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Seinen Weekly Young Jump

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#1 Bail o' Lies

Bail o' Lies


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Posted 05 September 2018 - 04:49 AM

Diner is a seinen manga in Weekly Young Jump. Made By Hirayama Yumeaki, and Kawai Takanori.




Summary: So, a 25 year old Office Girl from some office supply company, Ooba Kanako, lived a boring life which changed one day when she decided to take a "Driver Request, with Light Risk," for some extra cash. Turns out she had accepted a job to be a get-away-driver for a robbery of a bank own by the Yakuza. The robbery goes south, and she is taken away by the Yazuka to be sold off or killed as punishment. After being forced to literally dig her own grave. She was bought at the last second by Bonbello to be the 9th waitress at his restaurant Canteen. She is the ninth because the previous eight were killed. Canteen is an underground American style restaurant where professional killers go to eat. In order to protect herself she hides a very expensive bottle of Diva Vodka in order to force him to protect her from the customers, and to not kill her himself. Which is less protecting her from the customers as much as it is not letting her be killed by them. Anything else they are free to do to her as they wish. 


Ooba Kanako was living a listless life before the start of the manga. Having death constantly shoved in her face gave her a strong desire to live, maintain her value as a human being, understanding of the value of human life, empathy, and a strong desire to help people. Every arc is her putting herself in danger to help someone else. She apparently is a good cook since she tried bargaining her culinary skills in-order to save her life. She eventually falls in love with Bonbello from what I can gather. Her name can be said out loud sounds like Oo Baka Nako which means "big stupid kid," apparently.


Bonbello the manager of Canteen is a really good cook. He is also strong enough to handle most of the customers that enter his restaurant. His personality is what you'd imagine. He also has a really good memory as he is able to remember all his dinnerware, any stories connected to them, and the particulars of all his returning customers. He starts off cold to Kanako just calling her number nine, as well as letting the customers do as they wish, but eventually as far as I can tell he falls for her.


The Canteen actually has rules. No outsiders. No sexual activity.


There is also a dog...Kikuchiyo Bonbello's partner a warrior dog. A guy kidnapped him before the story started, but returned him in chapter 4.


Beyond what I already wrote it is seinen so it can get very gory, and overall I find it an interesting story. There is no official group translating this despite it being up to 48 chapters. Apparently one person done a rough translation of the first two chapter in hope it will be picked up by someone.

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#2 Bail o' Lies

Bail o' Lies


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Posted 11 September 2018 - 06:49 AM

OK looks like someone has decided to pick it up.

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Posted 11 September 2018 - 07:23 AM


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