayze took Yoko to go find our club to see if it was still in one piece. Yoko looked to me as if for approval.


"I'm not in charge of you! Do as you will, just be careful." I told her and smiled.


She happily smiled back and took Blayze's hand.


"Oh this means you too Paul!" I shouted as they ran off.


Where I would go, I wasn't entirely too sure myself. I suppose I wanted to start with any news from the main square in NT. So here I learned that Tammy had a "back up" city made, in case of emergency. I found that quite impossible that she rebuilt the entire city and found the time to update it with every detail. But then again, they say that "It's only impossible, because it hasn't been done yet" and apparently she did it. I commended her for such a task, but what of the original NT? From what I was hearing and seeing, TF must have completely nuked the entire city. Wiping it clean of all infection and Flood, but it still must be inhabitable if we are forced to move into this surrogate home. Tammy did rest assure that everything was as if we had never left, and for one thing I believed her. All she gave was a notice to tell others of our new location so that they may find their way here also.


So after getting the explanations and what not, I returned back to where my club "would" be. Low and behold, it was still there as if we had never left in the first place. I entered in and found everyone already making themselves at home again.


Thus life went on again, everyone who had received the message returned as best as they could. Some were still lost out at sea but still found their way after a few days or so. Everyone returned, including the N***H***s and such, so our rivalry continued. You could imagine that they were wondering what had happened to their once Flagship, and our sudden appearance with a similar ship only dressed as NaruSaku. But of course, all they saw was us getting stronger thus fueling their hate even more. It became fairly repetitive and everyday seemed like routine arguments. For the time being we were home.


To Be Continued.

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Chapter 18: 2nd Fall Of NT
Subtitle: New Home, Heaven & Earth


Life went on for another good few weeks. The NaruSaku and N***H*** war had been winding down and growing old. The battles were slowing down, and debates were becoming repetitious. We were growing tired of the same argument over and over, and I believe even our rivals were getting tired of trying to put us down. So eventually both sides called it even, the way I saw it they either gave up and didn't care anymore, or simply gave out small complaints.


I believe they still couldn't believe that we had gotten our own ship out of no where and their ship had mysteriously disappeared since that night the Flood attacked. I found it funny that they never once thought that we could have hijacked it. Arashi seemed fairly pleased to pilot such a fine class ship. Aethos seemed to be intrigued by all of the technology installed. Both of them kept examining all over, just so they got a feel of the ship, as well as learn any new secrets or tricks.


One day HH came to me with the usual report...


"Still no suspicion that we converted the N***H*** into the NaruSaku. But it’s strange though; I don't know why they're all so upset over a simple flagship. I've personally inspected it and found nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps there is something more to it than we haven't learned yet?"


"I suppose. But it doesn't really matter at the moment. We've other problems." I replied. "Continue."


"Well, the N***H***'s will to fight is slowing down just as you said, and now they've become somewhat ... lazy. Until something turns up, we're not really in any danger."


"Good." I nodded my head. "Well gather everyone else, I have an important announcement today."


"Yes sir."


He left rather quickly and went to tell everyone to return to the club for an important meeting. Blayze and I were the only ones in the bar today, I let Yoko have a day off from training since she was progressing quickly. So I sat down on a stool at the bar, and my brother already had a drink prepared for me.


"Is it time, Lloyd?"


"Yes. It's time."




Meanwhile back at the NaruSaku Mk.II ...


"OH MY GOD!?" Aethos yelled out excitedly from the outside main deck.


Arashi came rushing down from the cabin deck to see what the commotion was about. "What!? What!? Did you find something new!?"


"Aye mate! That I did! You'll NEVER believe this." Aethos had a great smile upon his face. He was so giddy that he nearly forgot to explain why.


"Well!? Don't kept us in suspense!? What is it!?" Arashi eagerly asked.


"Check THIS out!" Aethos stomped twice directly where he was standing.




About a few hours after I sent HH to rally the troops, everyone slowly began to gather back home. Smiter and Alpha came back from another day at the Politics Square. Ash came back from the Fiction Cafe, along with her fan mail, reviews, etc. UN closed up his cafe and brought back what food he had prepared earlier for us. Yoko and HH had just entered after UN, both of them seemed fairly pleased with their day. And finally Arashi and Aethos came merrily in talking excitedly about their new find. Everyone was home and already winding down from their day.


