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Posted 17 June 2008 - 06:50 AM

Here is a list of the non-Naruto based RPGs within the RP Forum, so that we don't have about six different intro topics pinned at the top of the forum. Everything will be listed here, with links to each appropriate Introduction thread with all the information within those threads by the original creators. Please do not post in this thread, as it is only a table of contents for those of you who have trouble thinking of which RP to join.

Just click on each Game Title link to go to whichever RPG Thread you wish to join, or check out.


The Great H&E Sky Universe RPG by Forgotten Bushido

Click here for Sky RPG --Click here to view--
QUOTE (Captain Bushido of the Barracuda)
Welcome to the Skies of H&E.

The following will be a game based off of Piracy,Final Fantasy, and Japanese Mythology. In the beginning this was just a little something I had a story for involving Shauna and I that had written some time ago. Well in the LC it has sort of exploded.

The Idea is that the world below(earth) Is now a relic of the past and torn by war.

"The War of the Summoners." Summoners, ones who could evoke beasts from the crystals that reflected the monsters in their own hearts. These Summoners were great practitioners of ancient magicks drawing from the powers of the great crystals that the gods had placed on the earth for it's balance. These men and women searched the planet incessantly for crystals. Their numbers increased and soon formed factions, these factions were very loyal to ones country, thus giving the leaders of men a chance to do battle. Temple after temple was built in honor of such summoners and their guardians, their crystals were dug up and placed in these structures for worship. As I'm sure you've figured out this war was costly on the planet and the people within, that over time it's land was no longer suitable for life.

In efforts to regain control and forge a new path for mankind we took to the heavens...The leaders of men sought out the gods to attain their blessing in hopes of entering the skies above. Doing so, they forged with the god's help floating cities and massive airship fleets. Many years it took to bring what earth and cattle they could up above. One such denizen, The Lovely Sakura-hime; In the time of the great migration she forged a pact with the goddess Ametarasu. Her efforts delivered her the most prominent place in the heavens. So the young Queen had her grand Palace and City of the Sun built in at the highest point in the sky.

This place became home to many people of all race and creed.

Her beauty and power was so grand that soon her palace grew into city-states and eventually it soon became an empire. As time passed, Sakura's power came at a price. However, as she was bound to the great goddess of the sun she must also have the greatest army...the greatest place in the heavens.

This came by power of war....

To do this she ordered her fastest ship to find the "Great Pirate King Bushido" and his Airship "Barracuda". In doing so she persuaded the Pirate to join her ranks and command her armies in conquest of more sky.

History has a way of repeating itself...the was war among the Kingdoms once again...


The Great H&E Sky CRUSHER! RPG by Forgotten Bushido

Click here for Sky CRUSHER! RPG --Click here to view--
QUOTE (ForgottenBushido @ Nov 8 2008, 03:55 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

As the Name, and Description describes; This is the sequel to the Original H&E Sky Piracy RPG. The play will be the same as before, Team Leaders and members will create threads and embark on personal or player vs player threads. Players have a choice in this version of the game, as they may play as a Team of mercenaries hired by earths defending republic, OR players may join the invading sky empire.


As things were in our previous adventure, The skies had been divided up into 10 kingdoms and empires. However, what do most ambitious rulers with power want? More power. Most or all of the Sky Pirates became mercenaries or allowed themselves to become conscripts for the major powers. The Empire of Evil Fire and her Emperor Tanaka, Juubei lead his navy through the northern sky countries sweeping up their resources and technology. Doing so made the remaining kingdoms to the south join together in an uneasy alliance under the Empire of the Sun's banner. Sakura-hime lead the alliance north with her allies(Steel, Moon, and Thunder's Crash). As well Tanaka lead his attack south. The two sides came together in a clash over the City of Middle-Heaven. In the beginning the battle went smoothly for Sakura-hime's alliance, until the Dreadnought Shiva appeared on the scene with it's army of undead elvish warriors. Soon the battle turned in favor of none. Forcing the two sides into a stalemate. A secret meeting between Sakura-hime and Tanaka was held under the cover of night. The two agreed to a cease fire until the Shiva was destroyed. All guns were now turned on the Shiva, and again the tide of war turned. The Shiva finally fell after a month of hard fighting. By this time the two sides were has sustained innumerable losses, and suffered from a serious decline in morale. Another meeting was then publicly held below in the center of Middle-Heaven's seat of power, the home of Kanahide, Ritsuko. Kanahide being the victim of this terrible battle reluctantly agreed to mediate. At the close of the meeting it was agreed that war would be inevitably averted.

As a result, the skies had now been divided into three zones. The Southern Sun Alliance, The City of Middle Heaven a Neutral Area, and the Empire of Northern Flame. For Fifteen years there was peace, and the peoples of the great sky nations rebuilt their lives anew. However tensions were high over who's side Kanahide might join if fighting would again resume. Kanahide knew she had very little choice in the matter as she did not want to see her city suffer again. She finally came to a decision and joined the side of Sakura-hime, and again war was on the horizon. During those then years, Sakura-hime had focused again on her own nation bolstering her economy and took on a plan of pacifism.

