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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

03 July 2022 - 03:21 PM






I haven't exactly mentioned this, but I am looking forward to what Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has to offer to us coming off from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. I know there is a lot that people have said about the 3D animation, and while it is something I think that'll be a little jarring at first I think it should be fine as long as there's a decent of story that is being told with the movie itself. 


That being said,  I just want to wanna share what  I am looking forward to the most with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Dragon-Ball-Super-Super-Hero-Release-dat




Piccolo getting so much love for screentime after such a long time,  Gohan getting some action too since the events of the Cell Saga. A lot of people couple argue we got something with the end of the Super Anime.  I would say that's more of a first steps kind of situation, but still looking forward to it.     I know Pan has an infamous reputation because of how her character was treated in Dragon Ball GT, but if I have to be perfectly honest I didn't mind Pan that much.   In fact I would say she's a really underrated character,  not necessarily the best of the best, but the hate she gets I feel is very exaggerated.  That being said,  I think there is a lot you could do with Pan's character in this movie to a point where you could get a new audience to really fall in love with her character. 




What are you guys looking forward to when it pertains to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? 



Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+ Show)

25 June 2022 - 05:08 AM







I'm just gonna say this right now if any of ya'll are a fan of the prequels, Obi-Wan,  Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in general then many you are gonna be in for a real treat with this one. Especially for me who literally grew up with Revenge of The Sith as my very first and gateway into the franchise.


It also makes me question a lot of things like... Lucas Film.... This should've been the first thing we got!!




The final episode just came out recently, and man words can not describe how I am feeling about this whole series especially if you're watching it after Revenge of The Sith. 




What do you guys think of The Disney+ Obi-Wan show? have you watch it yet? or are you planning on seeing it?





My Uncle's Time....

24 June 2022 - 03:24 PM

Hey guys it's been a while.. I didn't expect to make a comeback about a few weeks after my final message thread, but this is really personal for me and I just wanted to share.... 


I briefly mentioned in the last thread I made that my older cousin's dad (my eldest uncle) has been suffering through 4th stage lung cancer since last March and I've been doing everything I can to be as supportive as I can be to my older cousin in his time of need when I found out about my uncle's condition.  



Then came this Monday June 20th, and the situation with his cancer has gotten a lot worse than before.  My dad, older cousin, and practically the rest of my family members found out that He doesn't have a lot of time left to live anymore.  My cousin's sister filled out the paperwork and everything and he's essentially under hospice care.  Everything I've done for my cousin was to do the best that I can to get him through this rough period.  I've been visiting him with both my parents practically every day since we found out on Monday about the time he has possibly left to live, and... then that thinking feeling started to kick in on Tuesday and even more so yesterday. 


My uncle was telling me on his bed "I know you are putting up a strong front right now for your big brother (my older cousin) by being here for me, but I can tell you've barely gotten some sleep and sacrificed time to spend." I held his hand and he told me "I want you spend one day to yourself and have fun tomorrow and just rest for a day. Come see me again on Saturday for the early fireworks and I want you to make that a promise.  Otherwise I won't say anything if come back tomorrow." 


and I told my uncle that I'll take some rest and ease up from all the stress I've been carrying, and then I came back home last night and I was balling my eyes out for almost an hour at the reality of it all.  Finally letting it all sink in that the clock is counting down and i left me aching. Even as I was about doze off to sleep for the night, I just couldn't shake this feeling off anymore. 



I wanted to share this with you guys because it's been really weighing on me, and I know a lot of you guys understand where I am coming from on this.  Especially coming off from the passing of my late grandmother back in November... 



I've known a lot of you guys here for a really long time, and I wanna be in a space where I can get away from all the stress and grief I've been going through and find some comfort, peace, and etc. This place I know has done a lot for me over the years, and with what I'm going through I hope it still does :cry: . 




Confession (Formally Known as My Final Message To Everyone)

19 May 2022 - 03:12 AM

It's kind of surreal to have this feeling... They say all good things must come to an end, and well I never imagined this would be the way  everything comes to a close like this. 


Some of you may've noticed that on twitter I've been making a lot of NaruHina retweets, posts, and replies within the past 24-48 hours.   




Posted Yesterday, 07:00 PM

just a heads up, if anyone follows me on twitter notices me retweeting NaruHina stuff  just know it's super intentional. 


Doing a little experiment trial to see how much attraction that'll get towards the shippers to a post I made earlier in the day,  "What do you think of NaruHina?" 



So don't worry I haven't abandoned NaruSaku, and switched sides. I am still and will forever die on the hill NaruSaku should've been caon, and I'll always ship no matter what.    


Nothing about the retweets or me commenting on NH posts  is meant to be taken seriously. 

Edited by LuckyChi7, Yesterday, 07:01 PM.


