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#981650 Naruto: Alternative The Last (Doujinshi)

Posted by James S Cassidy on 12 November 2020 - 09:09 AM

The design is a bit generic, but I always hated that outfit that look like it was "inspired" by Bleach (the Zero Guards cloak gifts given to Rukia Renji Byakuya and Ichigo). Also Sasuke looks...younger, calmer, more at peace from his journey to find himself. Something like that.

Isn't that how it should have been? More at peace with himself?

#981503 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 31 October 2020 - 06:11 PM


Because Sakura never said I've always loved "Naruto Uzumaki!!!"


I've always said this. Hinata fanatics are strange creatures in that they understand perfectly well what slap stick rom com is in anime, I'm sure, but it doesn't apply to Sakura. that is because they see them selves as Naruto or Hinata and want an instant gratification relationship between the two of them no matter how dementedly ill matched they are or how little they show signs of a functional relationship. Again, I'll get into this later. 

This is why people like SS so much,

It is not that they have chemistry, but girls just identify with Sakura and her flawed nature and want to bang Sasuke.

I think that is why NH is also popular. They identify with Naruto and want to bang Hinata.

#981299 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 21 October 2020 - 08:22 PM

Say does anyone know how the Japanese fans reacted to the Angels and Demons side quest from Ninja Storm 4? The one were all the girls badmouth Naruto with the exception of Hinata because she is an "angel" 


As far as I know, they mostly hated it.

#981297 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 51

Posted by James S Cassidy on 21 October 2020 - 07:52 PM

So...and this goes without saying...is Naruto the type of story that says "Rules are only made so we can break them?" Because every time a new form of development comes out, it is breaking a previously established rule set that was made.

And this is before this series and has been going on since the war arc, but jesus...there is asspulls and then there is this. Why establish a rule set if you're just going to break it anyway?

"You need both eyes to use full power Susanoo" Madara does it with no eyes.
"Tailed beats come back to life even if the host dies" Minato keeps his half of 9-tails even after death
"If you gather the tailed beasts, you can create a tree that will absorb people" No, now you need to sacrifice a clan of Kaguya

Like, what the hell?

#981296 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 21 October 2020 - 07:42 PM

kishi said the confession from that random ninja to sakura was something sp asked him to do since the anime was catching up to the manga they wanted him to make a scene that could start a filler arc (but I think kishi was secretly trying to show how unhealthy ss is to the viewers by having the ninja assume she loved a good person and in reality sakura appears to question her feelings for sasuke).. everything points against ss in the series even sai notices when sasuke returns to help in the war sakura has a fake smile on and on sasuke's side he helps her sometimes but most of the time he's disregarding her safety or placing her in a genjutsu or flat out saying he doesn't love her. I think kishi did what he thought fans wanted even if it wasn't what he wanted

Honestly, I don't even know anymore. We are told that SP convinced him to make SS and NH canon, we are told Youtubers made SS and NH canon. He can't make up his mind when it was decided, but I have a good idea based on interviews.

We know Kishimoto gave no kittens about Hinata for a long time. He keeps getting asked in several interviews for at least 4 years of when is Hinata gonna get her moment to shine, why is Sakura there if she is useless and does nothing, why can't Hinata be the main heroine. Questions like that. His responses are always "I don't know. I tried to make Sakura more heroine like, I don't understand why Hinata is popular when she does nothing." I have several interviews where he seems to not care about the female characters at all, but then there is a shift around 2014 (When production of Naruto the Last started no less) where all of a sudden Hinata is getting more attention, he praises Hinata for being more heroine-ish, and says his favorite character is Hinata AND says he decided the pairings around the middle or early parts of the story. Wow, what a tone shift out of nowhere with a convenient coincidence. AmIrite?

This is what the Hinata wankers love to use to "explain" why NH was canon from the beginning.

HERE is what I think REALLY happened. The Studio Pierrot heads said "we are making this Naruto movie to be canon and we need you to tie into the series." Kishimoto says "Okay, but what is the plot about and please don't make Naruto just some side character." (He actually asked them NOT to make Naruto a side-character in this movie which is not only weird, but doesn't back the idea of him writing Naruto the Last.) SP went and did the movie and Kishimoto has to force plot elements into the story and rush the thing to make sure this movie came out. I still have good hunch NS was supposed to be the canon since it was his wife's idea to expand Naruto's family and Kushina was based off his wife.

SP kept going despite half the studio and even the VAs saying "this movie is dumb" and they did it anyway with the false pretense that "this is what the fandom wanted." No, this is what SP wanted and they wanked Hinata hard. You then have SP trying so hard to say "Yeah, we don't hate Sakura" but we all know how kitten this is since they did everything to make her look bad.

