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About Me

I don't see any harm in giving my name here, as I'm constantly trying to advertise my novel, "Mages of the North", which you can read for free on Webnovel.com or the very beginning here on this site. My name is Dalton Reutlinger (Rut-ling-er); I'm an author and lore writer. 


My writing is very inspired by Naruto, and anybody who reads my work would be able to pick up on a few similarities between the two at certain points of the story. An example would be the team names from the stories.

"Narutos'" plot followed the story of Team 7. "Mages of the North" follows the story of Team 17, so there's a lot of little things like that one might find amusing, but the stories are extremely different. 


While my writing is inspired by Naruto, I try to only give subtle hints throughout the story as little reminders of the story I once adored so much throughout a very large portion of my childhood and young adulthood. Mages of the North follows a very different path than Naruto did altogether.


Unlike Naruto, Mages of the North is not centered around action. Instead, it's focused more around exploration and building up good character relationships in a more realistic way. This allows for more intense scenes when and if a character ever gets hurt, dies, or disappears for a while.


The characters from Mages of the North, or at least the main trio, were inspired by the main Naruto trio, but hold very little in common.


- Floris Fetcher is the main character, putting him in the position of Naruto's character. Floris is a polar opposite from Naruto, as he is very level-headed, intelligent, and an extremely talented alchemist. He has the ability to quickly adapt to new environments that he's not familiar with and is able to come up with "out of the box ideas" that no one else could. He starts off as an underdog, similar to Naruto in some respects. but eventually becomes a force to be reckoned with.


- Alvis Era is the secondary male lead character, placing him in a similar situation as Sasuke. Unlike Sasuke, Alvis is much more care-free and offers a great deal of comedic relief. He was Floris' one and only friend for many years as they grew up together in a village that had no other children, and was very isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Unlike Floris, however, Alvis had the role of a hunter/gatherer in their village, meaning he had no use to learn the skills Floris did. Alvis never learned to read or write, making him a less intellectual character compared to the rest of the cast. However, that doesn't stop him from trying.


- Kathrina Katherine is the female lead of the story and holds the most similarities with her opposed character, Sakura Haruno. Unlike Sakura, in the beginning, Kathrina starts off with a neutral point of view for her comrades as she has no reason do like or dislike them. She starts off as a very knowledgeable person and considers herself to be a historian, making her a valuable asset to the team as she's more familiar with the vast open-world compared to Floris or Alvis. For her age, she is a very skilled Restoration and support mage, making her a good healer and support character. 


Kathrina has a more mysterious past than the others that she's not very open to talking about, but she's a very charming and friendly person who would rather avoid violent conflict than risk injury or death. She also acts as a voice of reason on the team and is not above putting Floris or Alvis in their place if they start causing problems. Being the only one on the team who can use magic somewhat naturally in the beginning, she's leagues above her male teammates and she makes sure that they're aware of it. 


Kathrina is the character that keeps the team together. She's informative and knowledgeable on the lore of the land they're exploring, but can also hold her own in a fight against regular men who cannot use magic. However, she's more adept at fighting foes that most hope to never encounter. 


If you find my work interesting, why not give it a shot? The story is full of lore, exploration, comedy, and has a fair bit of action in it as well! I'm sure you'll eventually find what you're looking for in a fantasy with this story if you stick around for long enough. 



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