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Ragnarök: Humanity's Requiem (Characters And Stuff)

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Abel Nightroad

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Posted 13 June 2012 - 01:13 AM

This thread is for the RPed characters in the RHR RPG. Please use single posts per character, that way I can organize them better when I direct link them into a list I'll be keeping in this opening post.

Also, this thread is for organizations, custom vehicles, et cetera, that you want to use ICly that you will be using in regards to your character(s) or think will enrich the IC-verse somehow.

Character List:
Abel Nightroad - Ronon "Shadow Dragon" "Tas'ir" Archer

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Posted 13 June 2012 - 06:24 PM

Human Name - Ronon Archer
Dragon Name - Tas'ir

Alias: Shadow Dragon

Identity: Semi-Secret/Semi-Open (those who need to are aware of his human half's being very old and regenerative ability, though just how old he is not something he parts with and the existance of his dragon half is a very closely guarded secret of his)

Status: Grey

Occupation: History professor

Type: Ancient Weredragon

Age: 1,830-years-old (appears to be around 30-years-old)

Gender: Male

6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 155 pounds
Hair Color, Type: Long and dark blackish-brown
Eye Color, Type: Brown right eye, but his left eye is a golden color and reptilian in appearance (he keeps it hidden under a black eyepatch normally)

Place of Birth: Where Cardiff, Wales now stands

Headquarters: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England


Human From - In his human form, Archer doesn't cut an imposing figure. Sure, he's muscular and well developed from the intense training his body has been and still is put through, but he's not bulky to the point of Muscle Beach type training. He keeps brown hair rahter long, but usually has it tied up into a neat ponytail. Archer is tall, particularly for being born when he was, and his left eye, clearly draconic in nature, is hidden beneath a black eyepatch. Even when not at his teaching job, Archer doesn't own much in the way of modern 'street casual' beyond some jeans, various t-shirts, and sneakers. When he is acting the part of a professor, he tends to wear the sterotypical outfit of a jacket with leather patches at the elbows, bow tie, slacks, a button up shirt, and suspenders.

He's also known for wearing, when he's off the clock, his hair down with fingerless gloves that go up to his elbows, boots that look like they would fit in better in the age of sail, trousers, a shirt that looks a few centuries out-of-date, and a large cloak with decorated trim.

Ronon Archer's Human Form --Click here to view--

Dragon Form - Tas'ir's dragon form is a large, bulky mass of black scales that overlap like so much armor. His tough, leathery wing membranes sprout as a third set of limbs from the area above his forelimbs. Down his neck, framing his head, along his tail, and at points on his wings are large spikes. On each side of his neck spikes, three large scales from his forelimbs to the base of his skull are edged in a dark gray. His belly scales are a light gray in color and the underside of Tas'ir's wings are a sandy tan in coloration.

Tas'ir's Dragon Form --Click here to view--

Personality: Though not born into it, he lived during the Age of Chivalry. As such, he is curteous to women of all ages and hesitant if he has to go up against one in any arena. Always a gentleman, he is known for his charity work for the less fortunate.


Transformation - He can switch between human and dragon form at will, provided he has enough room and isn't under any outside restrictions on the ability.

Regeneration - Though enhanced by his fusion with Tas'ir, Archer's regeneration is limited. For example, if he looses a limb, he can't regrow it, but must hold the severed limb in place for it to be reattached. Though, a side effect of his regeneration ability is that few disease organisms are able to get a hold in his systems, and even then not for very long.

Ageless - He won't die of old age.

Fire Breath - In his dragon form, he has glands that produce chemicals that ignite when air is added to the mix.

Draconic Durability - Though the fusion with Tas'ir has made his human form durable enough to endure some damage, it is most expressed while in his dragon form. In his dragon form, he can take a tank round to the chest while at practically point blank range, though repeated hits at the same spot do have a cumulative effect.

Draconic Senses - Particularly when in his dragon form, Archer's senses are heightened to go along with the predatory arial reptilian nature of his draconic form.

