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Kishimoto's Official Team Konohamaru Poster. Boruto has Byakugan/Chakra Mode

03 August 2016 - 01:02 AM

Not sure if it was posted here yet but today Kishi drew a poster of Team Konohamaru that will be included in Boruto manga volume which goes on sale in a week. It includes a young Sarada, Mistuki and Boruto which is typical, excpet in this poster along with Mitsuki Sage Chakra Cloak(that weve already seen) Burrito seems to have an orange/purple chakra cloak and of course Byakugan in both eye. See for yourself.



Its all over NF and Tumblr. Honestly this annoys me to no end, it basically makes me hate Boruto when beforehand i was indifferent to him and had soft spot for him since hes exactly(looks wise) like Naruto but now..... Why did Kishi have to give both of Naruto kids those alien eyes, every time i look at himannaa i see Hinata and now Boruto 2.


This feels nothing but fan service and now he has a chakra cloak too :argh:


Boruto and Mitsuki are only kids and they aready have godly powers and what does Sarada get? Shes way at the back at this and nothing about her stands out since these 2 steal the show.


NH just feels like an excuse to give Boruto a bunch of OP powers, its nothing but a power wish fulfillment pairing.