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This is even worse because seriously, how relatable is it REALLY? People use this argument for why Batman is better than Superman. "He is more relatable hero"
Really? When did your parents get shot in the alley and you watched? When did you inherit billions of dollars and used it to be a superhero? When did you have time to master every martial arts, forensics, every language, and more in under 20 years? He also survives things that no normal human survives and makes gadgets that not even modern science has today. So realistic? Press X to doubt

But okay, let's say you mean relatable as in more philosophical sense. Batman went through tragedy, he experienced lose, and is fallible and can be injured. However, I feel Superman is more relatable in ways that an average person experiences.
Superman got bullied in high school and had his first crush that didn't work out. He got basically an every man's job that pays a decent salary, but he is not rich. He constantly deals with things on a level that money nor super strength can fix. He is an orphan who never knew his parents, spent his life in humble beginnings, and lost a step parent, and is always struggling with home versus heritage. He is an immigrant.

So I think people use these words too loosely. Can Hinata be relatable? Yes. Can Sakura be relatable? Absolutely, but what is NOT relatable is stagnation. This whole thing of "girls don't get over their first love" is complete and total BS. They may never forget their first love, but never get over it? That is a stretch far from the imagination...especially considering that this is even before you bring in the abusive nature of SS.

As for NH, well I believe someone else asked a question that I feel encompasses it.
How does KNOWING someone else loves you automatically make you have feelings for them? Naruto ignored her for 5 years, but now all of a sudden he loves her because he only realizes NOW that she loves him?

That is not only not relatable, it is not even remotely realistic. If that were true every guy, no matter how ugly or unwanted, would ever be alone.

And again, how do the guys' feelings not matter? It is all about "Naruto should be with Hinata cause he owes her for being loyal" kind of mindset. Love shouldn't be about who owes what and it should all be about what is mutual. Again, all these arguments can be applied to NS

Naruto loved Sakura, why didn't she just automatically be with him? If all it takes is for someone to be loyal, selfless, and loving...then NS should totally be canon.
If it more about realism and relatable, then you can't get more realistic and relatable than NS. They are always themselves around each other? Sakura would definitely get over Sasuke easily and realize she is happier with Naruto. Hinata probably would continue to be in love with Naruto, but would accept that she values his happiness above her own and get over it.

These excuses are delusional at best and downright denial at worst. There is nothing realistic or relatable about any of these ships and the fact that continue to persist when most other relationships have suffered under far less is just downright insulting.

There is only so far you can stretch the suspension of belief.


Which means that it is not about character tropes. It is not about Hinata's shyness our loyalty. It is NOTHING, but BS. It is only the lies they make to justify their obvious favoritism. Hinata can be any type of character and they will still love her. Kishimoto has exposedthis bias when he made Road to Ninja switching the personalities and they still favored HInata over Sakura.

Hinata abused Naruto and threatens to kill Sakura while acting like a slut? "OMG, look how independent she is."

NH and SS did NOT deserve the victory they got and secretly, I think they know it too. They know that what they have is garbage and this is why they always repeat the same arguments.

Like I told that one Hinata fanboy
"13,728 pages and all you remember of Hinata 1 incident she had?"




Exactly there is nothing more to it. If there was there would actually be reasons to favor Hinata over Sakura and when pressed with questions they wouldn't be making new excuses to defend their answers every 5 seconds. It has nothing to do with Liking Hinata has a character, they just feel she desrves to win and Sakura should lose. That is all. look at their reasoning and it is clear as day. Not to mention that if you apply any reason for them ti hate sakura on another character they would defend it sloppily and say how that character is different or circumstances are different. i.e. So Sakura is a heartless icy biatch for not liking Naruto and was never there for him, but apparently no other nameless character or anyone that has ever shown hate for NAruto get even a fraction of the hate Sakura was getting. Not even other fan girls of Sasuke get that treatment and notice one reason to hate Sakura was that she was an obsessed Sasuke fan girl and only had him on the brain. I'll get back to this later but you get my point

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17 February 2020 - 06:56 AM

Good to hear!!!!! I wanted to to go watch it opening weekend but my cousin wanted to watch birds of prey. =( Ill give my thoughts when I do see it :yes:

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

17 February 2020 - 01:46 AM

I really hate this argument. The "I don't deserve a guy like you" argument. It is so bad because it does nothing. "I don't deserve you because you are too nice to me. Now, I will ignore your feelings and focus all my attention on a guy who does the same to me: ignore me and treat me poorly."