The female staff of SP loved Sakura and hated Hinata ironic enough and they wanted Sakura to grow while the make staff seemed to fetish Hinata like no tomorrow. The Last is their fanfiction of how they wanted NH to be.

It is total BS and Kishimoto was basically forced to tie the series into the movie. I really think Kishimoto lost control of the Naruto property because he stopped caring altogether. He listened to everyone that cared more about Hinata and their fetish than actual Naruto fans. It is garbage. The fact that the Hinata wankers kept talking how great Hinata is and wouldn't stop talking about her is clue enough that they literally did not care about any other character. Not even Naruto. Hell, Kishimoto cared more about Sasuke and even HE took a backseat to Hinata because of this fandom fetish.

And every time someone tells me "SS and NH was obvious since the beginning" all I can say is is then "NH and SS is the most cliche pairings in anime history and Kishimoto should have did something different. If Naruto's plot was that obvious, then the story is the most cliche Shonen in existence second to maybe Dragonball who Toriyama has gone kittening crazy with the cliches.

#981294 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 21 October 2020 - 07:17 PM

I know...


Denzel Washington said it's best.. it's not about being correct or being accurate. It's about being first.



I wouldn't be surprise if this was a fake out but fore now. Nope, they are really going to kill him, they been hinting at it since the first chapter. I thought they were at least clever enough to have Nail kill him to add some drama to the KBK relationship, but nope new eight gate fight against a dying man. And from the fights I've seen so far in this manga. Its going to be kitten.

It is okay. Maybe they will have Might Gai come out of nowhere and save his life at the last second using some god-like BS powers that we will never see again.


yes but going with sasuke in part 1 isnt the same as sasuke telling sakura Im going to destroy konoha and her joining him like it implies she did. in part 1 she offered to help kill itachi

Which she really wouldn't have. She just said things to make him stay. It is the worst romance love plot ever and it is cringy and overused.

How REAL romance stories are is you have the guy rush into battle, take on the enemy, and just when things seem like it is over and they can celebrate...the guy turns his head and says "Go on without me, boys, there is something I gotta do."

THAT is how romance is. No matter what happens the guy always goes back for the girl. No matter what in the world happens, he always goes back to her. We either die together or we stay alive long enough to die together.

Sasuke is more like "Here is a kid, shut the kitten up and leave me alone."

This is not a romance. This isn't even a BAD romance. This is a horrible fanfiction kitten. Especially those fanfics where people think rape is sexy and romantic.

#981224 Naruto: Alternative The Last (Doujinshi)

Posted by James S Cassidy on 17 October 2020 - 07:03 PM


Eh I don't the Doctor being female is what made that moment in season 12 controversial, as I think it would of been controversial regardless of who played the doctor, even some of the classic ones 

No, at least not at first. It was the constant misandry and other such rhetoric that some episodes had. At least, from what I have seen from a good portion of fans. It became more about berating the audience than it was about sending a message. I have seen Captain Planet with more subtle hints.

Plus the constant ridiculous retconing didn't help and it was massive retconing that went on.

If it was me writing, I probably would make Female Doctor be a dream the Doctor had after his latest transformation after Peter Capaldi. The "it's a dream" is very cliche, but it would be alot better than what we have now and easily help overwrite some of the unnecessary writing fudge ups.

#981223 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 17 October 2020 - 06:35 PM

Yeeah and I think that's the problem with stories nowadays.


They're not out there to tell a message, leave something behind. They're there to see which character or ship is more popular so we put them into vs situation so it would generate more hype by people who are in #teamthis versus #theamthat.


It's sickening, to be honest.

Yeah. Take Harley Quinn and how much DC is just using her for everything. They even have her in lesbian relationship and such and she is getting way overplayed. Instead of Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey...it is like "Harley Quinn and the other people."

Now Harley Quinn is a good character, but with them over using her she is getting stale. Worse still when originally the Joker and Harley relationship is supposed to be a cautionary tale about toxic relationships, it becomes more of a "this is what true love is" which is just not a good thing.

Might as well have Batman and Harley Quinn be in a relationship and called "amazing." It would make about as such sense.

No, I am tired of the cheap thrill with story telling and the force romance popularity contest. You can't just put two characters together and call it romance. They have to have chemistry.

It just sucks that actual GOOD relationships are squandered and considered bad like Superman and Wonder Woman. They are a good couple, but people say it sucks for no other reason than "Superman has to be with Lois. No ifs ans or buts."

#981210 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 16 October 2020 - 09:00 PM

Guys, it's simple.

There's a reason for Kishimoto's contradictions (I actually have in mind a series to be called just like that where I'll try to dwell on this)


But without making it too long here, I'll say this... there's this thing called brand reputation management.


