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#975208 NaruSaku Zine 2019 | Alternate Universe Bonanza

Posted by kirabook on 11 October 2019 - 06:15 PM

At last at last, preorders are open! We had a bit of a delay because some participants had other things going on (sadly, one of them wasn't able to contribute because of family distress...)


You can find the shop here! Last year's zine is available in pdf format as well.



For more information, you can check out this post:


#973069 [OPINION] We don't have to hate the Naruto series, just because the endin...

Posted by kirabook on 07 June 2019 - 11:51 AM

The issue is that many of the emotional points and character development was basically... just washed away because of the ending. I can't call myself a fan, I definitely don't think of myself as one. I don't read the manga anymore. I don't watch the anime. I don't play the games. I don't care about Naruto or Burrito, at all. All I care about is Naruto and Sakura (plus some other characters of course). If I could pluck them out of the Naruto series and put them somewhere else, I would (which I am doing, personally)


I refuse to call myself a Naruto fan because I kinda do hate it. It makes me sour every time I think about what happened and how Kishimoto gave his story to people who just want money and will ruin an entire franchise to boost up a character who never really mattered. 


Whatever happens in the series moving forward? I just don't care. I don't pay attention. I have no idea what's going on in the fandom outside of NaruSaku. 


While I don't conflate the idea that being a fan means you must absolutely love everything, I think you still have to at least like it a little and pay attention to what's happening on some level. But I don't. So I've drawn an extremely hard line, I'm not a Naruto fan, I'm specifically and only a NaruSaku fan. 

#973067 NaruSaku Zine 2019 | Alternate Universe Bonanza

Posted by kirabook on 07 June 2019 - 03:45 AM

The content for the NaruSaku zine has to be new and not posted prior to the book. We do this so that people who buy it will have fresh new stuff to look at. You can write a new poem to submit though!

#973059 NaruSaku Zine 2019 | Alternate Universe Bonanza

Posted by kirabook on 06 June 2019 - 12:23 AM

> You mean like 6 inch x 9 inch? That would make it 432 x 648 Pixels. 


6 x 9 inches in pixels is 1800 x 2700 px and 300dpi. I'm not sure how you arrived at your measurements.... You can test this yourself in photoshop. 


> Confusing


I'm assuming you mean you are confused about artist disclaimers and signatures? We don't want the art to be marred by the usual big artist signature used to keep people from stealing art online. These are printed pieces, so there's no need to paste a huge signature on top. I mean sure, an idiot could scan it into a computer and post it, but I doubt anyone would go through the effort. Somewhere around the art is totes ok though no issues with signatures in general


> So each page is between 325-1300 words? Or the total of 4 pages must be under 1300 words? 


Each page can only contain 325 words. You have 4 pages for writing, making that a total of 1300 words or less. 1300 words on a single 6 x 9 page would be really tiny. Oof


Where can I find previous examples of all these? 


Many people last year eventually posted their work after the zine released and most people got their copies. You can find them on this blog: https://narusakuzine...blr.com/archive


> And we can submit a fic and a separate piece of art (not relate to the story)? 


Of course of course ^_^

#973045 NaruSaku Zine 2019 | Alternate Universe Bonanza

Posted by kirabook on 05 June 2019 - 12:44 PM

Heya, long time no see. We've decided to start up another zine this year! Here's the info. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. 




The time has finally come! I have time to run the NaruSaku Zine 2019 again this year!

Last year, we released NaruSaku Zine 2018 on NaruSaku Day, April 3rd. Of course, we didn’t make it to the exact date but it was pretty close! It was very hard, but I’m glad people enjoyed their books. I have learned a lot about managing and finances as well.

NaruSaku Zine 2019 is set to release October 10, 2019, Naruto’s birthday! The Theme

The theme this year is Alternate Universes! What better way to enjoy fandom works than AU upon AU? That’s right, there is no better way!