I never understand this concept of falling in love with people who have no feelings for you whatsoever only to try and beat brow them into caring about you....but then turn around and tell another person that they shouldn't have feelings for you because you're not worth it. Like, you are literally telling people how they feel instead of asking them. If a girl does this apparently it is cute and romantic, but if a guy does this...it is creepy and he is being oppressive.

To me I would look at both Sakura and Hinata and tell them both..."Until the time comes when you truly appreciate love for what it is...you both don't deserve any."

I understand young lovers can be stupid when they first experience love, but how many times has Sasuke said "no" and yet they still pushed him to be with Sakura and pushed Naruto to Hinata? Literally, it feels like not one person save for our group cared about what the guys felt at all. All anyone else in the fandom cared about was what Hinata wanted and only slightly supported Sakura's feelings because "it got Naruto to be free to choose Hinata." It is the most asinine way of looking at love and this is how every one views as romantic now. The guy's are abusive and the girls are obsessive. Yet, they deny any of this despite being on the pages.


Oh, I wish to portray that Sakura has been completely destroyed as a character. In fact, 99% of the characters in Naruto are a pale comparison to their former selves save for maybe the likes of Rock Lee and Temari.

It is just that I stopped blaming the characters themselves and instead focused on the REAL issue of that Kishimoto bent the knee to Hinata's popularity because he had no balls and the fact that everything that occurred with the retcons and more are all for the sake of making Hinata SEEM like the best girl.

And believe me, the Hinata fanatics are still at it. I talk with fanatics that talk about how great Hinata is and how bad Sakura is, but all they can remember is 2 scenes throughout the entire manga.

I literally stop the entire conversation and tell them: Do you see how pathetic your logic is? 15 years of story and all you can remember is 1 scene? You can't remember anything else from the story? Is that because you choose not to remember or that you live in your own headcanon so hard that you block out everything else?

They try to play coy, but the arguments are ALWAYS piss poor and they always fall back on "Well, at least she is not as bad as Sakura."

One Hinata fan literally said to me and I will quote this:
"Hinata is better than Sakura because she stays in her lane and does not get in the way, unlike Sakura."

I was like "Woah, so you're telling me that the reason you think Hinata is better is because when you tell her "Get back in the kitchen, this is a man's world" she listens to you? Holy crap are you sexist. Also, how come you say this about Hinata, but the one scene you LOVE about her is when she DOESN'T stay in her lane and gets in the way?"

What the hell are these people thinking?


Double standards, as always. Never forget this mantra. Hinata does it? A-okay. Sakura does it? She is a USELESS THOT like I always KNEW she was!!!! And remember, this does not apply only to Hinata being a shy submissive sex doll that won't squeak no matter how much she is "penetrated into". Remember how in "Road to Ninja" she was "a possessive, jealous, temperamental Black Widow" (sorry for insulting Natasha Romanoff, that was the only man eater motif I can recall off the top of my head), and her fans STILL adored her for it? I bet if the Sakura of that universe was the shy submissive one they would be going all, "what a weak willed useless lump of meat. She should learn to be strong and confident like THIS HINATA!!!!" Trollolololololololololol. Really, the diarrhea- like drivel that comes out of these fans' mouths and you would SWEAR your brain is put in an endless swirly. Just saying.  

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17 February 2020 - 01:22 AM

Well I'm waiting til next month but I WILL purchase volumes 5-8 at least :chuckle:

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17 February 2020 - 01:18 AM

Well minor romantic conflict at that, from what I gather and it's not too serious. Hachi is just feeling a bit insecure about "the rival" and Ann is well, hoping that he would see her as more than just "his destined princess" I suppose? On the subject of creating a new princess for Hachi and throwing the current couple to the wayside, possible. And only because a writer CAN DO that at any moment if they so please. I'm not saying it will happen nor should it, but that window will always be there until the story's end, which is why I always make sarcastic, ironic remarks about it. But again as you have defended and Lucky has defended, Hachi X Ann is being b-*beep* slapped across the audience's faces repeatedly. So for the moment, Hachi X Ann it is. Future possibilities aside, the story is cementing it left, right and centre.
And as I have come to realize, Kishi did not know what made Naruto popular because he was usually copying something else, or doing what Yahagi told him was popular, more or less. The story did grow into its own thing of course but I will always remember sources stating he was always looking at the success of other series and tried to replicate them. Among his prototypes of manga concepts as I recall were about things such as magic like Harry potter or about Samurai and bushido in general like Rurouni Kenshin, (as I recall from one  of the earliest if not the very first made book before I threw away my copy) but he felt his ideas were inferior to those so he scrapped them. And never forget Naruto was conceptualized by his own admitted love of ramen. He had nothing else going for it at the beginning beyond that.