Let's admit it, from a marketing/branding standpoint, The Last had the biggest fuss around it.


Now, they kept marketing it in so many deceitful ways that when the movie hit and fans saw what it is about exactly and how it contradicts everything Naruto ever stood for, well... the reputation of the brand The Last & Naruto by conjunction suffered a fatal blow.


So of course, they had to manage that reputation. So they had Kishi state all those things at different times, depending on the reactions waves, because they dealt with differences in those reactions at different times like I was saying.


First we had from the beginning excuse... but then people started asking, okay, if it was from the beginning, why show NaruSaku, Sakura respectively moving on from Sasuke to Naruto?

So then we had it from the middle / Sakura would be a terrible woman for moving from Sasuke... And people were okay but if we had it from the middle why confirm Sakura = Kushina in the end?


So then we had NaruSaku = red herring and the last is a way of Naruto to part with Kushina and Sakura, respectively.


See what I mean?


It was pure brand reputation management at every step of the way.

It is just horrible that more and more stories are being like this. They seem to dictate the story based on popularity, but they never realize that most characters are popular because they don't follow a forced plot point.

When you start forcing more out of a character because "their popularity increase" then you are basically selling out.

#981084 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 11 October 2020 - 11:31 PM

kishi: all the parallels are a red herring
also kishi: this movie is about naruto breaking up with kushina

That really is a messed up part.

Naruto's mother is considered an obstacle for Hinata. So, Kushina is NOT Hinata because if Hinata is like Kushina, then Kushina would not be an obstacle

#981028 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 08 October 2020 - 02:45 AM

It shows a HUGE level of irrational attitude towards Sakura from American fans of the series, save for some of us here and there who know Sakuras value in the series and all she had done.

By the way, the guy that said Sakura didn't beat Sasori....I sent him 75 panels each with a description of every single panel what is going on. He has not replied back to me since.

#981022 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 07 October 2020 - 07:52 PM

I can't speak on behalf of the person you're talking about, but for the majority of dedicated Sakura detractors I've seen on YT/other platforms, I seriously can't even fathom the amount of BS spewed. It's beyond ridiculous and most importantly - not true. Like you mentioned at the end of your post, it's one thing to dislike a character based on actual evidence (which they lack, for the most part), but to also pit said main character/female lead against a secondary character who doesn't appear often and argue for the latter is seriously telling on themselves and immediately discredits their arguments.

Hell, they won't give Sakura credit for anything. You know the Sasori fight? Many American fans believe Chiyo did all the work in that fight despite Sasori constantly complimenting Sakura, Chiyo being injured or simply out of commission for the most of the fight, and Sakura inventing the antidote to the poison that even Sasori himself said would be nearly impossible without knowing what ingredients were in to make it.

Kakashi AND Naruto chased after Deidara and actually let him get away from them and this is seen as a victory, but Sakura beating Sasori is simply unrealistic.

No joke, I had someone tell me to read the manga and see how worthless and pathetic Sakura is and that if Chiyo was not there, Sakura would have died, but go back and you see it is actually the other way around.

This is how much hate Sakura gets. You point out ANYTHING she does and they will give some excuse on why it is not as great as you think. Hell, I am surprise they allow Sarada to be Sakura's kid and accept that because if Sarada is better than Bolt, and it seems to me they like her better than Bolt, then they are giving credit to Sakura for it and actually admitting she made something or did something amazing.

I am surprised they don't say "Sarada is definitely Karin's kid because Sakura can't produce such wonderful offspring."

#980959 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 05 October 2020 - 06:23 AM

Oh my gosh, right? It looked so great! There's no way that Naruto was meant to look like his current self He just looks awful, there's no doubt about that.

And what happened to Shinachiku being Naruto's future kid's name because it's also a topping (bamboo)? Like how Naruto's RTN counterpart was named Menma?

You know, kind of glad that Boruto (whose name is actually related to Neji, go figure) didn't get the name Shinachiku instead. And that Naruto looks like Gus Griswald from kittening Recess. I'm glad all the BS that's happening is happening. It really showcases how off the deep end the series has gone and what had to happen to have these pairings last minute. It leaves us to create our own fan materials based on the majority of the manga. You know, sometimes I wonder if this was intentional on Kishimoto's end just to be petty/spiteful.

Well how else was Hinata and Naruto going to be bolted together?

#980866 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 30 September 2020 - 06:52 PM


That's why I say statistics don't always reflect reality... because it's very much dependent on the conditions said statistic was done.