We have seen various AUs and slight iterations of Naruto over the years through chapter covers drawn by Kishimoto. It’s time to continue the trend! You aren’t REQUIRED to follow the AU Theme and can create normal NaruSaku art. After all, normal NaruSaku art is simply a Shinobi AU

Need some ideas? Here are some!:

  • High School
  • College
  • Modern
  • Royal
  • Cowboy
  • Samurai
  • Desert
  • Fairy tale
  • Road Trip
  • Musical
  • Carnival
  • High Fantasy
  • Crime/Gang
  • Alien
  • Supernatural/Vampire/Werewolf
  • Reincarnation
  • Wizard
  • Medieval
The Guidelines

The rules have not changed much from last year, but it never hurts to have a few guidelines


  • Art pieces must be 6 x 9 and at least 300 dpi for printing. If you do not meet these requirements, your image may end up stretched, pixelated, or cropped which does not look nice.
  • Artist disclaimers and signatures are fine, but try not to be too distracting since this is a printed book and not digital.


  • Pages will be 6 x 9 inches and 0.79 “margins.
  • Font will be Garamond 12px 1.15 line spacing. This is subject to change.
  • Each page can contain 325 words, that’s a hard limit of 1300. This equals 4 pages, aka 2 pages front and back. If art pieces are accompanying your story, please make room for them.


  • The art and writing must be PG-13. This is so the NaruSaku Zine can be shipped and sold to all countries and avoid any legal trouble along the way.
  • All art and writing must be created newly for the Zine and not previously posted online.
  • No edits or traces of the official manga. Everything must be original and created by us.
  • Not a hard rule, but we strongly suggest NOT posting your work online until the Zine has already been released.
  • All NaruSaku Zine participants will get 1 free proof copy of the zine
  • Deadline for entries is September 1st, 2019. This is to make sure there is enough time to print proofs and get copies sent out to all participants before printing the final books.
How to Participate

After reading everything here, you can sign up using this form. If you have any questions you can send an ask or message.

Thank you!


#966100 Project: Rewrite

Posted by kirabook on 19 June 2018 - 06:48 PM

*appears from the shadows*

Heyo. Here is a ... well, it's not really a demo yet (I do plan to make a demo) of what my project will kind of be like. It's far from done of course, but it's getting there (this build is actually a little old). The music that plays is a concept for a main theme. I think this one in particular is Natsuo's theme. 



#963821 NaruSaku Fanzine

Posted by kirabook on 06 April 2018 - 05:33 PM

Here is the table of contents





#963820 NaruSaku Fanzine

Posted by kirabook on 06 April 2018 - 05:30 PM

P.S: Pre-orders end May 1st, so don't wait too long to order. It's going to be a finite amount. It MIGHT get reprinted next year, but that's a big maybe. 


You can see some previews here:























#963601 NaruSaku Fanzine

Posted by kirabook on 31 March 2018 - 05:09 PM

Pre-orders for the zine will be opening April 3rd



#962514 NaruSaku Fanzine

Posted by kirabook on 01 March 2018 - 01:35 PM

Good good. You can make poems too (sadly poetry isn't my thing). We've got one oft those so far.

Also, if you manage to write only one page (which is about 500 words, SUPER HARDCORE CHALLENGE), some of us have volunteered to make a matching art piece

#962467 NaruSaku Fanzine

Posted by kirabook on 28 February 2018 - 02:06 AM

Behind the scenes right now, we’re all debating on which cover we’ll be using for the NaruSaku Zine. Want a tease? Here you go!



Difficult to see, I know. But trust me it is beautiful. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Which brings me to a little contest!

The first person to guess what the front cover looks like or gets close enough to it will get a free copy and they will get to choose one of the cover options for their NaruSaku Zine! I am looking for specific keywords. Anyone participating in the zine cannot enter.

Submit your answers (or questions) to me. You cannot be anonymous for obvious reasons. When the winner is decided, you’ll be contacted! This will not be the only opportunity to win a free copy, so stay tuned!

If you signed up to be a participant, make sure you drop into the Discord to make a vote and voice your opinion on which cover will be used.

As a thank you for participating in the zine, all participants who contributed their work will get to choose the cover they want on their zine (If it’s not the version that will be given to everyone else). All participants will get a free copy of the zine (mostly for proofing purposes)

#952215 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by kirabook on 18 October 2017 - 02:44 AM

Kyuubi chakra does not pass down genetically. Shina would not gain anything from Naruto except a bit of Uzumaki blood. Shina and Tsunade share a similar genetic makeup, so Shina can certainly grow to be very powerful without any kyuubi chakra.


