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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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Posted 03 July 2022 - 03:21 PM






I haven't exactly mentioned this, but I am looking forward to what Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has to offer to us coming off from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. I know there is a lot that people have said about the 3D animation, and while it is something I think that'll be a little jarring at first I think it should be fine as long as there's a decent of story that is being told with the movie itself. 


That being said,  I just want to wanna share what  I am looking forward to the most with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Dragon-Ball-Super-Super-Hero-Release-dat




Piccolo getting so much love for screentime after such a long time,  Gohan getting some action too since the events of the Cell Saga. A lot of people couple argue we got something with the end of the Super Anime.  I would say that's more of a first steps kind of situation, but still looking forward to it.     I know Pan has an infamous reputation because of how her character was treated in Dragon Ball GT, but if I have to be perfectly honest I didn't mind Pan that much.   In fact I would say she's a really underrated character,  not necessarily the best of the best, but the hate she gets I feel is very exaggerated.  That being said,  I think there is a lot you could do with Pan's character in this movie to a point where you could get a new audience to really fall in love with her character. 




What are you guys looking forward to when it pertains to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? 






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Posted 19 July 2022 - 05:37 PM

Random thought, anyone feel the Red Ribbon Army has become old hat? At this point, they are basically the Ootsutsuki of the Super verse. Like, how many times must they be stopped? They have as many lives as Umbrella.

Dr. Gero is dead...move forward. 

Feels like they are just repeating old concepts like Naruto

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