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In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

16 May 2018 - 01:20 AM

Mira has takeover magic meaning she can take over a demons souls and make it part of her like she did to a member of tartartos. Also does hinata gentle fist work on anyone or just those with charka cause against someone with out charka she has no chance?

Oh sorry i thought you said Mira from soul Eater.
Mira in fairy tail is a shape shifter. She's strong character, as strong as erza without the plot armor lol.

There are two product of gentle fist. One who deal internal damage, this is the most common attack utilize by a Hyuga.
The other is the one who close tenketsu. Tenketsu is a spot where chakra come out to other body. This is and advance technique since not every Hyuga can do that. Hinata can't close tenketsu in part 1 nor does i think she can do that too in part 2. Hyuga fighting style doesn't work if you fight someone with long range attack, faster, and or have "iron" skin.

Hyuga is hype in part 1 but they are not strong. Their fan think they're the strongest when in reality they are not.

Let's agree to disagree since i don't think both of US Will find agreement.

In Topic: Menma

14 May 2018 - 11:33 PM

Is it NS or NH?

Ns of course.

Wow the art truly nail Kishi artstyle.
You should be the artist who draw Naruto son sequel.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

14 May 2018 - 11:28 PM

You want to know why you bring Hinata character weakness? because you know sakura Will not win again Hinata thus you need to bring that to make sakura win the fight again Hinata. You ignore what gentle fist can do and what byakugan can do.
Just said that sakura Will win no matter what. That's a typical fanboy response just like Hinata fanboy.

No, Lee Will win again Neji with gate, i said that in the previous post.
No, that statement doesn't work in part 1 sakura but work in part 2.

Better have more Jutsu than nothing. That's what sakura vs Ino fight show Or do you want sakura to not learn any Jutsu for the entire manga? Because byakugan counter them.
Bushin no Jutsu is not kage bushin so a byakugan user can see it.
Kawarimi is also counterable by byakugan since it can see where Will land so sakura trick again sound three Will not work.
And what is sakura counter to gentle fist who deal internal damage?
Does sakura has fighting style like rock Lee or Kiba?
Does sakura has speciality like tenten?
Does sakura has a Jutsu that offensive, defensive, or supportive?

I told you before if sakura has jutsu (not basic Jutsu), she Will the fight. That's why sakura always win in part 2 and i Will defend her for that.

That's what i mean, but typo. In the manga she learn healing Jutsu after she ask to be Tsunade appearantice. Or more precisely right after Naruto leave hospital.

I just compare sakura and maka character and role in their respective manga. Wow she can do that? I don't really since i only remember Marie Mjolnir effect.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

14 May 2018 - 05:38 AM

I mean, in the manga she knew the healing technique before the hospital fight, I don't see why she wouldn't know the chakra enhanced strength by that point either. and I don't see why they'd just give her it in a pre shippuden movie if she didn't already know how to do it by then in the manga

Only in part 1 and only what happen in manga. Sakura doesn't know any healing technique before hospital fight. She only know it after she ask to be trained by Tsunade right at the end of part 1.

The crescen moon movie happen when Naruto part 2 is in progress, at That Time sakura is known to have super punch and healing Jutsu. You can say it is a fan service.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

14 May 2018 - 12:09 AM

Yes, i said that Hinata Will win because of gentle fist and byakugan and no that's not angka assumption.
That's statement is true but that doesn't apply to sakura IN PART 1. Why? Because she doesn't have a Jutsu beside some basic Jutsu. You need more jutsu or trick like Lee have gate. Sakura has that in part 2 thus the statement stand.

What advantage being a ninja born with bloodline power or secret Jutsu from clan? They have a guarantee Jutsu, but usually they don't go outside the box. Unlike clanless ninja who can learn anything. Hence why sakura capable to learn all of Tsunade moveset despite come from ordinary clan while Ino only learn healing.

I never considered that Hinata is equal with Neji. When i ever state that. Infact i correct someone when they said Hinata has kaiten and i even considered she's bad fighter.

Hinata never acknowlegde that Naruto love sakura, ever. And that's one of my problem with her character and nh, because for a character like Hinata who stalk and look out only one person. The fact that she doesn't acknowlegde that Naruto love sakura only show that she's in Denial or she's a yandere. That's why I don't think she care enough if fighting sakura Will hurt Naruto feeling.

I don't considered that because in battle dissusion i only considered character feat and that need to be Canon. i don't considered Hinata filler Jutsu.

By that logic sakura Will never win again Hinata post ending because sakura Will never hurt Hinata because she's Naruto wife. Or war arc sakura Will never win again sasuke in chunin Exam because she will never hurt sasuke. That'stupid.