Statistics are complicated mess. It gives a general idea of the situation at the moment, but not the direct idea. Even in political elections people don't seem to understand. "This candidate won the popular vote. How did they not win?" Well, because the population of each state is different and if we did it by popular vote alone, then one state/city/etc. would be deciding everything every time. Basically becoming a mob mentality on a political scale. What if a candidate lost the popular vote, but won more states...does that mean they should win because they win 45 out 50 states?

This doesn't even have to be on a national scale. This can be on a city scale. Imagine voters in one group dictating the rule sets for EVERYONE regardless of how the "population" truly feels overall.

When it comes to this, however, the studios only seem too look at a partial group. Even Kishimoto said there was a huge rift between the NS and NH that he didn't know was there. If we take this as truth, and I believe it is one of the few things that is true, then it is possible they told him NH was more popular and so he should make that reality not realizing that it is not NH that was popular, but Hinata herself.

They didn't really give a crap about NH. They cared more about Hinata and what she wanted. If Kishimoto had Hinata change her mind and say "I am in love with Kiba," then I guarantee that they would be KibaHIna fans in a heart beat.

Hinata have had more fans, but NS certainly had more support not just from NS fans, but from EVERY pairing fans in the entire series. Everyone knew that the story supported NaruSaku more than NH and SS. Everyone knew this to be true and they ignored most of the fandom for the Hinata-centric fans. The fans who only cared about Hinata.

SNS fans, SK fans, KibaHIna fans, RockSaku, HinaNeji, RockTen, NaruIno, and many many more groups all were in agreement that if any couple had the most development and made the most sense...it was NaruSaku. Even some NH and SS fans agreed and some even abandoned their own ship for it because of how NH and SS played out. Some even forgot why they liked Hinata in the first place.

The argument was always the same "Naruto needs to be with Hinata because SHE supported him first." It was never about what she did for Naruto or how she made him a better person or anything of that sort. Because she SUPPORTED him first. What a selfish way of looking at it. Meanwhile, here we are saying "NaruSaku should be canon because Sakura can be herself around Naruto and Naruto becomes a better man because of her influence. It was a beautiful relationship where they complemented each other, worked off each other's strength and weaknesses, and overall was just a realistic pairing.

NH is a fan fiction pipe dream of the so called "perfect relationship" and it is dysfunctional. Hinata is so passive about Naruto that she refuses to talk to him on an adult level and explain why he needs to do better. Sakura would have set him straight.

This is why they are trying so hard to now all of a sudden make Hinata have this anger streak, have an attitude, and be strict. "How scary." Boruto would say. Well, one it doesn't fit Hinata's personality in the slightest and two the anger outburst are more destructive than constructive. Not saying anger itself is good or bad, but rather she seems like a ticking timebomb now. Remember the episode of The Simpsons where Flanders suddenly just snaps due to always be a good person and has pent up rage and then explodes on people.


Sakura on the other hand, while a bit over the top, but it is anime after, shows more constructive anger at least with Naruto. Look at the difference between her anger with Naruto and her anger with her own daughter. Anger with Naruto causes him to get playfully hit and scolded for being immature. Sakura's anger with her own daughter caused her to DESTROY HER WHOLE HOUSE. Sasuke causes so much pent up angst and anger with Sakura that she becomes very destructive and brings out the worst in her.

There is a difference between healthy anger....and unhealthy anger. Real humans needs healthy anger to relieve the stress of life. Keep it to yourself and eventually it explodes.

NaruSaku is NOT a flawless couple, but it was perfect and the most realistic of them all.

Most of the fandom knew this...and yet Hinata got the most attention because "she was most loved character?" You took the opinions of a few and made it seem like it was the majority.


#980834 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by James S Cassidy on 28 September 2020 - 01:24 PM


You said somewhere that Hinata was Popular only in the U.S. really and that was an exception rather than the norm. Sakura and the NaruSaku ship was actually more popular world wide right? Just checking

As far as I have seen, NaruSaku was far more well-liked in every other country. Now to keep in mind two details. The Naruto fandom is not always as big in other places as it is in the U.S. or Japan and popularity polls now are I think only the indication of people still interested in the series at all while most people abandoned the series as time went on.

If Hinata SEEMS like she has more fans now, best to look how many votes they have. Take Japan's polls for example. Hinata moved over the list rather quickly, but then they have gotten less and less votes in which to me indicated people stopped caring and the Hinata fans remained.

When Naruto was at the peak of popularity, Hinata was number 11 and Neji was number 6 on the polls. Sakura usually fluxed between 5 and 8, btu she still remained more popular than Hinata. Sasuke was obviously number 2 with Kakashi Number 1 and Naruto usually at 3.

I remember when the popularity polls has people gaining votes in the thousands. Now they are lucky if each character breaks 500 votes.