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Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 4

05 December 2022 - 07:20 PM

Sorry I was busy this weekend and forgot.


Summary Time: Chapter 4.


From last chapter. Sasuke is again telling Sakura about how he is going to gamble against one his cellmates and hopes he has the info they are seeking as he is the library attendant. Sasuke goes up and talks to him about what he just won in his latest match...a picture book full of dinosaurs which they call 'dragon beast.' Likely to help Sasuke realize something suspicious about the fact that their guard beast is an extinct animal. Can I just pretend to forget this chapter exist and skip it now? So, ask him directly about the book and he looks through their book catalogue to find it...is there a reason Sakura couldn't do this on her own? Unfortunately, its lock and the basement and anyone who goes down there without permission will be sentence to death by hanging. And then, Sakura walks into their conversation. So Sakura ask him for the key since apparently he has it...why are they letting a prisoner have that key if no one is suppose to go down there? Sakura then suggest they gamble for it. Isn't Sasuke the one that should be doing this on his own. Actually, I think this is backwards. Sakura finds the information from the catalogue, then Sasuke gambles for the key?


So, the guy agrees and they play the prisons own card game called star lines. Probably important but I'll skip it for now. Sasuke points out that he could just use genjutsu so Sakura doesn't have to play...he could have also just used genjutsu to get the information without having to do any of this at all. Sakura refuses because she is Tsunade's Top Apprentice...so one of the things she pick up from her is a gambling habit? Oh this I like, the guy asks if she wants to look over the rules some more but she casually says she has already memorized it. Which is one of Sakura's skills good at memorizing information. Sakura takes off her coat so she has no sleeves and then draws against him 5 times in a row. He admits he lost and give her the key, but warns her that some of the books have been moved around due to the renovations.


Sakura goes outside where Sasuke is waiting for her. He didn't watch her match after a certain point it seems. Sakura asks about Jiji since he was constantly coming into her office...not realizing that he wasn't sick he just wanted to see the one women in this prison filled with men. Sasuke thinks about what Jiji told him on the walk back, holds her hand, and give her a ring he made. Sakura keeps staring at the ring while Sasuke asks her questions. Sakura was able to draw five times in a row because she memorized that conditions of each card allowing her to figure out the cards.


Ok This was interesting. So when Sakura started out her apprenticeship under Tsunade, they used to play cards a lot. Sakura memorized the cards then as well, so she could appease her master by letting her win. Of course, this gave Tsunade a big head. So, eventually Sakura decided to instead just keep drawing to bored her. Of course she could have revealed this talent to her master to impress her, but no.


Sakura touches the wall and feels there is a open space which she then senses is a spiral staircase leading to the directors office. They conveniently find the book. It has pictures in it which because of her time with Sai is able to tell is made by someone not from Redaku and more from their homeland the land of fire. In other words, its a book made by the Six Path Sage. Sasuke notes the picture match the ones on the star cards. Sakura realizes its the constellations. Sasuke thinks these clue will take a while to figure out but Sakura believes she can figure it out in two days. They find a note with the words 'The Stars Increased' with the mark of Konoha at the bottom.


A few days pass. Sakura gives Sasuke a note to meet her tomorrow at 2 pm since she likely figured it out.


4/10. The story still has holes you can drive a truck through.

Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 3

26 November 2022 - 11:50 PM

I like doing these on Saturday.


Summary Time: Chapter 3. Kakashi's Sacred Place...how often does he come to these hot-springs? 


Cover page is three panels of main cast each posing.


Mirai stands guard outside a building wondering why there are so many young couples visiting the hot-springs resort, because they're on a romantic vacation obviously. She hears a noise and enters; Kakashi and Gai are playing a carnival game with throwing kunia. When they leave Kakashi is almost pickpocketed but captures them and ask Mirai to get the guards to arrest the pickpocket. But he had a partner that Mirai has to chase down, she uses genjutsu to capture him...the same attacking tree to capture someone that Kurenia used against Itachi and she used in chapter one; can they show off a different genjutsu? The genjutsu was passed down since the time of the First Hokage, and her mother taught her it. She does a scary face to the pickpocket. then returns the pouch to Kakashi. It was a fake wallet. She castes him about being too lax but he points out that the situations haven't required him to get serious. While mulling over how unserious Kakashi is, he and Guy continue to enjoy himself.


