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Training day

Posted by StrikerTheNoble, 06 January 2018 · 63,297 views

Sarada: (falls face forwards on the couch) How does he never get tired?
Sakura: I warned you sweetie.
*Naruto walks in*
Sarada:(Jumps up) Hokage-sensei.
Sakura: Hey Naruto.
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan. Hope I`m not intruding.
Sakura: Hell no. You`re welcome here anytime. Especially now that you are training my kid.
Naruto: It`s my pleasure. She could loosen up every once and a while.
Sarada: Yes Hokage-sensei.
Naruto: Well at least someone here shows me some respect.
Sakura: What are you talking about. I show you plenty of respect.
Naruto: Yea right.
Sakura: You could have all the respect you want Lord Hokage... Or you could join us for lunch. We`re having ramen.
Sarada: Again?
Sakura: Everybody knows... if you want to have the Hokage for lunch, you have to have ramen.
Naruto: Everybody but Hinata I suppose.
Sakura: I`m sure old man Ichiraku is happy to hear that.
Naruto: He could expand off of my patronage alone these days.
Sakura: I said this before but thanks for helping out with Sarada.
Naruto: Are you kidding? She`s a pleasure.
Sakura: Yea well it`s good to have you around. She could use a father figure. And I missed you alot.
Naruto: For what it`s worth I missed you a lot too.
Sarada: You guys know I`m right here?
Sakura: Whatever sweetie, eat your ramen.

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