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Boruto: Naruto's Next Generation Episode 6-8

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 06:58 AM

Sorry forgot about this.


Episode 6: Let see last time Shino was possessed after he resigned his job as a teacher after his entire class kitten on him calling him a horrible teacher. Now he is attack Cups, Shika, and Bolt.


HAHAHAHA The first image is a close up of Bolt face, and it look awful. Shika punches bolt and tell him Shino must be mad because of them mocking him last episode. Shino has spiders make a web around him to catch some knives thrown at him. Unfortunately instead of just surrounding them with bug that slowly consume like he tried to do with obito, therefor ending this trite series in a matter of seconds. He instead just lets them swarm out of him like some evil villain aura. Bolt's eye activates again. I wonder if Bolt has figured out yet that people with this evil aura are going berserk and attack people maybe important, and also has something to do with his eye. You know since he suppose to be this gifted super genius, and this is what the sixth time at the very least this has happened. 




Then after ranting about him failing as a teacher and how liberated he feels. He sends his swarm out to devour some trees in second instead of the three boys right in front of him. Yes he manages to grab bolt with his bugs...no cups blew them away with a wind attack. So shino turning evil made him an idiot, the few times he battle in Naruto the fight would have been over already. So they escape and try to hype up Shino as some big threat, despite the fact that he will be defeat this episode. Bolt thinks they should get another teacher to help defeat him, but cups say that Shino spread his insect throughout the forest, and since they are apparently in the middle of the forest they will be caught before they can make it out. One of Bolts many awful character traits; nothing is ever his fault even when people blatantly point out in detail that it is all his fault.


Iruka has a weird poster in the teachers office "Keep Your Anger To Yourself." I would image they would phrase that differently in an actual school. Anko and Iruka talk about Shino.


Frozen faces of fear when running. They are really trying to keep animation cost down aren't they. Bolt get some bugs on him that aren't Shino normal one. Bolt freaks out, then gets angry when Shino point out they aren't Shino's. Then Bolt assume that they have managed to escape shino's bugs, and become over confident again. Clearly they don't know that Shino uses multiple species of bugs which mean he does know where they are now.  Also Shino was able to put some of his bugs on bolt before all he had to do is make sure one female bug is on one of them and he an tract them anywhere like he has done some many time before.


Oh Look the swarm, eat Bolt please. Sigh, instead of doing that he decides to do some comedy horror routine by says "found you" while coming out of the swarm.


They run through a stream while they are being chased again. Oh right bugs hate water. So Shika and Bolt are being chased while cups watches from the shadow trying to be ominous and mysterious. Which is ruined again because we know that his role in the story is to eventually become Bolt's biggest cheerleader. Cups recommends killing Shino, and learns about Bolt ability to see those evil auras. They come up with a plan, that involves a distraction, shink originally wanted it to be cups because because Shika doesn't trust them that will probably include that water so Shino can't use his insects...these are six year olds right because they still act like there parents did when they were twelve.


So they enact the plan. Where Bolt makes a shadow clone that disguised as cups while Shika and Bolt fight him near a lake. Then when Shino is on the Lake Cups drag him down into the water and uses a lighting jutsu. what a creative and detail plan for thee six year olds to make. When Shino is defeat some marking appear on that demon's... seal? Apparently cups was exhausted after the lighting attack but managed to throw Shino out of the lake. Then Bolt realizing somehow that Cups could not swim up, instantly when into the water to save him. So this is where the worshiping start...But Bolt apparently could not swim out. So Shino had save them with a summoning.


So they do the whole kids and teacher bond everyone is happy happy. Kuriena says what makes shino a great teacher is that he never gives up trying to reach out to people despite his terrible social skills. Naruto forgives Shino for attacking his son while possessed.


Episode 7: This is the fat filler's episode right? So Bolt going to mock her weight or something?


It starts out in a burger joint. He drew what the evil aura looks like on a napkin, as you can guess it looks like kitten. Ok what up with this music. It's very loud and distracting. Oh Salad in this episode again, and complaining about Bolt, again. So a stalker is out for some six year olds. God the Clone design is awful also she notice they are being stalked.




The girls of the class gather to talk about the stalker...the fat filler going to think the stalker is stalking her isn't she? Yep. So she goes to the store to buy some potato ships because she anxious and get a new flavor chip no one is buying that apparently is too sweet then goes on a rant why she had to buy it. God she look like a fat Ino with a tan. She manages to capture the stalker...this early? Must be another reason that they are stalking them other then them being six year old girls. So apparently the guy is a boy from school that ranks as one of the top hot guys for a six year old. She really does come off as Ino daughter, why are her and choji not together again? Oh right they had her end up with Sai instead because they wanted another generation of Ino Shika Cho. Also, of course he was stalking the clone!  Oh god he's a Male Clone of Hinata (that look like a mixture of Neji and Orochimaru wearing Sasuke poncho from the last), and since he is a male his weird stalking is no longer acceptable unlike when Hinata did it, bloody double standard. Oh great they maybe hinting at Bolt having feeling for the clone as well, yay.


