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Preference on Buying Manga!

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 04:40 PM

I'm pretty sure there that most of it not all of us have bought manga at some point our lives, but as I was going through my collection of manga I noticed how different they are from one another, and also how long these particular series last from in terms of volume count. So I got to ask if and when you guys go out to buy manga do you guys go buy your favorite series, or do you all look at the number of volumes a particular manga series despite that series being one of your favorite series.  For example you've got a series like Deadman Wonderland, and Death Note,  those series are only 12-13 volumes long.  Then, you've got series like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail which ware like 50+ volumes. How often do you also go back and reread the volumes of the particular series you've bought?  Or do you just read them once and rarely ever read them again.


I guess for me it also depends on when you think a series has a good stoping point in buying the series like I've got almost all the Bleach Volumes (with the exception of Volumes 31-33 still need to get those) except for the Thousand Year Blood War. You may ask why? well Bleach for me even though I still love the series I personally feel that the series ended at the Arrancar Saga when Ichigo lost his powers and him saying good way to Rukia (which is the end of Volume 48). Even though it's considered a bad follow up I do have the volumes 49-54 which consists of the FullBring arc because I found it to be somewhat enjoyable, and sometimes I do feel like rereading from time to time. Most of the time (every two or three months) I'll find myself reading just from Volume 1 to 48.


I also did have the Fairy Tail Volumes like up to date on my shelf, but the thing is I rarely ever read those volumes the more the I thought about it.. at most I usually find myself rereading Fairy Tail Zero since I feel that's better than the original series. So instead I just took them off the shelf cause I do find other series I reread more than Fairy Tail, and I kinda made the decision to sell all the volumes that I did have to... mainly also because of a potential fear I'm having with the ending after the latest chapter came out and I thought about it over the course of the last 3 days. That and I needed more room on my shelf for other series I have too, Plus gas just doesn't get any cheaper these days.



I guess nowadays I'm just focusing on getting series that are like less than 40+ Volumes with the exception of Rave Master since I do find myself rereading that almost about the same amount of times I reread Bleach within the year, and because for the most part it has an amazing ending also 35 Volumes in total it barely reaches that 40 mark, but like I said I can make it an exception. 


Now my book shelf consists of: 


Bleach (Volumes 1-30, 34-54)


Noragami (Volumes 1-16 (still ongoing)


Pandora Hearts (Volumes 1-18, 20, 23-24) (just got get 19, 21, and 22) 


O Parts Hunter (Volumes 1-19) (complete) 


A Silent Voice (Volumes 1-7) (complete) 


 Blue Exorcist (Volumes 1-4) (consists of Season 1) (waiting to see where it ends before I continue to buy more) 


My Hero Academia (Volumes 1-7) (probably gonna stop at 11 for the time being since All Might vs Sensei lol) 


Rave Master (obviously getting all 35 lol) 


Attack on Titan (Volumes 1-20) (gonna stop at Volume 22 cause it ends the last arc & to see how this final arc plays out) 


Fairy Tail Zero (It's only a Volume long and it's amazing)


Tokyo Ghoul (obviously it's only 14 volumes long) 





That's about it as far as my shelf is considered.. It seems like alot, but my shelf is pretty big to fit as much as I have for, Plus The O-Parts Hunter and Pandora Hearts Volume are sharing the shelf for my computer desk so that's how I was able to manage all of that. But yeah that's pretty much all I got to say when it comes this little discussion. 



I know I'm probably reiterating, but what about you guys? do you guys get Volumes despite how long they can be? or do you just get a certain amount, and leave it with that? Also if you want to share what manga you own then fill free to share.  I thought this would be a fun thread to talk about regarding Manga and everyones collection!!





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Posted 11 April 2017 - 04:50 PM

Well I did buy Full Metal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, and soon to be One Piece, which they are 20+ volumes long, so I guess it doesn't matter much for me. I am worried about space though. That's really my main challenge.


I do read them though. I am planning to re-read a lot of series. Right now, I am just focusing on the newer and never before read ones. I don't mind collecting them, because I support it and having it physically has that special charm. Reading it in a volume length form is such a great experience.


So far, I have 4 20+ series with one about to cross it. I just have to worry about making space.

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 05:46 PM

I was just only going to buy Naruto back when I'd still loved the series, but then I stared bleach (not one piece because that's going to be about 100+ volumes, Then after ending I'd stopped buy both. Then ended up buy fma (up to ten because that's all they had in my comic shop and pokemon adventure gen 1 set. Then bought the 2 big hero six because I thought it be a series (hints that tashdi's alive by the way if they do a sequel. As for ongoing I only but One punch man.

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 06:42 PM

I regret to say I bought volumes 31-66 of Naruto....... :dry: a mistake I won't repeat again, except with Boku no Hero Academia that is :smile: I have the complete collection of FMA, Volumes 1-15 Black Butler, and I collected all Omnibus volumes of Card Captor Sakura and Chobits :happy: So I guess  my preference is if I have a huge love of the series. Althought there asome other sreies I did not collect all teh volumes of but I bought those volumes because they were some of my favourite parts of the story. :wink:

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