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#982940 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 54

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 January 2021 - 12:54 AM

Uh, What is the title might I ask? And don't mind me, I actually don't care whether Naruto [b]lives or dies right now.[b/] I'm taking things in stride here 

This chapter title really was "Bro." They constantly say it in the chapter. I normally make remarks, snarks, or jabs at these chapter titles. I actually couldn't think of one and only realize later that what I went with fit perfectly.


Next time if he is dead the topic title will likely be Well, He's Dead at 55 because that should honestly be anyone reaction to it if it happens. It just sort of happened. The plot moved along without him while he was dying and no one could check on him till he was dead. Honestly the only reaction I can believe anyone could have of that is "wait is he dead?" Then next chapter, "oh he is."

#982925 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 22 January 2021 - 03:44 AM

It's why they also cone after us like they do. They know their "win" is Pyrrhic so they need to attack us to feel better.

It also the only thing they both can agree on, anything else would devolve into a spat.


Though the France thing is nice it not really gonna change anything immediately. If the execs notice they will be happy about the profits and hope Boruto will also sell well there (especially with Kishi back) if it doesn't they will get annoyed and ask their analysts and market people why that's not the case. They'll wander around the real issue and make excuses. Some might remember it because they were convinced by some people to go with a certain ending. But you're putting faith that Executives would remember or admit to that or that their researchers would just tell them that.

#982900 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 54

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 20 January 2021 - 08:28 PM



Summary Time: Chapter 54. Bro...really that's the title?


Cover is Bolt possessed with  his coloring being a shade of blue and yellow.


Oh Good, the effeminate one was aiming for that eye to end Sasuke's teleporting spamming kitten. Sasuke notices that Bolt's body has been healed up while Nail is upset since he and Bolt agreed to get rid of their karma's together. He got rid of his but now Bolt losing to his own. Femmy (I feel he's going to be popping up more so I'm shorting the nickname) taunts Nail about this. Nail attacks...Where is Naruto, did he die in between chapters? Nail and Sasuke fight Femmy.


Femmy explains that karma's data extraction process does not end when Karma disappears. Nail is 80% a member of Kaguya's clan now he just doesn't have another mind trying to possess him. So, he can still be used as a sacrifice to the world tree for some fruit.


Oh there's Naruto...and he was dying in between chapters. Who knew.


Back to the fight. Sasuke test out a few things to see what Femmy-Bolt can do. Femmy-Bolt ask if he really intends to kill his favorite (only) student. Sasuke remembers his promise to do just that. Oh good he finally running out of chakra. Sasuke curious why Femmy-Bolt is not using karma's absorption powers on his attacks. Nail points out to Sasuke that Naruto is out. Sasuke realizes/theorizes that Femmy was able to take over Bolt because he was low on Chakra if he absorbs any then it would give Bolt power to take back control. Femmy-Bolt internally reveals, 'yes, that is the case,' and decides to use Bolt vanishing rasengan on Sasuke.


Nail after remembering the awful generic friendship he and Bolt share decides to set himself on fire. This forces Femmy-Bolt to absorb it because he can't lose Nail. This wakes Bolt up he tears off his horn to regain control of his body.


Now that the battle is finally over Sasuke goes over to check on Naruto...I'm going to wait till next chapter to confirm so ALL OF YOU, HOLD YOUR HORSES but I think Naruto might have just died. If so, this is the most undignified death I have ever seen given to a main character. This is worse then what happen to Luke Skywalker even. He had a kitten fight, got a kitten boring power up, and then in the -if this is that case- had one page of "oh I'm dying" before he kicked it.


If that's the case February 19 topic title well be Well He's Dead at 55, if not NeverEnding Prologue 55 like normal.

#982890 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 19 January 2021 - 03:15 AM

Found this tweet of french sales for Naruto https://twitter.com/...3032473600?s=19

In 2020 France bought 1.2 million copies of Naruto volumes (Not Boruto)


...They were buying them because they were bored during the lockdown. Also Jujutsu Kaisen is also doing well. This might have help kishi by showing their still a market for Naruto, just depends on how the exec take it.