...Ah that is the scared place. He and Guy both shed tears over the fact that they found a tree that was in a major scene of Make Out Paradise. Kakashi has apparently love that book since he was a kid. She spends a lot of time mulling stuff over and over thinking things. She asks if she should read the book since people seem to like it so much, and they embarrassingly yells she is too young. Guy gives her his own workout book instead, which Lee is a big fan of. She eventually wonders while watching more of their antics if her father would have been apart of this if he was alive. Guy wants them all to do his workout routine at the inn. Kakashi question if that would be a waste since it would distract them from enjoying the hot springs. Guy says it not every day they get to go to a hot springs...don't they have hot springs in the Village?


Guy mentions that its rare that Kakashi is allowed to go out like this, since he normally guarded in the village, and only gets to go on these vacations if he says its a mission. Mirai has an attack on her self-esteem because she feels Naruto sent her on a Snipe Hunt, which means she wasn't good enough to guard him during the Kage Summit.


8/10. The Self doubt and mulling over stuff is fine but will likely get old after a while. I didn't find Guy and Kakashi antics that funny. But overall this was a decent light chapter.

Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 75

20 November 2022 - 07:49 PM

Thank you Therece for showing everyone this chapter lost in views to the Sasuke chapter. Now I have to read it...geh.


​Summary Time: Chapter 75. The Domain of the Gods...sound pretentious who is ready for more Madoc exposition chapters.


The cover page is Moe colored in another of Ikemoto's eye searing color choices.


The chapter starts off with Madoc giving a summary of Hime (with an image that focuses very much on her legs) and Moe. Hime is 16, we now know that she is Sixteen, also her eye doesn't allow her to see backwards in time to before her birth. They also go into explaining Moe power again to remind people it isn't as broken as they initially introduced it, he went to reflecting all attacks to requiring him to touch the person for it to work, and he can punish people for having Killing Intent towards him regardless of distance. Madoc didn't give him these abilities he transferred to them from another bloody Kaguya's clan member named Shibai, who is thankfully dead already. Apparently, Shibai had eaten many of the chakra plant over the millennia and became a god. Oh, the Sleazy Inventor is also there to check if what he is saying possible, which has Madoc miffed at Shikamaru for not trusting him. Oh now we have a new form of jutsu everyone, Shinjutsu. To justify all the kitten powers Ikemoto going to give his character later on. The list so far is Hime's eye & attraction power, Moe's reflect power, the ability to create storms on a whim an example of Shibai's power, Nail/Jenga's shirking power, Punks' claw marks, the powers karma seal in general, as well as anything Kaguya did in Naruto, and I think personally Naruto temporary restorative power he had near the end of his manga. So, Shinjutsu the power of kitten, cop-outs, and asspulls. Apparently, Shinjutsu is the original power that ninjutsu is just trying to imitate. Gotta love when a writer of the sequel decides they are writing the true form or the true story. Shikamaru asked, 'if Corpse God-Shibai is a god, then how is he a corpse that Madoc extracted these abilities from?' Madoc guesses he was either killed or just ascended till he didn't need a physical form anymore. While Shikamaru and Madoc have this back and forth Naruto sit there uselessly. He experimented with these powers to bring his daughter back to life...with Mustard dropping down like that is it hinting that she is a copy of his daughter?


Mustard is here to see Hime because she is still under the affection power, she gets into an argument with Salad. Oh great, the clone is here, she turns Mustard off. Now she is here for any filler arc that have in this villa as well.


