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08 October 2020 - 02:24 AM

What'ssss up everybody. Haven't been here in a while, but I like to come back now and then, especially when I'm announcing some community projects and whatnot!


Another community project has cropped up. This is different than my own personal project still in the works. It's called SHINACHIKU KOSEN, aka, Shinachiku Arc. It's literally Shinachiku's arc of the story, but KOSEN sure does sound cooler huh?


Copying from the NaruSaku Wiki



The world has changed a lot since Naruto took power. As Naruto spreads his vision of peace throughout the land, darkness and suffering still lurks underneath. All the lose ends left behind comes to the surface bringing chaos across the nations. A mysterious man calling himself the “True Fox” appears, vowing to bring true peace to their world. But first, Uzumaki Naruto must fall.

Tied by politics and rules, it’s up to Shinachiku’s generation to discover the truth and save the only world they’ve ever known from falling to darkness once more.


Naruto’s dream of peace is slowly coming to fruition. By the time Shinachiku is well into ninja training, the system has drastically changed. The chuunin exams are no longer a fight to the death, they are more like undokai (field day) or marathons.


You aren’t permitted to go on certain missions until you have graduated (~17). The five great nations are still allied, even moreso now with Naruto leading the effort.

People and smaller villages/towns have not been blessed with the beauty of “peace”. Entire families and villages who relied on shinobi conflicts between people and villages are going under and suffering greatly. And despite Naruto’s efforts, Amegakure is still impossible to penetrate, among other things.


A new mysterious foe who refers to himself as True Fox speaks to the down trodden and suffering, promising “true peace” but restoring the world to it’s proper function. First things’ first, overthrown Naruto and crush his “dreams of peace”.


Modoki, the True Fox, first sets his sights on Sunagakure. Although all the villages have a strong alliance now, Suna and Konoha have the strongest because of Naruto and Gaara‘s friendship. (Optional: Also, Temari marrying into Konoha). If the link between Suna and Konoha were broken, the rest of the alliance would easily crumble.

Modoki sends shinobi disguised as Konoha nin to attack Suna, heavily injuring one of Gaara’s children.


To be continued….




So, we're basically making two more arcs post the Naruto ending if NaruSaku became canon with Shinachiku as the lead. We've run a few polls already for various things such as the logo and the part 1 villain.


The main villain or part 1 is Modoki, meaning return/revert/go backwards which represents his current mission, end Naruto's "fake" peace and return the world to what it once was. He goes by codename "True Fox" as he wears a stolen Uzumaki artifact on his face, a black fox mask.


Below you'll find some concept art and the logo options we voted for. If I recall correctly, I think #2 won but let me know your thoughts!








The format of this project is somewhat an interactive comic. It will have music and voice clips. Not entire dialogue though, which will be left to speech bubbles. You can see an example here:



Just recently we decided on Shinachiku's VA. It's a fancast, of course. I left the identity of the VA up to guess!



We've got a voice for Arashi picked out as well. Hanami is the tricky one, so we'll be doing a poll on which voice people like best. Then we'll have to worry about people like Modoki and stuff. :hehehe: The plot is coming along nicely. A lot of details left to figure out, and of course, the art assets is going to be the hardest part, but it's pretty exciting yeah!