From what I understand France's market is actually the largest international buyer of manga.

#982873 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 18 January 2021 - 08:31 AM

I can't believe I'm about to ask this but how would you fix Hinata's character?

Have her go through the standard moe storyline for one. Kishimoto cared so little about her she had no real arc in the series...though that's most characters in Naruto to be honest.


Standard moe storyline is shy girl grows a spine. Standard Tsudere is hostile/short-tempered girl admits to the feelings she is trying to deny having.


That or kill her because SP's obsession turned her into a terminal parasite for the franchise.

#982872 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 53

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 18 January 2021 - 08:26 AM

Well, need to see the drop off the next few weeks as well as the next few volumes to say for sure. At the moment though its just having better sales then the last volume. Which consisting of drops in sales for 12 straight volumes.


If like Namenash said the market is just better so people are buying more then they normally do then, we'll see. If it is because kishi being back on the manga is restoring interest to the series, we will see.

#982844 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 16 January 2021 - 11:42 AM

Yep, pure facts!

LMAO @them for even suggesting that Hinata was "the new heroine". That alone should tell you that they have absolutely no idea what that means, that they don't read the manga and that they can't tell the difference between 15 years of being a main character vs. minor secondary who is barely there. I hate these particular fans and wish they didn't ruin the fandom with their BS. 

They watched the anime liked her and wanted her to be important. Kishimoto didn't care about her. They built her up in their heads for years trying to justify she was super duper important. kishimoto didn't care about that but started using her more once his editors forced him to. Since, her feeling for Naruto are they only thing that is focused on after the chunin exam she must be the love interest, and in japan that also the heroine. It is important to always remember, while you might like certain aspect of a story, it doesn't mean the writer cares about those aspects.


 Even in TL, I know we say that Hinata became the main character, but of course it was only for that movie. Once it ended, she was regulated back to her conservative, minor secondary character self right after.

That's because she didn't bring in the sales the executives were promised.


I do also agree that Neji and Hinata were supposed to get together. I know a lot of Western fans were attacking that idea relentlessly due to it being a cousin marriage, but there are many cultures in which it is fine. Pretty sure Japan is included in that. But of course they fail to realize or even recognize that. Probably was one of the reasons he had to be axed and serve as cupid for NH (because how else would they have had any interaction? She wasn't in his immediate circle). Neji x Hinata would have lead to the end of the cruel treatment faced by the branch families (if I'm remembering correctly) as well as the joining of them. If that's not tying up their only plotline, I don't know what would have. Oh look, another loose plot line to add to the already huge pile.

Yep. In the West it seen as incest. Not help that some people think they are actually brother and sister. Also they never forgive his match against her. In Japan it was seen as the obvious choice that would solve the Hyuuga problem. Hinata and Hanabi were not given cage bird seals because they were female. So, they can be married off to the other main branch families to keep their lines going. To keep the bloodline pure and the power within the clan. Both Uchiha and Hyuuga seems to do this. In fact, the one thing that made Itachi's lover apparently stand out in the clan was one of her parents was not an Uchiha. Whoever Hinata married who would have been a Hyuuga -if her father didn't disinherit her and make Hanabi the heir- would have been adopted by him and main the head of the clan. If Neji married Hinata he would have become a member of the main branch and the next clan head. His cage bird seal would have to be removed, then once he is head with Hokage Naruto's backing he would remove all the seals on the branch family and heal the rift between the main and side branches of the clan.


Remember Lee gag manga. The pairing were LeeXTenten NarutoXSakura  ChoujiXIno and NejiXHinata because those were the intended pairing when the gag manga started. Hinata originally was suppose to be with Neji that was the plan from the start, but then what Derock said someone in SP wouldn't stop whining about Neji forcing Kishi to kill him to shut them up.


What the actual f***? Are people so desperate to defend their trash pairing that they have to go to the extent of purposely misinterpreting clear facts?


