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#875020 Boruto - the movie

Posted by Pix on 09 September 2015 - 03:48 AM


*sighs and holds this up*

You literally said it here or do you wish to change your words again? You even accused her of not being a NS fan.

You need to stop talking now because you either are denying it to save face or you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Just stop before you shoot yourself in the foot.

What Junko said was that she could be happy for it, if it was supported and done well. That is what she said, but the fact that everything just happened with little to reason just for the sake of happening means that Naruto, as a character, has becomes something different. Something she lost connection to. You know, like how all of us lost connection to the important factors of Naruto when the pairing kitten reared it's ugly head?

This is the same women who, when asked by fans on what would Naruto do for a hobby, said "Ask Sakura out on dates."

Sorry, just came back after avoiding this place. 


"Ask Sakura out on dates" Proof. I've never seen this before but I would love it if you posted a source for it, cause until then I still don't think Junko is pro NS. 


Secondly, saying that she's probably not NS doesn't mean I'm "accusing" her. You're acting as if not being an NS fan is bad. 


Thirdly, you already shot yourself in the foot but whatever dude. :roll:  All I care about is proof showing that Junko actually supported NS, cause right now, NH and SS are bringing theirs to the table, but NS- an already dead ship- has nothing.  


I'm not saying this as if I didn't support NS, I'm saying this because I need more validation.

#875017 The Future of Naruto Franchise

Posted by Pix on 09 September 2015 - 03:37 AM

no you cannot say the same thing because naruto never actually had actual points where it was going to end, it was milked for all it was worth and even the so called ending wasn't really an ending.

 whereas dragon ball once was going to end at tournament piccolo fight, then it was going to end at frieza, then it was going to end at cell games, then it actually ended at buu until now and its only being continued because the author and fans wanted it to.


also dragon ball's several end points were written well enough to where you don't have to worry about unanswered questions and lack of closure, whereas all the endings you guys fall back on on naruto are all going to have some kind of unanswered questions and lack of closure,heck even part one ending like that would have unanswered questions since the majority of the story info of the akatsuki didn't happen til shippuden, their goals, plan, why they want the tailed beasts, everything, hence why you have the ovas and fanfiction, you need them to fill in the blanks to fix this, heck even the ending wasn't an ending.


quit insulting dragon ball and putting it on the same lvl as this crap dude....

I can insult it all I want because it's my opinion??? 


Your argument doesn't stand. You can literally read Naruto until the Pein arc and call it a masterpiece. Same can be said for comic books, same can be said for yes- DragonBall Z.  


And just because you think it's well written doesn't mean others do. I mean, literally Dragon Ball is still going. There is no end point.

#858466 Have Sasuke and Sakura seriously never kissed?

Posted by Pix on 20 July 2015 - 08:30 PM

To be fair this entire relationship and what it has become is unbelievable so really, anything goes. 


No I don't think they've kissed. Sakura wouldn't have had any reason to pause the way she did, unless something bad happened after their kiss. It's very easy to mate without kissing btw. And as for the wedding, as of now it's inferred that they didn't have a wedding ceremony. Cause if they did, then there would have at least been a picture.  


And even Kishimoto realized that they had no family picture, which is why he added one at the end. So yeah, anything goes with this couple.

#854451 Final Fantasy VII

Posted by Pix on 07 July 2015 - 05:45 AM

Doesn't geostigma what make cloud super emo?

I think cloudxtifa is canon. But for some reason, the author doesn't canonize it. Eventhought both feeling is mutual.

Yeah that's the issue! Why don't they just canon it. :( 


And I think that is what made him like that...which means he should be happier now and just tie the knot with Tifa. 


Personally, I ship both Cloti and Cloerith. I just want Cloud to be happy. :(

#853327 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 05 July 2015 - 12:04 AM

@ pux
Fictional Character is not person. No mater how well written they become.

With that said, the sakura character in gaiden is the by product of kishi choice to make ss canon.

> Fictional characters are created to resemble a real person. This is how the audience develops judgement upon them.


