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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 19

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 04:40 PM

You know I've been rewatching Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond simultaneously mainly due to Nostalgia. Anyway, the point is I came across this episode again and the writing was just fantastic, and it reminded me how this particular story arc was handled in Naruto Gaiden especially  with its execution and with the ending itself. 





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Posted 13 January 2018 - 09:54 PM

So much for Kishimoto saying that he was fond of Sakura. :zaru:  One of his many BS and lies.
This just kittens me off. It's not that Sakura was" supposed" to be the heroine of the story. But Kishi disgust me for treating a character that way. Even speaking in such ill matter, calling her "drug addict". Seriously this is a man who has absolutely ZERO respect for the characters he creates. What kind of a mangaka doesn't respect his own characters that he creates in his story world? I have never met such a magaka. All manga artist should always respect their characters because without them, there really wouldn't be a plot for a story to follow. 
That's why I would NEVER give Kishimoto a second chance. So he can take his upcoming sci-fi manga and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. A mangaka that doesn't respect the characters of his story is NO mangaka at all. 

And consider this: WHO WAS IT THAT MADE HER AKIN TO A DRUG ADDICT? Or more specifically, Who PERMITTTED her to be written in that fashion? Who was it that didn't give two EFFS anymore about the executive meddling of his series and gave up on concluding the series properly be cause he did not want to be involved with his creation anymore? He gave up on concluding his series because there was a lot of negative backlash against several if not many characters and he was spineless enough to not stand up for himself and fix those character problems,and just went along with what his editors say Including Yahagi. When Yahagi left, his editors are telling him to kitten on Sakura to make Hinata look better and to keep on the effing love triangles to draw in viewers when many say Naruto is not a romance manga, And Kishimoto said he doesn't feel like he is good at writing romance. But there it is, Sakura must still be pining on her childish crush on Sasuke. And he WONDERS WHY little girls tell him they don't look up to Sakura for continuing to DELUDE HERSELF THAT SHE LOVES a sociopathic megalomaniac?
Again, I don't disrespect Masashi Kishimoto for the ending of "Naruto" that we got or "The Last" movie because he wasnt involved with those. I disrespect him for permitting that tripe in the first place because he WANTED OUT. I disrespect him for not caring anymore about giving his core characters a proper resolution. I disrespect him for letting executive meddling come up with crack pairings that are not MUTUALLY DEVELOPED, and realistically portray real life romance while Naruto is supposed to be a shonen battle manga that focuses on bonds OTHER THAN wanting to "bang" and "procreate". Not to mention Naruto was suppose to be a sort of "jesus" for the setting that is supposed to end the world conflict, but NOPE. They had to have him failing to stop all global conflict just to make way for "Boruto", starring his spoiled, self-entitled hell spawn to continue MILKING the franchise dry after the cow has long since died off. 
I'll say that while Bleach was a rushed and unsatisfactory ending, It DIDN'T kitten on its own themes and at least ended properly  

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 01:17 AM

So when is this going to occur?


Since it is such a popular pairing now and we know how popular pairing have to become canon no ifs ans or buts.



Well, at least they don't ship Boruto and Naru-





By the way, when I first saw people shipped this, I lost 20 years of my life.



giphy.gif https://media.giphy....Lybzq/giphy.gif







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