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The Keepers: Timeline

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 02:23 AM

The Keepers Role Playing TimeLine

1946 –
Harry Truman signs the United States Atomic Energy Commission. Human experiments conducted using radioactive materials.
Later reorganized during the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974.

1946 – 2014 (needs better dates) -
CIA and United States A.F. create Area 51 at Groom Lake to conceal experiments under the noses of the public.

2014: -
Patient Zero is created at Los Alamos. Zero develops telepathy.
Taiwan incursion in the South China Sea begins.

2015 –
Commonwealth of Independent States invades EU.
Oil reserves in Middle East have been depleted. Arabic nations war with one another, with Iran and Israel taking center stage.
France releases the Twins. Other supersoldiers are called in. Nuclear weapons become obsolete. War in Europe turns into a stalemate.

2015 – February 2016 (Still needs some specific dates) –
North Korean troops cross demilitarized zone.
South Korea and America are ambushed by the Chinese after finding North Korea’s leadership dead.

March 2016 - Project Akuma in full swing in response to supersoldier programs use in the European War

April 2016 - Project Horseman Begins. Spence brothers recruited.

2017 - Chinese move troops across the Sea of Japan, invade the islands and begin to lay siege to the capital. (2017)

April 2017 - Supersoldier programs are reorganized into the Strategic Terran and Weapons Sector Branch of the US Military. Supervises all allied supersoldier programs.

April 26, 2017 - The Tuscan Jewel Meteor makes impact into Mediterranean Sea.

June 2017 - ArC program begins

January 2018 - ESPER program begins

May 8, 2018 - Reaver and Captain Matthew Horrow, Blackjack, are assigned mission across enemy lines. Meet Skadi Inveta.

January 5, 2019 - The Keepers are formed by Barrett and Damion.

April 2nd, 2019 - Policy of memory wiping new experiments is adopted in several programs.

August 2019 - Project Raijin test subject escapes.

October, 2019 – Middle Union and Beijing destroyed by the Western Coalition.

October 23, 2019 - Remaining fragments of People's Middle Union of Asia merge with India to form East Asian Federation.

October 30, 2019 - CIS signs treaty guaranteeing their control of Eastern Europe and Mongolia.

November 1, 2019 - NATO reorganization ratified, Pacific Atlantic Treaty Organization Formed.

December 2019 –
Peace beings to return to the world as the economy forces it to. Several factors are at work.

(Happens somewhere between 2017 - January 2020)
Chinese invade Los Angeles.
CIS special forces and Supersoldiers capture Staten Island.
Project Akuma and Horsemen, American troops and CIS forces fight in DC. Barrett begins to make a name and becomes hero as DC is recaptured.
Project 40 Series push Middle Union Forces out of North America.
Reaver explodes at Los Alamos.
Russian forces are slaughtered as supersoldiers turn on them as they retreat from New York. One supersoldier explodes destroying the city.
Eastern Seaboard is little more than a debris pile.
American and Canadian government collapses. Militaries take over.
Middle Union forces are driven out of Japan.
North Korean capital burned by Americans.

July 2020 –

Will be updated.

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 03:54 AM

The Keeper's World Map Base- POSTWAR --Click here to view--

ORANGE-Is a Neutral Site

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Posted 26 June 2012 - 02:42 AM

Arc 1: Infiltration, pg. 1-9

Barrett and Damion Spence locate their next target, a girl named Elizabeth, a super-human with the power to absorb energy and use it to explode. Seeing her, Damion is unable to kill Elizabeth and uses his time manipulation to escape with her. Barrett destroys the facility in a rage and decides to visit another facility named CoreSystems, hoping to gain power there to help defeat Damion. He is looking specifically for Ayla Woodard, an ArC (someone implanted with an artificial core) whose name he found in files taken from the facility he destroyed.

He finds Ayla during an escape attempt, and aids her, destroying the upper level of CoreSystems. Also pulled into the escape is an informant named Skadi, who had been undercover at CoreSystems to get data on their gen2 ArC. Barrett requests their help on finding his brother. As they are traveling together, they are intercepted by two STRAWS military agents, Horrow and Reaver. The two had been investigating CoreSystems connection to an individual they are looking for, but weren’t able to find a link.