This alone should be an indicator that 1. they haven't read the manga 2. that they are so far up their own headcanons that they confuse it with reality or 3. a mixture of both. Kushina quite literally was giving him girl advice, you know, romantically (like you mentioned). I just don't understand how they can try to spin it. It's 1+1. Maybe they wanted to make themselves feel better because of NH's lack of manga presence? Maybe they actually did decide to read the manga and became uncomfortable with what was in it, so they tried to pull what TL did and recton basic facts.

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. I wish people seperated facts from headcanons because then we wouldn't be in this situation! It's fine to ship whatever you want but acknowledge the facts. Ugh!!

Yes, the manga ended nH so therefor to them what every they say must be correct and what ever we say must be wrong no matter how it looks.


1.nH fans draw their conclusion and force the manga to fit it.


2. Yes.


3. Yes.


Viz manga from what I recall changed the translation also...though that implies they bought the manga volumes.


All your question are answered with the answer to 1.

#982816 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 14 January 2021 - 01:50 AM

So now apparently, if we believe the confession is real and that Sakura-Chan loves Naruto, then that would be going against the words of Sai, Kakashi, Ino, Naruto and even Sakura-Chan herself who all claims that she looovvesss Sasuke.

Who said it this time?


Anyways, why can one not be in love with two different people at the same time? Why can you not "love" multiple people but don't have sexual interest towards them? What is these people obsession with pure absolute love? That part of the reason the last is so bad is they couldn't even stand the thought that Naruto may have once had feeling towards someone else other then Hinata, be that: his parents, his friends, his mentors, or former crushes.


Sai exist to push NS he question Sakura about her feeling towards Sasuke but he ultimately wanted her to get with Naruto.


Ino, and Kakashi know about Sakura lingering feeling towards Sasuke that needed to be resolved. It is not like it was a secret that Sakura had unresolved feeling towards Sasuke.


Naruto questioned Sakura confession for one because he found it confusing that she would just seemingly randomly out of nowhere abandons her feeling towards Sasuke and fall in love with him, and the fact he was obsessed with restoring team 7 to what it was before the breakup; face with the possibility of that not happening cause him to hyperventilate.

#982796 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 53

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 11 January 2021 - 05:35 AM

Probably doesn't help that they keep teasing naruto dying, but it never happens so it seems pointless to get back into the series. I don't see how anything in the current boruto timeline would appeal to long time fans who don't like the direction it has taken with the couples, alien parasites and sci fi stuff that messes with the original lore and themes. 

I think they assume that anime is like movies and tv shows in west were they are bigger mediums that people invest in compared to comics and books so they think the anime is more important 

Pokemon is a 100 billion franchise that's 10 times more worth than the Naruto franchise is. Plus you will probably find more casual fans and the general public being more aware of Pokemon than Naruto, the only anime/manga outside of pokemon and yu gi oh that they might know will probably be dragon ball given it's impact.

The problem is that the manga starts of with Nail going, "Oh Naruto's dead by the way and I'm the new Sasuke; we are doing the SNS conflict all over again." It has been about 4 years since that chapter came out. That is long enough for people to lose interest while they are waiting for it to happen; especially if nothing interesting is happening. Then it happens, which then has to answer a question of, is it engaging? To me, so far? No. The battle leading up to it was a boring slough. His final super I'm going to be sacrificing myself mode had me laughing at it. And all the build up (including the bonding with Nail beforehand) is so predictable that it puts you on auto pilot while reading it. This was the first chapter in a while (if not this entire manga) that didn't feel like that which I will attribute to Kishi, but it is too late for him to fully fix what is required to happen.


Though it less teasing as saying it is going to happen and then building it up in a very blatant way.

#982785 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 10 January 2021 - 12:48 PM

You are taking from what you observe in the story to draw your conclusion. nH fans draw their conclusion and force the manga to fit it.