Can I skip the rest of this episode? The fat filler makes this episode painful with her blatantly unfunniness just like she made the gaiden even more of a torturous experience with her presence. Also this is clearly going to be about the clones now and that going to also be torture.


Episode 8: The one where Hanabi appears.


Hello Moon? ...NOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT HIM!!! ANYBODY BUT HIM!!!  "*something about a comet* The destiny of the Stars, the time for the harvest is near. And just as I thought, the key to it all... is him."




And they go to see a movie. Is this episode revenge for people not liking the last? It has Toneri, Hanabi, and a movie at the moment if they decide to talk about that god damn eye then all it missing is Sakura talking about how perfect Hinata is Naruto and how girl can never get pass their first crush. Evil Eye Kagemasa is the hero of the movie... great so there is talk about some super eye. God this is corny.


So they talk about the movie and Bolt did not like Kagemasa: "It doesn't matter if people trust you or not. What can a weak guy like that do anyway?" Said guy rescues several girls from a gang intent on harming them, clearly Bolt does not think that is a good thing apparently. Then the repeater mentions Naruto and of course Bolt goes off about how kitten his dad is, again. He is apparently really uncool for having a job that he has to put a lot of hours into. Explains why he likes Sasuke so much, a drifter with no job that leaves his family for over a decade never contacting them and only pops into the village to look cool.


Bolt decides to summon three clones to go over the last 7 episode, and they all look like smug jackass. He apparently can't count since he says "three head are better then one" yet counting him there are four. Skipping, I'm not listening to four of him talking to himself recap the last seven episodes.


So he goes out at night to talk with Shika and cups where they tell him to talk to his family about the byakugan. Huh so I was right that Naruto's family would have an awful relationship with the hyuga because of Hinata's Father stoic attitude making it hard for Naruto and apparently Bolt to connect with him, and Hinata doing nothing about it. While he sleep that night he dreams about Toneri, because he is sending him a message through his dream. And people thought the Sharingan had powers pulled out of their ass. "Your eye is the star of hope against destruction that will eventually come to pass. The power of Hope slumbers deep within you. With that eye you will shoulder the fate of the world. Your eye will probably guide you to the light which will dispel darkness." Oh great so both the manga and the anime have different prophecy about his eyes. Also didn't people hate the whole chosen one bit when it happened with Naruto and Sasuke. It don't think it happening to Naruto spoiled unlikable brat is going to improve the reception. Especially since this is now out of the gate for both anime and manga. Is that light going to be the clone?


When he wakes up his eye is activated. He yells and wakes up the household. Though his eye deactivated. And they use the old shouting chant music from Naruto. God he strikes a stupid poses when his sister walks in.


It's great that they always make Naruto sound tired because if fells like Junko doesn't even want to voice him anymore. apparently Naruto works for so long that he collapse from trying to standing up to the point that he actually needs Shikamaru to escort him home, which is apparently very common occurrence judging by Hinata's reaction. Bolt is acting like that movie character, skipping. OK Naruto asks about his awaken power. So apparently the Byakugan requires intense training before it can be activated. Bolt think that since he eye activated he must be some kind of genius, but Naruto dismisses it saying that Bolt has never gone through that kind of training. Cue a rant about daddy not being home, and not trusting him in three, two, one. Oh wow they are bringing up that ova they did when they mention the daughter's activation.


Everyone but Hinata goes to the hyuga compound. Well I was wrong, he is creepily overly affectionate to his grandson. Its suppose to be funny/humorous I think but it so predictable its just creepy instead. And Hanabi is also affectionate as well. They changed the byakugan. He is fighting his grandfather next week.

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 05:59 PM

hearing Naruto and Hinata in the same sentence is so unnatural. She couldn't get Naruto even if this were a parallel universe. And the rest of this makes me glad I never tune in for this kitten.



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Posted 26 May 2017 - 08:11 PM

Thanks Bail.


It's just the beginning and the Boruto series has gotten banal and well worn.

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Bail o' Lies


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Posted 26 May 2017 - 09:46 PM

Thanks Bail.


It's just the beginning and the Boruto series has gotten banal and well worn.

It has become incredibly formulaic with in seven episodes, which does not help keep people interested, and exasperates the feeling it already worn out.


Bolt acts like jackass in the opening bit that introduces us the the character that will be possessed later on.

We are introduced to the character and their character flaws.

Something bad happens that makes them feel bad which Bolt makes worse by acting like a huge Jackass.

Said person get possessed.

They when possessed decided to get revenge on the the person they was mean to them (which is sometimes not Bolt). 

They are defeated, return to normal, and their character problem is resolved at the end of the episode. Then hint of that demon.


Episode 8 is the only that is different -episode 5 and 6 were a two part episode of the same plot points above-, which because it is clearly half way through the season so they need to stop wasting time and focus on what the season villain actually is. For that they need to explain what Bolt's eye actually is and how he is the only one that can see the possession chakra. 


The humor is also worse then Naruto. Naruto never had the best humor in anime but it had it own charm to it that it at least made it tolerable. Boruto is lifeless with a unlikable protagonist that tries to repeat the same humor without the charm that made it tolerable in the original series, so when it falls flat it simply becomes awful. 

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