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#976047 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 24 November 2019 - 07:31 PM

When someone ask me who is Hinata love the most ? i ... instantly without even thinking and only take less than a second said : "TREES aND WaLLS OF COURSE".

and what is the thing Hinata hate the most they ask me , i said : "When her infinite tsukuyomi end of course".

Hanabi is honestly the more interesting sister and I havent even started Boruto yet.

#960055 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 12 January 2018 - 11:07 PM

LOL!!! So I was somewhat right?!  :lmao:.  I don't usually trust wiki but I'm not surprised at all, for an authentic ramen shop like that its a disgrace to even put instant ramen on the menu and its so not Ichiraku's style. Anyways my point being that its that easy to predict how utterly twisted this series can get  :roll: .  

I mean most of the ichiraku canon is from the anime... and that canon is slowly bleeding into regular canon. So if it has to come to that I chose to accept old Man Teuchi for the lovable kind soul he is as is daughter.


That said Ayake did some weird kitten buisness wise. Like selling the wildly sucessful diet ramen and replacing ramen with tsukemen for a bit. I`m not sure they would stoop so low as to serve lesser quality ramen especially after what appears to be Narutos one man campaign to get that man as much bussiness as he possibly can.

#960050 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 12 January 2018 - 09:55 PM

Hell yeah! I'll watch almost anything besides this sh!it, you pretty much can't go any lower than Naruto/Burrito that's for sure  :roll: .

Teuchi and Ayake. The only two people in the manga with intact characterisation.

#959943 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 11 January 2018 - 02:20 PM

Today I learned:


Apparently if you go to the Ichiraku Ramen wiki page (I`m having my first ramen on monday) and check the trivia you will find that in some brave new world canon version of events not only did Naruto and Hinata go on several dates there but apparently "Hinata Uzumaki" somehow defeated both Choji and Naruto in their ramen eating contest.




Sooner will I accept the notion that Sasuke somehow loved Sakura all along than the idea that Naruto took Hinata to his favorite ramen shop, owned by the two people who are arguably at worst the second people to accept Naruto if not the first.


This man and his daughter have been there for/with Naruto his entire life. They are so important to him that he made sure they had ample bussiness by using his star power to name drop them to people. This dude is the ramen king of Konoha thanks to Naruto.


So am I to understand that this glorious man and his daughter who have seen like 25% of NS development play out (possibly more off panel), just stood there as Naruto dated Hinata and never asked A BUNCH of question about his thing with Sakura which would have been obvious to them.


These two are way too MVP for this. (Still some of my favourite characters).


For the second issue. Hinata was never seen eating Ramen. And if RtN is a semiaccurate portrayal of Hinatas figure, then she is not far off from Ino in terms of body type. And Ino has been stated (in the anime at least) to be regularly on a diet. So were supposed to assume that this girl defeated two guys who are food consumption gods. The only reason naruto isnt fat and dead is his apparent genetic predesposition to ramen consumption and Choji actually is fat.


So what gives?

#959899 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 10 January 2018 - 07:30 PM


The thing about RtN Hinata is she's not that far removed from canon-Hinata deep down. Hinata ultimately has this possessiveness around Naruto, something I've described as her seeing him as moe. Like she doesn't acknowledge his strength, instead viewing him as the same loudmouth who never gave up in the academy. This is the mental image of him  that she idolizes, the failing student who refuses to give up while putting on a happy smile to cover his own sadness. In many ways Hinata fails to acknowledge how he's changed and instead looks down upon him, believing it her duty to defend him even from the criticisms of his children. Behind that shy exterior is someone who very much wants to push herself onto the sad little boy she wants to protect. She gets jealous of a scarf knitted by Naruto's dead mother for crying out loud!


RtN Hinata is a lot more open about it with her domineering nature. She is what is hidden underneath the underneath of Hinata.


Thats brilliant.


Holy Hannan you completely changed RtN for me. All this time I (and probably many others) had this subtle assumption that RtN counterparts were the opposites of their originals.


But If you look closely... they are rippled reflections of themselves. A few examples off the top of the head:


Hinata is a possessive kitten, which is what she would be if her shyness didn`t hold her back. (Think Erika from teen wolf). She is the outspoken domeneering woman she deep down wishes she could be. Because if you really think about her "desire" to be more confident... where does that road lead to?