"Naruto and Sakura never had any sort of feelings for each other what so ever Naruto only truly loved Hinata." This does not work in anyway in the manga. Naruto introduces Sakura by saying he likes her; throughout part one keeping going on about how he find her attractive and wants to date her. He tones it down a bit in part two because as he said to Sai he doesn't feel worthy of her till he kept his promise. This doesn't change till the very end if you look at the manga without any bias.


At best in the manga. Hinata had her last big moment with Naruto at chapter 615 where people declared her the heroine (again) and Naruto must get together with her while they stand over Neji's corpse (the person she was originally suppose to get together with) because she inspired him during his darkest moment. 16 chapter later, Minato appears on the battlefield asks Sakura if she is Naruto's girlfriend. Naruto says "yes, more or less."  Which means Sakura is still the loves interest with father's approval (along with mother's spiritual approval since she wanted Naruto end up with some like her and her husband is saying Sakura is that). It is not until Minato disappears near the end of the manga that Naruto says, "well Sakura is not really my girlfriend." Which is the closest thing I can find that can be considered an end of NS, and even then it could just have been, "Sakura isn't my girlfriend at the moment but I want her to be and I will do my best to make it happen." Then in 699, SS and nH happen. Sasuke realizing he was an ass after losing an arm decides to get together with Sakura, Naruto seeing this backs down, and then over Neji's grave Naruto and Hinata bond. That's how it happened according to the manga. A one chapter romance; at best.


But this doesn't fit with their fantasy that there was this great and glorious romance building up the entire time between Naruto and Hinata. So, they have to make excuses and dismiss Naruto's feeling for Sakura. While also trying to claim when Naruto fell in love with Hinata and out of love with Sakura if they ever even consider letting him have feeling for her.

#982783 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 10 January 2021 - 09:05 AM

All things considered, I'm glad that such move resulted in:

- Less than 1 million manga sales in 2019 (to be precise, it sold 600.845 copies for all volumes in the whole year of 2019). As a comparison, the franchise sold ~250million accumulative total between 2000-2015

- Kishimoto's new manga got axed within 5 volumes. He was planning for at least 10.

- No movies since 2015 while every other franchise enjoys growth as anime market is expanding twice the size compared to a decade ago (https://www.animenew...ion-yen/.166579)

- The latest major game they produce (Shinobi Striker) sold 10k in the first week. Storm 3 sold 9 times more in the same timespan.

And many more facts that indicated the move to pivot the story at last minute has killed the franchise financially.

One can't justify an F mark to be seen as good. It is what it is. The fact that such move backfired will ensure that other series should not follow suit.

One of the greatest fortunes of Naruto was that anime was in a drought during its height. Especially outside of Japan. That's no longer the case due to streaming becoming mainstream and new anime coming out. Now, Boruto must face what his father never did competition


Alright, so now here's a episode of Sakura doesn't love Naruto.

Apparently now, Sakura-Chan loves Naruto, but only in a motherly way. They will find everything in and out of the book to deny that Naruto and Sakura-Chan loves each romantically. Her love for Naruto is motherly now?

Ah that's their new excuse...Wait this was in the anime? Scene. Scene.


First sisterly, NOW motherly??? MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MINDS, YOU PSYCHOS!! They don't even really stand for their pairing if you ask me.... they just wanna attack those against them to make them look like the bad guys.

They need to keep changing it because the fact that Sakura and Naruto relationship was too strong to be called anything else than in love and slowly but surely falling in love.


They were too close for friends. Too attracted to each other to be sibling. Now they are going with mother since Sakura did have to be his handler. I think I type something about this very recently...here: "Didn't Sasuke immediately chew her out for that? Then she sat on that bench and went, "wow, I'm the ass, I should try being nicer to Naruto." And then any negative comment about him growing up never happened again and she pretty much became his handler/parental figure/mother trying to help him learn manner and punish him when he was being rude."


It still fails, but is at least more accurate then the other two; since Naruto also thought his 24 year old mother who he met for the first time was a total babe.