So, Madoc explains his experiments to revive his daughter, Akebi, and yes his daughter is Mustard not Hime. Guess they figured the Hime would be too obvious. He succeeded in resurrecting her but she lost her identity, and a nice shot of her legs so Ikemoto can get off while Madoc explains the tragedy. Guess Detla, Mustard's name was fourth clone because he apparently created a few clone trying to see if he could restore his daughter's personality. As Mustard had her memories but didn't act a thing like her, and he considered her not even human in a way. Then, that's when Madoc met Jenga at his lowest point, wait so he was experimenting with Otsutsuki power before meeting him? How? He worked with him as her promised to revive his daughter, Madoc turned against him once learning what the plan was, but during that time he learned a lot about the Karma seal. So, the reason he needed to give Nail a karma seal again was to keep experimenting in order to restore his daughter. The Karma seal Nail has is Madoc's Daughter personality seal. He wants Nail to transfer that data into one of his Mustard clones to revive his daughter. Shikamaru asks Hime to use her powers to confirm what Madoc said, they act like he is being a kitten, but I think he is being stupid because how can he trust her to tell the truth if he doesn't trust Madoc? They had three days to work out an agreement between the two of them, what if part of it was, "if this happens we back each other up?" Oh Great, Femmy here to talk to Bolt now, apparently due to their DNA mixing there thoughts are now mixing meaning they will eventually merge...and since Bolt is the protagonist he will come out on top. He states there is something off about what Madoc said. Apparently, according to Femmy what is off is that Hime's attraction power is not Shinjutsu. Oh Mustard is 24.


Bolt's right eye changed, the one he will eventually have a scar running over it, and he see the future. So this is probably to introduce the kitten eye the anime gave to him in the first arc, though that was something he naturally had, and this implies he got due to his merging with Femmy. Also, Phantom, here is your future eye you were guessing but Bolt has it. Oh right the vision, the villagers as well as Neo-Ino-Shika-Cho are chasing down Nail, Cups catches up to him and uses his sage mode, and Hime notices Bolt had this vision. You know, when Sasuke ran away from the village it was implied, if not outright stated, he was only able to do that because all the elite ninja were being overworked to restore Konoha's prestige. So, they could only send a newly minted chunin Shikamaru with four genin to bring him back. Else, if even only say Kakashi was free, Sasuke would have never escaped. Here, the entire village seems to be looking for Nail.


Oh good are we are finally heading to the end of this part of the story. Hopefully, before chapter 100.

Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 3

19 November 2022 - 10:06 PM

Boruto tomorrow. So, like I said before there were five side chapters able to be fit in-between the gap in the monthly chapters, three for this manga.


Summary Time: Chapter 3. Are we going to see Sakura or focus on the Male Karin and his Dino this chapter?


No cover page. Chapter starts off with Sasuke's realizing Zanzul has glass eyes...which he learned last chapter. Another problem of this manga pacing. While it might sound good to continue almost directly from where the last chapter left off. This manga isn't doing that but instead going back a bit then continuing. It might be fine for this online bi-weekly phase to remind people where they left off, but it probably jarring in a volume. Its better to have a logical break point in-between chapters. He again warns Sasuke he will be watched.


Sasuke gets beaten up by a guard because he doesn't like the look he was given him. His cellmates are worried about him. They guess he got on the director's bad side then joke it is because, he is prettier than Zanzul. That cellmate from last chapter notice Sasuke is gone and ask a guard for the pass to the nurse's office in order to search for him. Sasuke stole that guards pass. Sasuke to show he is a good guy find someone a prisoner locked in a locker. He couldn't leave with out a pass or the dino will hunt him. Sasuke gives him the pass he stole. Sasuke fights the Dino again. Sasuke realize he being disoriented because the raptor's claws are coated with some toxin. And, here is Sakura. She plays guess who with him. She looks like what you would expect when some is actually trying to emulating/copying Kishimoto's art-style.  Sasuke faints and wakes up in the nurse's office. Sasuke ask about Salad, and Sakura says she is staying with Iruka...didn't know they were that close. Sakura is here to inform him of a change in the mission...there was a mission? I thought it as Sasuke running off to do this on his own again? Shikamaru sent her a hawk -she was already heading over here (why?)- Kakashi found a book in the capital that goes into detail about the illness The Six Path Sage once had...wouldn't be better if Tsunade had found it instead?