Flight - While in his dragon form, Archer can take to the air via his wings. Alternating between powered flight and gliding, he can cover large distances. Though in now way super-fast, he is still capable of building up speeds most would think impossible for one of his dragon form's bulk.

Stamina - In so far as flight goes, while he may not be capable of anything fancy in terms of speed or agility in the air, Tas'ir's dragon form more than makes up for it in being able to cover extreme distances including trans-Atlantic trips.

Experience - Having spent several centuries of life training and fighting during some very dangerous periods of Earth history, Archer's skills in armed and unarmed combat reflect that.

Dual Minds - As 'Shadow Dragon' is basically two beings that share the same body, albiet capable of swapping between each other's form, Archer and Tas'ir are rather resistant to telepathic intrusions as, though lacking any specialized training, one or the other can dedicate their attention to such a thing while the other controls the physical body. Stack on top of this the fact that Tas'ir's draconic mind is alien compared to what most human telepaths are used to dealing with as well as the shear weight of years the two combined have that any telepath must sort through.

Dragon Blood - Most effective when drawn from his dragon form, small amounts of Tas'ir's blood have healing properties.

Draconic Strength - Nothing really all that impressive since it is in scale to the dragon form's size and bulk, nor is it the type about lifting and throwing things. The dragon form's strength, though, is enough to render hiding behind solid stone useless. Though, depending on the thickness, it may take him some time to batter through.


Dragonsbane - Depending on the dose, the affect can range from light flu-like symptoms to death.

Incendiary Weapons - Be it a flaming arrow or grenade, if it goes off in his mouth while in dragon form it will ignite the 'fire sacs' he uses to produce flame, effectively causing his head to explode.

Mortal - Though he has mild regenerative ability, and draconic durability in his dragon form, he can be killed.

Cumulative Damage - Though possesed of draconic durability, enough strikes at the same spot add up.

By-Stander - Though he woke to the modern world in 1775, Archer has tended to do his best to avoid becoming a part of history. In part, this caution is because he has never wished meddling. Even though he is more than willing to help drag people to safety, he prefers to not seek the fame becoming 'public' would no doubt dump upon him.

Horrible Shot - Archer is familiar with firearms enough to get the basics of 'point and shoot', but his aim is actually quite bad. This goes as far back to even bows-and-arrows. As such, he prefers to simply use rounds from his pistol to push attackers into cover long enough for him to move out of range.

Human Form - Though it has inherited some of Tas'ir's draconic durability and has the regenerative ability, he is at his most squishy when in this form and he knows it.

Speed - In either of their forms, neither Archer nor Tas'ir are any sort of speedster. Even while in flight, the fastest he gets is usually when he dives and he has never broken the sound barrier.

Agility - Though more capable of dodging in the air, his dragon form is hard to miss when actually aimed out, more so when he his on the ground as there are less angles he can move in to avoid ranged attacks that aren't homing.

Flame Retardants - Though biochemical in nature, the fire he is capable of producing can be extinguished just as easily as any other. It is also real inconvenient if someone decides to fill his mouth with the stuff as well.

Meerschaum Pipe - Carved in the shape of a dragon.
Fob Watch - An artfully crafted timepiece, it is clearly quite old.
Black eyepatch - Long ago enchanted to make him 'appear' human to the casual observer, be it through magic or science.
Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol - Worn with a concealed carry permit.
Tas'ir's 'Stash' - Tas'ir was a dragon and, as such, accumulated a large collection of things, not all valuable in the monetary sense and they've only added to it since merging together.
Last Exile - A sword from Tas'ir's stash that is Archer's preferred weapon for use in his human form. It carries minor sharpness and durability enchantments. The hilt is designed to look like a winged dragon in flight with the wings as the cross-guards.
Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 Super Sport - Nothing special, this car was something Archer permitted himself to splurge on in order to buy.

Tactics: Trained and experienced in the arts of war when the sword was the predominate weapon on the field of combat, Archer is more likely to try to engage in hand-to-hand range. Though, he carries a modern pistol, even though he's not the best shot with it, as a defense in his human form.