Truth is my little experiment is gonna be based on a video I have in mind, but it's not the entire truth to be honest.
I have been keeping something hidden since around time I recorded the last Naruto Anniversary Podcast with the crew in September, the passing of my late grandmother, and the recovery process of my surgery the day before thanksgiving last year to the middle of March this year.  
In this 8-month time period I've made notes of myself here and there taking more of a liking towards NaruHina, and I thought it was just me going through my recovery process and me going through grief from my grandma's passing.  But the truth is there are certain moments that NaruHina has ironically made me a smile, they kind of hit me deep.  
- No 615 isn't one of them before anybody gets the wrong idea.
- Most of it stems from the small moments Naruto and Hinata during Part 1, and when Hinata watches Naruto from a afar when he leaves the village with Jiraiya, and of course the pain arc confession was moving in it's own way. and relatively one or two moments from the last - the scene where Naruto tells Hinata he loves her kind of got me, and the scene Naruto and Hinata are casually talking in the abandoned city mainly.  
-  No not the genjutsu scene, and definitely not the scarf (still pretty dumb if you ask me).
I know this is gonna come as a big shock to a lot of you, but I want to be a 100% when I say this, but the love and passion I've had towards NaruSaku has slowly been depleting over these last 8 years after the ending in 2014. 
Honestly, at first I thought it's because I've fallen out of love with the series and Naruto as a whole, and during this whole recovery process I slowly realized it wasn't the series I was falling out of love with... It was how much I adored NaruSaku as a pairing. 
I can already tell by this point a lot of you will say "we've lost LuckyChi he no longer ships NaruSaku and has switched over to being a NaruHina fan" 
I wasn't lying when I said yesterday that NaruSaku should've been canon and that's a hill I'll die on, and there is  still a part of me that really cares about NaruSaku it was big deal for me back in the day.  
Everyone on here knows just how much it meant to me, but that fire isn't as hot as it once was. The best comparisons, I can make this to is All Might from My Hero Academia when it comes to One for All and the time limit... how there are only like embers left keeping the fire alive. 
I'm not gonna say it's gotten that low where it's about to burn out, but if I am to give it a rough estimate of where my stance is on the pairings it would be like this: 
90% of me has gotten to really appreciates NaruHina now
The last 10% of me still adores NaruSaku
There's a tiny fire that still being lit!
I could also imagine, "Oh LuckyChi just say you ship NaruHina now,  & let us be."
It's not that easy for me,  I have really come to appreciate and enjoyed conversing with every single person on here from James S Cassidy, lkmnjh,  BlueStarSaber, Chatte ,MangaReader, Vanitas, Bryon,  NFK,  and many others. 
I don't want me liking NaruHina more than NaruSaku be the thing that breaks our long history with one another because you guys honestly are some of the best and I don't want to lose that connection.  
I know many will just say LuckyChi7 is a NaruHina Shipper now, and if you want to view me in that light that's fine.  But I promise I won't ever be like those diehards who harass others for having a different view.  At most I'll just address my point about NH over NS and just go about my day that's it. No Harassment whatsoever  <- already had this talk with Chatte.
With me being completely honest here I have to address 4 major questions:
Now that I ship NaruHina:
1. Has my opinion changed on the ending? 
  • Absolutely not I still think it's very problematic and riddled with plotholes 


  • Sure it's kind of cute to see them breaking down at neji's funeral, but it doesn't excuse Chapter 700 for being an advertisement for Boruto. 


  • It still should've been Naruto's coronation of him being announced as the new Hokage.  Be it with Sakura or Hinata.  
2. Do I forgive all the problems in Part 2 (especially the first half)? 
  •  No that's still an issue and needs to be heavily tweaked to show the characters grown and developed over the course of the story. NS or NH, makes no difference to me. 


  •  And yes I'm looking at you, the scene of Naruto hyperventilating because can't accept Sasuke dying." <- sighs... still hate that scene to this very day. 
3. Will I now be a Sakura basher? 
  •  Come on guys,  this should be obvious Sakura was my favorite female character. Bashing her would be the last thing I ever do especially given how much I defended her over the years.


  • Sure, I may show a bit more favoritism to Hinata from on out, but if I say anyone calling Sakura useless or outright insults her worth then you better believe I'll stand up for her no matter what.  
4. What about your fanfic The Tales of Sachiko Uzumaki?
  • I haven't forgotten about that, in fact I'm gonna be relaunching it with Chapter 2 for sometime in June. 
Thank you all for taking the time in reading this message it has been a lot of fun, and if you guys wish to keep in touch with me like on skype or discord about other series just dm me and we'll chat. 
But If you feel it's best to part ways with me because I stan NaruHina more than I do NaruSaku  from this point forward all I can say is:   
I wish you all the best of luck in life and your future endeavors towards great success.  It truly has been such a memorable experience NaruSaku community! 
Thanks for having me over the years,
your fellow Yotuber,

Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness

23 December 2021 - 04:11 PM






Doctor Strange was easily one of the best mcu movies, and ended up being in my top 5 for MCU movies of all time.   The trailer for The Multiverse of Madness.  Not only that, but Sam Raimi  is also directing this movie too and given what he was able to with the Spider-Man films, but also the horror genre is exciting... More so because this sequel is gonna lend more into the horror genre and Kevin Fiege has confirmed this would be the first horror mcu movie. 



What did ya'll think of the trailer?