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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 54

20 January 2021 - 08:28 PM



Summary Time: Chapter 54. Bro...really that's the title?


Cover is Bolt possessed with  his coloring being a shade of blue and yellow.


Oh Good, the effeminate one was aiming for that eye to end Sasuke's teleporting spamming kitten. Sasuke notices that Bolt's body has been healed up while Nail is upset since he and Bolt agreed to get rid of their karma's together. He got rid of his but now Bolt losing to his own. Femmy (I feel he's going to be popping up more so I'm shorting the nickname) taunts Nail about this. Nail attacks...Where is Naruto, did he die in between chapters? Nail and Sasuke fight Femmy.


Femmy explains that karma's data extraction process does not end when Karma disappears. Nail is 80% a member of Kaguya's clan now he just doesn't have another mind trying to possess him. So, he can still be used as a sacrifice to the world tree for some fruit.


Oh there's Naruto...and he was dying in between chapters. Who knew.


Back to the fight. Sasuke test out a few things to see what Femmy-Bolt can do. Femmy-Bolt ask if he really intends to kill his favorite (only) student. Sasuke remembers his promise to do just that. Oh good he finally running out of chakra. Sasuke curious why Femmy-Bolt is not using karma's absorption powers on his attacks. Nail points out to Sasuke that Naruto is out. Sasuke realizes/theorizes that Femmy was able to take over Bolt because he was low on Chakra if he absorbs any then it would give Bolt power to take back control. Femmy-Bolt internally reveals, 'yes, that is the case,' and decides to use Bolt vanishing rasengan on Sasuke.


Nail after remembering the awful generic friendship he and Bolt share decides to set himself on fire. This forces Femmy-Bolt to absorb it because he can't lose Nail. This wakes Bolt up he tears off his horn to regain control of his body.


Now that the battle is finally over Sasuke goes over to check on Naruto...I'm going to wait till next chapter to confirm so ALL OF YOU, HOLD YOUR HORSES but I think Naruto might have just died. If so, this is the most undignified death I have ever seen given to a main character. This is worse then what happen to Luke Skywalker even. He had a kitten fight, got a kitten boring power up, and then in the -if this is that case- had one page of "oh I'm dying" before he kicked it.


If that's the case February 19 topic title well be Well He's Dead at 55, if not NeverEnding Prologue 55 like normal.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 53

20 December 2020 - 04:04 PM

Happy 2020 Everyone.


Summary Time: Chapter 53. That's Reality. Sounds like a bad 90's sitcom catchphrase.


Cover is Nail.


Chapter starts off with Nail on the ground after being transported to the area. Naruto And Sasuke look on in shock.


A quick look over to the peanut gallery after Nail disappeared. Madoc says they are now done for.


Back to the fight. Jenga has five minutes left. Naruto tells Nail to run, and Jenga step on him knocking him out and taking him out of suicide nuke form. Nail starts to run but Jenga catches him only for Sasuke to use his swap power. Sasuke tells Nail to throw a smoke bomb (that has mineral dust that block eye/clairvoyant powers). So since Jenga can't see Nail through the dust he flies up into the air and powers up dragonball z style. Then back down to slam his foot into Naruto's gut. Then he threatens that if Nail doesn't show himself he will kill Naruto. Nail has flashbacks to his time in kara as well as his bonding with Naruto and how he became Naruto's student. So he comes out and talks about how important Naruto is to him, and a world without him has no worth to him. Jenga implants Karma in Nail gloats while he starts to disintegrates, but Karma doesn't take because Nail used a shadow clone as a double...that actually was somewhat clever. Naruto, Sasuke, and Nail have their post-battle chat. Then Bolt possessed by his Kaguya member stabs Sasuke in his left eye which has the swapping power.


Well the Shadow clone bit and the Bolt possession thing popping at the end was somewhat clever if only because it not a default standard the story could have gone.


Next chapter Jan. 20.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 52

20 November 2020 - 06:22 PM



Anyways, Summary Time: Chapter 52 Baryon mode. Guess that the transformations name. As everyone should know by now Kishimoto back in charge of writing.


