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Romantic Killer

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#1 Bail o' Lies

Bail o' Lies

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Posted 29 October 2022 - 01:01 PM

Hey Tricksie, I finally found a shounen jump manga that's a romance trying to deal with Japan's Declining Birth Rate.


Romantic Killer




"Gamer girl Anzu's days of playing with her cat and eating chocolate are interrupted by a magical fairy named Riri who curses her to spend her days in a world of shojo manga tropes. Can Anzu fend off all the hot guys who keep showing up, or is she destined to fall in love?"


The fairy that looks like a poorly drawn bear in a wizard hat and cape brings up Japan declining population (which apparently is affecting magic as less kids means less magic in Japan) as for why this story is happening. The girl Anzu was selected because she was considered eternally single if the fairy didn't intervene as she would spend her time eating chocolate while playing game with her cat by her side, instead of falling in love. So, the fairy got rid of the games and chocolate as well as sent her parents overseas for a year so she can focus on finding a man. Also, they took the cat.  


She also meets a guy named Tsukasa who according to the fairy parameters of this story is also a hot guy that would remain eternally single without intervention. 


So, its a shounen manga spoofing shoujo manga tropes. I find it funny because I finally found a shounen jump manga about fixing the birth rate.


Oh and its already got an anime on netflix....



To me the manga is better because the anime goes a bit over the top.


From what I have seen of the anime.


Tsukasa is the default disinterested pretty boy that all women drool over, literally. However, this has made him develop a fear of women especially after a bad experience. He is fine with the main character because he was first put at ease by how weird she was, then the fact that she doesn't want to date him.


Second male lead is the nice childhood friend that always loses Junta. He used to be fat when he was young, but by high school grown into the ace of the baseball team. He always had feeling for her she just didn't notice him because she was too busy with her own passions. Everyone can tell he has feeling for her, but she plays the clueless heroine so she doesn't have to outright reject him, and he is too meek to ever ask her out.


Third male lead is Hijiri the arrogant rich boy. He is so use to people particularly women never saying no to him and desperate to date him that he figured Anzu was the same. He becomes interested in her because she rejects his gifts and tries to learn more about regular life which is why his father sent him to a public school instead of his old private school.


There is also the best friend who is more traditionally feminine and therefore beautiful Saki. However, this leads to guys wanting to dating her and even one that tricked into coming to his house so they could get it on; which she ran from but he blamed her. Anzu was the only one that stood up for her so they been best friends ever since. I think she develop feelings for the friendly if bland best friend of the male lead Makoto.


There is also Ryuya who was the leader of the gang of boys she used to hang out with when she was in elementary. He always had a crush on her, but he is not as hot as the three main guys so he doesn't stand a chance.

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#2 Phantom_999


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Posted 31 October 2022 - 12:35 AM

This looks like a funny romcom I may check it out :smile:


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