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Did you expect NH and SS to happen before the ending came out?

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#81 Askia31


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Posted 07 November 2015 - 10:46 PM

Oh yes, I sure did. Like a hundred of chapters if not 2 hundreds before this ending came out...However, It had nothing to do with the hints that both SS/NH had. Because NS had stronger ones. It had to do with how bad the writing has gotten which made me think that this could only lead to the worst possible ending with both of these pairings happening. 



In fact, people kept calling me a troll on this website for like 3 years for not believing in NS. I would say ''told you so'' , but honestly, I don't blame them. No one wanted to believe in the possibility of a manga they deeply loved and read for over 10 years turning into something really horrible. I give them props for believing in logic until the end. Even I can't still accept this ending and hurt by it to this day. I think I shouldve moved on from Naruto before it came to this tbh. especially since I saw that coming. But I loved NS so much so it wouldve been hard.



Even back when I was super confident in Narusaku happening...I kept telling people what they should worry about isn't the possibility of whether or not NS will happen, but rather if it will happen in a satisfying way. To me, NS was inevitable at that time but I noticed Kishi's writing was starting to  decline slightly. But then it just got so much worse that I just couldn't believe in Ns anymore. There was just no way I could see NS happening via that terrible writing skills. No kittening way.



Kishi's writing has become so bad that I went from reading the new released chapters atleast 5-10 times each to just simply skim through them in a matter of 5-10secs to see if there was something kitten worthy.

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#82 James S Cassidy

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 02:48 AM

I've said in one of my rants that it was a possibility however there was nothing in the entire story to support that. And I'll stick with that because it's the truth, it's a fact. There's nothing in this story (before the ending of course and ironically not even in the ending) to support the end pairings or anything about the ending for that matter. Anyone who says otherwise is just wearing their pairing goggles.


In order for the ending to be the way they wanted, they literally had to tell a different story that rewrote the previous one. Canceling it out. Ignoring it. And in that process treating the people who read it or watched it, like idiots.

It doesn't matter if you followed Naruto because you liked Naruto, or Sakura, or Sasuke, or the story, or you just wanted to pass time, or you were in it for the pairings, or whatever reason, it doesn't really matter.

In the end all of us, were treated like idiots.

It's always makes me laugh when I got back and review one of my old rants and me talking saying that if NH or SS does happen, it would take a massive asspull...probably one of the biggest in anime history....to make it happen. I hate it when I am right sometimes.

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 03:26 AM

It's always makes me laugh when I got back and review one of my old rants and me talking saying that if NH or SS does happen, it would take a massive asspull...probably one of the biggest in anime history....to make it happen. I hate it when I am right sometimes.

Has anything like this happened before in the manga/anime industry? Or is this truly the first time?

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 07:07 AM

I didn't suspect it until I read the spoilers for 699. Really, for a long long time (about since 615), I had been suspecting that Kishimoto would do a vague ending in an effort to appease everyone and not offend any fandom. These randoms nods towards NH didn't appear to serve any other function and I couldn't imagine him ever outright confirming NH despite the mountain of suggestions towards NS. But I was in disbelief when I saw 699. Never have I seen an author so willfully gut his own source material.

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 11:20 AM

In my worst nightmare yep. Too bad it become real. Not that I had something against those pairing so much, but it felt like the whole story was written NS endgame. The last two chapter felt like they came from a parallel universe. I'm still waiting for the true ending. I mean that CPR scene and Karin pulling Kushina's chain out of love to save Sasuke in parallel, when we all know how Karin feel for Sasuke and prior to what happen, it's logical to assume that Sakura has feeling for Naruto. The fact that she saw during this whole arc how much of a jerk Sasuke is, to ended up with him. Hinata barely exist in the manga so I didn't see that coming. Minato comparing Sakura to Kushina was the last straw that seal the deal to me, the whole new generation surpass the old one and the whole hero win over the girl that love at the start the rival thing. I mean when I look of how beautiful story telling NS has going, I have to believe it, so YEAH, in my worst nightmare NH and SS become canon.

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