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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 46

20 May 2020 - 07:24 PM

Christ this outbreak is still ongoing. Anyways, just to remind everyone when Naruto finally dies I will name that topic Naruto is Dead Chapter X. So, you will all stop asking that.


Summary Time: Chapter 46 True Identity...Why do I still feel BH is going to be a Jiraiya clone.


Cover Page is Barbarian Hair. Background in Flames. Title on fire.


Continuing on from last chapter it Jenga and BH's battle. He reiterates he was made to kill him.


Now to the peanut gallery in the village. Asking obvious question getting obvious answer from Madoc.


Jenga accuses him of being a tool, which BH is fine with because, "that is what shinobi's are." Wasn't one of Naruto's goal to end that line of thinking? I don't even think the concept of one step forward and two steps back even works here because clearly a step forward was never taken.


They fight. Barbarian launches fire balls, sprays him with toad oil, and uses suicided toad's. Naruto note this fighting still seems familiar. Jenga just uses karma to absorb that attacks he can. More punching. Barbarian call him by his kaguya clan name.


This surprises the peanut gallery, and Madoc reveals that Isshiki came with Kaguya to this planet years ago. Oh here is something important Kaguya turned against Isshiki. He survived and took over the body of a novice monk name Jigen and became Jenga...how long was he in that monks body? Another thing, how long has it been since the Six path Sage defeat Kaguya? It felt like in Naruto it was at least a few centuries. This manga honest making it seem like it happened recently. Sasuke asks about karma possessing people again. Madoc, again, ask for asylum before he answer that (going into unnecessary details about the process) Naruto finally grants it.


Karma is the "Kaguya" clans' backup file. That is exactly what they said and how they explain it. It will slowly possess the person until it restores the Kaguya clan member. They don't know how to stop it but I do...Cut. Off. The Hand. Sasuke points out Jenga still has karma so he has not been fully consumed...of course that's why they are trying to implant it in other and why Nail has it. That is literally the next step if you follow that thought logically. Madoc laughs. This pisses of Shikamaru. Oh turns out he didn't fully possess Jenga by...god this is stupid. Shirking down and entering his ear to control his brain then implanted it on him later.  Again, I must ask...How old is Jenga!?!


Fight continues obvious question are asked and answered.


Oh well that was creative. Barbarian hair used the swamp technique to hide a summoning seal which he summons natural flames that karma can't absorb.


Madoc explains how he is going to teach them how to kill a member of Kaguya's clan.


Wait where is Kaguya's karma then?

Inuyasha sequel. Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogi

09 May 2020 - 10:26 AM









So looks like this will be a story/anime about three...kids...Ok the three are girls.


The girl in the back with the bow in her hair is Inuyasha and Kagome daughter Moroha.


Purple ponytail is Setsuna she is Sesshomaru's daughter has an older sister...I'm guessing she also the daughter of that girl that trailed after him; Rin. Who works for Kohaku Sango's brother.


Short hair girl in a suit is from the present. Towa Higurashi... who is also Setsuna's sister...so she is also Sesshomaru's daughter. She was raised by Kagome's little brother.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 45

20 April 2020 - 07:37 PM

Happy stuck inside due to an outbreak everyone. Now here's something that will bore me for the next half hour while I read and summarize this.


Summary Time: Chapter 45 Defection. Do I have to explain this title? Just recall the last chapter.


Cover page is Madoc sitting on a stone wall.


Continuing from last chapter. Madoc agrees to hand over everything if they accept his defection, but point out they need to agree quickly because his comrades will soon be after him. Naruto and Shikamaru struggle with contemplating this. While Bolt asked the clone what defect means...I thought he was suppose to be smarter than his father. Is this to explain to kids what defect means if they never heard of it, or to make Bolt more stupid so he will be more likable? After Nail, the clone, and Bolt dicuss what defect means and what it implies. Naruto agrees.


Back to the kara base where god I had forgotten about this one...The punk is just lazing around keeping an eye on the ten tail. He meets Jenga then kittens off. Then Barbarian Hair comes in. They being to talk about BH's assignment. 