Meanwhile, Tanaka was busy sending teams of Sky pirates and other mercenaries down to the planet to excavate the Shiva and other relics of war. Appealing to The Pirate King's pocket book, effectively hiring Bushido and his Airship: The Barracuda to lead these trips to the surface. Bushido returned time and time again successfully bringing Dragoon and Summoner relics back to Tanaka. Over the course of these fifteen years Tanaka had amassed a great wealth of arms, and built a great many airships, as well restore The Shiva. Tanaka turned his Northern Empire into a machine of war, while Sakura-hime still focused on peace and economic stability.

Once Tanaka's spies returned to inform him of Kanahide's defection, He ordered full-attack on Sakura-hime's Southern Sun alliance! Tanaka's Armada stretched for as far as the eye could see. When It reached The City of Middle-Heaven all out war was again in full swing. Kanahide's defenses were not nearly enough to hault The Empire's advance and was soon obliterated, and wiped from existence. Ironic since this was the second city The Shiva had destroyed. However, this time she was refurbished and lead an entire fleet at her flank. Sakura however, was not without a solid defense! She sent out the whole of her Royal Navy lead by The Siren. The Guns of The Siren and Shiva met again with a thunderous accord! The Siren did not stand alone as she flew with the Ifrit and Alexander, flagships of the Moon and Thunder's Crash. The Great Avatars fought it out along side their fighters and bomber squadrons sending many to their death. However, with all their might the Ifrit and Alexander were no match for the Shiva's new armament, and sank into oblivion. Mechanized troop carriers dropped down to the streets of Sakura's mighty capitol filling it with Tanaka's hoards of heavily armored soldiers. She met the soldiers personally along with her palace guard in a last stand for freedom. Her sword was swift as she cut through the continuous onslaught of malicious warriors. But she could not stop them all...valiantly she struggled to the very end.

The skies now dominated by one banner, and one Lord. With destruction of The Southern Sun's capitol, the rest soon fell swiftly under the blade of Tanaka's Armada.

"The world of the gods is the god's no longer." - Tanaka, Juubei

After his victory, Tanaka united the kingdoms held in the sky. Of course not everyone was happy with this new world. Sakura-Hime indeed survived with the aide of some of her most loyal compatriots..Sky Pirates. Once word of this came 'round to Tanaka, he again hired The Pirate King to do his dirty work. Bushido again took the Emperor's coin and sought out the renegade queen and all her allies. The Pirate King swept the empire searching her out, and killing anyone in his way. Ultimately the two found each other in a broken down hanger on the far side of the former City of Fortune. Meeting her there was like a bad dream all over again...Since she'd sent him there to begin with many years ago. However, He didn't have it in him to kill her. Instead, he joined her and left for exile on the planet's surface.

After Bushido's mission was reported a "Success", Tanaka decided to begin efforts to colonize the planet. The Great Mist had been wearing thin and was beginning to dissipate, showing clear signs that the earths surface had been restored. With the mist now clear, he sent emissaries and settlers to colonize this new world and expand his empire...Eventually the planet had begun to repopulate over the years following the war.

As for The Queen and The Pirate King, They were never heard from again.

100 Years Later...

Tanaka's colonization plans were a complete success and the planet was stable once again.

The Hume's returned to their homes restoring their old cities from the ruins that they were reduced to by the tides of war.

The Half-Elves excavated and restored the vast majority of the Elvaan relics and temples. A new Order of Dragoons was established, and Elvish blood again began to thrive.

The Vierra returned to the forest Enclave bringing new life to the planets rich foliage.

The Mithra and Moogle-kind rebuilt their towns and villages in the western deserts and began practicing their summoning arts once again.

The remnants of the Galka and Garif joined forces to restore the world itself, spreading out to all corners giving what aid they could...

As for the Bangaa, Proud strong warriors quickly returned to their calling as hired mercenaries for the Hume populous.

However, Tanaka did not live long enough to see his vision complete, dying of old age in his Palace of an unknown sickness, his successor Tetsuo Nishimura took the throne. Nishimura being an incredibly ambitious man set out to reform the Empire, and ready it for complete recolonization of earth. His plan was to drop the sky...this was not going to go smoothly as the earth's new Republic sought out independence from the Empire and raised arms to protect it. The Republic didn't waste time with peace talks nor did they engage in any kind of diplomacy. With new technology in hand the Republic stuck first, igniting a war in the Sky once again....

Join the Side of the Empire or the Republic...


Kingdom Hearts RP by Tsunade

Click here for Kingdom Hearts RPG --Click here to view--
QUOTE (Tsu-chan)
Kingdom Hearts Role Play
It’s a team thing you know?
(For 3+ members a thread)

The stars in the sky are starting to disappear from the sky and you realise what is left. Then one night out of nowhere you are ripped from your world and fall into…

Travers Town – a place that most wandering souls end up in only the first district is safe from the heartless that have taken over the worlds.


Hollow Bastion (you know all KH2 like) – In the mist of rebuilding it to its former glory, but still is filled with heartless.


Twilight Town – A beautiful city almost slightly free from heartless.

