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Reflecting on Naruto... - also happy new year, guys!!

Posted by Iwantbuns in liana's blog, 31 December 2016 · 1,127 views
new year, reflecting

Well here's another blog post.
Happy 2017 you guys!!! For me it'll be like in 6 hours, but still. Wishing the best for the new year to everyone.
So anyways...
It was kind of obvious that I took a little break from Naruto, after the ending and whatnot... But I met up with a few of my cousins, who were going crazy about Naruto and I was...

Chapter 2: The Cloned Children

Posted by Konoha'sCrimsonFox in Heaven & Earth (My Naruto Ending Version), 17 September 2015 · 512 views

Chapter 2: The Cloned Children

Contest Entry!!

Posted by Metalhead87 in Metalhead87's Blog, 01 February 2015 · 1,572 views

Here's my entry for the 10th Anniversary NaruSaku contest!
I started writing it randomly one night after work, and pretty much forgot about it. Then, I opened it up again and figured that I would finish it off properly and enter it. I mean, why not, right?  :lol:
I feel I should apologise before getting started. It's been a while since...

It's up!

Posted by Bryon_Konoha_Ninja in Bryon's Blog, 22 November 2014 · 524 views

Well, guys, I got the first two chapters of Naruto: The Demon Within up! The first one is the prologue, and the second one is Number 1, which is the start of what I call the Build-Up Arc, which focuses on the Leaf 12 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Neji, Lee, and Tenten) as it lead to their beginning their three years...

My Music

Posted by Win-chan in Win-chan's Blog, 17 November 2014 · 497 views

As some of you may know, I'm studying composition in college with the ultimate dream of being a film score composer. Well, I'm finally getting to the point where I'm uploading my music and am ready to share it with the world! Woot! Anyhoo, here's the link to some of my music. It's my soundcloud account. So far, I have an alternative rockish piece, a virtu...

(My Version) Chapter 699: The Promise of a Lifetime

Posted by LuckyChi7 in LuckyChi7's Blog, 14 November 2014 · 508 views
Post Naruto VS Sasuke Fight and 3 more...

I finished take on Chapter 699 a couple days ago, and did whatever it took to make the characters feel consistent from how they've been taken in Part 2.  If you find something inconsistant regarding the fanfic, or the characters just give me a heads up 
Here it is: 

maybe ill actually update this blog

Posted by KonaKonaFan in KonaKonaFan's Bloggity Blog is blog even a word anymore, 30 October 2014 · 494 views
ignore me and 1 more...

or not.
its 4:52am and im gonna stay awake all day tomorrow WOO im just writing this to test out the system, see how it fairs but at the same time i dont want to be THAT guy who does those "testing lol" things so um
comment with ur fave:
energy drink
cooking spice
renaissance-era artist, including but not limited to...

New Blog System!

Posted by Smiter in Smiter's Blog, 28 October 2014 · 689 views

H&E now has a new blogging system for everyone to use!  :D
It's our hope that everyone can use these new blogs to talk and connect more with each other, and also post all sorts of NaruSaku related stuff like fanfictions, headcanons and essays!
To get started, just click on the new Blogs link between the Gallery and search links in t...

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