So, pffff haha. is this Baryon mo-mo-mode haha! It looooks worse in color. Words are failing me.




So when we la-la-last left off Naruto had active his final sacrifice going to die mode. Wow the art on Naruto has immediate improvements. He face actually looks good clearly because Kishimoto knows what shape Naruto's face is suppose to have instead of guess or trying their own thing; the cover pages is still Ikemoto. Everyone wonders why Naruto wasn't using this for beforehand since all three of them can feel its power. Kurama explains the mode is like Nuclear Fusion...I guess they discovered nuclear energy in the last 15 years. Possibly since, Naruto doesn't know that that is but apparently Kurama does. Not sure if this was the last guy's explanation for this form or this is kishi's. Naruto and Kurama chakra are serving as "kernels" to produce a new type of energy. It is different from the Sage mode (an enhancement which takes energy from surrounding area) or Cloak mode (which is an exchange where Naruto uses Kurama's chakra while giving the beast his in order to restore Kurama's reserves). Is that this form is just consuming energy burning through both till they die. Every action shall now burn through their reserves till they die; Kurama tell him to remove unnecessary movements and superfluous thoughts in order to keep the form going as long as possible.


They fight for a good number of pages. Naruto has the upper hand, finally. He is able to to handle anything Jenga throws at him and react faster than Sasuke's Sharingan can see. Nothing impressive or iconic happens but at least it flows better then the other fights.


Back to Nail and Madoc. Turns out Nail's  prosthetic hand is actually Naruto's, Naruto is actually sending chakra into that arm in order for Nail to use it, so it going to be his 'broken cup' it will stop working to show Naruto will die soon. Yep, it starts glowing and Nail realizes Naruto chakra is weakening.


Back to the fight Naruto gets down on one knee and his cloak tails start to breakdown. Jenga realizes what going on, but his body is also now fading as well. Kurama explains more of his plan to Naruto of why they are going for sacrificial move. Apparently, by coming into contact with this Naruto-Kurama charka is giving Jenga "chakra radiation poisoning"; for once my explanation not the manga's. Apparently, Jenga still had 20 hour to live at the start of this fight, now due to "chakra radiation poisoning," he's got less than 30 minutes. After a few blows he down to ten. He panics and starts to choke Naruto. Then he realizes that Naruto is connected to Nail through that arm...And pulls him in. Remember, his goal was always to get karma replanted in Nail since his current body was failing him.


The chapter ends with Boruto being possessed by his Kaguya member; the effeminate one.


Next Chapter Dec 20th.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 51

21 October 2020 - 12:30 AM

I swear this was the weirdest release date for this chapter. Does this magazine always come out on the 20th of the month?


Summary Time: Chapter 51. Sacrifice....Oh please be Naruto.


Cover page is Naruto and Bolt...a very generically done cover page.


Continuing off from last time Jenga asked why Bolt thinks he can't kill him. After bragging about why would he answer him, he answers when Sasuke asked him. Blacksmith mentioned that he would be taking him along with Nail. So that means they must need his karma...Even though Kara exist because Jenga body is running out and they needed to find a new body for the kaguya clan member inside him. Bringing Bolt along to help revive another is a bonus not a/the main goal. Also the fact that Jenga's was a partner of kaguya (before she betrayed him) who Bolt's was hunting down.


Back to Madoc the constantly reexplaining exposition device and Shikamaru. Oh, in order for the ten tail to grow into a tree you need to feed it one of kaguya's clan members...never mind just going to move on.


Bolt decides to hold his own life hostage.


Back to Doctor Exposition. Ok. So, they invade a planet in pairs, but before one sacrifices the other for the tree that one implants Karma into a person so they can be reborn. Kaguya was of lower rank. So, she was the one that was suppose to sacrifice herself, then be revived, but she turn on her partner. Now Jenga is going to sacrifice Bolt to the ten tail so he doesn't have to do it himself. Even though with karma Jenga can still sacrifice himself and just wait till he is revived in Nail to eat the fruit; again finding Bolt with Karma was a bonus.


