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Operation: New Eden (IC Thread)

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 07:50 PM

Kyubi yawned, his massive muzzle filled with sharp teeth. Slowly opening one eyelid, he noticed he had rollen off his perch while he slept and landed atop an old barn. However, this wasn't what had woken him up. Shifting his gaze along the ground, he spotted where some old human male, probably the owner of the former barn, was pelting Kyubi's haunches with rounds of bird shot.

Rolling over onto his stomach, intentionally away from the old man so as to avoid hurting him, Kyubi yawned again. Though originally from Japan, he had grown bored and decided to travel. At least he wasn't being shot at by tanks again, that was enough to swing in the farmer's favor as Kyubi just gave a snort in the man's direction, just enough to knock him on his hindend before standing up while yawning yet a third time. Blinking to clear the sleep from his eyes, he shook himself to clear the remaining debris of the barn that still clung to him before walking away back north into the woods, though he went slowly as, towering over the trees, he couldn't exactly see where he was putting his feet.

OOC: As you can see, this is a thread where we RP as Kaiju (aka, giant monsters) on modern-day Earth. If you want to RP as a favorite Kaiju from a canon, go ahead, or you can create a custom one of your one...just know, some canon Kaiju are off-limits due to OPness and custom ones will be peer reviewed by all to see if they are comfortable with it or not.
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