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Striker`s rants and dialogues > Bribe-no-jutsu

Posted 11 January 2018

*Choji is eating BBQ alone*
Hinata:(Drops a bag on his table and sits down) This is 5 years worth of Hyuuga allowance I saved. I need a favour.
Choji: Hello to you too Hinata.
Hinata: (sits silently)
Choji: What do you need?
Hinata: Teach me the expansion jutsu.
Choji: It`s a secret family technique, I can`t just...
Hinata:(Drops another bag on the...

Striker`s rants and dialogues > Backlog

Posted 08 January 2018

Source: The dialog corner V 2.0

Striker`s rants and dialogues > Training day

Posted 06 January 2018

Sarada: (falls face forwards on the couch) How does he never get tired?
Sakura: I warned you sweetie.
*Naruto walks in*
Sarada:(Jumps up) Hokage-sensei.
Sakura: Hey Naruto.
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan. Hope I`m not intruding.
Sakura: Hell no. You`re welcome here anytime. Especially now that you are training my kid.
Naruto: It`s my pleasure. She could loosen u...

Striker`s rants and dialogues > To clone or not to clone?

Posted 06 January 2018

*Sakura walking from the grocery store*
Naruto: Need some help?
Sakura: Sure thing clone Naruto
Naruto: (Takes the bags) How do you know I`m a clone?
Sakura: I could find out for sure... but then I`d have to carry all these bags.
Naruto: Or I could be real and you would be punching the Hokage on the streets.
Sakura: As If that never happens.
Random Hyuuga...

Striker`s rants and dialogues > Nightly slip-ups

Posted 04 January 2018

*In the Uzumaki bedroom, both are sleeping,*
Naruto: Sakura-chan
Hinata:(As she wakes up just in time to hear him sleep talking) Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Yes?
Hinata: I will be sleeping in the other room until further notice.
Naruto: Why?
Hinata: Perhaps Sakura-chan would prefer my place.
Naruto: What are you talking about?
Hinata: You sleep talk Naruto. (Leav...