I'm curious do you think somewhere down the line Naruto might get a reboot? I personality think its better if this franchise is completely buried and forgotten. It should never get a reboot especially if a mediocre author like Kishimoto is involved. 

Companies tend to drop unprofitable projects instead of fix them. it doesn't help that their isn't a precedent case to justify them trying.


Look at Cyberpunk 2077. It pretty clear by now most agree that they screw up, the only way to fix it to do what No Man Sky did, and from what I understand that even being used within the company to justify them trying to fix it instead of abandons it.


Their is no manga version of No Man Sky and their is nothing that comes close that also has the awkward existence of Boruto.


Honestly "fixing" the ending wouldn't be that hard. Go from the ending and change it to NS since nH was a last minute change as far as the story goes.


I don't think they would, it means start to compete against MHA and other and no one assure them Naruto's gonna defeat them. I don't think they would remade the ending neither, the damage is done and they put so much effort on Boruto and it would be throw away a lot of money. My hypothesis is this; Pierrot doesn't has any other major Manga to adapt so they keep on air Boruto trying to make some profit from the over sea market.

They wouldn't care about it competing against MHA If they thought that redoing the story and making it NS would be both cheap and profitable they would do so. More money for them since it would already have a built in audience. 


Your hypothesis on Peirrot is likely correct. They have currently Kingdoms which they been working on for years before Naruto ended, Same for Mr. Osumatsu, Black Clover which they got hoping it would be the next Naruto to replace the flopping Boruto, Pazudora a a mobile game adaptation, and Akudama drive. 

#982780 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 10 January 2021 - 07:43 AM



Only when its a pairing when they don'tt like that it doesn't matter.


anyone see the hidden waterfall village ova? it was one of my favorites when i watched naruto originally. kishi actually wrote a book on it which came out in 2003 in japan and 2007 in english

edit: kishi is credited for the art but the story is credited to: https://myanimelist....atoshi_Kusakabe

Could be a mistake. Could be Kishi wrote it, could be the other guy. I say it likely Kishi came up with the story as well as the general idea and then it was up to the other guy to clean it up to make work for an OVA,


Naruto's goals were to win the Sakura's affection and become Kage. Neither of which happened in the end. The manga had one job...get the title character to end with his goals accomplished. One job....

Because Hinata is the most important character in the end. Her happiness matter more than 15 years of writing. 

#982483 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 21 December 2020 - 04:04 PM

As for Hinata popularity in Japan. She was ok from what I understand wasn't loved but wasn't hated partly because nH fanbase over there wasn't that huge; though they were still fanatical and had a sizable number at SP. So, they didn't annoy people into hating her like the rest of the world; during Naruto's run. Most saw her as Neji's (who was very popular over there) eventual love interest (cousin-cousin marriage are fine in Japan).


Then the ending happen and she became the heroine/Hero's love interest therefor a main character obviously to the Japanese replacing Sakura. The Japanese were confused why that happened (though a lot quickly realize it was for the western fans) and went along with it hoping it would be good...Then the Last and all the came with it happened turned nH for them into the "Pairing of Death" in a few short months.


As for SP misreading Kishi and making Hinata more important than she was suppose to be? I doubt that. By Shounen 101 standards Sakura was the clear love interest while Hinata was at best a second option. They wanted Hinata to be important and therefor made Filler to make her more prominent.  

#982258 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 10 December 2020 - 03:06 AM

I mean, should we really be surprised? Sakura was always popular in Japan. As one of the core members of the story, she sold merch and was promoted above most of the other cast. And everyone knows she got a Montreal Screwjob at the end for Hinata's sake, doing promos for The Last that said she wasn't the heroine anymore. Promos that got fans very upset iirc.


They know she was betrayed by the staff, but they still want to support her. Especially considering her "replacement" has everything handed to her and is shilled like her name is Poochie.

People keep forgetting that. They probably thought they all left after the ending besides the ones that wanted SS to happen.