With that being said, I disagree with you. Sakura didn't have to be portrayed like this in order for SS to work. She could have still kept her early Part 2 attitude. The issue here is that Sakura acts like a puppy waiting for food when it comes to Sasuke, and she's so willing to do so that she would put her own child in tears. Sakura didn't have to keep secrets from her daughter in order for SS to work. Sakura didn't have to cover up Karin's photo in order to SS to work. This Sakura is a completely different person.

#853325 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 05 July 2015 - 12:02 AM

Well in general if this thread was created and everyone is giving their opinions, it seems to me that either you want a discussion to just hear people bashing Sakura or spread more negativity on the female character.
People are being too hard on her & personally I do think it is a double standard, that everyone keeps blaming a fictional character that was written & distorted by an author :/ I see no one bagging on sasuke, or naruto.
Literally there are discussions everywhere hating on Sakura.
I know this is a narusaku site hence why a lot of people are here.
In general the example posted about Kabuto, Kabuto was created to be bad & remained bad in the whole series, just becoming worse & obsessed with his "master" he only changed in the very last few chapters because of Itatchi.
But he maintained the consistency.
And as a previous posts already said, one cannot criticize one character without throwing in the rest because this is a story, the characters set off events that affect the characters themselves.
Honestly both Naruto & Sakura should've given up on Saskuke when team 7 was reunited.
The only reason why sakura tried to kill sasuke was because she was tired of being a burden to naruto. And people are giving her crap because she failed to kill her first love (even though he was totally broken & changed) at least she tried, she even tried to tell naruto to stop chasing after sasuke when she lied to naruto, honestly I don't think it was a complete lie, because blushing isn't something people do when you're trying to cold heartedly lie. She did it AGAIN to stop burdening naruto but. BOTH characters kept pursuing somone who basically emotionally abused them & tried to kill them.
Like I stated, you can't really solely blame on sakura and criticize her actions because tere were so many things that ended up affecting the story line.
I'm pissed about the ending & I hate it.
I loath who sakura became, because I knew who she could be, I like other people have watched shonen so we tend to kind of predict how the author will end something due to how it is being written, that's until, the writer decides to spit in his own work and make characters that shouldn't be.
Honestly Sasuke shouldn't be a dad. And I & others could tell that Kashi loved sasuke, that was his favorite character, which is why I think he kind of spat on the SS ship, degrading the other characters due to people wanting him to change the story for fan service. Everything is his manga writing was perfectly detailed till the last few chapters & SP's work. And the poor writing and lack of depth, shows that. (Phewww, that was long ) xDDD if there is typos here, I'm sorry, my iphone is totally limited Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

I used to be one of Sakura's biggest fans. I wouldn't create a forum to bash her on a site that's somewhat dedicated to her. Like I've been saying over, and over, and over again- I want to discuss her actions. Because to me, the way she was portrayed in this gaiden gave people a justified reason to hate her.  


With that being said, I like your response. But personally, I think that this gaiden proved the theories of Sakura being a selfish person, only willing to give herself to Sasuke- a man who abuses her.  


I mean, the way some people take up for Sakura (not referring to you btw) is the same way people take up for Sasuke sometimes.  :sad: You can also say Sasuke wasn't meant to be a bad character- that doesn't mean his actions are tolerated. Doesn't matter if the example is Kabuto, Sasuke, or even Orochimaru. The excuse of "Kishimoto created them" works for any character.

#853132 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 04 July 2015 - 04:28 PM

you have to realize though that she is a fictional character CREATED by kishimoto, hence, she cannot act on anything further than what kishimoto creates for her.

Which is why it is his fault, his flip flopping of choosing her to grow & develop them create her to be an submissive moe like hinata housewife is all Kishi's doing :down:  


people can hate on sakura & blame everything on her but shes just a fictional character, who cannot do anythin beyond her existence unless Kashi or SP writes it. 

that is why I personally am upset with kishimoto, he destroyed a strong woman who could've been a huge role model & lead for girls  watching a shonen series :fist:  but instead... nope :wallbash:   

the majority of the naruto fanbase now cares about boobs, so much so that even the community is hating on Sarada now because she's a flatchested 12 y/o  :wot:

.......Okay. By this same logic one could say "Kabuto wasn't a bad guy! Kishimoto just wrote him that way!" or the more relevant "Sasuke wasn't a bad guy/deadbeat dad! Kishimoto just wrote him that way!" We already know who wrote them, that can't be disputed. But Sakura, like every other character, was created to resemble a human being. So I want to discuss her as a human being.    