Ino is a shy sexually repressed character in RtN which could hint at her deep insecurities since she amongst the kuniochi appears to pay the most attention to her appearance.


Gai is a tired old man seemingly swapping personalities with Kakashi but could ultimately show how tired he is and that his power of youth is leaving him.


Kakashi on the other hand is a upbeat go getter which could synch with the person he would of been if his life story wasnt full of tragedy.


Neji is a pervert which for all we know Neji could actually be as well if it werent for his clan imposed self discipline.


Ive got nothing on Kiba, maybe he just secretly also likes cats.



(Finally to the big boys)


Sasuke was in my view always going to become this if it werent for the Uchiha massacre. He is rich, dark and talented. Naturally women would have been all over him and would have lived the frat life.


And Naruto... I think Mnenma is a dark reflection of the part of Naruto that resented his parents for dying. It is an even darker reflection of Narutos darkest desire to have vengeance on the village that basically tortured him his entire young life. If Naruto was a less compassionate and kind person Mnenma would have easily been born.


This also fits with the whole metaphore of ripples in a lake representing spacetime. The RtN universe is not an inversion it simply obscured some of the traits that these characters had and allowed the ones underneath to see light.

#959788 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 08 January 2018 - 08:34 PM


... I just had a massive revelation. Hinata views Naruto as moe. It makes perfect sense. She looks at Naruto, her supposed idol, and ultimately feels the urge to protect him. Protect him from failure at the Chunin exams despite how it would affect both of their teams advancements if they got caught, protect him from enemies (or just be upset that he's going to lose) even if it means jumping into dangers far above her level rather than believe he can win, even criticisms from his children (trying to guilt Boruto or saying she doesn't want to trouble Naruto with something so minor as a DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP between him and their son). She fails to acknowledge just how strong Naruto actually is when she believes that as someone who retired at Chunin rank to be a housewife she can save him despite him being Hokage,  which is disgusting when Naruto's entire childhood was seeking attention and acknowledgement by those around him. She treats him like an overprotective parent treats their child, not as a wife.


I'm goddamn speechless right now. She doesn't recognize who he has become, she still sees him as that little boy she knew at the academy all those years ago.



You know, you might be right!... And it is scary to think about that....

I guess we can conclude that Kishimoto is in fact a genius.


He made the perfect manga about a boy who was mentally raped into marriage with a woman who was his life long stalker  and a deeply troubled person.


Open your eyes people. Its a horror manga. Its kinda like that movie where Nicole Kidman had amnesia and she lived with her stalker/rapist/would be murderer.

#959733 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 07 January 2018 - 05:47 PM

Its weird to think about some of these things in a darker light. I havent seen the "canon" movies but from what I understand Naruto's love for Hinata was more or less caused by a genjutsu... how does that not raise any red flags. The guy literally entered a marriage with a girl he had no real feelings for until his mental state was severely altered. I dont really wanna go into Cosby territory here but who signed off on this?

Its not much different for Sakura. If we're supposed to believe that she held her feelings for her (twice) would be murderer, the forehead scene had to be a major factor. And that was based on a false truth. So one has to wonder... did Sakura just never bring this up to Sasuke or did he just lie about it when she did?

If that was the case both Naruto and Sakura were in some way taken advantage of.

#959575 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 04 January 2018 - 05:27 PM

On the off chance this is an original observation (doubt it really)...

Why does NaruHina have all the makings of one of those naruto part one movies where he has a weird romance thing going with a princes/rich girl and then she dies and its never mentioned again. Its weird how interchangeable it actually is if you think about it.

#959421 Happy New Year 2018

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 31 December 2017 - 11:25 PM

Happy news years everyone. Heres to hoping that this year Kishi finnally says: "It was just a prank guys"

#959125 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 27 December 2017 - 10:57 PM

Oh we can't have that happen. That would hurt the SS fans feelings. Nah, we will secretly say that Tsunade and Sakura come from the same clan and she got Hashirama's DNA some how because....genetics.


I guess it is just a fashion statement. "Glasses make me look smart." -Salad 2017.


We knew that since Boruto the movie came out.

Turns out Tsunade only really trained Sakura because her second cousin was Sakura`s mom`s aunt lol.


At this point Hashirama genes are like the fidget spinners of the Naruto world. Everybody seems to have more than could be reasonably expected. 

