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#471075 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Don-kun on 01 June 2013 - 12:16 AM

I think is would be possible to think that IF Tsunade wasn't about to give him a chance. Tsunade was going to give him that date when he came back but he never did so I think that says a lot.


Also I think it is a better theme to have Naruto surpass his master by actually getting the girl and having a happy ending with her, every other parallel with NaruSaku either never gets to the point of romance (JirTsu) or ends with a tragedy due to circumstances (MinaKushi), the best way for Naruto AND Sakura to surpass the old generation is to get to the level of romance and in the end have a happy ending. This allows Naruto to get the girl and for Sakura to let go of her past crush.


Just my thoughts :D

I get what you meant great post.

I read Strider post he also made some good point but it was more about Sakura not allowing her past to consume and stop her from finding happiness, Naruto to finally achieve what he wanted, save is friend and get the girl, Sasuke would be able to make a better choice with his life and finally accept and acknowledge his friend, sadly this didn't have anything to do with Hinata.


Or... ends up with Sasuke and enjoys an abusive relationship :D

This was a really silly reply to a great post.

I know you're joking but I still wanted to say that.

#471060 Naruto 632

Posted by Don-kun on 31 May 2013 - 11:17 PM


You might want to check other threads dude. XD


Give me a minute and I'll find you the link.


EDIT: Hah... not even one minute. XD





Sorry for the delay reply I was already about to start heading home and since I was driving I could not reply at that time, thanks that was really helpful. :D


Also 六道仙人 thank you for always taking your time to assist us with translations, sometimes words really do get lost in MP and MS translation. :D

#467969 Naruto 631

Posted by Don-kun on 28 May 2013 - 01:51 PM

I wonder why people here panic so much?

First of all battle switching over to Kakashi vs Obito means that there won't be anymore secret since Kakashi was shown prepare to fight him, at this point is more of a resolution more than anything and before the fight progresses any further there needs to be a scene between Minato, Obito and Kakashi. Their might be some scenes but not a complete focus.


SS embrace yourself for a SS moment that will shake the fandom, really what about Naruto and his feeling? Do people honestly believe that Naruto the title should be place under more angst and hurt? Or people consider Sakura and Sasuke talking to each other a SS moment not character interaction?


Naruto don't likes SS, Sakura is uncomfortable with NH vs Hinata smiling at NS and now not giving a damn about it and Sasuke never seriously cared about anyone but himself and Itachi.


Sasuke at some point will acknowledge Sakura, he will be nicer and friendly with both of them, but first he needs to lose some of that superiority complex he has


Honestly you people see SS romance, I can only see a resolution plus I've a strong feelings that Sasuke will say something about Naruto and Sakura relationship to make them feel embarrassed and awkward.


But in any case Kishimoto hints that Sakura is still desiring to have a relationship with Sasuke them the manga would need to end Naru/Another girl, NH or no pairing, because at this stage Naruto does not need to keep doing anything to change Sakura's heart she knows everything she need to know apart from the bench scene and the reason why he likes her, so Sakura should already start considering or questioning her feelings for Naruto at this point, Naruto only needs to assure her that he will make her happy while she will have the satisfaction that Naruto was always the right choice.

#467861 Naruto Shippuden 314

Posted by Don-kun on 28 May 2013 - 04:57 AM

Whenever I click on someones spoiler tag post it takes me to a about:blank new tab (page), can someone explain how to read the spoiler tag comment?

Is there a new trick to it or I'm doing it wrong?