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Yesterday, 01:49 AM

yah and we saw what lead kratos to become the monster he was and i how the new games developed him more and made him wiser
cause i remember kratos saying in god of war 2 i am what the gods made me

Yep, and his only flaws in the new game was he was afraid of his past mistakes coming back to haunt him, hence his hesitancy for a while with Atreus before he started to open up more, even managing to help Atreus just as Atreus tried to help him, especially after the final battle with Baldur.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

02 October 2022 - 11:06 PM

agreed and there better stories than sasuke heck ezio was the same but we saw him grow as a character and when he beat Rodrigo said killing him wouldn't change anything his father and brothers were still dead. 

The thing I see as the problem for Sasuke and his wanting revenge so much is his motives for why change so much. Witt Itachi, it wasnt just the fact of the massacre, it was Sasuke being jealous of Itachi, even as much as he admired him, since he had their fathers approval, even as Fugaku wanted to use Itachi as a tool for his coup.

When Itachi died, and Obito told Sasuke some of the truth for his own aims, Sasuke wanted to not just make those who hurt Itachi pay, he wanted to simply destroy the thing Itachi chose over their WHOLE family, even if he spat on all Itachi did to keep him alive.

For Sasuke, his approach is more like Kratos, choosing to change the goalposts constantly but not seeing his own faults in his ambitions for vengeance, such as how his jealousy was his biggest factor to wanting to kill Itachi, since he said it himself as a kid he loved Itachi but deep down, he monologued about how he HATED him too. Only difference is while Kratos accepted his own choices being why he went through what he did, Sasuke never really did that.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

01 October 2022 - 10:14 PM

i agreed i don't see why abby getting revenge is good and elie getting it is bad to me there both equal revenge doesn't play favorites.
also consequences in naruto are never a thing since if they were naruto wouldn't have let orochimaru walk free. 
sasuke got no consequences which is annoying since he was one the reason the war started.
a better revenge story is kratos, robocop and ezio, bayek and altair 
at least with altair he learned from his pain and became a better and wiser man, bayek even saw his revenge wasn't helping anything and why he made the hidden ones 

In the case of Robocop/Alex, while he does get revenge, he does also still follow a path of justice in his work as a cop, and for Kratos, he saw the consequences of his selfishness with his desire for revenge so much, even trying to stop Baldr in the last game since he knew revenge wouldnt make him feel better since for Kratos, he was so full of it he kept shifting his vengeance until he saw what he was doing and accepted his own blame for his circumstances too.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

01 October 2022 - 05:37 PM

Or again how about the idea of vengeance is wrong, but apparently it' not due to an individual's actions or choices. It is a global problem created by a militaristic system full of super natural powers and it's up to a chosen one to fix it but in the end he does nothing. You can't get a more broken message than that. Naruto at the very least  practiced what he preached regarding Nagato, to be fair. Now the message falls flat on it's face because not only does Naruto hold back on vengeance, he goes as far as excusing and forgiving the horrible crimes that others have caused, but that is only his pov and everyone just goes along with it which is what leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because it is unrealistic and disproportionate. It is much more admirable to have the desire for vengeance because of the the vicarious pain you feel for others losing loved ones but not act out on it, because of your principles. Another example I would like to add is Gordon in the Killing Joke. He had every right pierce Joker with every single bullet on his person after what Joker did to Barbara but he said to Batman he wants him to be "taken in by the law"

And in "Hush", when Hush faked his death as Tom and Joker was believed to be the killer, Batman was driven to kill Joker, until Jim talked him down, stopping him from making a mistake in more ways than one.

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01 October 2022 - 05:29 PM

It's just reaffirming what I always thought. His quirk will make him a great hero, But he won't be the most effective fighter against most Super villains. Chisaki being a sole exception here, but anyway he can't go against absolute monsters like Gigantomachia or the like, but being a great hero as the series promoted isn't just about fighting. :smile:
And I second that, I look forward to the next chapter lol

Mirio also has the heart of a hero which is most important as well as his willingness to risk his life to help others, much like Izuku. He only had one small moment of weakness when he was under a lot of emotional strain near the climax of the Overhaul arc, due to his wounds fighting Kai, losing his Quirk, AND seeing Sir Nighteye getting shredded, but that would push anyone to their limit.