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About Me

I am a young female going along in her 26 years of life one step at a time. I tend to be someone that will make her own way in life, but will also be happy with the help of my family if I am in a bind. I am writing my own story in this wonderful fabric we call time and hopefully I can leave a lasting impact on this world. I use to go by RyrienaHaruno on here a long time ago.

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  • Age 35 years old
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    Somewhere down in Texas
  • Interests
    Anime/Manga, history, unexplained mysteries, linguistics, geology, astrology, astro physics, chemistry, astronomy, sport cars, and racing cars, monster trucks, quantum mechanics and particle physics

    Anime/Manga - Gaming

    NaruSaku, Ash x Misty, (Pokyshiping) Ichigo x Rukia, Kiba/Hinata, Ichigo x Orihime, Uryū x Orihime, Cullen x Amell, Alastair x Warden, Cullen x Female Inqustior Ed x Winnry, Spike x May Valatine, Kaiden Alekno x Female Shepard, Garus x Female Shepard, Joker x Female Shepard, Angg x Katara, Zuko x Katara, Mako x Kora ( Avatar the last air bender - Legend of Kora) I don't see the ending of Kora as canon since its more of a fan service ending, since the canon pairing is not a properly developed paring.

    VLD pairing: Plance, Shiro x Adam, Hunk x Shay, Kallura
    anti Allurance

    The Dragon Prince: Cullum x Rayla

    TV pairings
    Angel x Buffy, Buffy x Spike, Angel x Cordila Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Booth x Bones (bones)
    Tony x Ziva David, Abby x Timothy McGee, Timothy x Delia (NCIS)
    Dean x Castiel, Sam x Gabriel, Sam x Elaine, Dean x Jo (Supernatural)

    Comics parings: Supes x Lois Lang, Peter Parker x Mary Jay Waston, Captian x Black Widow, Hawke Eye x Black Widow, Jean Grey x Cyclops, Jean x Wolverine, Rouge x Gambit, Batman x Slilena Kyle, Bruce x Black Widow

    Movies pairings: Jurassic Park series (Owen x Claire, Malcome x Sarah) Han x Leia, Luke x Maria Jade, Finn x Rey, FinnPoe (Star Wars)

    Dislikes Supes x Wonder Woman, as it's basically turns a feminist icon in to a baby maker, NaruHinata, Sasuke x Sakura abusive relationship ahoy.

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