Xemnas the man that has created all evilness known as the heartless is trying to open the door that is KINGDOM HEARTS. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and will destroy anything that is blocking his path. Your mission is to find your own home world and defeat the darkness that has taken over and destroyed so many worlds like your own.


Zombie Survivor RP: Survive the Nightmare by krisk

Click here for Zombie RPG --Click here to view--
QUOTE (kiki)
Welcome To The Nightmare...

Okay! So this online RP is based on your real-life events as you try to survive against the odds of an outbreak of a deadly virus, which is affecting everyone you know and don't know... and turning them into flesh-hungry zombies. This RP branches off from the makings of the game, Resident Evil, and the movie series, The Dawn of the Dead/The Land of the Dead/ Shaun of the Dead/etc. So if you're kind of lost with what this RP is based on, I suggest ya mosey on down to these links here:
Resident Evil (Game)!
Dead Rising (Game)
Dawn of the Dead (Movie)
Land of the Dead (Movie)
I Am Legend (Movie)
- wow.png
Once the peaceful Raccoon City has mysteriously transformed into a living dead nightmare. Bloodthirsty zombies and grotesque creatures roam the streets, and unspeakable mutant horrors lurk around every corner.

The outbreak has begun...
...and spread to neighboring cities and towns. One of which:

Haven (H&E) City

The outbreak has seeped into the quiet, prosperous Haven City and it's up to us, as residents, to overcome this living dead nightmare and stay alive...


The Great H&E Soap Opera: Season 1
The Great H&E Soap Opera: Season 2
H&E Soap Opera: Profiles
H&E Soap Opera: Avatars
H&E Soap Opera Discussion: Season 1&2
H&E Soap Opera Discussion: Season 2


Star Wars RP by Ultima aka ZJ

<div style="background:#B7E5CE;border:1px dotted #000;border-bottom:0;border-left:4px solid #429E6F;color:#000;font-weight:bold;font-size:10px;margin:8px auto 0 auto;padding:3px;">
Spoiler! --Click here to view--
</div><div style="color:#000;background:#FAFCFE;border:1px dotted #000;border-left:4px solid #429E6F;border-top:0;padding:4px;margin: 0 auto 8px auto;display:none;"><!-- OLD ID1 2cd765d2f4b9655e8fc2ac7260344689')" END1 --><!-- OLD ID22cd765d2f4b9655e8fc2ac7260344689"END2 -->
QUOTE (ZeroJutsu @ Apr 5 2008, 04:53 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
UPCOMING STAR WARS RP: Would love sign-ups and suggestions.
And signing up: State your character name, race, Jedi/Republic officer rank (or Sith/Separatist) and a bit about yourself. laugh.gif

- Its set up in the Old Republic
- Basically Republic vs Separatists
- Set between Episodes II-III
- Clone Wars included
- Interstellar traveling allowed
- Original saga characters allowed
- Limit on Force Powers: NO OMGWTFBBQ I killed with with Force Lightning
- Sign up here, and I'll create separate threads for either side.


Wars of the Roses RP by Yakatori Pie

Click here for War of the Roses --Click here to view--
QUOTE (Yakatori Pie @ Feb 2 2008, 08:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Hear ye! Hear ye!

King Henry V has passed away last night! The House of York and the House of Lancaster are fighting over the throne! Hear thee traveler , hear thee soldier , now your torn apart by this wrenching war where two parties want one thing! The Throne of England!

Will you assist York! Led by ( Main York Leader's name character. ). Or side with Lancaster's ( Main Lancaster name character. )!

England is two now , as discussion and perhaps fury will rage on! Hear ye! Hear ye! Do not fret! If you cannot fight , you'll run!

The ones with might choose a side and see what is inshore for you!

- Cain L'arachel , Public announcer , 1415 in London.


Cyber-Knights RPG by Demonic_Wonder

Click here for Megaman RPG --Click here to view--
QUOTE (Demonic_Wonder @ Apr 9 2008, 08:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This is an idea I've been toying with. I kind of mixed Megaman Battle Network with the medieval time period. (You don't need to know anything about Megaman for this though.)Basically you live in the Internet The internet is a physical place. In this place there are alot of major battles where Guilds fight Guilds for territory.

Game History
In the year 3025, Dr. Hikari invented the cyber transfer where human beings may go into the cyber-world. The chance of an Apocolypse made all human beings use this transfer method to go inot the cyber-world. Then started the the territory arguements. Families and friends sided together and became guilds. They started fighting. Angered by the fighting Dr.Hikari created thses relics. Which ever guild was in control of these relics controled certain area's of the net. Years passes and a new generation came to be. They were not intersted in these relics. They wanted money. and lots of it. Thus the treaure hunts began. This created many types of Net-People. Cyber-Bounty-Hunters, Cyber-Pirates. Cyber-Treasure-Hunters. More years passed and the net grew, and so did it's treasures. Now we are in the time era of the Third-Net-Generation. The mighty net King, Hikari and died of age. The world in in ruins. Guild fighting, Relic battles, and treasure hunting. It's your choice now. Will you be remembered for bieng part of a power-house guild? Will you be remembered for finding the biggest Net-Treasure ever? Or will you be remembered for being the second Net-King?


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