#959118 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 27 December 2017 - 10:21 PM

Guys I haven`t really caught up to the Boruto manga yet... but am I the only one who gets the feeling that Naruto is just actively avoiding his home at this point. If you think about it theres no reason that Naruto behind the desk can`t be a clone. And really can you blame him?


Thats a horrible home to return to.

#958957 The dialog corner V 2.0

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 24 December 2017 - 10:53 PM



he said as if it was still 2014. Well it`s now the end of 2017. It`s been years and I`ve learned how to spell dialogue. Go figure right. On the off chance anybody will actually read this. Here`s to old times sake.


Good old days

#652938 Going Forward: A New Pledge for Heaven & Earth

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 09 November 2014 - 12:11 PM


#649945 Bolt+Himawari Appreciation Thread

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 07 November 2014 - 11:31 PM

Honestly the blond kid cannot be Hinatas. I dont care if the adopted the bloke but NH cannot produce a blond baby.


Everey Hyuuga in existence has had black or brown hair. Both of which are dominant genes. Even suposing that the Hyuugas at some point have had a heterogenic makeup generations of inbreeding probably homogenised their entire geno and fenotype. So how do you suppose that a recesive blond gene managed to overpower a dominant black one.


Bolt is cute, but I still have to wonder where the frick the hairstyle came from. And, those whiskers shouldn't be able to be inherited since they are not actually part of Naruto's genetic makeup...but I guess Kishi was like "pfft, screw logic". Or maybe he did it like that on purpose, knowing it wouldn't make sense and the fans wouldn't buy it. (One of my unprovable theories is the ending was forced and Kishi made it as bad as he could as a protest.)

Also the whiskers are another biological nono.


Honestly if you ask me Kishi was forced to make SS and NH happen but he did it in a way which could not be 100% proven. A set of convenient excuses could make both the pairings non cannon considering how they are never actually seen in a single pannel. Just a lot of hints.


That or this manga is brilliant. Listen to this.


If you take Naruto not as a hero journey but as social commentary and an allegory for idealism than this manga and its endings are brilliant. In the original flawed world that Naruto was born in everyone had a place and a purpose. Some better and some worse. Even Naruto strived for something. Wheather it be Sakura, Sasuke, the ultimate ramen cup or rebooting the established social order.


What Naruto had done from the moment the war started was a chain of events that would lead to the end of the ninja world. During the course of the war the ninja population was decimated several times. Naruto consolidated so much power in himself that he became the living god of the ninja world. When he "saved the world" he was immediately overwelmed with the issue of Sasuke now wanting to fight him. Finally having managed to finnish the fight his last real obstacle was done. At that point the one thing left to do was confess to Sakura. But upon seeing her strugling with her emotion he lost all confidence. At that point he realised he had reached his peak.


Then Kakashi became hokage. Naruto now had the power of the gods and no real use for it. Once you peaked you can go only downhill. So Naruto simply remained for a period of time. What was there left for him. By this point he was a tired soldier only 17 years old. So kitten goes down he ends up with Hinata. The once idealistic optimist had reached it all, except the one thing he wanted.

So now Naruto becomes the same bitter adult many ninjas before him were. And eventually an absent father. And the cycle continues. At least those are the micro issues.


On the larger scale. This is where it went wrong. The ninja population decimated. Most strong ninjas dead or reduced to housewives. The ninja suddenly becomes absolete. There are no grea wars to fight, no ultra powerful S ranked enemies to defeat. Only bandits and missing cats. With the lack of need for offensive jutsu they eventually die out (as withnesed in the ino-shika-cho scene). The war driven economy collapses due to peace (as seen with tenten). Unemployment amongst ninjas is high due to a lack of civilian education.


Along the lines machines are developed. Macbook grade machines. And the population booms. Skyscrappers are being built. The ninja village eventually becomes a city. And thus a well defended ninja village of the past has no need for a kage and eventually even the kage is removed.


And so the ninja world is once again ready for war. But with the outside world of ordinary countries.



At least thats my take on it. If we look at it from a social commentary standpoint.

#647962 FoolishYoungling's thoughs on the conclusion of Naruto.

Posted by StrikerTheNoble on 07 November 2014 - 05:42 AM

Jordan i wisheth to send thee a message but thy messenger is unavailable. What is the meaning of this :D?