Back to the hokage office where they have Madoc cuffed. He points out the restraints are pointless because he can kill Shikamaru's son whenever he wants, which pisses off Shikamaru. The three kids and sleazy inventor are watching. nail explain's who Madoc is. Naruto and Madoc haggle until Naruto gives his word as hokage.


Back to Kara they talk about how BH's mission was to retrieve Nail. BH's ask why he needed to do this is since Jenga could get him at anytime...I'm getting the distinct impression they are going to go with the BH's is Jiraiya for some reason...it probably those marking he has around his eye.


Back to Madoc where he is explain the Jenga became a member of Kaguya's clan how they are alien invaders and how they use the tree to suck up all life on the planet. Ok the Chandra fruit apparently come one the planet is  completely drain dry of energy...but that wasn't the case in Naruto where it apparently bloom once every century or something. This is how kaguya's clan evolves by absorbing the energy and genetic information in the fruit. Explains how the ten tail is the seed of the world tree. Bolt complains that this is too confusing to keep up with... Naruto ask if this is what Jenga wants to do but Sasuke points out it the goal of the person that put the karma seal on him; in other words the person they possesses his body. Apparently this was all a preface to the important information, but his glasses go off with a message. That shows a transmission of Jenga and BH's conversation. It ends in a battle between the two where Bh's reveal he was created to stop him...so a clone of Jiraiya seems likely.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 44

30 March 2020 - 09:42 AM

This came out last week but I forgot about it among other things.


Summary Time: Chapter 44 Amado...That's Madoc, the doctor of Kara in case anyone is wondering guess we are focusing on him.


The cover is Boruto being possessed by the effeminate one with the horn, blue tattoos, and the byakugan eye...checking...oh right his right eye was the one with the scar and a byakugan or are they doing that stupid anime eye that I have forgotten the name of.


Naruto wakes up in the hospital with his family surrounding his bed. God, Hinata's hair is awful. He address Hinata and the kids. I don't think Naruto add Chan to hinata's name. Boruto decides to go inform his friends. Naruto is surprised he is alive, with apparently the same amount of emotion I have when I find out its raining.


The sleazy inventor is talking to Nail about how...his body is rejecting the arm he made for him. Also the clone is their with pain killer seeing as she is in the presence of a boy and is concern for him her age I guess some shipping may happen. Bolt pops in to inform him Naruto is awake.


Back to Naruto with Shikamaru informing what happened the last few chapters. Naruto tries to be joking about the situation...


On to Barbarain Hair and Madoc. They are apparently working together on something. BH summons his toad so Madoc can be transported somewhere. Mustard comes in wondering where Madoc is going, and he shuts her down with a command. BH ponders that he must also have a phrase that could shut him down as well while sending him to the village.


Oh, now we have a seen with the Uchiha family and Cups in the hospital. Salad informs Sasuke about what happened to Bolt last chapter. Cups asks to speak with Sasuke in private in order to inform him what Blacksmith said about Bolt being effeminate one's vessel. So far out side the villains this chapter has just been recapping what happened previously. Yes, its important that the audience knows that the adults are being told what happened, but this should be something briefly done in a few pages not be most of the chapter. Sasuke ponders over this information and states his belief that Jenga is also possessed, he is of course correct.


Ok finally something that isn't recapping. InoShikaCho's kids are training while Madoc watches. He asks to be taken to Shikamaru. Shikamaru's kid uses the shadow bind. So he uses a tuning fork that hijacks the kids shadow bind. He knocks the boy out with a drug. Then puts a collar on him. Ino is contacted by her son.


Meanwhile, Naruto and Shikamru are visiting Nail. How much time is passing in this chapter? So Naruto wakes up. Bolt went to inform Nail. Naruto is talking to Shikamaru alone in his hospital bed. Now he is up dress in his outfit and visiting Nail while Bolt still there. Did he shoo out Hinata and the daughter the second he could or something? While Shikamaru is telling Nail he will be under more supervision and monitoring he is contact by Ino.