...Ok. The Sage once meet a Astronomer of Tatar. One day a meteor almost hit the Ninja World. The sage cut it in two, when it was cut a bright light cured the Sage of his illness, and he was cured due to the ULTRA PARTICLES in the meteor.  And then a bunch of riddles to answer where the Sage put the particles.


Naruto's illness is due to malfunctions in his chakra channels due to be a container. Thought him being that since he was born and also his mother was the pervious container would mitigate it. Also, this has never happened to any other container before? What did they not care or did they not last this long? Pretty sure Killer Bee is older, Roshi of the four-tail, and there was the old monk that once contained the one-tail.


Sasuke asked why Sakura came on her own instead of sending a hawk. She said she did, but it never reached him. and she assumes it was because of the Raptor. So they have a new hawk with a pass, which is a cloth. Sasuke tells her to go back to the village. She refuses. Jiji the prisoner comes in and flirts with her. When she turns around he tries to grab her hair (he is a prisoner that hasn't seen a woman in a while but her guess what might have happened) Sasuke intervenes. The reveal to Jiji they are married...Why? After leaving Jiji and Sasuke talk about women, Sasuke being married, and Jiji has a fiancé in the capital. They talk about the ring again. He ask about a map that suppose to show where the sage hid the particles. Jiji says one of there cellmates is a library attendant, who is a gambler, so he might know. Sasuke informs Sakura.


4/10. Art's fine. Sakura being here still feels like it has not been explained, just given excuses. Naruto's disease sounds like an excuse for the plot. Ultra Particles sounds stupid. No clue, why they had to explain that they are married to prisoner, are they relying on the guy code? The starting on the scene the last chapter had needs to be worked on.

Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 2

11 November 2022 - 05:06 PM

Oh the original writer of this story, the light novel, was Sho Hinata. Did not see that last time.


Summary Time: Chapter 2. S-Rank Mission. These chapter titles aren't that creative.


Cover Page is Mirai as a chunin in current day.


The chapter starts with some thugs in a hideout. Someone knocks on the door asking to be let in, its Mirai. She defeats the bandits one tries to uses ninjutsu be she throw's one of her father's trench knives at him. She laments that she isn't good at controlling her chakra yet. After they round up all the bandits, some random leaf ninjas, so its clear whoever her teammates were are unimportant to either the story or her another thing that been abandon since we had to spend years reading about one team desperate to get one of their teammates back but now Bolt only cares about Nail and Mirai's team doesn't matter, talk to her and praise her as the daughter of Asuma and the third hokage. She is having the same problem of being in their shadow like Konohamaru was years ago. They do not mention her uncle Konohamaru despite him supposedly being a famous ninja and on the short list for next hokage if anything should happen to Naruto, kinda shows how important he is doesn't it. 


After navel gazing about that for awhile, we see her waking up for another day. She talks to her mom and I guess her job is to be one of the hokage guard. She normally guards Naruto but she has been reassigned to guard Kakashi today. Kurenia gets worried as she will have to guard the two of them on her own while they are on vacation. Apparently, there is a Kage summit going on, but Kakashi's vacation is somewhat of a cover so he can inspect land of steam. Naruto specifically assigned Mirai to the job of guard Kakashi. We learn this from a flashback of her playing Shogi with Shikamaru. When she loses Shikamaru notices she reacts the same way Asuma used to when he lost. They have the 'what does the king in shogi represent' talk.


While walking to the meeting she daydreams about what she should do if Kakashi gets ambushed. She does this out loud. Finally, we have Kakashi and Guy...god they barely look like they have aged a day. The two of them banter while a pair elderly couple pass them. Mirai fears an attack, Kakashi teases her. At the end, they are about to enter the land of steam, with Mirai's thoughts being that she about to enter the homeland of the man that killed her father.


Eh, I still go with 6-7/10.