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Does Anyone Know The Name Of This Movie?

10 October 2020 - 01:34 AM

This is a horror movie I'm looking for.


I don't remember the name of it, and I've only seen it once, which as back in 2007. I don't remember much, but I'll write down what I remember.


I think the plot was several strangers were invited to stay the night at a mansion that was supposedly extremely haunted. If they survived the night, they would be millionares in the morning. 


I believe a chandelere fell in the main room when the cast were first getting settled in, though that might be a different movie.


The most visible part in my memory is one of the female cast members went off on her own to the basement of this place they were staying. She had a camera with her and was taking pictures of things she found, but was ambushed by some sort of creature in the basement.


Male cast members went off to look for the missing female, and found her strapped onto some kind of table that was electricuting her. 


That's all I remember, unfortunately. I was about 13-14 when I saw this, and wasn't much of a horror movie fan back then. I don't know why this movie has been popping into my head here lately, but if anyone knows, please tell me because I kind of want to see it again.

Any Tips For A "Strong" Female Character?

24 September 2020 - 01:41 AM

For as much as I love Sakura's character, it's undeniable that she wasn't used to her full abilities. She was constantly kept at the sidelines except for when the plot needed her, and this is something I would like to avoid with my own female lead. I absolutely REFUSE to let her be a sideline character.


So what do you guys and gals have to say about writing a strong female lead? It's not that I don't trust in my abilities to write one, because I've done it before, and I'm doing it now. But maybe some of you would like to see some traits on display in my own character. No promises I can fill them in, but I'll certainly give it a shot if they fit her character... which is similar to Sakura, but she starts off towards her companions/teammates with a more neutral perspective. 

I Have A Question

16 September 2020 - 11:19 PM

This is in reguards to part 1 of Naruto, specifically after te fight with Sasuke. 


There is something I've been curious about whenever I think of the whole retrieving Sasuke thing and the promise Naruto made to Sakura. A big reason I'd like some answers to this is because something similar happens with my own story.


Let's pretend for a moment that Naruto does not have the power of the nine-tails, and that he's just a regular human being with no healing abilities that allow him to recover from injuries at a faster rate. 


Lets say that Kakashi finds Naruto after his first battle with Sasuke, laying on the ground, unconcious, on the verge of death, and with extremely severe wounds.Kakashi rushes Naruto back to the hospital, but because he's just some ordinary kid with no lucritive healing powers, he's forced to endure months of treatment, even with Tsunade caring for him.


How do you think Sakura would have handled this kind of scenerio? Would she have looked after him and visited him like she did with Lee and Sasuke on a regular basis, or would she have been less forgiving? And do you think it would have been a good oportunity for her to realize what kind of friend Naruto truly is to her? 



Something very similar eventually happens with the couple in my story, but the very real threat of one character dying forces the other to realize what they'll lose if the other dies, more or less solidifying them as a couple. So, this needs to be as good as possible considering this couple is my answer for NaruSaku. 


To Anyone Interested

22 August 2020 - 03:42 PM

You can now support my work on Webnovel. Webnovel will allow the reader to vote on a five star rating system and give me feedback on how they think the story is going. If you're bored and looking for something new, why not stop by and say hi?



Mages of the North Blog

04 August 2020 - 08:05 PM

Hey, all!


This is a blog where I will post updates for my novel series, "Mages of the North" which can be read for free at this link: https://www.wattpad....dventure-begins


I write primarily for the fun of it, and after taking a long break from it, I'm trying to get back into the groove of things.


"Mages of the North" is a story that is inspired by Naruto and a number of other games and shows, and features a story about three young mages setting off to explore a vast unknown world. Its time setting is late 1600's to early or mid 1700's, so you're looking at a pre-American Revolution sort of time period. This was specifically chosen to avoid the typical medieval theme that typically follows with similar stories. Soldiers of military forces will now use muskets, flintlock pistols, cannons, sabers, and other weapons of the time period, creating the need to develop new strategies the mages of the story will have to use to avoid dying from a gun shot wound.


The story is very mixed with great detail about the characters, their backgrounds, hobbies, and focuses a lot on world building as well. If the reader follows the story for long enough, they will eventually encounter a vast variety of animal life and naturally beautiful places described down to the smallest detail. However, they will also encounter horrors beyond what any typical fantasy story will delve into.


"Mages of the North" has some similarities with Naruto, but the story is very much its own. The main cast are made from a different cloth, though they share some similarities here and there. 


If your heart still aches from the lie that was NaruSaku, this story offers a chance to pull yourself over that cradle and move on from it.