"Oy! So tell us Hoku, what's the urgent news!" Aethos gladly asked.


Smiter and Blayze knew what I was going to speak so they naturally had grins upon their faces.


"I have good news and I have bad news."


Everyone quiet down to listen as I paused. Then Aethos rolled his hand at me to signal "And?" I looked spaced out for a few moments then shook my head again.


"Oh! Right! The bad news is, I've learned that some people are having problems and disputes with one of the higher ups. People complaining about a man named Kane."


Aethos quickly asked. "So what? Is he N***H***?"




"A fellow NaruSaku?" Arashi followed.




UN also entered the questioning. "Then what are we bothering about him for!?"


"Well, it seems that people are complaining to his superiors and trying to get him fired, or impeached. So I've just learned wind that perhaps he might try something to damage the city from the inside."


I paused to that everyone may take this news in, then I continued.


"We can't just keep going back to BK for refuge. Which brings me back to the good news."


Everyone's faces brightened up, their eyes and ears eagerly awaiting my good news.


"We have a new home ready waiting for us."


There was a murmur in the group and talk of confusion. I expected this reaction at first because it meant moving again, but this time we would have a stable place to stay and not worry of attack.


"Now, I know some of you don't like the idea of moving so much but-"


Then I was interrupted by everyone's initial reactions.


"So when are we moving!?" - "Where is it!?" - "How far away is this place!?" - "How long has it been ready!?" - "Can we go now!?"


Everyone was overjoyed by this news, which made me glad and relieved that they took it quite well. So I tried to calm everyone down and explain.


"Settle down now! Settle down! You all know that I had disappeared mysteriously sometime ago. But you what you don't know is why. I, myself, with the recent help of Smiter and Blayze have set up a new home for us all. I call it Heaven & Earth, for all NaruSaku believers and such! It will be a safe haven for those who wish to talk about NaruSaku and support it without prejudice and persecution! A stable home without worry of attack or invasion! A place of our own."


At the end of my speech my crew had gone wild, cheering madly, and everyone was hugging everyone. This was great news to them, soon we would go to a place of our own, OUR OWN, and just live. So I told them the rest of the details over drinks and dinner, and the rest of the night was partying.


On the next morning, we would set sail for Heaven & Earth. As we loaded our gear and such onto the boat, and were about to set sail when suddenly there was a great explosion in the center of the city. I guess Kane must have started his attack already, but it didn't matter we were leaving for our new home. We left port and were already out into the open bay when Aethos and Arashi came to me very excitedly.


"Hey Boss! There's something you just gotta check out!" Aethos was nearly jumping gleefully of their discovery yesterday.


"You wanna know why those N***H***s are so pissed that they lost their beloved ship? Well you're in for one hell of a surprise!" Arashi too was giddy like school girl.


"We knew something was different about this ship, something incredible and unbelievable!!!" Aethos continued.


"You spoke to us that one day, you're dream was to fly? Well this ship not only cuts through water like a sword, but it can do more! Much more!" Arashi followed after Aethos.


They had pulled me and lured me out onto the main deck outside, and were both tugging at my coat.


"Well!? Don't leave me in suspense?! What is it!?"


Both of them stand firmly in front of me, and stomp twice at the same time! Both of them over enthusiastically said...




To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 01:16 AM

Chapter 19: Heaven & Earth, Home
Subtitle: It's a WHAT-!?, NaruSaku MK.II (part 2)




Aethos and Arashi both enthusiastically shouted and stomped twice onto the main deck outside. I stood there patiently as nothing had happened. The two of them were still in their "Dynamic Pose" standing like statues since their "secret" to show me apparently wasn't working. I folded my arms and looked at them with a face of confusion and disappointment.


"So you two dragged me out here to show me your victory pose?" I began to poke at them, trying not to laugh.


"No no! You don't understand boss! This ship! It's THIS Ship! It's got a special technique and you gotta do this thing where you stomp here!" Aethos trying to recover from their fall, stomped madly all around trying to figure out what went wrong.


Arashi on the other hand just simply accepted the fact that it could've broke when he and Aethos were trying it all out yesterday. But still tried to convince me as Aethos kept looking for what was wrong. "Please Captain, just give us a moment, we'll find the switch. It's something we can't really explain! You just-You just have to see it for yourself!"


"Yeah Capt'n! You gotta believe us!" Aethos still trying to find the switch.