Also appearing are Roi, a boy who has a strange dark power, and Zane, an electricity user. They all travel to one of Barrett’s hideouts. While there, Reaver mistakenly thinks Ayla is somehow connected to the person he searches for, but when he talks to her she experiences an energy surge due to emotional overload and she and Barrett leave the others behind to go on.

Meanwhile… (not part of main group)
-Brother and sister, Leonhardt, an ice user, and Lillian, an earth user, are searching for a new place to live after leaving the facility they were created in.
-A man named Axel, a space manipulator/teleporter, escapes from his facility and begins his journey to find out why his memories were taken.
-A guard at CoreSystems named Bryan worries about his daughter who is suffering from core poisoning and is kept under watch at the facility. Ayla tricked him and was able to escape. He suffers from an alter ego named Jack of Knives, who makes him act very manic at times.
-A young girl named Clair, a kinetic energy user, runs away from her facility. She is attacked but a man named Winfield, a wind user, saves her. Winfield vows he will stay with Clair and protect her and they begin traveling together.
-CoreSystems reveals its next generation ArC, Resh, who will hunt Ayla down with the help of Bryan.
-Skadi, Reaver, and Horrow plan to go to Rio to kill the client that hired Skadi’s work at CoreSystems.


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Posted 26 June 2012 - 02:43 AM

Arc 2: The Summer Solstice, pg. 9-15

In their escape, Barrett and Ayla spar and talk about why Barrett became a supersoldier. He tells her that it was for the lust of power and nothing more. He promises to help her in exchange for helping him find and kill his brother and Elizabeth. They set off to find a memory manipulator named Trisha Rockbell. Meanwhile Axel begins to eliminate every memory manipulator on the planet one by one. When he reaches Trisha, he can’t kill her and ends up hiding her in Forks, Washington.

A mysterious woman named Elissa Potter makes her debut. She has the ability to assimilate other people’s DNA into hers just by being around them, which allows her to retain and utilize all abilities that she comes into contact with. She is trying to find Barrett for a vague reason and heads north to find a man named Tony in Atlanta.

Reaver, Horrow, Skadi and the others who tagged along complete their job in Rio and the Amazon and head back to the states. Skadi is dropped in Miami where she meets Elissa, and Reaver and Horrow head for Kansas where a dangerous group of STRAWS known as Squad 5 have begun to slaughter people.

Barrett and Ayla make it to an airport where Barrett learns that Elizabeth will blow up on the summer solstice and take the world with it. Resh successfully hunts Ayla down and attacks her while Barrett deals with Brian, who tagged along with Resh. Resh has the upper hand and is about to win, when he receives a bullet from Barrett’s sniper rifle. The man picks Ayla up and they take off.


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Posted 27 June 2012 - 03:22 AM

Arc 3: The Rise and Fall of Squad 5, pg. 16-26

A STRAWS group working for a top general named Creedey are sent into the great plains in order to find and eliminate Elizabeth. They are Squad 5 and their abilities make them a nightmare. Reaver and Horrow decide to enlist the help of Damion and Elizabeth to combat these four individuals.

Elissa continues her hunt for Barrett. In her first interrogation she realizes that having memory manipulation would be a wonderful asset to find Barrett. However she learns that only one remains officially. Gregor Shamelala. Elissa finds him and takes his power, which leads her to learn of Axel’s existence. She goes to visit Axel’s old comrade, Zack Farron, vector controller, and kills him, but not before Zack warns Axel of the empath’s chase. Axel uses Trisha’s bones to create special bullets and confronts Elissa. The bullets make her forget of Trisha’s existence, but not before Axel is killed in the process.

Resh is told to chase after Ayla again. In the facility he finds an engagement ring in his vault and wonders what it means, but quickly suppresses the knowledge.

Ayla and Skadi stop in Savannah, Georgia while Barrett continues to Charleston, South Carolina to find a Keeper named Eddy Blake. Eddy has the power of retrospection, which allows him to see into an object’s or an area’s past. While Barrett is recruiting his old friend, Resh’s forces kidnap Ayla and attack Barrett. Only through the help of a mysterious prisoner named Anna, who is somehow linked to the cores, and Winfield is Ayla able to escape.

Squad 5 is killed. Reaver creates a blackhole in Kansas to kill the leader, and Elissa carries Horrow, Elizabeth, and Damion out to save the day. Now there are two bombs who will explode on the solstice.


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