Like for instance, what would you do if someone close to you was staying in an abusive relationship? What if he or she was being neglected? Even people who go off overseas for the military try to get in touch with their families. But Sakura barely knew what was going on with her own husband, yet continued to stay. She helped her daughters emotional trauma develop.  


What I'm trying to say is, let's talk about her actions in Gaiden and stop pointing fingers about who's at fault.

#852701 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 03 July 2015 - 05:09 PM


She's a character. She's only as good as her author, and the reason why people bring up "this person" "that person" is to show that she's a symptom of a greater problem--the author's inability to make his character's act in a way that's accountable, reasonable, and with enough justification that a reader could go "well, I see why they did that from their perspective..."


That's the funny thing about Gaiden; Sarada has taken on our questions and presented them in the framework of the story. Do her mom and dad love each other? Is Sakura her real mother when she looks so much like Karin? Why can't her mom answer questions? Gaiden was supposed to address these issues that largely revolve around Sasuke and Sakura's relationship/family and the result... didn't make sense.


Of course she's getting critiqued--and as redrose pointed out there is an odd fixation on her given that it's not an inherent flaw of personality and character; her actions in Gaiden go well above and beyond it. Sakura's actions and her relationship with Sasuke, like every other character who recieved focus in this story are the result of bad writing. 


Okay, so she's a grown woman with responsibilities. The only thing that I personally disliked was when she punched a hole in the ground and brought her house down. That is irresponsible and it could have hurt her albeit ninja daughter; and quite the over-reaction... but we know why it happened. It was a plot device for Sarada to find the photo, which in turn is another strange plot device... all for the sake of the red herrings. So if we ignore those and focus more on Sakura's relationship and life choices, they're not the most dignified but why should I hate her for them--now at this point in the story? She's living a domestic life after most of the conflict is over, raising her daughter. No evidence shows that she's a terrible mom, and maybe she wouldn't win mother of the year awards but what? What is she doing that most grown women with responsibilities don't anyway? If she divorces Sasuke, she's going to be in a similar situation--unless being a grown woman with responsibilities includes finding a man to marry that might stick around for... or else we'll hate her?

Okay, pointing out that she's a character is like saying "water is wet"  at this point. I think everyone can agree that Sakura's problems are all the result of Kishimoto's own issues with Sakura. He's even admitted that he didn't know how to make her character more popular, and it's obvious he didn't find the answer. But we know this. Pointing this out is completely derailing the original question. 


The topic is to discuss Sakura's actions, not to discuss who's at fault. Now granted, her actions are the case of misleading the readers to fall for another red herring, but it doesn't mean we can't discuss them. In the end, all Kishimoto did was make Sakura look worse than she already did. Like I've continuously said, Kishimoto gave people a justified right to hate Sakura now. But we should be talking about her actions, and her actions only. 


Another thing though-  do you guys really think everyone looks as bad as Sakura and Sasuke after the Gaiden? I mean, yeah Shikamaru made some mistakes, Naruto is rusty and broken, Ino apparently is still fond of Sasuke, Hinata became a housewife, etc. The list could go on. But what none of them have done is wait for a man who's never returned for 12 years like a dog waiting for food. None of them have been shown to put themselves in debt. None of them showed violence to their own kid. This entire Gaiden made Sakura and Sasuke look the worst out of everybody. Which is why pointing the finger to somebody else doesn't help. 


Okay....maybe Naruto looks as bad as both Sakura and Sasuke but that's about it. 

#852247 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 03 July 2015 - 12:52 AM

I see a lot of "well if Sakura is bad then __ is too" but isn't that avoiding the question? Point being is that Sakura's actions should not be blamed on anyone else. At this point of time she is a grown woman with grown responsibilities and just because other characters messed up too doesn't mean she shouldn't get critiqued. 