Origins: Archer was born in the year 182 CE in the area of what is now known as Cardiff, Wales. While his ability to seemingly heal faster than others his own age was noticed at an early age, his peers of the era considered it a divine blessing. Other than the fact his mild regenerative ability allowed him to live a rougher life than normal for people of the day, he eventually noticed that it had also retarded, if not halted, his physical aging at a point while his body was in its prime.

While the people of his village viewed his gift as a divine blessing, he found that such was not always the case and slowly learned how to hide his ability from others. As the years passed, he wondered across the Britanian landscape, even made a few ventures to the European mainland, doing his best to avoid being discovered as different from the majority of the population.

From the 1130s on he served as a knight under various monarchs as the decades went by, faking his death from time to time to avoid arousing too much suspicion. Eventually, though, he was tasked with slaying a rather powerful dragon that had much of the surrounding countryside cowering in fear. This was to be the event that changed his life forever.

He rode to meet the great reptile in battle and challanged it to a duel. During the exchange that followed, he quickly came to realize this dragon was one of the few that were sentient and not just mindless animals as the majority of lesser dragons were. His rhythm broken when the dragon returned Archer's taunts with ones of his own, the outcome of the fight kept shifting as each side obtained one advantage or another over the other combatant.

During the course of his duel with the dragon, the two had strayed into territory controlled by an evil warlock bent on world domination. After being set upon by the warlock's forces, Archer and the dragon, who he learned was named Tas'ir, paused in their battle and formed an uneasy truce to stop the warlock for the sake of everyone.

Formulating a plan, Archer and Tas'ir rallied the oppressed locals and fought their way through the warlock's army. Eventually the duo managed to corner the corrupt warlock in a room in his keep. At the instant the killing blow was struck, the dark power the warlock had been compressing and storing inside his body exploded, fatally injuring both Archer and Tas'ir. Their broken bodies buried in the rubble of what had once been the keep, the two eventually came to a deal: using the residual energies still lingering in the area, Tas'ir merged himself with Archer, saving the lives of both, but at a cost.

History: Now merged with Tas'ir, Archer's left eye, his own which he had lost in the fighting, was replaced with that of the dragon. Knocked comatose from the force of the merging, the knight lay buried under the rubble for some time as the survivors of the army he had led against the evil warlock worked to dig him and any other survivors out. After a couple days, during which his body was altered due to the addition of the draconic material and essence, Archer awoke as the diggers reached him.

Hiding his now draconic left eye behind an eyepatch, Archer spent the following years more or less peacefully as the survivors had decided to put him in the warlock's old throne. Eventually, though, after a number of the men he had known and fought with died of old age, he abdicated the throne to the successor he had been training and strode off into the forest, following an instictual urge he couldn't place, as up to then Tas'ir had been mostly dormant within him and was slowly starting to awaken.

Eventually, Archer wandered deep inside caverns buried deep below the surface. Once in the farthest back cave he could reach, he collapsed in pain. Passing out, Tas'ir surged to the forefront and Archer's body transformed into that of the dragon. Remaining in this hibernative state for centuries, he only awoke and returned to the surface world in 1755. Amazed at the changes that had occured in the centuries he had slept, Archer wandered from job to job as he acclimitized himself to the new world.

As the decades passed and the world turned, Archer and Tas'ir finally found a balance in maintaining their joint body. Eventually, Archer found a job at the Oxford University as a history professor, specializing in early English history. He's been doing it ever since. Though, from time to time, he slips off and changes into his draconic form to allow Tas'ir to stretch his wings. Sightings of him in this form were once refered to as a 'shadow of a dragon' by one television reporter, which was quickly seized upon by a tabloid and dubbed 'Shadow Dragon', which eventually spread to other tabloids and legitimate news agencies, though no clear pictures or video have managed to be taken of him yet as a dragon. As such, the majority consider 'Shadow Dragon' an urban legend complete with the usual mess of undocumented 'close encounters'. However, there are those who, considering the wide-spread nature of heros and villains across the planet, feel there may be some connection to that.
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