Then Moegi, the team's Sensei, comes in to rescue the boy, remove the collar, and restrain Madoc with a single earth jutsu...oh wait the bomb still on another panel guess Ikemoto forgot to draw it in that one panel where we can see his entire bare neck which is easier to see than the panel that shows it still on...Isn't that month work of effort to make sure the reader is getting a quality product just fantastic. Also Sai is there now. He just showed up, don't ask cause I don't know. Madoc shows he can activate the bomb without even moving with another bomb he placed earlier. This forces Moegi to release the jutsu. Then we see another villain which such nice manners apologizing for what he did. He gets in contact and announces that he wishes to defect to konoha and tell them everything he knows about the villains. So, how long till he dies or will they actually have chapters where he explain everything the villains are doing?


Oh by the way I learned something because of nioh 2. The main villain of that game has the same name as Barbarian Hair. Kashin Koji. Information about this character from Japanese folklore is on Barbarian Hair Naruto wiki but I never had a desire to check until looking up the nioh character and having him fill the entire google search.  So from the wiki: "Koji Kashin shares his name with a folkloric magician believed to have lived in the late Muromachi period, though his historicity is debated. He is often depicted as a white-haired, bearded, elderly man in robes, and is said to have used his illusions to deceive and defraud prominent rulers such as Oda Nobunaga." So, from the start they were informing the reader that he was a treacherous and deceitful individual. Sort of like a character being named Judas, Brutus, or Benedict Arnold...Oh right, spoilers for that game.


Next chapter April 20.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 43

20 February 2020 - 10:50 PM

You know. I kind of like Boruto new schedule, because it allows me to read thew latest Dragonball chapter either before or after having to read this crap.


Summary Time: Chapter 43 Manifestation...of what?


The cover is of Salad again which means you know what Ikemoto has done again.




Still sexualized but far tamer than normal...its sad that that is the case.


So, Salad tore the core out of Blacksmith with her chidori...why do I feel the quality of the art has gone down again. Wait. Cups is explaining what a chidori is...is that for the kids that don't read this but watch the anime because its on Sunday?! Boruto, points out that it's one of Sasuke's moves (originally Kakashi but he hasn't appeared in the manga yet). She is able to destroy the core which freaks out Blacksmith who politely insults her a stupid little girl. Normally, she be called something else even in shounen manga. Then he puffs up like a balloon man and start freaking out...apparently the core is need to manage all the various ....god damn it come up with a different name you jackasses! Scientific Ninja Tools that his body is made out of. Apparently, destroying the core did not defeat him and Nail instead wants to use this time to get Naruto out so he can defeat blacksmith.


Again, this shows a major problem with the manga having Naruto and Sasuke constantly around, Either they can easily defeat any foe if they are a match for the kids or conversely they are too strong for the kids to face so they can be threatening so they have to bring in those two to deal with the villains.


Anyways, they can't figure out how to break the pot Naruto is in so Nail instead comes up with another idea. For him and Bolt to use karma to create a hole in the space time continuum to see if that will release Naruto...it works.


This shows another problem with the manga: the creators are more connected with one character than they are the main character. Nail is the most intelligent, competent, and capable character in this manga he also seem to constantly be as well as get the focus in every chapter since he has appeared. I have never felt Sasuke at any point had taken over Naruto as the main character as much as this brat does in each chapter. This is because he is their character while Bolt is Kishi's, and despite being the writers for a sequel they aren't actually interested in continuing the story.


Cups is knocked out by Blacksmith's flailing after they check Naruto is fine just knocked out. Nail steps up and fires...a ki blast!? He get knocked away after destroying his hand. Salad tries an attack but he grabs her in his remaining hand. Then finally Bolt tries something. A kick to the arm that doesn't work. Blacksmith while Bolt is down decides to pound him with a punch but misses.......oh no. kitten me. Because... Because... Oh God Damn it. Because Bolt goes Super Ninja and flies due to karma instinctively activates. Oh wait he is unconscious and the seal that has taken control of his body. Good thing Salad is awake so she can inform the Hokage when he wakes up. Blacksmith realizes that its is the effeminate one. Now unlike bolt this one is actually competent and both defeats Blacksmith with out much issue and heals Naruto before deactivating. Good all the kids saw that hopefully one of them actually informs the adults what just happen.




The manga end with to Barbarian Hair announcing he is going to kill Jenga. 


Next Chapter March 20th.