#852158 kingdom hearts

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 08:40 PM


Xion was the only reason I enjoyed 358/2 days to be completely honest.


And we got more Axel story which is a plus.


But I would have to say Re: Coded just was really boring to me.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. While I don't hate Dream Drop Distance, I do think they were really lazy with how they overall handled it. There was barely any hype for it, and they reused the same models they used for KH 1. 

#852076 Hating Sakura

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 06:53 PM

I think we should all adress the elephant in the room. Now that Naruto Gaiden is over, how do you all still feel about Sakura? Not as a character from Kishimoto, but as an actual person.  


We all know that this fandom has been divided about Sakura for years, but I personally believe that this Gaiden gave people justification for hating Sakura. What we know now is that Sakura and Karin are supposedly good friends, yet Sakura has never mentioned, shown, or talked about Karin in front of Sarada ever. And what's worse is that Karin has been sending gifts to Sarada, and keeps her umbilical chord, yet Sarada didn't even know who she was. Sakura literally covered up a photo of Karin with her own. What does that say about Sakura's character? 


Also, from the last chapter we see that after 12 years of neglect, Sakura is still submissive towards Sasuke. He basically gets away with not contacting his family for 12 years, to the point where him leaving again is treated as a joke- from her. He takes one family photo and all is forgiven. What does this also say about Sakura's character? 


And the icing on the cake about all of this, is that she is inferred to have chased over Sasuke while pregnant- ultimately putting her baby and her life in danger. Her getting pregnant after she found Sasuke does not correlate with the fact that she didn't have Sarada inside of the village. 


Other plotholes about Sakura from Naruto Gaiden: 

  • Why couldn't she answer if Sasuke wore glasses? 
  • Why did she and Shizune act as if Sarada's birth was a secret? 
  • Why didn't Naruto know about her pregnancy if she was there for the meeting?  
  • Why didn't she confirm Sarada's birth when she came back to Konoha? 
  • Why is she poor...?  

I mean, it's just gotten to the point where Sakura is literally a distasteful character. While some of the things she has done is VERY noble (she raised a beautiful daughter by herself), that still doesn't justify her actions.


#852043 The Great Anime Discussion Thread

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 05:22 PM

Yeah D Gray Man is that good mixture of Final Fantasy, Naruto, and Bleach all in one story. All of the characters are interesting in their own right. I'm so happy Hoshino is back!! (Plus I get to see my manga crushes again)

#851668 Naruto Gaiden

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 07:32 AM

I don't expect it to successful generate three times or more profit.
But I don't expect it to be flop like final fantasy spirit within that make the company goes bankrupt.

For some reason, what happen to bleach doesn't happen to naruto.

It's because A. Naruto blew up in America compared to Bleach, so casual fans of America are still pretty high, B. The pairing wars are are like 2x worse than Bleach's so that kept a lot of fans at the edge of their seats and C. Naruto has spent a lot of money on advertisements and merchandise, which is why it's still wildly more popular.


Is it true sakura begging sasuke to give her a kiss? and what is sasuke answer? :wallbash:

Yep. Basically a side panel of her infers that she's waiting for a kiss (once again, she looks like a puppy) and he just looks at her and turns around to leave again. It's supposed to be a "funny" moment. Nothing is funny about it.

#851493 Naruto Gaiden

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 02:29 AM

My head is starting to hurt. Dizzy. Dizzy.

FUNNY SS moments? Since when did the SS pairing become qualified for funny moments? Is Sasuke going to do some idiotic stupid things?

I think....that's what bothers me the most. I don't really care about everything else but, are you seriously telling me that after years of neglect, emotional breakdowns, and lack of affection they have a right to make any type of "funny scene"? There is NOTHING funny about SS. The couple is basically a prime example of a horribly dysfunctional couple. So for everything to be thrown out the window for an "lolz" moment is just....tasteless. 


I think at this point I'll always despise Kishimoto. His lack of morality that's shown in his story has left a bad taste in my mouth forever.

#851461 Naruto Gaiden

Posted by Pix on 02 July 2015 - 01:40 AM

Has anybody been on NF lately? They've basically fallen apart...