Most of us on tumblr definitely have Hanami taking after Naruto and eventually wanting to be Hokage. Not for typical BS reasons that are forced, but because even with all of Naruto's work, it could easily be undone if the right kind of person came and threw a wrench in it. So she wants to continue Naruto's legacy and protect it. This comes included with her own cloak that we made up




and bonus comic from the tums by aaliyah-draws, which illustrates her personality and their sibling dynamic pretty well



Ah Shina, my boy :wow: He's certainly more like Sakura and Minato than he is his father, but they also share some goofiness/lovable idiot vibes even though Shina is not exactly an idiot. (maybe a little lazy/distracted by slugs) And yes, a big part of his character is that he doesn't end up wanting to be Hokage even though he's proud of Naruto's accomplishments and progress. He wants to find his own way. What that way is, I don't know. But ANBU could be one. He is trained to be a medical ninja, but who knows if he completely fulfills the role of that when put on a team (as in, he's probably not usually designated healer unless something real bad happens)


Actually, pumyteh and I right now are trying to decide what his chakra color would be. We discussed his nature would most likely be wind since it's hereditary, and maybe a secondary earth, water (Sakura), or lightning (possibly Minato). Naruto's chakra was originally yellow in the manga, and the anime made it blue. Minato's was also yellow. Sakura's we never truly see except her healing chakra. We never truly see Kushina's except a red aura when she's angry. And we never see Mebuki or Kizashi's.



#951554 The whole Fake Confession bit is one of the worst written parts of the series

Posted by kirabook on 12 October 2017 - 10:35 AM

Every time they post that, someone should just post the databook and other such evidence in reply. XD As I said before, that person is clearly not here to actually debate or accept any facts, so I don't know why people bother.

#950741 The whole Fake Confession bit is one of the worst written parts of the series

Posted by kirabook on 02 October 2017 - 11:32 PM

I don't mind the confession at all, but it was poorly written and now that the manga has "ended", it makes no sense in or out of context.


I think what Kishi was going for was a defining moment where Sakura truly gave up on Sasuke and left it to Naruto. It should have been the moment where she realized her feelings wouldn't save Sasuke, only Naruto's, and therefore, she would support Naruto even in the final battle. She can't face Sasuke alone.


I think in the end, that feeling got across for me, but in the stupidest way possible. Sakura's confession played off seriously, but it quickly went downhill at the mention of Sasuke. During this confession scene, Sasuke shouldn't have been mentioned at all. It made Sakura look silly and deceitful. It lead Naruto to believe she was lying, and it made Sakura seem uncertain about her feelings.


I think the confession scene should have played out much the same. Sakura confesses to Naruto, but Sasuke is never mentioned. Naruto doesn't believe her, and it ends with her insistent that she's telling the truth, and to her surprise, maybe even hurt by his confused rejection.


She would have then gone after Sasuke to kill him which was her original goal. She went there to either bring Naruto back with her safely, or to kill Sasuke who was hurting Naruto in a multitude of ways. Sai should have explained she was doing this to protect Naruto, not a confusing mess about how she loved Sasuke, therefore she must kill him.


During the confrontation when facing Sasuke, it is then that Sakura should explain her intentions and how she wants to break the promise because of how much it was hurting Naruto, but Naruto would correct her and say he wanted to bring Sasuke back for other reasons too.


In the end, Sakura would have come to a similar conclusion. Only Naruto can help Sasuke, or rather, she is not the one who will save Sasuke, but Naruto that is how she can help, but helping Naruto.


Sakura had been clearly moving on from Sasuke as the series continued on and it only makes sense. She hasn't seen him in years, and every time they've met they've tried to kill each other. Sakura's feelings shifting from love to ... pity? seems like a logical transition. But that's not the only point. The other point is reiterating Sakura's promise to be there to help Naruto bring Sasuke back next time. Like, that was SUCH an important moment that was never truly fulfilled in the end. Sakura didn't help with anything.


If the scene had gone down like this, Naruto and Sakura v Sasuke would have made sense. Unfair maybe, but that is the scenario that was hinted at since the end of Part 1. So, to conclude:


I don't mind the confession as it is written now, but as it stands, it makes no sense and it's the turning point in the series towards its inevitable dive into the dumpster.

#950096 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by kirabook on 25 September 2017 - 11:54 PM

The problem I find with Burrito's dad is that he tarnished a cute hair style on Naruto.


CHIE was giving Naruto cute short hair cuts that were actually cute for years. It's not the short hair, it's the entire Burrito's dad getup that I don't like.