"Come on both of you! Arashi, our new home is waiting for us and I can't drive this thing by myself! Aethos that engine room doesn't work without a little help you know!" I started to slowly walk away and back to inside.


"But-but wait capt'n! You don't understand! It's a friggin Airship!!!" Aethos blurted out.


I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard THIS explanation. Aethos and Arashi could sense that they were getting on my nerves right about now, since we were running late. I turned around to face both of them with a very serious face.


Arashi quickly started to explain and try to reason with me. "It's true! We discovered it yesterday by sheer luck! It flies and everything! And you only need one person to pilot it!"


Aethos was shaking his head agreeing with Arashi. I sighed heavily and spoke to them both.


"Look the both of you; as much as you both know I love to fly, it was a noble attempt. But there are NO such things as Airships, only in Final Fantasy, Skies Of Arcadia, and video games, do Airships exist! I mean-" I stopped right around where the two of them were standing. "-if I were to stand here and stomp twice, I suppose a control wheel will just pop up, the sails will roll themselves up, and suddenly the mast becomes our air lift?"


I stomped twice where I was standing and suddenly a control wheel come up from where I was, along with speed controls. Then the Sails began to roll themselves up and stow away into the mast. Just then the mast began to secure itself into the ship and make sure that it was stabilized. Finally the blades of the mast began to spin like a helicopter, one blade was spinning clockwise while the other was spinning counter-clockwise. Slowly the ship began to VERTICALLY RISE out of the water, and become afloat into the air.


We were flying, actually FLYING in midair! The feeling was unbelievable, the fresh cool air all around as we were now sailing among the CLOUDS! I wanted to drop down and cry at this sight, this feeling, this unbelievable find! Everyone came from the cabin area to top side to see what the whole ruckus was about, and saw that we were flying as well. Thank God Alpha wasn't in the Crow's nest yet and standing with her sister, Ash.


I turned to Aethos & Arashi who were unsure whether I was going to congratulate them or hang them for such chaos inflicted upon me. But instead I coolly grinned, and told them.


"Bloody brilliant gentlemen. Remind me when we reach H&E, drinks are on me. Back to work you scalawags! We're running behind schedule!"


I quietly walked back inside, while everyone else went back to work. Aethos and Arashi both looked at each other as they had just escaped being treason, and they cheered together madly.


"YAAARRRR!!! I knew it'd work!" Aethos shouted.


"AHAHAHA! Did you see his face!? He was gonna cry!" Arashi yelled.


Just then they saw that they were jumping around together like true friends, and quickly pushed each other aside. Instead they shook hands and found an even greater mutual respect for each other.


"Good show mate. Couldn't have done it without you." Aethos shook his hand gladly.


"Aye, and you too, for figuring it out." Arashi straightened himself out, and shook back.


And so Arashi took the wheel and we flew our way to H&E! We soar high above the waves! Sailing above the clouds! We were flying! Never in my life have I ever had a chance to truly sail among the birds and touch the very stars themselves. I sat down in my captain's chair, and enjoyed the feeling.


"Uh-um, Taichou?”


"Hm?" I looked to my side to see Yoko standing next to me with her hand up.


"At ease."


She relaxed, but still stood at my side. "We're finally going home?"


"Hah, yes."


"I'm happy that you've finally gotten to fly, taichou.”


I smiled and gave a sigh of relief. "Yeah. We are flying aren't we?"


"Mm. Sensei?"


"Yes Yoko?"


"I've also found some happiness."


"Oh? Paul?"


"No, Sensei. I really like Blayze-san and he's been very nice to me, but I've found someone else."


I found this new intriguing and she seemed very happy, so I too was glad. "And who is this mystery boy, eh?"


"He's really nice and sometimes a bit crazy, but a good person."


It was like she was seeking some kind of approval from me, so I simply told her.


"As long as you're happy, then I'm happy. Remember I'm not in charge of you when we're not training. You are your own person."


She seemed to accept that answer and was about to say something else-




"You can go now, Yoko. The journey there will take some time, you should rest up when it's your turn for duties."


I dismissed her and she quietly went back to the cabin area. I knew what she was going to ask me, but I chose to answer it another time. Right now, I was more concerned on our arrival, and getting to H&E.


"Finally, we are free ..."


To Be Continued.

"Shiny. Let's go be bad guys."

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