Jenga shrinks himself so Bolt & Sasuke both lose track of him. Sasuke tells Bolt to run, but is immediately K.O. Bolt tries to fight. Jenga point out he only needs Bolt alive not unharmed.


Back to Doctor Expostion. Nail eventually after more exposition that you can already guess from what I have previously summarized get pissed and asked Madoc what his game is. Madoc said something about this being his most logical choice. 


Oh Naruto is finally up. Oh apparently those cubes Jenga been using disrupt chakra sensing abilities. Naruto talk with Kurama and that he has no plan. Kurama offer him up his last resort that will kill him. Is he going to release Kurama? He jumps in to save Bolt and tells Kurama to activate it...Wow, it looks like kitten. Ok it his controlled-cloak mode but the coat is animated like tails and his marking around his eyes stretch out into ear-like appearance through chakra.


...Wait that is it. It ends with them staring in...awe at this new form.


Next Chapter Nov 20. Tune in next time for the last kitten fight of Naruto.

Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 50

18 September 2020 - 06:48 PM

Fifty chapter?! I think we finally reach what most other shounen manga would consider the end of their first year, but for Boruto their in fourth year.


Summary Time: Chapter 50, Potential Value, which is another thing Boruto lacks particularly in potential sales value.


Cover is Naruto in chakra mode. His pirmar...his only colors are orange and blue. It looked better when it was orange and black.


Continuing the fight from last month. Jenga of the nice manners is getting up after being push through that worm hole. Naruto ask where his son transported them, bolt doesn't know just thought he could use karma to transport them out of the village, and Naruto says he got his act first mindset from him. Jenga charges and Naruto moves to protect Bolt. He fails because... i don't know one of his broken powers. Jenga informs Bolt that is...Ohtsutsukification, yes that is a word they used, is about 70-80% complete. Jesus i figured that be lower if nothing else to play up the drama for a few arcs. Anyways, cut of the hand. Sasuke uses he swapping powers to rescue Bolt. He then attack with a chidori and fails. Naruto orders Bolt to run...so i guess those two can be defeated again. Jenga decides since all three are interfering with his retrieval of Nail he will just eliminate all three. Naruto says they won't go down that easily...sorry just keep remembering their last fight when they went down that easily.


Nail having some karma dream where he is being told he is empty and he needs Karma to fill him. According to what Orochimaru wants for his... son Bolt can do the filling for both of them. Nail wakes up in a safe room with Madoc and Shikamaru. Oh the clone their too. They explain he no longer has karma, he point out he is still not free because Jenga coming to plant another karma on him, and Madoc points out he only has a few days left to live; so of course he will succeed to keep the plot going.


Naruto charges with some rasengan. Jenga shrinks them...right I don't think they know about his power since he only revealed it after dealing with the observing toads. So, nothing has changed from their last fight since they still don't know what his powers are and their opponent is now going all out because he on a timer. He uses Kurama's chakra arms to beat him up while Bolt watches. Naruto and Sasuke try for a combo attack, when Naruto has him grab so sasuke can stab him with a chidori. Jenga uses his power to summon cubes to fall on them to interrupt the combo. This works to stop the combo, so, he summons more cubes to do the same with crushing them. Jenga decides to go after Sasuke first. He shrinks Sasuke's sword, so he can hit him with his thick black rod; then once he gets sasuke down on his knees, he enlarges Sasuke's sword in his hand to try to kill him with it.


Back to Nail and the rest. They realize Bolt also went to go fight and Madoc says this is bad because Jenga will realize Bolt's title drop: potential value.


Back to the fight. Bolt charges in to save Sasuke from being stabbed in the head with his own sword. He throws a smoke bomb to get away. A slip of the tongue from Jenga make Bolt realize that he doesn't want to kill Bolt of course because he is a few uses of karma away from becoming a cousin of his, and Bolt thinks he found a weakness they can exploit. They can't have Bolt died because that would end this manga. 


Next one is October 20th.