Oh the sheer irony of this. I understand it's a poll with very limited sampling (probably like the other ones we've seen in the original series), but this still makes me laugh. How is Boruto not even in top 10 of his own series? :lmao:

Bolt is a character that can easily make people dislike him and he lacks the traits that made Naruto tolerable even when he was being an annoying brat.


Hmm, I wonder why Naruto is so low.


Could it be that maybe just maybe the while scumbag thing is true and people in Japan hate Naruto that he used Sakura like that, plus Sakura is also a doctor, and well...We all know what is going on right now.


And yet Sakura haters call Sakura useless.

Rules says that Sakura has a strong support base in Japan. Sasuke always been popular over there. Salad is the most liked kid in the sequel. Cups been given a lot of focus in the anime due to them not having Nail. Ino's son is surprising but he is the guy that actually criticizes and is not the impressed with Bolt; so that may have made him more liked.


Add akk that and how bad Naruto is as a father and a hokage and it a surprise he still that high.

#982224 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 09 December 2020 - 01:53 AM

I have been reading a lot of comments on reddit and youtube, seeing a lot of hate for Sakura. It doesn't really bother me but I have seen people hate her for four main reasons most of the time. (They hate her for other petty things but this are what I saw the most.)


1. She is not strong compared to Sasuke and Naruto.

2. She didn't accept Naruto feelings. (I even say someone said on twitter that the "promise" kittened up Naruto mentally. LOL)

3. She insulted Naruto about his parents as kids.

4. Punching Naruto


Going to address this shortly:


1. This just unrealistic and they prop her up to impossible standards and then want to hate on her, and for what? A civilian girl was placed in a team with monsters and regulated to support thanks to the author. That is NO reason to hate her.


2. The promise that was made wasn't one-sided, and Naruto said it wasn't about the promise anymore. What I didn't like was how Sai and Shikamaru blamed Sakura for what happened. I have seen a lot of people saying the same thing. While Ino was getting comforted by all of the other rookes, Sai and Shikmaru was blaming her for something that wasn't really her fault while her own sensei was in coma and nobody comforted her. This is what lead to her false confession and trying to kills Sasuke. Her actions are a result of Sai and Shikamaru.

That is why they both and Kishimoto can choke. I


3.Sakura was a naïve and ignorant kid and people hold that against her for the entire serious. What she said was harsh but what Naruto did was even worse. Transforming into another person in order to trick a girl into kissing you is sexual harassments. Plain and Simple. I don't see anyone blaming Naruto for that at all. This is why I consider a lot of Naruto fans to be dumb as rocks since they cant use critical thinking skills.



Despite all of this though, I can see Sakura gaining in popularity in recent years so that is good I guess.

1. Blame Kishimoto, not the character. He was too obsessed with rivalry dynamic that he forgot he technically had three main character who powersets needed to balance out. Also, he was somewhat old fashion in his thinking that the heroine was mainly suppose to stand in the sidelines and think "oh main character-kun" instead of the changing time of the girls will fight too. He kind of fought that norm a bit but didn't have the balls to go all in till it had long since become mainstream.


2. They're not wrong that it did mess Naruto up, but when she was straight told that was the case by Sai. She immediately wept when she realizes that was happening, and wanted to make amends by either dating Naruto or killing Sasuke herself; so Naruto no longer had to bear the burden. She actually did have some feeling for Naruto even very early on whenever he did something cool, then he would do something to ruin the moment, and became just Naruto again in her eyes. 


3. Didn't Sasuke immediately chew her out for that? Then she sat on that bench and went, "wow, I'm the ass, I should try being nicer to Naruto." And then any negative comment about him growing up never happened again and she pretty much became his handler/parental figure/mother trying to help him learn manner and punish him when he was being rude.


4. Tsudere moments, and too punish him when he was being rude.


Well, the thing is that the grass is always greener. She may not have seen that impressive when they had fantasy Heroine Hinata built up in their minds, but when that became a reality that wasn't impressive. Sakura doesn't look at bad and seems to be a decent mother.